I dont have quests but im almost sure i didnt finish the game

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for the past couple of days i didnt get anymore quests! i was looking at all of the characters and i could do only the new quest on scuttleclaw island but the last quest ive done was the quest of the storm in berk (raging storm).

its really upsetting that i cant continue playing even tough i know theres more to the game, im really sad that i cant continue playing :(


i dunno ┌(° ͜ʖ͡°)┘

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There Are lots of new Quests!

But Many of these quests are from expansions which are purchased via membership or bought from the store with gems there are over a hundred quests if you have all the current expansions. But if you are not a member after a while you do run out and will get a new quest every now and then.


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i do have membership, its a monthly subscription, and i get all of the features of the membership and the expansions but i heard the last quest is a quest i didnt do yet