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Hello everyone! RedWind here with a new project I've been working on. Today I'm here to advertise my skills in Bio Editing, specifically, Flight Rising Bio Editing. 

See, Flight Rising runs off of what is called, BB Coding, an easy code form to learn but can become a challenge in the wrong hands. What I do is use free bio templates(because I don't have the super special art talent that goes into some of the images on a bio,), edit them so that text can be changed, colors can be changed, and some images can be change, along with a lot more. I'm currently working on(see the dragon below)a bio that I used a basic formatted template and re-edited everything to include things I wanted(like color changes and image re-edits.) 

However, when I make bios for other people on FR, I do in fact require a payment. It's in Flight Rising currency(that being Treasure and Gems), and the pricing(along with rules,) will be posted below, and I won't be super expensive, I do these for fun after all. Also, I require some specifications when making these bios. Along with rules and payment, I will leave some links to Bio Templates I often use and edit. However, I can partcially make FR bios from scratch, but they aren't as professional looking as the premade templates. 

Please DNR until I have the Rules, Pricing, and Template list below. 


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So, like I stated above, here are the rules! 

  1.  Please don't rush me, or I will not complete your request. I am human, and I have other things I need to do. 
  2. You need to be as specific as possible. What items does your dragon like? What's its personality, early life, etc? 
  3. Do not remove the credit from the template, or I will ask you to remove the bio from your dragon. 
  4. Do not take credit from the bio. I will always leave the template credit, as well as put my own credit(EX: Edited by RedWind) in the bio
  5. Payment must be sent through One Way via Crossroads. I do not accept PM payments, as I don't exactly check my FR PMs
  6. Have any questions, contact me through my Discord, or through here! 
  7. Finally, please be respectful. 

Status: Open


Option 1, Treasure
10 treasure per hour (A one hour bio would be 10 treasure, but a two hour bio would be 20 treasure) 
Option 2, Gems
1 gem per hour 

Option 3, anything on my wishlist, 

See THIS doc. (WIP) 


Template Bios to pick from:


[Resource] Dragon Bio Templates

(Google Sheets)

Keera (Updated Version of the third option)
Delamire's ( I recommend copy pasting the text and test it out in your dragon's bio in order to see which one you'll want.) 


Finally, the detailed Form in which I need. 

Dragon Name: 
Dragon breed:

Dragon Appearance: 
Single or Taken(does the dragon have a mate or not?):
Rank in the Clan:
Backstory(or Early Years):
Extra Details:



Favorite Food:
Current Familiar: 

Favorite Coliseum move:


Job Description: 
Stats(fill in with numbers going from 1-10. Ex Jadus' health is 9 out of 10)

Spiritual Beliefs:

Extra things you want on bio:


Please note: The form above is only common things found in a bio. Sometimes, the bio you picked will have different things listed than whats above, but that is okay. If I ask you to fill out something not on the list, just note that that part is on the bio, but not the form. 



Right now, I'll have five spots. Once all spots are filled, the status will be changed to closed. 

WARNING: The form must be completely filled out in order to get a spot. I may make an acception if it is mostly filled up. 

1. Squid{Done}

2. Greenfire{Form still WIP}




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Bio Template: Mibella's Fire Antique

Payment: Gems

Dragon Name: Uaithne
Dragon breed: Guardian

Dragon Appearance: 

Single or Taken(does the dragon have a mate or not?): Taken (Seven the Tundra)

Rank in the Clan: Leader
Personality: Uaithne is the stubborn, hot-headed leader of his clan. He stands strong in the firm belief of justice and honesty within himself and other dragons, but many disregard his beliefs, because of his short temperament and lack of empathy. He has a strong desire for battle, and will engage in any that he deems necessary. 

Backstory(or Early Years): Uaithne grew up in a very small and concealed clan, which distanced themselves from other Flights, leaving him unexposed to others outside his own home. He spent most of his days forging away at his own creations in his cavern. Uaithne continued his work for many years, creating new pieces almost daily. Upon reaching adulthood, the leader of his own clan left for his own benefit, leaving Uaithne infuriated with his lack of loyalty and dishonesty towards those that had respected him. This had sparked his Guardian charge, and thus he began The Search, bringing along the work he had created over the years. 

After years of search, he came across a spacious and volcanic-filled land, in which he settled down and began his temporary life of being secluded once more. That was quickly changed when dragons from other places came to his home, and began to take residence. Uaithne had soon discovered his true purpose in this new home: he had to lead. Lead not in the way of his former leader, but in a way that finds truth and commitment to those around him. He then established his new clan, and continued his leadership, keeping his enduring devotion for years to come.

Extra Details: The Black Iron Plates he currenty wears were smithed by Uaithne in his early days, which aided him on his journey by enabling him to continue his work.





Favorite Food:

Current Familiar: 

Favorite Coliseum move:

Deity: The Flamecaller

Job Description: 
Stats(fill in with numbers going from 1-10. Ex Jadus' health is 9 out of 10)

Health: 8
Strength: 9
Speed: 3
Agility: 3
Reflexes: 5
Intellect: 7
Magic: 2
Charisma: 8
Willpower: 6
Luck: 2
Spiritual Beliefs: 4
Loyalty: 10

Extra things you want on bio:


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le bloop

Oh! I forgot to forget that you'll need to put which bio you want, the template group you got it from(Mibella, Max..etc) and form of payment. 

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I look quite fetching in a toga.

Because you are better at this than me, I hereby bestow this upon you. Also I will be paying in *dirt.




And for the template, I think Mibella's Plague Watchtower would be lovely.


Dragon Name: Felix
Dragon breed: Imperial

Dragon Appearance: 

Single or Taken(does the dragon have a mate or not?): Single because sad nerd dragon
Rank in the Clan: Alchemist 
Personality: Felix is a skittish, jittery, nervous dragon. He's constantly fidgeting and never sits still. He is a master of the art of science, but many dragons believe he doesn't have enough backbone for the mysterious, shaky, strange work he's preoccupied in. As the clan Alchemist, he has the job of brewing potions and concocting cures and salves of all types. Many wonder why he pursues his job, as basically anything Felix does terrifies him. Yet nonetheless, he continues his work...
Backstory(or Early Years): Felix was a member of a clan known as the Dread Clan; a group of diseased, bloodthirsty, slavering dragons that had formed an alliance and called themselves a clan. He was their Alchemist for many years, and spent much time manufacturing their elixirs and potions. He also was involved with the creation of undead creatures, and the things Felix created immediately spiked his fear of the paranormal. Felix worked nonetheless, afraid of being killed- or having something worse happen to him. Ever since he was young, Felix spent hours in his lab, creating dark liquids and brewing strange concoctions in his cauldron. At one point, he accidentally created his Hippalectryon, and Felix somehow grew very fond of the strange abomination.  

But one fateful night, while Felix stirred his cauldron and rejuvenated after another long day of terrifying work among these diseased dragons, an ambush attack happened. Cieras, the Secretkeeper, and her group of Watchers stormed the Dread Clan's main camp in a covert stealth operation, which went so smoothly none of the dragons there knew it had happened. Unfortunately, Felix was the victim. The dragons of Fyresta had gotten wind of the "Purge"- the disease Felix was brewing for the Dread Clan, potent enough to wipe out entire clans. Cieras stealthily kidnapped the frightened Imperial, and he was locked up, and interrogated for details. Never a dragon with a strong will, Felix crumbled under the pressure, and gave up every detail of his work. Satisfied with the new information, Felix was allowed to live within the Clan, but they still didn't trust him enough to let him out of their sight. He took his place as the Clan's first Alchemist, and now brews healing potions and other elixirs of all sorts for them. But his days in the Dread Clan still haunt him, and gaining the trust of his new Clan is no easy feat.
Extra Details:
Likes: Being respected, living without fear, his Hippalectryon, normality

Dislikes: Undead things, paranormal activity, ghosts, violence, disturbing sights

Fears: Felix is absolutely terrified of paranormal things. He also hates the thought of death.

Hoard: He hoards anxiety issues. (Kidding). He likes glass vials and bottles.
Favorite Food: Glow Mushrooms
Current Familiar: 


Favorite Coliseum move: Meditate

Deity: Plaguebringer

Job Description: Felix spends much of his time in his lab, brewing up potions and elixirs of all sorts. He refuses to do anything involving magic or abnormality, of course, due to his fear. But he quite likes dredging up battle potions and healing medicines. 
Stats(fill in with numbers going from 1-10. Ex Jadus' health is 9 out of 10)

Health: 7
Strength: 4
Speed: 8
Agility: 5
Reflexes: 4
Intellect: 10
Magic: 2
Charisma: 5
Willpower: 1
Luck: 2
Spiritual Beliefs: 3
Loyalty: 6

Extra things you want on bio:



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