I keep getting logged out

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On android and PC platform the game keeps logging me out. I'm right next to my internet modem, I emptied out all the cache...I can play for a little bit and then right in the middle of an exciting scene, BAM logged out again. Also it keeps telling me they can't sync to the servers.

This has been going on for quite a while now and whenever I moved closer to my modem it stopped for a bit but it's getting ridiculouas now...


Can someone please fix it?!

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It might be the internet, or

It might be the internet, or maybe your device has to many apps and not enough storage. That has happened to me many times.


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My tablet still has 80% left

My tablet still has 80% left in storage so I don't think that's it....

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Yeah thats something normal after big updates. The servers still need some time to settle in. And even after that the log outs can still occour. But it should happen lesser after a little while.









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I'm on Android and it closes the app on me all the time when I have other apps that take up space lol you just have to remove some big apps till you complete the event or get the items you want then reinstall whatever apps you have removed. Solves a lot of my problems.



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One needs an extremely stable connection to run SoD without getting disconnected.


Some things you could try on Android: 

Disable battery optimization for SoD

Disable data restriction for SoD

Set your network traffic mode to extreme if possible.

Set your phone to a high performance mode if possible.

If all else fails: Connect your phone using a wire.


On pc:

Use a wire instead of wi-fi.


ETA: You can safely assume it has nothing to do with storage if your phone doesn't warn you about it.


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