I can't get into my account after change in my account from username princefouzan to fouzan help

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From 5/6/2017 i changed my user name from princefouzan to fouzan from that day im not able to log in 


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I would go to one of the

I would go to one of the admins for help with this.



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How did you change it in the

How did you change it in the first place?






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I think you mean the viking name,you can change your viking name but not the username, i think.



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Could we get a few more details...

To investigate this further could you tell us where exactly the game is failing and from which platform you are attempting to play? To note, you should be logging in with the username that you created while registering your account NOT the name of your Viking. Are you seeing any errors when trying to login or does the game just freeze? Let us know. The more details you provide, the easier it will be for us to get to the bottom of the issues tha tyou are facing. Thanks!