I lost an egg bug

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Ok, so last night I put an egg to hatch in the thingy by the fire (yeah, I don't know what its called), it was a Shivertooth egg, when I logged in today after updating the game the egg was nowhere to be seen. It wasnt in my hatching thing, it wasn't in my inventory, it wasnt in any of my stables with no name and weird colors. So in conclusion I just lost an egg lol.

I mean, it doesnt really affect me since I never bough it, I just got it as a reward in a battle event, but I still was excited to hatch it because I finally had space for more dragons.

Anyways, if anyone knows a way to fix it, or anything, let me know.


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Grandcanyon - Male Sandwraith

Firebringer - Female Monstrous Nightmare

Iceberg - Male Groncicle

Grimmer - Female Whispering Death

Shockjaw - Male Skrill

Seafoam - Male Scauldron

Swampdiver - Female Mudraker

Torchnight - Male Monstrous Nightmare

Ironclaw - Female Armorwing

Acidrain - Female Flame Whipper

Goldwing - Female Razorwhip

Sirencall - Male Deathsong

Shiverbeast - Female Stormcutter

Oceaneyes - Female Raincutter

Bonfire - Male Monstrous Nightmare

Bass & Wood - Male Hideous Zippleback

Pinkspark - Female Singetail

Lonquimay - Male Eruptodon

Gildfang - Male Thunderdrum


Grandcanyon - Male Sand Wraith

The first dragon that Parakeet owned, since is the one she helped escape from the Hunters. Basically the Dad Friend of the Dragons, endless pacience and loyalty. Loves to bury himself in sand, and often runs around in two legs


Firebringer - Female Monstrous Nightmare

Not the brightest Monstrous Nightmare in the bunch, but she tries, she is the first dragon Parakeet ever trained since hatched, she acts like an annoying big sister and likes to bite a lot, an habit that she got from when she was a baby, and Parakeet never corrected. She also saves Parakeet from falling a lot


Iceberg - Male Groncicle

Enjoys Berks climate, doesnt particularly enjoy Firebringer's attention, likes to chill (hehe) with Parakeet rather than do flips in the air, prefers islands with snow, and is a picky adventurer. If dragons can eyeroll, he's doing it all the time. He just doesn't have the patience to deal with his new trainer but still does, cause he appreciates the help she offered him


Grimmer - Female Whispering Death

When Valka gave Parakeet a Whispering Death egg, she wasnt very sure to be able to train her properly, since Whispering Deaths are terrifying. Now she thinks her Nightmare Eyes are endearing and even climbs into her mouth to show how gentle she can be. Although Grimmer is prone to jealousy she has a soft spot for Seafoam, whom, alongside Parakeet, she saved from a sinking Outcast ship as an egg


Shockjaw - Male Skrill

A very hard to read guy, Parakeet isnt sure of his personality, since he doesnt seem to show any, even tho he got him as an egg. He loves to fly and do tricks, but outside it, he's a mystery. If there's anything Parakeet learned from him, is that he is competitive, and enjoys racing, so Shockjaw is her main go to dragon from when she wants to race


Seafoam - Male Scauldron

He likes to spit his boiling hot water at people when he's happy. Look out. Parakeet has her shield in hand at all times because of this. He's learning to just create bubbles, but it's a work in progress. Considers Grimmer his mom, mostly because she doesn't let other dragons aproach him much


Swampdiver - Female Mudraker

Loves to swim around, with all of her family members, and sleep on her trainer's chest (wich was cute when she was small...) she probably believes Parakeet is another small dragon since she always tries to drag her into the water and not let her go. That or she's trying to drown her... Let's hope for the first one


Torchnight - Male Monstrous Nightmare

Altho not the first Monstrous Nightmare she trained, Torchnight prooved to be a very hard case to work with, since the dragon would just not listen to her and go off to his own business, often hitting her with his tail without realizing. The only command he seems to understand on land is when Parakeet hits her chest to call him, wich is when he just launches himself towards her. It was cute when he was younger and it worked, now it's coming back to haunt her and pin her to the ground 


Ironclaw - Female Armorwing

Because of the abuse of the Hunters, Ironclaw is very shy and defensive, but with care and the other dragons help she's coming to be a very curious girl. She loves to watch Parakeet work and will often try to take her helmet off to put into her armor


Acidrain - Female Flame Whipper

A mischievious prankster who loves to play hide and seek with her trainer, she always cheats by hiding in places Parakeet can't access on her own. Likes to surprise and scare dragons and people alike, as well as sleep on the job. Loses her tail all the time whenever she gets scared


Goldwing - Female Razorwhip

Responsible and serious, almost doesnt like to play, only when she's sure Parakeet is done with any quests she has, talk about the mom of the group. Rarely plays with the other dragons, gets along the best with Grandcanyon, silently judges the rest, come on girl, you gotta have more fun.


Sirencall - Male Death Song

A sweet, sweet boy. Playful and kind, like a little brother for the rest of the dragons, also a little prankster, he likes to sing to lure other dragons, and then just flies around with a flock of dragons behind him. Kind of hard to explain to other trainers that he's a bit excentric, to not say otherwise. If fed up Parakeet will start to sing real loud to shut him up, wich  offends him but succesfully gets the point across


Shiverbeast - Female Stormcutter

Surprisingly gets scared of storms, she can't fly through one, Parakeet learned this the hard way, loves to swim and "fly" underwater, a great explorer of the great seas. Well, the sea during storms is scary, perhaps that's the reason. Rather small for her breed, but she's also young, so it's to be expected, she eats as much as the others after all


Oceaneyes - Female Raincutter


Like most Raincutters, Oceaneyes loves to fly through rain (looking at you Shiverbeast), and do tricks, the only problem is that in the rain she becomes more slick and it gets hard to get a good grip on her, so no tricks allowed until we get a saddle for you girl, she gets moody if the weather isn't optimal for her, if there's high winds, or too much sun she rather sleep. Loves to fly off in the morning dew, and Parakeet would love to join her, if she was a morning gal. "Also, hehe, duck feet" Parakeet, probably


Bonfire - Male Monstrous Nightmare

Much younger than the other Monstrous Nightmare, he is like the spoiled little brother. A master at playing victim, likes to sleep on top of Firebringer and Torchnight, even when neither of them like it most of the time he gets his way. Likes adventuring but gets scared really easily, so Parakeet can't fly with him through the night. When he lights himself on fire his flames are weaker than most other Nightmares, Parakeet still doesnt understand why. His smaller size, once tought by Parakeet to be because he was younger, is actually due to him being a runt, same reason why his flames are weaker


Bass & Wood - Male Hideous Zippleback

Bass is the gas, Wood is the spark, they hate each other and are constantly snapping and trying to bite the other, Parakeet has to pet both at the same time if she wants to have peace. They barely get anything done, including flying, except when they're practicing with Astrid and Parakeet, that's the only time they'll work together


Pinkspark - Female Singetail

She's more wild than trained, absolutely refuses to get a saddle on her, so Parakeet has given up on that. Sometimes sleeps in the stables, sometimes flies away for entire weeks before coming back to Parakeet, needless to say she was terrified at first and didnt sleep right until she knew Pinkspark was safe. Equal times playful and serious, gets reasonably along with the other dragons.


Lonquimay - Male Eruptodon

He likes napping more than he does anything else, and Parakeet can relate to that. He doesnt often do anything else other than sleeping or eating, but Parakeet likes to fly around with him when he feels like it, cause she feels high and mighty on top of the dragon. Other than that, she also enjoys napping with him or just reading some books while resting alongside him.


Gildfang - Male Thunderdrum

Stubborn like any Thunderdrum, Gildfang likes to submerge himself underwater when he doesnt feel like listening to his trainer, prefers to travel through water, and is faster that way. When traveling underwater his higliths become more prominent and help him see around especially at night or at very deep level wich is why Parakeet allows him to keep going deeper underwater (even tho its terrifying). Gets rather well with the other dragons, especially Seafoam and Shiverbeast, whom are his water loving buddies. 

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The same thing happened to me. I got a moldruffle egg from a mystery egg chest and it was gone after the update.


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Missing: Cycloneblaze & Fleshtear

I have also lost two eggs,a Typhoomerang that I acquired in a 90 Coin Surprise Chest and a Whispering Death from the Explore The Dark Depths quest. I want my babies back! 

I don't know why this is happening,but I want answers! If the Dragon Hunters are behind this,then I will find them and torture them in the same way as they torture their captured Dragons,so that they know what it feels like!




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Dang it! It happened again

Apparently is a recurring bug now, I didn't know and put a Skrill egg to hatch and now I have lost that one too! Goodbye Solar.. Son of a... Alright, not putting more eggs to hatch until they fix the issue, wich considering all the other bugs that never got fixed, might take a while

Really hoping I get both eggs back, they were both battle event rewards, so I don't want gems, I want the eggs

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found them except I didnt

If I go in my profile they are listed with long weird names but no picture, and if I click visit it takes me to the principal stable with 2 spots. So they are there, except they aren't. Hopefully if they fix it we will be able to keep them and change their names and colors for free.


I hope no one who sees my profile thinks these are hacks...


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same thing happened to me!

same thing happened to me! Except that i actually bought the egg the gems you get for the membership, so I really hope i get my egg back. 

Dramillion egg, bought yesterday... 




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Same thing happened to me!

Both my Boneknapper and my Grim Gnasher were gone! My inventory says I have them, but where are they?! I am angry that this hasn’t been resolved!


Hello! MarsLazuli here! Ready for action!




​Name: Zappifer

​Species: Shockjaw

Gender: Male

​During my training with Hiccup, I met Zappifer. He was locked in a cage, but I released him. He's been with me ever since. He's been with there for me when I needed him, and he's now the strongest dragon on my team. He is a calm and collected dragon.


Name: Sharptail

​Species: Deadly Nadder

Gender: Male

​After training with Zappifer, Valka recommended that a Deadly Nadder would be a great dragon partner for me. I took her advice and met Sharptail. He loves racing and going on missions. He and Zappifer get along like brothers. He's a spry and active dragon.


​Name: Excalibur

Species: Monstrous Nightmare

​Gender: Female

​Johann was in town when he gave me a Monstrous Nightmare egg he said he found. Excalibur was a bit small for a newborn, but what she lacked in size, she made up for in strength. She eventually became one of the biggest Nightmares on berk. She's a bit of a hothead, but knows when to cool down.


​Name: Boulder

​Species: Gronkle

Gender: Male

​When Fishlegs heard I was interested in Gronkles, he gave me one of Meatlugs eggs. When meeting the Groncicle, Boulder helped him get used to humans. Even though he's a bit dim witted, he's not afraid to headbutt anyone who messes with him or his friends.


​Name: Toothless

Species: Night Fury

​Gender: Male

​When trying to help the Archeologist, Toothless showed up in the ruins. I was confused, but rode on him for a bit anyway. I told Hiccup this and decided that I would be a rider to Toothless when he's unable to ride him. Toothless comes and goes out of my stable, and he's a loyal dragon you can always count on.


​Name: Tartarus

​Species: Whispering Death

Gender: Female

​Sharptail and I were exploring a Whispering Death hole in Berk, we found some Whispering Death eggs. Hiccup decided to let me keep one. Tartarus is actually the nicest Whispering Death you'll ever meet. She loves nothing more than playing catch with her puncture proof ball.


Name: Freezerburn

​Species: Groncicle

Gender: Male

​I met Freezerburn when he was just a baby. During our time together, our bond has grown. After helping to fix his nest, he decides to live with me. His ice breath can come in handy, especially on those rare hot days. He acts too cool for his own good.


Name: Siren

Species: Deathsong

Gender: Female

​Boulder and I met Siren in her nest after her dad left Berk. We tried bringing her back, but her father wanted nothing to do with her. So, I decided to raise her instead. She has a lovely singing voice, but she tries not to sing in public. She's generous and will do what she thinks is right.


Name: Metalwing

Species: Razorwhip

Gender: Female

​Tartarus and I were helping Heather get some Razorwhip eggs out of a ship in the Ship Graveyard. After we got them out, Heather lets me keep the one I carried. Razorwhip loves to sharpen her body, but she knows to be careful around others.


Name: Hawkeye

Species: Deathsong

Gender: Male

​After Razorwing first hatched, I tried to move her to her stall, but found Hawkeye there instead. Siren found him and brought him back, adopting him as her little brother. I couldn't kick him out, so he's been here ever since. He's a sweet guy, for a Deathsong.


​Name: Steelclaw

Species: Armorwing

​Gender: Male

​After helping him numerous times, and despite accidents in the past with Snotlout, Steelclaw decides to help defend Dragon's Edge and chooses me as his rider. He is a wise old dragon, but he's not gonna be ready for Vanaheim anytime soon.


​Name: Fireheart

​Species: Singetail

Gender: Female

​I first met Fireheart on Auction Isle as she was going to be sailed away, but I freed her, and she later flew to Dragon's Edge to repay me. She later helped us find Dragon Island. She also helped me escape the Green Death. She's a warm hearted dragon that you can cuddle next to in the middle of a cold night.


​Name: Earthquake

Species: Rumblehorn

​Gender: Male

​Eret asked to see me at the docks. When I got there, he explained that Skullcrusher, Stoik's old dragon, found a Rumblehorn egg. He decided to let me have it. Earthquake was, and is, stubburn, but that stubborness comes in handy when Berserkers or Outcasts try to take over the island.


​Name: Heatjaw

Species: Eruptodon

​Gender: Male

​Skulder has a plan on how to redirect the gas on Dragon Island. However, we nedded a dragon that could survive the heat of the lava in the volcano. In comes Heatjaw. After giving him some Fireworms to eat, he decided to help. After helping me defeat the Green Death, he decided to stay with me. He has a fiery personality.


​Name: Sonicboom

​Species: Thunderdrum

Gender: Female

​I was flying around with Earthquake, when Thornado comes into view. He seems to want me to follow him. I do, and alongside Bing, Bang, and Boom, is a Thunderdrum egg. Earlier, I had saved the three young Thunderdrums, and now it seems that they are showing me their thanks. Sonicboom is an energetic dragon.


​Name: Whipette

Species: Flame Whipper

​Gender: Female

​When exploring the Impossible Island with Lumie, Skulder, Plegma and I ran into Whippete, who was just a baby. After being chased away by her family, we thought we'd never see her again. Not only did we see her again, but she'd stowed away on Sonicboom. She's been with me since. She's a bit mischevious, especially around Snotlout.


​Name: Striker

Species: Triple Stryke

​Gender: Female

​Striker's mom was causing chaos on Dragon's Edge, but we didn't know why. After some time, we found out that Stormheart was keeping her egg hostage. She decided to give her egg to me. Striker is a strong yet gentle dragon.


​Name: Ironbelly

Species: Hotburple

​Gender: Male

​Striker and I were flying around Dark Deep, when we found a Hotburple egg. We didn't see any other Hotburples, so we decided to take care of this egg. Ironbelly may be a bit lazy, but he'll defend his home.


​Name: Fang and Claw

Species: Hideous Zippleback

​Gender: Female

Ruffnut and Tuffnut told me to go to Zippleback Island for a surprise. I expected a prank, but Fart n Sniff were waiting for me with a Zippleback egg. This was their thanks for me helping them earlier. Fang is the left head, named because she is missing a fang. Claw is the right head, named because she is missing a claw. They fight a lot, but always make up in the end.


​Name: Fangclaw

Species: Monstrous Nightmare

Gender: Male

​I was flying with Excalibur when she found a Monstrous Nightmare egg on Dragon's Edge and decides to adopt it. Fangclaw is more hotheaded than his sister and needs to be wrestled down to calm down.


​Name: Majesty

Species: Fireworm Queen

​Gender: Female

​Fangclaw and I were flying when we saw some Fireworm dragons going to the ocean. We followed them and saw that they were going towards Johann's ship. It turns out that he accidentaly took a Fireworm Queen egg. He allowed me to take it and bring it back to Fireworm Island. I placed the egg in front of the Fireworm Queen, but she pushed it back towards me, seeing as the egg would be safer with me. Majesty can be a bit snooty, but knows when to get off her high horse.


​Name: Virtue

Species: Prickleboggle

Gender: Male

​The Prickleboggle at Dark Deep gave me a Prickleboggle egg as thanks for saving the Chatastrophic Quaken. Virtue often causes trouble with his helpful personality, but he takes responsibility and help fix his problems.


​Name: Swiftclaw

Species: Speedstinger

​Gender: Female

​Swiftclaw was a part of the pack in Icestorm Island. When the pack left, Swiftclaw couldn't keep up and stayed behind. I helped train her to become strong, and she decides to stay with me. She is hasty and likes to get things done quickly.


​Name: Groundterror

​Species: Screaming Death

​Gender: Male

​Swiftclaw and I were reexploring the Whispering Death hole in Berk, when we found a strange egg. It turned out to be a Screaming Death. He consideres Swiftclaw as his mother and Tartarus as his sister. Groundterror has a short temper, but takes his anger out on invaders.


​Name: HarleyQuinn

Species: Changewing

​Gender: Female

​Groundterror and I were flying around when we saw a dragon raiders ship. We attacked it and saw a bunch of Changewing eggs. Groundterror and I took the eggs back to Changewing Island and returned the eggs. One elder Changewing let me keep her egg. I guess she was ready to go to Vanaheim and didn't want her egg to be lonely. Like Whippette, HarleyQuinn is a trickster and likes to blend in with the environment and scare other Vikings.


Name: Sleetheart

​Species: Snow Wraith

Gender: Male

​When Zappifer and I were flying around Scuttleclaw Island, we found a mysterious egg. It took a while to find out that it was a Snow Wraith egg. The Snow Wraith who layed the egg couldn't make it to Glacier Island and was forced to lay the egg there. Sleetheart loves playing in the snow, but he loves the flowers in the wilderness. He's a gentle dragon and loves nature.


​Name: Guardian

Species: Sentinal

​Gender: Female

​Guardian was the Elder Sentinal in Vanaheim, and was the only one not affected by Stormhearts attack. After HarleyQuinn, Snotlout, Hookfang, and I defended another Sentinal, she decided to start to trust us. She has helped us beat Stormheart at the islands she has attacked. She won't stop until Stormheart is finally defeated once and for all. She is like a grandmother to all my dragons.


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Rotom roasted my subject...

Hope that helps, I found a way to get your dragons back a few days ago.

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Bob - Monstrous Nightmare - Level 10

MakeMeGLOW - Monstrous Nightmare - Level 10

OAngoraO - Monstrous Nightmare - Level 10

OTeslaO - Monstrous Nightmare - Level 10

This Dragon - Monstrous Nightmare - Level 10

That Dragon - Monstrous Nightmare - Level 10


Blizzard - Groncicle - Level 15

Diamond - Groncicle - Level 30

Icicle - Groncicle - Level 10


Potato - Gronckle Titan - Level 38

Iron Potato- Gronckle (+ Iron Skin) - Level 8

The Random Name - Gronckle (Albino Gronckle) - Level 10


Toothless (Space Stars) - Night/Space Fury (Alpha) - Level 50


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Gas And Sparkle - Hideous Zippleback Titan - Level 39

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ShadowSnake - Screaming Death Titan - Level 50

Arbok - Screaming Death Titan - Level 30

Serperior - Screaming Death - Level 10

Guzma - Screaming Death - Level 10

GreenHollow - Screaming Death - Level 10


WilliamTAWOG - Prickleboggle - Level 23

Arumis - Prickleboggle - Level 12

Ambulance - Prickleboggle - Level 10


OptimusPrime - Hobblegrunt - Level 20


TheTerroriser - Sweet Death - Level 22

STREAKED - Sweet Death - Level 10

BitterSweet - Sweet Death - Level 10


Water Song - Tide Glider - Level 30

Tidy Glider - Tide Glider - Level 30


FatPotato - Hotburple - Level 20

Rubber Duck - Hotburple - Level 10


Vivi - Razorwhip Titan - Level 30

Excalibur - Razorwhip Titan - Level 30

OMallowO - Razorwhip Titan - Level 20

Velvet - Razorwhip - Level 10

Hades - Razorwhip - Level 10

Crazy Highlight - Razorwhip Titan - Level 20

Compass - Razorwhip Titan - Level 20

Goddess Of The Sky - Razorwhip - Level 10

Cappuccino - Razprwhip - Level 10


DeadMelody - Death Song Titan - Level 30

Midnight - Death Song - Level 10

ICurseryI - Death Song Titan - Level 9


Natsu - Flame Whipper - Level 21

FlamyFlame - Flame Whipper - Level 10


I AM WILDCAT - Singetail - Level 20


BlueMagma - Eruptodon (+ Ice Skin) - Level 20

IMarioI - Eruptodon - Level 10


Alduin - Armorwing - Level 20


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XLillieX - Flightmare - Level 6

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Hikari - Flightmare - Level 10

Grape - Flightmare - Level 10

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ShadowFlare - Flightmare - Level 10

Akarui - Flightmare - Level 10

LightRunner - Flightmare - Level 10


Ohmwrecker - Stormcutter Titan - Level 33

oOAprilOo - Stormcutter - Level 10

Whirlwind - Stormcutter - Level 12

Flarium - Stormcutter - Level 10

ShadowStorm - Stormcutter Titan - Level 20

Kaze - Stormcutter - Level 10

FlightSeeker - Stormcutter - Level 10


FireStorm - Typhoomerang - Level 20


Lylie Pucisse - Deadly Nadder Titan - Level 30

CarlosTheDerp - Deadly Nadder - Level 13

Willam - Deadly Nadder Titan (+ Ice Skin) - Level 50

Orion - Deadly Nadder - Level 11

OBurnetO - Deadly Nadder - Level 10

Leiby - Deadly Nadder - Level 10

OSilverthornO - Deadly Nadder - Level 10

Freja - Deadly Nadder - Level 10

Emiko - Deadly Nadder - Level 10

Snoggletog Nadder - Deadly Nadder (+ Ice Skin) - Level 10

Skyhooper - Deadly Nadder Titan - Level 34

Niji - Deadly Nadder - Level 10

Unity - Deadly Nadder - Level 10


MrRobinson - Snafflefang - Level 10

Snaffy - Snafflefang - Level 10

Daithi De Nogla - Snafflefang - Level 21


HotWater - Scauldron - Level 23

Kratos - Scauldron - Level 13

SeaWave - Scauldron Titan - Level 50

Umbra - Scauldron - Level 10

RedSea - Scauldron - Level 10

Highlight Green - Scauldron - Level 10

Radon - Scauldron - Level 10

Aura - Scauldron - Level 10

WildNightmare - Scauldron - Level 10

Balu - Scauldron - Level 10


Delta - Speed Stinger Titan - Level 30

Golden Stinger - Speed Stinger - Level 10

MasterOfRandomness - Speed Stinger - Level 10


PoisonClaw - Sliquifier - Level 20

Aquarius - Sliquifier - Level 10

Sulfur - Sliquifier - Level 10

Fishy - Sliquifier - Level 10

Meowing Window - Sliquifier - Level 10


Camaro - Moldruffle - Level 20

The Bully - Moldruffle - Level 10


Banana Bus - Whispering Death Titan - Level 33

Spiky Serpent - Whispering Death - Level 10

Yuko - Whispering Death - Level 10


RotomDex - Skrill Titan - Level 50

Wizzro - Skrill Titan - Level 30

Dusk Lightning - Skrill Titan - Level 30

Zira - Skrill - Level 10

Neon - Skrill Titan - Level 20

Volt - Skrill - Level 10

Seiteki - Skrill Titan - Level 31

Lavender - Skrill - Level 10

Shogeki - Skrill - Level 10

ArcticAurora - Skrill - Level 10

Furious Jumper - Skrill - Level 10

Wizz - Skrill - Level 10

Izzro - Skrill - Level 10


TheGLITCH - Changewing - Level 20

OBrianO - Changewing - Level 10


WaterPool - Thunderdrum Titan - Level 41

Tsunami - Thunderdum Titan - Level 26

Sophocles - Thunderdrum - Level 10

LordOfRandomness - Thunderdrum - Level 10


Spyro - Shivertooth - Level 30

Kukui - Shivertooth - Level 10

OAuroraO - Shivertooth - Level 10

Mewtwo - Shivertooth - Level 10


CocaCola - Mudraker - Level 20


Blue Fire - Fireworm Queen - Level 20

Golisopod - Fireworm Queen - Level 10


IAbsoluteZeroI - Woolly Howl Titan - Level 30

Laki - Woolly Howl Titan - Level 35

IceStorm - Woolly Howl - Level 10

Moonlight - Woolly Howl - Level 10

Poco - Woolly Howl Titan - Level 20

Mini Laki - Woolly Howl - Level 50

Amethyst - Woolly Howl - Level 10

Nebula - Woolly Howl Titan - Level 20

Snoggletog Wraith - Woolly Howl Titan - Level 31

Via - Woolly Howl - Level 10

Eren - Woolly Howl - Level 10


Hoodini - Shockjaw - Level 27

FatalStorm - Shockjaw Titan - Level 26

Delirious - Shockjaw - Level 30

Etharius - Shockjaw - Level 22

ImDerpyBobYT - Shockjaw - Level 10

New Year - Shockjaw - Level 10

PoliceCar - Shockjaw - Level 10


Frozen - Snow Wraith Titan - Level 30

Dexy - Snow Wraith - Level 13

Vlair - Snow Wraith - Level 10

Ary - Snow Wraith - Level 10


DarkSong - Slithersong - Level 20

Purple Stripe - Slithersong - Level 11

Canada - Slithersong - Level 10


Shadow - Grapple Grounder - Level 20

Nemera - Grapple Grounder - Level 10

Funzy - Grapple Grounder - Level 10

Rayquaza - Grapple Grounder - Level 10

Jogi - Grapple Grounder - Level 10


AquaJet - Raincutter - Level 23

Jingle Bell - Raincutter - Level 10

RainDrop - Raincutter - Level 13


Horizon - Terrible Terror Titan - Level 30

Focused Arrow - Terrible Terror - Level 10


Vechio - Boneknapper Titan - Level 31

Apocyne - Boneknapper - Level 4

Luigi - Boneknapper - Level 10

Gilta - Boneknapper - Level 10

BonePicker - Boneknapper - Level 10


MoonStrike - Scuttleclaw Titan - Level 30

Poison - Scuttleclaw Titan - Level 30

ICherryI - Scuttleclaw - Level 10

RibbonHeart - Scuttleclaw - Level 10

Skyrunner - Scuttleclaw - Level 10


Lugia - Devilish Dervish - Level 16

Shade - Devilish Dervish - Level 45

Spectra - Devilish Dervish - Level 10


Lunala - Timberjack - Level 21

IRazorWindI - Timberjack - Level 10


Mini Moo Snuckel - Shovelhelm - Level 20

BomBayPotato - Shovelhelm - Level 10

Heartclock - Shovelhelm - Level 50


Sheyla - Silver Phantom - Level 20

Kiawe - Silver Phantom - Level 10

MysteryNight - Silver Phantom - Level 10

Midnight - Silver Phantom - Level 10


Marshadow - Night Terror - Level 21


Golden Spyrogia - Windwalker - Level 20

Taisu - Windwalker - Level 13

Xenon - Windwalker - Level 10


Barricade - Rumblehorn Titan - Level 20

Lemon - Rumblehorn - Level 10


Snappy - Snaptrapper - Level 20

AcidGasPoisonCarbon - Snaptrapper - Level 11

MyKeyboardDied - Snaptrapper - Level 10


Earthquake - Thunderpede - Level 20

Earth Power - Thunderpede - Level 10


UltimateCheeseburger - Buffalord Titan - Level 50

Mini Burger - Buffalord - Level 10

Buffy Buff Buff - Buffalord - Level 10


MiniLadd - Smothering Smokebreath - Level 22

Metal Stealer - Smothering Smokebreath - Level 12

Smeargle - Smothering Smokebreath - Level 10

Canta - Smothering Smokebreath - Level 10


Groudon - Catastrophic Quaken - Level 21


Pikachu - Triple Stryke - Level 21

OHopeO - Triple Stryke Titan - Level 23

Americo - Triple Stryke Titan - Level 20

Miika - Triple Stryke - Level 10


Souls Eater - Sentinel Titan - Level 40


Statue - Elder Sentinel - Level 20


Oriak - Grim Gnasher Titan - Level 29

Ganondorf - Grim Gnasher - Level 10


IThousandFireI - Dramillion - Level 8

IDoomI - Dramillion - Level 21

Fantasy - Dramillion - Level 10


FireWing - Fire Terror - Level 20


Guardian - Deathgripper Titan - Level 21

Arua - Deathgripper - Level 2

Smoothie - Deathgripper - Level 10

Scorpio - Deathgripper - Level 10


Light Fury (Snowdrop) - Level 20


Moo Snuckel - Crimson Goregutter - Level 20

Bacon - Crimson Goregutter - Level 10


Derp Potato - Hobgobbler - Upcoming Dragon



Art Section!

Here are most of the drawings I've made and others have made.

RotomDex (Made by amazing Zikta)

Frozen (made by AndreaEaston)

RotomDex (made by RoaringOrigins)

RotomDex (made by RedHoodJason)

Fluffy RotomDex (made by HoneyCloudy)

Icarus (made by Monkorpio)

Starshine made by amazing SilverNight!

ParakeetAndine's picture
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Joined: 03/11/2018
I havent tried it yet

Mainly cause I dont have a device that can run SoD, but I'll see if I can borrow my sibling's and try it there. Hopefully it will work

ParakeetAndine's picture
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Joined: 03/11/2018

I got the eggs back, not thanks to SoD lmao, I actually had to borrow my sibling's phone, download the app there, and get the eggs. And I am happy Solar and Frostsky are back, but... What about the people that cant download the app or borrow anyone's device? I have like zero faith they will fix the bug tho, considering the island bug is still there...

Has any admin even aknowledge the problem? Even said anything about it?