I can't get past this year's Battle Tactics Snoggletag Tutorial

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I can't get past this year's Battle Tactics Snoggletag Tutorial with Astrid and Stormfly. . . 


I followed the quest from Snoglout, Fishlegs, Astrid and Stormfly . . .  went in to play Battle Tactics . . . and completed the Tutorial, which should have unlocked the next Battle Tactics game level for the Snoggletag games. I clicked the OK button upon completing the Astrid/Stormfly game, but none of the other games were unlocked. I repeated the tutorial several time, and I had the same results every time.


I can only open and play the game with Astrid and Stormfly; none of the other battles will unlocked. 


Computer: I have a Desktop PC

Operating System: Windows 10 OS

Web Browser: use Google Chrome browser

What were you doing when the bug occurred?: just following the Snoggletag quest. I went in to play the Battle Tactics game, but I was not able to get pass the inital/opening game. The other level games never unlock! I was waiting for a email message, but I did not check my email until after I tried the Astrid/Stromfly battle several time. After I finished with my email, I reloaded SoD on my computer, and tried the Snoggletag game again. I got the same results.

When did the error happen?: Between 11 pm and midnight, CST. When I came back to retry playing the tutorial game, I still could not get past the first game..


Graphics Card: Attached a DxDiag.txt file.  I hope it helps.


P.S. Not sure this affects this specific problem, but last year, I played all the Snoggletag Battle Tactics games, except for the very last one. I got call away from the game, and when I was finally able to return 2-3 days later, Snoggletag had ended. I was never able to complete the Snoggletag Battles last year..



DxDiag.txt69.11 KB

 Lace Firewind, Player Name; CoalBright, ID name



 Lace Firewind, Player Name; CoalBright, ID name


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After completing it with

After completing it with Astrid and Stormfly, you’ll have to exit out of the battle tactics, and ten Astrid will say something about she enjoyed it and all, and then, you’ll have to go to Snoutlout. Then tap on him, and he will say something. Then the second one will be unlocked. That’s how it was for me.




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Oh that will work,

Oh that will work, I hope.  I will try that out!! 

Sure hope, I've not messed it up . . . Thank you for info. 

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Did not work

Did not work . . . I touched Astrid and she talks, but no message comes up; went to Snoglout, same response. 


The message ENTER THE DRAGON TACTICS BATTLE remains on my computer screen the entire time


I returned to the Dragon Tactics; entered and played (once again); I click the OK button, saying Battle completed!


I exit Dragon Tactics . . . still no response from Astrid and message on Computer screen remains the same, ENTER THE DRAGON TACTICS BATTLE.


I'm stuck!  The quest has me running around in a circle. . . because it is not registering that I completed the game!


:) Awating a fix. Thanks for any help you can give me. :)



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If that doesn’t work...

Well, if that doesn’t work, you really should try reinstalling the game, as it helps to solve most of the issues. And still if that doesn’t work, you should PM Brynjolf, the admin, as he can always help.

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Thank you for this

Thank you for this remainder.  I really should have done the reinstall more than once, to see if it had an effect. I will try later when I have more time.  If it does not work, I' will PM Brynjolf. :)

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Have you checked to see if hiccup wants to talk to you? He is one of the ones who unlocks another level I believe.


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Ooohhh, and make sure you

Ooohhh, and make sure you enter dragon tactics in Berk by the farm, not at the training grounds. :)

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Yeah, you gotta talk to

Yeah, you gotta talk to Hiccup at some point to unlock one of the tactics.  I forget at which point you gotta do that.  Check your quest log and see what it says you should do next maybe.


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Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone!

Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! 

I am at Berk for the Dragon Tactics battle, so I'm ok on that issue.  I've not seen any messages referring to speaking to Hiccup, but will check that aspect out. In addition, I will check my quest journal entry/entries to see if I've missed some step in the quest.

Sure appreciate all the help you're giving me. 


And, Happy Thanksgiving!!!



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Update: I figured out my problem,

Update: I figured out my problem, and I am now playing Battle Tactics with Snogout. . . and others, etc.


The problem was my fault, not a game glitch. I should have clicked on the Enter button, not the Tutoral button. Doh!

No real excuse to give, except that I had forgotten much about playing the Battle Tactics game.

Since I last played BT, I've been concentrating on raising baby dragons, so I could send my dragons on more Stable Quests. In order to do that, I need a lot of new types of dragons in my stables, so they can go on lots of other Stable Quests.  I've been rather busy with the new dragons; raising them, falling in love with them. 

So everyone, I appreciate all the info, suggestions, etc. you all gave me on solving my problem with BT.  Your encouragement keep me returning to the quest. This morning, I luckly clicked the right button. So, Now I know what I was doing wrong; a lesson well learned and hopefully never forgotten.

Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!