I couldn't move my dragon when race started

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as I stated in the title, I couldn't move my dragon, red and green buttons dissapeared, hitting space didn't work too


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TRR Freezing???

This happened to me just yesterday on my Thunderdrum. I think I was on a different track, Wooly Canyon, when it happened.


One racer kept flying backwards through the starting line, and when Janovia left (she won first place), the timer was stuck on 12 seconds indefinitely. At that point I just accepted the penalty and left. I don't know if it is a glitch and the racer just happened to be very inexperienced (they kept flying back and forth through the starting line so they could have been confused) or the fault of a hacking racer.


Interesting to note: when it happened to me I was typing something in the chat, and when I entered the game, the chat was still on the screen for a few seconds when I was on my dragon. Then I couldn't move. I also had been chatbanned for trying to say something friendly to another racer, which triggered a warning that appeared over the chat. So there were two layers of popups when I went into the race.


I was still able to fire with the F button on the keyboard, so I could let other players know I wasn't afk and was stuck. Sorry this happened to you too :(


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