I cannot log into the server ...

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I can not log into the server since the last update, when I try to enter the following message appears: '' The call of the server has expired. Please try again later. '' I tried to get into the cellphone, but the same message still appears, I installed the game again, but the problem still persists.
Can someone help me?
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I have the same problem, i get in past the login details and stuff and then it loads my dragon and myself in. THEN i press play and after a while the loading gears go on forever and then eventually "The call of the server has expired. Please try again later."


P.S its been a long while since i have played though but it still shouldn't be doing this.







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Cannot log in

I've been having the same problem, except it says 'Server call timed out. Please try again later." 

I tried logging in again and again, but still never works. I am only able to see my viking and dragon, and when i click play, it never goes past that. 


I hope they fix this issue, I know im not the only one experiencing this.