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Please keep in mind that I did have to find referances for the eyes. I don't remember if I did that with the nose. Anyway, I don't draw cartoony stuff. Normally, at least previously, I'd draw anime. I know, technically, anime is a cartoon, however i'm trying to get away from the style! But I decided recently I wanted to get away from that. This is, literally, the first attempt at a cartoony character outside of anime. LOL When I finished, and took a look, I realized I'd somehow, and accidentally, drawn her to look like Hiccup. Totally my bad! I wasn't looking his picture or anything! I'll have to work on her physical concept a little more! Posting this NOW because I know people: I'm not looking for critique. I just wanted to post!!!


Anyway, this is Eerika. She's an original character fan fiction from a series called Our Dragon Souls (which follows the entire franchise). In this photo, she's fourteen/fifteen, and Mildew has started accusing her of purposely plotting with the dragons to destroy the island. I think that's the first episode of Riders of Berk? She's angry, obviously xD


But I'll work on getting her face just right. For now, this is it! :)






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