I can't get in the game

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I'll be honest, i'm not really that patient when it comes to waiting so i tend to log in and log out a lot XD. It's been a day (yes, just a day, but i miss my babies ;-;) and i cant get into the game no matter what I do. I open the game (on my Mac) and wait until the log in screen thing opens. I'm logged out so i log in, get in and then I see my viking and my dragon and all that. I forgot that i sent some of my dragons on quests so i tried to enter the stables. 2 mins later i see a 'you've been logged out' message. I log in, try the stables again and the same thing happened. I logged in again, and just pressed play and for 10 mins the gears were turning and NOTHING. I can't get in. Not even on my phone. Should I reinstall? But it takes so longgg ;-;;;; Help.



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