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To be honest I hardly play this game. However, I spent a lot of time on it in the past and I don’t regret a single second of it. With that said, I receny came into the realization of how boring this game can be. I think this game could be so much more than just a game made for “learning”. I think that it could be a lot more exciting in one particular area: battle events.

The premis of the battle events is that there a ship, and you need to shoot it before it leaves. . . And thats it. Now, of course theres smaller factors such as the type of ship, refilling your shots, and loot, but I find that it doesn’t feel like accomplishing something. I think the developers had a great idea with that one sequence of riddles they had a while back,and though it was easy to figure out, it brought people together in a way that battle events just can’t seem to do. 

I suggest an event that requires matchmaking and coordination. Before i go any further, I feel as though i must tell you that I play a lot of Destiny 2 so my ideas are heavily influenced. I know I should have said this earlier, but I forgot to and I’ too lazy to fix it. Anyways, this event would have a pre-made group or a match made group go on an adventure on some far off island to answer a distress call. They don’t know what for, just that they need to hurry. Upon reaching the island, the players would find the village in which the letter cme from in shambles, and its inhabitants gone. The players are then tasked with discovering who or what cause the destruction and disappearance of the village and its people. Using clues nearby they would progress through the islands jungles only to be met my a structure that has a lock on itthe key would be in pieces found around the island). Once the door is unlocked, the team of players would have to complete a series of jump puzzles and mind puzzles(similar to the leviathan ones) to traverse deeper into the island. After the puzzles there would be various encounters, which are events(don’t really know how to explain this). This could also be the introduction of multiplayer battle tactics. This could be fairly easily implemented by adding a timer, to indicate how much time there is for EVERY player to make a move(each players attack and movement would be traced with different colored lines). I think multiplayer battle tactics could be a great addition to the game as it could require some coordination at its highest level.

At the end of it all would be the boss. It would be stationary of course and have different attacks. There would be enough room in the boos area for players to fly and maneuver around as well as ground cover. The boss would charge a fire attack. The time of the boss charging its attack would be used for players to escape the blast radius(whether or not it will be directed at the ground/air can be indicated by a different animation). This would gove flying some meaning instead of using it to fly to quests. There would also be dragons controlled by a computer that fly and try to hit plyers in order to damage them. Now, in order to defeat the boss, players will have to damage certain parts of the boss’ body and eventually with enough damage, the boss will be defeated and players would get unique gear in the theme of the boss.


Some ideas for wncounters:

.Players fall into a tunnel and have to RUN from a Screaming Death. Of course, this would imply the players have been separated at some point from their dragons. While running they will also have to do some parkour, that if they fail will slow them down, not reset them. If theyre caught by the Screaming Death they will have to spectate a teammate. If all players are caught, the have to start the encounter over again. This is not like the tunnel in the lokis maze thing or whatever, its a straight massive tunnel that has some dips and divets in it to slow players down.


.players have to push a statue to the end of a maze. If they are caught by a WANDERING enemy, they are telepoted to the begining of thw maze without the statue, meaning they will have to go back and retrive it, the players in the maze however, are being guided by teammate above them, whos only job is to guide. 


Thats pretty much everything i could thinl of. Thank you if you read this far, or if u just skipped to the bottom i guess.

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Wow. Just wow.

This is amazing!!


You know, as soon as I clicked on this post and saw how long it was, I thought, "Why, cruel world?"
XDDD, but I read it all and I'm so happy I did. This is absolutely amazing!! I love everything about it, and yes, you're so right about how the game can get really boring sometimes. This would really pipe people up for adventure, boggle their minds, challenge their statistics, and be a lot of fun! I, for one, would have so much fun doing this. A brand new island full of secret tunnels and big forests and mountains and lakes and ravines and badguys... I'm in game heaven XDD.


Now, I've never played Destiny 2, but it sounds like it has a lot of puzzles, of which I love!! I play The Legend of Zelda, which is my ultimate favorite video game ever, and has puzzles! :)


Anywho, I love the idea, I know it would be a lot of work to add it into the game, but if it was then it would get basicly all the vikings pumped for adventure.


Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to water my Christmas tree. ;D

























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I like the idea, it sounds really fun, however, I'm not sure if it would work for a couple of reasons.


- People being grouped and having to work together reminds me of school projects where the teacher would partner people up or put them in a group of 3 or 4. There's always those kids who don't want to pull their own weight and do their share of the work. They let the other person/people do the work and then reap the benefits in the end by getting a good grade on the project when they really didn't deserve one because they didn't help at all. Since this game is played by thousands of people there would inevitably be those that wouldn't want to help their group but still end up getting the rewards in the end.


- While it sounds awesome, it would probably take a ton of time to implement something like this, if they could do it at all. It reminds me more of a video game that you would buy at the store or online.


Even though I'm not sure this idea would work for this game, it's still a very cool idea and it would make a great HTTYD video game.


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I can’t argue with the fact that so much time would be taken in order to implement this but I was just thinking that nice to add something that requires a bit of skill and puts things the player has learned from the game to the test, mainly flying, problem solving, and possibly memory. In order to counter players not carrying their own weight there could be a scoring system that rewards points based on time and amount of “deaths”( deaths would decrease score) that would be tailored to each person. Events requiring the entire group could give somewhat equal points, while an encounter such as the Screaming Death chase would give different scores to each player based on their performance.

And I am fully aware that this sounds like a game you would buy from a store, my ideas were heavily influenced by a game that I play called: Destiny 2. Most of the people who find out I like HTTYD think I’m a nerd or a loser. It’s not that I hide the fact I like it, I just don’t show it. So it’s really nice to see people on this game and hang out sometimes. In my experience with this game It is so much more enjoyable with a friend and I would like to see the devs implement more ways to meet people.

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I like the idea of each person being scored points based on their performance. That would definitely help counter people not wanting to carry their own weight.


It would be nice to see something like this added. It sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe if they worked on it slowly while also making other new content and doing bug fixes they might eventually be able to add it.

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"I am in desperate need of coffee."

Yes yes yes!

The only possible thing I might add on, is to maybe be able to set up a default team. Like, imagine this, you go on a mission and along the way find that you really like your teammates and you all work well together.
But then next mission comes, and you get a different team, and not that your new team is bad by any means, it's just not the same. There aren't the same inside jokes and you don't work as well together. You miss your old team.
But what if they add a new tab on your profile? Your team.
Obviously it wouldn't work to always have this team, but when one or more members are online, they will be the first person on your team.

Obviously this idea will have issues, so I'm open to suggestions!


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No biggie, right...? 
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I like this idea. . . Mainly because I said it before lul. Pre-made groups would have you in a lobby that would allow your friends to join you, possibly from a previous mission. Player UI wouldn’t chage because you’ve entered an encounter or whatever so it would be possible to add players during and after the mission.