i have finally returned!

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Guess who just got finished watching Hidden World for the first time?

That's right, it's ya boy! *dabs* yes i know i'm months late but i have my reasons. thanks bae for getting on me to watch it finally asklasjadjashfgalf

So I'm typing this (with tears still in my eyes, obvs) to say that I have finally returned lol

Idk if anyone even remembers me since I've been gone for so long but uhhh... hi. What's new? How is everyone? Is this place still low-key toxic or has it gotten better in the past 6 or so months? Any updates with the game? Any drama happen while I was gone? Spill the tea and please let me know what I missed lol

But uhhh yeah I'm totally up to talking if anyone wants to chat. I'm hoping I can be a bit more active on here (and maybe even in-game? who knows?) now that I've finally watched the last movie so yeah! Please talk to me! I'm lonely and I need to socialize more whoops I promise I won't bite! Love y'all!!!!! :D <3

(sorry if this is really awkward i haven't typed anything like this in a long time and i'm just an awkward person in general kshdhagsfgahfgahgj)



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pls don't talk to me i finally watched hidden world and i'm a mess

actually someone pls talk to me i finally watched hidden world and i'm a mess 


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Stormy fetch the subject!

I stopped playing School of Dragons for awhile. For a few years it was on and off but the Hidden World brought me back too :D


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Hey, welcome back!

I never thought this place was toxic. It's kind of the same as it was, though. A bit dead and a lot of reposting. Many people moved to the Discord.



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Hello, and welcome back c: I don't really keep up with to much drama so there's nothing juicy I could tell you there. However, in game there have been a few new things. Speaking of more recent updates, there are new dragons such as the Death Gripper and Crimson Goregutter from The Hidden World (both of which have titans). And they have been removing quite a few old clothing sets from the store. Probably to get rid of some of the old stuff and make room for the new c:
And truly, I don't think this game is toxic overall, just the different groups and such within it. If you find the right one, it can make all the difference c: Have a lovely day!



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I'd say the biggest highlights (in-game) over the past 6 months are Clash of Clans tournament, Hidden World Expansion, and addition of the Light Fury...


There are some other things worth mentioning too: addition of some amazing new weapons in Dragon Tactics, Hiccup + Astrid Flightsuits, new dragons (Crimson Gorecutter, Deathgripper) and several Titan upgrades.