I can't get into Manage Acount

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Hi! I've needed to get into my settings lately, but I can't get in! Every time a put in my password, it says it's incorrect, but I know I'm putting in a password I use everyday.

 Me and my mom tried to change the password, but I still can't get in. I could use some help.

 Thank you!



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This is just kind of a thing, I guess.

I have the same problem. Have had it on-and-off since I started playing.



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Marg The Loony
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 It's been like this as long as I can remember, but it's super annoying now because I'm stuck with the password they gave me when I put in "forgot password". I thought changing my password would let me in, but instead it just gave me a new one that I can't change because I can't get into settings. :/

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Yeah it's super annoying. I thought resetting my password would work, but it didn't. I log into the game with that randomly generated password now, but I can't access my settings with the very same one.


It only seems to work in small, random time windows, and I have no idea how or why.