I Am Dragonblood: Fury's Friend {Book One}

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I Am Dragonblood:

Fury's Friend


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I Am Dragonblood: Fury's Friend {Book One}

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A Dragonblood's Gift


Berkian Wander



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thank you to all who have created the dragons for the Wearle!

Ice Woolly and Heckran by Speedyleaf

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Flightingale the Steaming Stormswallower

Backstory: Flightingale never used to be a dragon. She used to be a farmer's slave, beaten, bruised, toiling away in the heat of midday. One night, she was standing by her window looking out at the moonlit mountains, when she heard a small scratching in her tiny room. She turned to see and sitting on her bed, looking quite pleased with itself, was a baby Stormswallow. Of course she was frightened, but it soon became apparent that it wouldn't hurt her. It leapt down to the floor and ran to the window, glancing from her to the window and back. She opened the window for it but it just stood there, looking at her sadly. She realised it couldn't fly, and in sympathy she picked it up, crept down stairs and quietly let herself out. Putting the dragon down she said; 'go on, young one, be free like I wish I could be.' It  started to scamper off but then it stopped and turned back. She waved it off and began to make her way back to the house, then pain blossomed in her shoulder. The young dragon had scratched her.  but it wasn't a bad pain, it spread through her like fire, kindling a dragons spark in her. That night Flightingale flew free as a dragon.


Ka Ledasio, the skradder, by the amazing Speedyleaf.

Backstory: She is the mysterious leader of the mysterious Whitetalons, a group of dragons who all have the middle claw of their right foot white. She is feared among people, respected among dragons. Like a shadow upon a shadow she soars through the night, like a phantom of fleetness she swoops through the day. Any who meet her bow to get regalness, her strong will, her quick, clever eyes. Like a ghost of a story she flits on the edge of memory, always there, somewhere, yet just out of reach like a dream. She saw Flightingale's first flight, the young Stormswallower grow, Gabryall's loneliness broken. She was there for them all, leading in dreams, thoughts, small whispered words in their ears. Is she real? Or is she just a fantasy? Flying at the edge of minds. Maybe you will meet her, maybe you won't, who know but her and Whitetalons. Maybe, just maybe, she is with you now.

Newt, my flamewhipper

Sath Hansworthy


Flitt and Flickering

Robotic Dragonblood Hiccup :D



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Art by AndreaEaston

Gabryall the Catastrophic Sentinel

Clawwyng the Tingecutter

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Kean ↑ and Adwen ↓

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The Flarehelm Siblings

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Crimson the Giarogia

The grumpy Connwaer

Direhark the Demonic Tailfire

Puffflight the Chichi Mitchy.

Acidian the Acid Death

Firespin the Fire Wraith



Nightingstorm the Light Gripper

Roseblood the Singerflight


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Thorn the Desert Thistle

Fearnix the Punda

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Vennomm the Poison Dart Fury by LilyStark. Thank you!

Flickering, my flightmare, by SangoMichiko13. Thank you!

Lyulf by the talented ZestyDragonWing. Thank you!

Arianwen my light fury by SangoMachiko13. Thanks!

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This Fanfic is about Hiccup finding out he's a Dragonblood, and having to deal with keeping it a secret. It follows the film quite closely.

I'm currently writing the second one, which also follows the film closely, and I'm planning the last one, which doesn't follow the film closely XD


Please do not reply to this post or the chapters. But otherwise, go criticise all you want!


This story is also on Wattpad


La Chapters

Chapter One - Pests

Chapter Two - The Fury

Chapter Three - First Flight

Chapter Four - Shiftability

Chapter Five - Training

Chapter Six - Capture

Chapter Seven - Through the Fog

Chapter Eight - Defeating Death

Chapter Nine - A Different Kind of Berk


Link to Book Two

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Chapter One - Pests

Berk. It may cold and forgotten, small and frozen, but it was home to seven generations of Vikings. Even with its summer days of frost and winter time of blizzards, he wouldn't swap it for the world. Except for one thing. 
    Most places had pests, be it mice or flies, but they were harmless compared to here. 
    Every so often a pack of dragons tore through the village, lighting huts with their fire and stealing sheep and yaks and chickens. The Vikings, being Vikings and therefore stubborn, wouldn't move out like most people would, but fought them with axes, hammers, swords and such like, but they always came back, day after day, week after week.
    Hiccup Horrendous Hadock the Third rushed into the blacksmith's forge, hurriedly tying on a leather apron and tripping over his own feet. 
    'Nice of ya to show up,' Gobber, the blacksmith, commented as he limped past. He dumped a blunted sword into the brown haired boy's arms, who stumbled under the weight of it. The one armed, one legged Viking attached an axe to his interchangeable left hand. 'They need me out there. Stay. Put. There. You get the idea.' With that he yelled a battle cry and charged out into the fray, blond moustache flying.
    For once, Hiccup didn't complain at being left out of a raid yet again, like he had every single time there was one. He'd sensed something only minutes earlier, something like a tingle that had set the hairs on the back of his neck prickling. With a slight huff, he lifted the sword onto the grinding wheel, struggling to stop it from moving with his skinny arms and thinking, which he seemed to do a lot of. He'd had feelings like this at other raids before, but never as strong or certain that whatever it was was coming as this time. It, along with the yells and roars, had woken him up from his wooden bed. It had started a few weeks ago, first with his left shoulder, then both, and now it had worked into his spine too. It was a dull ache mixed with tingling and numbness. A strange combination that put him on edge. At every dragon raid it had grown stronger then dulled down again when the attack was over, but never had it been as strong as it was now. 
    That was when he heard it. 
    A shriek filled the night sky, followed by a blast of bright blue fire.  He dropped the sword with a clang and ran to the serving hatch, in time to see a black shape dart across the firelight. This was it, that was the thing he'd unconsciously been waiting for. Hiccup grabbed the handles of a bolas launcher that was stored in the forge and raced out the back of the smithy, ran to a small knoll and set up the device with a few deft movements. Within thirty seconds he was poised and ready, eyes trained on the sky. 
    'Come on, come on,' he muttered to himself, another thing he seemed to do a lot. A silhouette moved across the stars and he squinted through the sight at it, followed it, and fired. He was thrown back by the kickback, but still he clocked where the creature he'd shot fell. 'Yes! I did it! Did anyone see that?!' He punched the air in joy, not noticing an orange Monstrous Nightmare coming up behind him until he felt its hot breath on his neck. 'Except for you.'
    The Nightmare snorted and its razor-tooth filled jaws opened to snap at him. Without another thought Hiccup ran, with the dragon close behind, its fire blazing on its scales. He somehow ended up in the middle of the village, fire all around and screams of rage fuelled Vikings ringing in his ears. He hid behind a post, as if that would hide him from a giant fire breathing lizard, and slowly looked around behind it. Nothing. He sagged back in relief, thinking that he'd lost it, until he saw yellow reptilian eyes watching him. He stared at the Nightmare, and it stared back, its pupils dilating. It put its head to one side in a thoughtful way, as if contemplating why this stick of a Viking didn't attack it. Then its pupils retracted back to slits and it whisked away. 
    'Oh Thor,' Hiccup sighed. That was the Chief, Stoick the Vast. Also known as his dad. 
    A strong hand grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, pulling him away from the burning post. The Chief's red beard bristled like a deranged porcupine as he glared down at his son. 'What is he — what are you do you out?!' 
     A teen with a horned helmet on snorted. 'Maybe he wanted to be eaten,' the local bully, Snotlout said. 
    'Enough, Snotlout. Get back to the house, Hiccup,' Stoick glanced at Gobber. 'And make sure he gets there.' 
    On the way up the steps to his house, Gobber chatted pointlessly. At the door he finally realised that Hiccup hadn't heard a word of what he'd said, so he took the boy's shoulder in his good hand and looked him in the face. 'I know it's hard to believe, laddie, but he does love ya.'
    'Yeah, but as you said, it's hard to believe. Especially when he's yelling at you for being a disappointing talking fishbone of a son.'
    Hiccup shook off Gobber's hand and turned to the door. 'I just wanna be like you guys.' He went into his house and let the door shut behind him. He listened to the one legged Viking limp away, then he grabbed his dagger and escaped through a hidden door at the back of the house. There was a dragon out there for him to find. And when he did, he'd cut out its heart to show his dad that he was a Viking too. And with that heart, maybe the intense tingling feeling that had been nagging him for days would vanish. 

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Chapter Two - The Fury

It had been hours since he'd escaped from his house and his father, but still there was nothing. He had his leather bound notebook open in one hand and a charcoal pencil in his left. He'd drawn a map of Raven Point and crossed off the places he had been, and it seemed that most of the map was covered in crosses. In frustration he scribbled over the map and slammed the book shut, stuffing it and the pencil into an inside pocket of his jacket. 
    'Oh, the Gods hate me,' he muttered, and slapped a tree branch out of the way, which promptly slapped him back. 'Argh!' He looked at tree and saw that the branch he'd slapped was part of a larger one and that that whole branch, and even part of the trunk, was ripped down as if hit from above.  'What the...? This must be it!' Quickly he scrambled down the slope, dislodging pebbles and loose earth as he went. He peered over a ridge and immediately ducked down again, his heart racing. 
    The dragon was there. 
    Swallowing his fear, Hiccup looked back over the ridge. It was on its side, not moving and had its eyes closed. Was it dead? He wondered. With renewed courage he slipped over the ridge and down, taking out his dagger as he did so. It sure looked dead, if it's lack of breathing was anything to go by. 
    'Oh wow, I did it! I have brought down this mighty beast!' He placed his foot on the dragon's foreleg like he was some hero in a painting, but then the creature growled and he stumbled back in shock. It was very much alive. It's black scales gleamed and its eyes, green like Hiccup's own, stared him down.
    Hiccup shakily aimed the dagger at it, his breath coming in gasps. 'I am going to cut out your heart, dragon,' he informed it. 'And take it back to my father. You hear me? I'm a VIKING!' He raised the blade above his head, ready to strike down on the scaled hide, but then he opened his eyes and he caught the dragons gaze. It stared, as if pleading with him, its pupils terrified slits. And in them he saw his reflection, yet it was not only his, there seemed to be another Night Fury flickering over his own image. He raised the knife higher and shut his eyes against the strange reflection, and he heard the dragon groan and its head thump to the earth, defeated. 
    The constant tingling in his back and shoulders flared, making him gasp and drop the dagger, falling to his knees. After a few moments it subsided and he looked up at the ropes ensnaring the creature. 'I did this,' he breathed, seeing the Night Fury differently. Not as the mindless killer, but as a trapped and scared, intelligent being. He shook his head and turned to go, but something stopped him. He couldn't leave it here, trapped and scared, like he himself felt. 
    He set his mind and turned back, took his dagger and began sawing through the ropes. They loosened and the black, catlike dragon sprang around, pinning him down by his throat. It glared deep into his eyes and he couldn't help but stare back, seeing his flickering reflection again. Then it roared, earslpittingly loud, right in his face so he got spattered by saliva. 
    Then it sat back on its tail, watching him curiously. 
    'What?' Hiccup couldn't help asking. What're you doing? It's a dragon, it can't understand you!
    The dragon ran a paw over its face, as if wiping something away. 
    Hiccup involuntarily did the same and his hand came away sticky with dragon spit. 'Ew.' 
    The dragon laughed. 
    'What're you laughing at?' He couldn't believe he was talking to a dragon! And it laughed!
    Hiccup picked up his dagger to return it to his belt. The Night Fury's eyes turned wild and it turned and dove away like a shadow vanishing into shadows. He blinked and stood up, wondering what to do, then decided to follow it. 
    He found it in a glade not to far away. From above he watched it trying to fly, but it only ever got to a certain height before falling back to the ground. He took out his notebook and made a sketch of it, rubbing out the second tail fin he drew when he noticed it didn't have one. 'Is that why you can't fly?' He muttered. The dragon gave up trying to fly and instead stalked to the lake, watching the fish and occasionally lunging to catch one. The fish were to quick for it, though, and all it got was a few scales. 
    Hiccup had forgotten he was holding a pencil and only remembered when he dropped it. The stick and charcoal rolled over the edge of the glade and landed in some bushes, alerting the Fury to his presence. Again they shared a stare, this time one of curiosity, before the dragon turned and bounded away to the other side of the lake. 
    Hiccup watched the dragon then looked down at his sketch. He knew what he was going to do, and he would do it tonight.


876 words, o.O

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Tracking. Is a dragonblood like a draconian?


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Author is prone to excessive fangirling and fits of giddiness. You have been warned.





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Hi!!! (Oh, much better)

I'm the Dragoness (or Ness, if you prefer. I'm not picky).

First thing you should know about me: I am forever and always a



(also known as Mormons, but we prefer the title above. Long, isn't it? ;)


Second thing you should know about me:


Also, thanks to Dragonriders Fury for indulging my Night Fury obsession with an incredible banner! It's awesome!


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Hmmm what else...I love playing/composing music, drawing, and writing...if you can't find me I'm probably messing around with Shadow or in detention with Keefe...yup, that’s about it.

Now, on to business!!


Table of Contents

For your convenience

i. everything you need to know about me

ii. Le Fanfictions

2. Fandoms

2. Art done FOR me






___Fanfictions by Yours Truly___


The Dragoness Backstory: Fanfiction


Unfortunately, these update sporadically. I do what I can with the time I have *shrug* I'll mark them finished when they're done...if that ever happens :P




My vikings belong to the clan The Wildborn. However, since I'm not planning on being particularly active in-game anymore, if anyone would like to assume command of my little clan, just contact me on any of the threads I comment on (NO pms, sorry) and I'll get you set up! :D

(I LOVE this banner. Thanks, EmeraldHuntress!)

(This one was made by The Bohemian Critic--thank you, it's so beautiful!)

(Again by EmeraldHuntress. What, I loved them both!)






Ordered by preference, of course

(used to be top ten, but I have too many things that I love!)


HTTYD books/movies

(obviously, but I HAD to put that in there, it really is my favorite)



         The books were SO GOOD. No swearing, no (extreme) violence (does getting eaten by a lava dragon that dives into a volcano count? Or Grimbeard the Ghastly killing his own son?) Okay, scratch the violence, but it really is pretty awesome. The characters are SO well put together, each with his or her own little quirks that make them unique, and they’re all (mostly) lovable in their own way (Alvin and Exellinor are irredeemable). The little lessons Cressida Cowell teach by inserting them into the plot are truly inspired. Can’t wait for her to write more!!! (Also, I love the quirky way she capitalizes random words to make them a little bit more important. It’s just funny to me.)

I'll leave off mentioning all the characters of the movies, because you guys know them all aready! But you may not know the Heroes who came first...

First (of course), Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III.

Rather a longish name for a smallish Viking. Hiccup is a member of the Hairy Hooligan tribe. He has bright red hair and about a million freckles. the series starts when he's ten-and-a-half, and progresses until he is fifteen and King of the Wilderwest. His best (and, for a few books, ONLY friend) is Fishlegs.

Fishlegs is scrawny, allergic to reptiles, pretty much scared of everything, and the only sane one of the group (well, the only sane one when Hiccup is making a Plan). But he's fiercely loyal to Hiccup, and a good deal stronger and braver than he thinks. 

Next is Camicazi, who's a little too brave and fierce.

She's a Bog-Burglar, a member of an all-girls tribe of people who, well, burgle things. She is a very accomplished thief and a master escape artist.




Second in the fandom world is--you guessed it--Narnia. I have loved this world since before even HTTYD, I think. Though I'm not quite ready to meet Alsan, I would love to slip through the wardrobe for a few days--or years.



The False Prince



So the story is set in a medieval world in the land of Carthya. It's about an orphan named Sage. The storyline is great, the main character (Sage) is very well-rounded, believeable, and goes through some great character growth (not to mention he's snarky and smart and super funny). I LOVED it, and it's seriously amazing. If you read it, you will NOT be disappointed! (P.S. If you're one of those people who likes to read the end first, don't. Trust me, it's worth it to wait)



The Silver Eye

This is an INCREDIBLE webcomic by one Laura Hollingsworth (also the only webcomic/comic I have ever read, BUT STILL). The world is beautiful, the characters are funny and awesome (Apen and Joe are my favorites), and the art is incredible! It uploads a page EVERY FRIDAY and the story is so good!



Keeper of the Lost Cities

"Team Foster-Keefe will always be cooler."--Keefe


Yup, couldn’t have said it better myself. Team Foster-Keefe all the way! Though could Legacy pleasepleasePLEASE be about the actually storyline and not JUST Fitzphie and matchmaking and stuff that doesn’t matter to the rest of the elven world?

(Also--psst! Any Keeper fans who have read Legacy, PLEASE TELL ME EVERYTHING!!! I NEED TO KNOOOWWW!!)




The Magic Thief/The Lost Books/Sarah Prineas in general



I LOVE this series, it ended far too quickly for me (maybe cause I read it all in one day, hmmmmm). Connwaer and the magic and all of it are just so HILARIOUS and EXHILIRATING and FRUSTRATING to read about and STOP BLOWING THINGS UP, CONNWAER!!!


The Lost Books: MORE! MORE! I NEED MORE! (Seriously, when does the next book come out?)

Anyway, it’s about Alex, a librarian, and Kenneret, a queen, and her brother Charlie. Oh, and the books are alive (that’s enough to make any bookworm hyperventilate with happiness, isn’t it? ;D )



Attention to all the dragon-touched: This is a must-read. Go. Read it.




...and birds. And wicked-looking staffs. And cute little blondies called Beastie.

Wasn't a fan of her outfit for like 90% of Maleficent 2 but the rest of it was great! Better than a certain movie I could mention *cough*TheHiddenWorld*cough*.



Wizards of Once




Dwight in Shining Armor

I get a kick out of this every time I hear Dwight's shriek in the intro. BYUTv is the best!...at making things funny, clean, and SUPER awkward. But it's still great.



Brotherband Chronicles/Ranger's Apprentice



Story Thieves

My favorites are actually Kiel and Owen. No girls this time around, which is really unusual for me. But these two are special. Hope they have all the adventures they can imagine...and maybe a few safer ones.


The Ever Afters (EAS)

This series is pretty good. Aurora--excuse me, RORY Landon is so gutsy and flawed and lovable and I love her.


Half Upon a Time

Not James Riley's finest works but still pretty good.


Brave (Merida)

Just gotta say, I LOVE this girl. Best Disney princess ever.


Pete's Dragon

Best song ever



The Map to Everywhere

One word: Unrealities.

Three more words: Future Dragoness fanfiction.



If you reached the end of this fandom section, and you haven't read some of the books, you might have noticed some spoilers. I am an avid lover of spoilers and all insider knowledge, so....sorry for ruining it, I guess? But at the same time....NOT! XD please don't hurt me...








Look! See how pretty!

Okay, just a heads up, I am still collecting art from previous requests, so if you did something for me and it isn't up yet, I promise I haven't forgotten; I love all the art that is done for me!


This was done by the incredibly talented Katarile!




This adorable picture was made for me by Hestia82


THIS is my perfect Night Fury, Shadow, drawn by LissaFish.


Shadow (again) by MajaPercuilum.


Shadow and The Dragoness together (by The Blobfish Queen).

The ever-mischievous Shadow (again, jeez XD) by AndreaEaston!


Shadow (last time I promise! *crossing fingers behind back) by DyliehIdol1214. 






This is my beautiful Bookwyrm, Aldwyn (drawn by Flitt-thank you!)

And THIS is ocean-happy Ashera, also drawn by Flitt.


Russet, my mischievous Kyte. Thanks, LissaFish!




Luster, my proud secrai, drawn by LissaFish!



Okeydokey, I'm 








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Kind of, except they can shift at will and they have three forms: human, hybrid (draconian without tail) and dragon. I got it from the tv series Wolfblood.

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Chapter Three - First Flight

It had started raining at some point on his way back to the village, and he entered the Great Hall dripping wet and cold. As usual he took a seat on the next table along from the other teenagers; Astrid, Fishlegs, Snotlout, and the twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut (who were squabbling, again). Gobber was there too, giving them all a briefing on dragons. Hiccup only half listened, thinking more of what he was going to do later on. 
   Gobber slammed a book on the table, telling them that it was the Book of Dragons and held everything they needed to know about the beasts. 
   'Wait, you mean read?' Tuffnut said, aghast. 
   'While we're still alive?' Ruffnut added. 
   'Why can't we just k.ill the stuff the book tells us about?' Snotlout said with a mouthful of chicken. 
   Fishlegs sprang up enthusiastically, almost knocking the bench over. 'Oh, oh! I've read it, like, seven times. There's this water dragon that can fire scalding water and - and—'
   'Yeah, there was a chance I was going to read it,' Tuffnut said, and his sister finished for him; 'but now...?'
   They, including Gobber, filed out into the rain, Fishlegs still chattering about dragons. That left Astrid and Hiccup. 
   'Well,' Hiccup said, coming over to where the blonde Viking and the book were. 'I guess that it—'
   'Read it,' Astrid said shortly, pushing the book to him and stalking outside with her axe over her shoulder. 
   'Ok, just me, then,' he said as the door slammed shut, echoing throughout the hall. He sat down and opened the book, flicking through its yellowing pages. Most of the dragons had "extremely dangerous, k.ill on sight" underneath their names. Then he got to a page at the back that had only a few words on it. 
'Night Fury,' he read. 'The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself. Never engage this dragon.' 



In the forge Hiccup found just what he needed and he began heating, hammering and shaping metal. After hours and hours of work he had a replica of the Night Fury's tail fin, that hopefully worked. Even though he was almost dropping from fatigue he made his way to the glade, snagging a salmon from a basket on his way. At first he saw nothing in the glade and he thought the dragon had got out, but then he heard a scratch from behind and he spun round to see the Fury approaching, it's sharp teeth gleaming in the morning light. Nervously he held out the fish, but the dragon growled and its ears went flat against its head. Remembering what had happened the day before Hiccup pulled out the dagger, causing it to snarl. He dropped the blade on the ground then, seeing the Fury still wasn't happy, he kicked it into the lake. The dragon sat back on its tail like it had before, watching him. Hiccup offered it the fish again, and this time it came forward, toothless gums ready to censored the salmon. 
   'Eh, toothless. I could've sworn you had—' suddenly there were teeth where there had been none and the Fury gulped down the fish. '—teeth.'




That was the start of a glorious week with Toothless the Night Fury. Bit by bit, Hiccup got closer to him, until eventually they were chasing each other round the glade. Toothless let him put the new tail on him, but he soon found it didn't work. He made a saddle out of leather and, after a lot of chasing, he got it on his new friend and they were away, flying around the glade. Hiccup moved the tail fin using a string tied to his foot, it was unreliable, but it worked. Soon they were out and flying over Berk in the night, the stars bright and the nearly full moon looking down on them. 
   It was on one of these nights that Hiccup felt the tingling in his back and shoulders grow stronger than ever, and he rubbed his left shoulder worriedly. What was wrong with him? He asked Toothless to take him down and they landed on a moonlit seastack, where he slid from the saddle gratefully. For some reason he looked down at his hands and saw a faint pattern of what looked to be scales on them, and he gave a start when he noticed his nails were more like claws. 
   'Whats happening to me?' He asked Toothless in panic. The dragon gazed down at him with concern, and in those wide green eyes Hiccup saw his reflection flicker to a Night Fury then back to himself, then stay as a Fury. He stumbled back as the tingling spread through his body, stealing over him like snow over grass. He crouched, watching the scales form on his hands, his nails become talons. Then the tingling ache turned into white hot pain, making him cry out. It was only for a moment, a millisecond, but it felt like minutes as his bones cracked and muscle stretched. His staring eyes noticed the moonlight was brighter, the scenery sharper, but his mind did not register anything until he heard someone speaking. 
   'What the...?'
   Hiccup turned his head to the sound and saw Toothless staring at him. Slowly he got to his feet, uh, make that four feet. Black scaled, Night Fury feet. He felt a tugging at his back and he looked over his shoulder to see wings, then his gaze traveled further and he saw a tail with fins. It looked like he was a dragon. 
   'Um, Toothless?' He growled, surprising himself with his own, dragonlike voice. 'What just happened?' 
   He wasn't expecting a reply, but he got one, even if it was vague. 'I don't know. You went kind of... Shimmery. Then... Then turned into a dragon.'
  'Okeyyy. Any idea how I turn back?'
   'None at all.'

   Perfect. He was a dragon in a dragon hating village, his best friend was a dragon and now he could speak in dragon language. What could be better?
   There was silence for a few minutes, neither knowing what to do or say. Hiccup eyed the sky, then his sleek black wings. Could he fly?
   'What now?' Toothless asked, seeing the boy turned dragon planning something. 
   'Um, I don't know. I could try flying, I guess.'
   Toothless gave one of grins. 'Yeah, go and crash into some rocks yourself instead of making me do that.'
Hiccup realised, Toothless couldn't fly. 
   'I'll be fine, I'm stuck here until you figure out how to transform back, anyway.'
   Hiccup gave him a look then walked to the edge of the seastack, it looked a long way down. 'What do I do?'
   'Crouch, open your wings, spring up as high as you can and flap downwards, then try and get as high as you can.'

   Hiccup launched himself off and immediately plunged towards the ocean. He angled his wings up frantically and he shot up, almost stalling because of the steep ascent. He heard Toothless yelling at him to level off, so he did and he glided in a circle. Instinct kicked in then and he found an air current to ride, dipping up and down and loving every second. He roared in delight, and did a backflip which almost sent him spiralling into another seastack. He glided down and stumbled a landing beside his friend, who was grinning at him. 
   'That was amazing!' 
   Toothless's grin widened. 'You wait 'til you fly through the clouds.'


1246 words :D


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Hi! I'm Empress Flightmare. You can call me Flightmare if you wish, but please don't call me Flighty.

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Sigara: Level 3 Hobblegrunt

Windy Waters: Level 5 siliquifier

Lime: Level 4 Gronckle

Baked Potato: Level 6 Gronckle

Pink Potato: Level 12 Gronckle

JellyBelly: Teen Flightmare, level 9

SunTan: Monstrous Nightmare, level 7

Shadow And Dark: Hideous Zippleback, Level 7

Kling: Adult Armorwing, level 5

Dyno: Level 11 Dramillion

Lemon: Level 9 thunderdrum

Bean: Level 11 thunderdrum

Stormy: Level 8 Thunderdrum

Mr Bone: Level 8 Boneknapper

Cloud: level 10 eruptodon

Fyre: Level 10 flamewhipper

Chamo: level 10 singetail

Stonewing: level 9 ElderSentinel

Batafurai: Level 25 Titan Deathsong, often used for hanging out

DarkLight: Level 11 Deathgripper

SeaGlass: Level 10 razorwhip

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Glider: Level 13 Nadder


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Chapter Four - Shiftability

After hours of learning to fly, Hiccup finally exhausted himself and fell asleep beside Toothless on the seastack. The dawn light woke them a little while later, spreading its orange warmth over their scales. As it brightened and seeped into Hiccup's midnight hide, he began to change. Slowly at first, scales melted away and ears, tail and wings shrinking. Then with a shimmer he was back to a boy, and this time the tingling wasn't painful. He woke properly and looked at his hands, wondering if it had all been a dream. 'Toothless?'
   The dragon snorted awake and gave him a questioning look. 
   'Did I really turn into a dragon last night?'
   'Yes,' Toothless said. Or Hiccup thought it was a yes. He could only understand a little of the growl, human hearing must not be able to pick up all of sounds a dragon made. 
   He looked down at his hands again, now wondering if he could Shift back to a dragon. He tried reaching for the tingling feeling, because surely it was that that had made him change. He found the source in his spine and shoulders, like a thread of energy running through him. He somehow tapped into it and thought of being a Fury, then, with a wave of the tingle, he was. 
   He laughed happily and turned himself back to a boy, then a Night Fury, then a boy again. 
   'Having fun, are we?' Toothless said, a smile playing on his lips. 
   'Haha, yes! This is brilliant!' Hiccup said, yet again turning himself from dragon to human. 
   'Well, I hate to ruin your fun, but have you noticed how light it is? Your people are going to be wondering where you are.'
   Hiccup stayed as a dragon so he could speak in Dragontongue, as he'd heard Toothless call it. 'They won't even notice I'm gone, they never do.' He sighed. 'But I suppose your right, I should get back to the village.' He Shifted to a boy and mounted Toothless. They flew back to the glade, which he'd renamed the cove because of the oval lake and the sandy earth around it. He said goodbye to Toothless and hurried back to his village, which was slowly stirring to life. He quietly opened the door to his house and saw his father beside the fire, his back to his son. Silently Hiccup shut the door and crept to the stairs, hoping Stoick wouldn't hear him and ask where he'd been. 
   Ah, crap. 
   Reluctantly Hiccup stood at the foot of the stairs, looking up at his father. 
   Stoick got straight to the point. 'Dragon training. You start in a couple of hours.'
   Oh Gods, how was he going to get out of this one? He'd been badgering his father for ages to let him do dragon training, but now that he himself was part dragon? No thanks. 'Uhhh, well, you know, we have a lot of dragon fighting Vikings, but do we have any... er... Bread making Vikings? Or...'
    'You will need this,' he dumped an axe into Hiccup's arms, not listening to a word his son said. Hiccup immediately dropped the axe and his father gave it to him again. 
   'I don't wanna fight dragons, dad.'
   'Yes you do,' Stoick laughed. 
   'Uh, no, I don't.'
   The Chief looked his son in the eye. 'This is serious, son. When you carry this axe, you carry all of us. Which means you walk like us, talk like us and think like us. No more of... This.'
   'You just gestured to all of me,' Hiccup said, lowering the axe. 
   'Do we have a deal?'
   'This conversation is feeling very one sided—'
   'Deal?!' Stoick almost roared.
   Hiccup sighed. 'Deal...'
   How in the world would he get out of this mess?


631 words O.O quite short.

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Chapter Five - Training

A couple of hours later Hiccup stood in the arena with the other teenagers. He had been dreading this and hadn't listened to anything Gobber had to say. It wasn't until he heard the cell rattle open that he realised the training had begun. Everyone scattered as a gronckle charged out, grabbing shields and weapons. Hiccup ran to a shield and struggled with it until Gobber came and shoved it on his skinny arm, then he was pushed out into the fray.  The gronckle flew around the arena, firing first at Fishlegs, who had just raised his shield arm and answered the tutors question, then the twins, who had been squabbling over a shield, then Snotlout and Astrid. It then set its sights on Hiccup. With nothing else sensible to do, he ran for it, dropping his shield on the way to the exit. His legs couldn't keep up with him, though, and he stumbled to the floor. He cringed against the wall with his eyes tight shut, expecting a searing blast any moment. But it never came. He felt sudden heat above his head and he looked up to Gobber pulling the dragon away and flinging it back in its cage. Behind and above Hiccup the wall smouldered, a black smear on grey stone. A killer blast from a killer dragon. 
    But for a moment there, just before he'd shut his eyes, the gronckles pupils had dilated and it had looked confused, lost. 
    Just like Hiccup had felt before he'd met Toothless. 


After the gronckle was a Deadly Nadder, a Zippleback and a Terrible Terror. Luckily Hiccup had learnt tricks from Toothless and he'd managed to stop the dragons from being hurt during exercises. A scratch on a certain place on their chin sent them into a kind of sleep, Dragon Nip kept then happy and docile, eels terrified them (and himself, it took most of his courage to even touch an eel) and mirrored sunlight sent them chasing after a reflected point of light. The look on Astrid's face when he bettered her was hilarious, and it was all he could to not burst out laughing.
    But through his mirth came a darkness. Gothi, the Elder of the village, had chosen him to be the one to kill a dragon. 


    Every evening Hiccup went for a fly with Toothless. From the sky, Berk looked tiny, nothing like what he'd thought it would be. The fires dotted around the village looked like fireflies and the small human figures were like ants busy at work, repairing and building. Only a couple of raids had come about since he and Toothless had met, and they hadn't lasted long, more like a grab and flea than a proper raid. But still, they were worrying. 
    On his way to cove one evening, Hiccup decided to ask Toothless if he knew anything about the raids. When he got there, though, the Night Fury was nowhere to be seen. He searched around the cove but found no sign of his friend, not a scale, not even a fish tail. He was debating with himself whether he should Shift so he could search better when he heard a scrape of metal on stone behind him. He spun round and saw, silhouetted against the sun, Astrid atop a boulder, sharpening an axe casually. 
    'What the — how did you get here?' Thank Thor he hadn't Shifted, or he would've been mince by now. 
    Astrid dropped the stone and came towards him. 'You're hiding something, aren't you?' She said, poking the axe at him. 'No one can get this good so quickly. Are you training with someone?'
    'What? No,' Hiccup said, trying to fend off the sharp implement. There was a growl from behind him and, recognising his friend, he tried to slow Astrid down. Without success though, because she just twisted his arm back and pushed him to the ground. 
    'Ow! Why would you do that?' Hiccup scrambled back up, only to be thrown down again by Astrid diving for cover. Toothless was coming in bounding strides, teeth bared in a snarl. He managed to get to his feet quickly and stand between the Fury and Astrid, who now had her axe raised. 
    'Hiccup! That's a Night Fury!'
    'I know. You scared him.'
    'I scared him?!' A light dawned on her. 'Who is him?'
    'Astrid, meet Toothless. Toothless, Astrid.'
    Astrid stared at him a moment, then turned and ran. 
    'Duh duh duh, we're dead,' Hiccup sighed. Toothless gave him a look. 'Let's get after her.'
    They surged into the air, boy atop dragon, and followed the sound path of rattling branches and snapping twigs that the girl made. They saw her in a clearing and plummeted down, snatching her mid leap and flying to the top of a fir tree, where the Night Fury dumped her on a branch. 
    'Hiccup! Get me down from here!' The blonde Viking screamed at him. 
    'I will. Just... First, let me show you...' He held his hand out to Astrid, but she just slapped it away and clambered warily onto the dragon. 'Now get me down.'
    'Toothless, down, gently,' Hiccup admonished the Night Fury. Toothless spread his wings and slowly lifted up. 'See? Nothing to be afraid of—' Hiccup's words were cut short by Toothless launching into the sky, using the tree he'd been perched on as a spring. Astrid screamed and scrambled for a hold, which turned out to be Hiccup's face. The Fury flew up vertically, stalled and fell back down, diving into the sea and out again until his riders were spluttering. Then he shot back up, higher and higher into the cold air, spinning as he went. 'Toothless!' Hiccup yelled in part Dragontongue, part Norse. 'What're you doing?!'
    'Ok, ok, I'm sorry,' Astrid muttered, her head pressed against the boy's back. She wasn't sure what she was apologising for, but it seemed to do the trick. 
    Toothless levelled off and glided calmly above the clouds, circling around pillars of the white stuff. Astrid looked around in awe, having never seen anything like this before. She brushed the clouds with her fingertips as they soared past. From behind the thinning cloud lights erupted, green and purple and red fire across the sky, bathing the dragon's scales in colour. They flew for an hour maybe, it was hard to tell, until it was dark and the lights of Berk shone out. 
    'It's amazing,' Astrid breathed. 'He's amazing,' she laid a hand on Toothless's hide. 'So, what are you going to do about tomorrow?' She asked. He knew what she was referring to. The training. 'You know your going to have to-' she lowered her voice '- kill a dragon.'
    'Don't remind me.'
    Just then, Toothless's ears shot straight up and he turned his head, looking. 'What is it, bud?' Then Hiccup heard it too, a strange rattle that he couldn't describe. 'Do you hear that?' He asked Astrid. 
    'No,' she replied. 
    Toothless jerked to the side, then back again. Two dragons emerged from a mist that had suddenly come out of nowhere, a Nightmare and a Gronckle, both carrying fish. A Nadder swooped down from above them, a sheep in its claws. 
    'These are the dragons the raid Berk,' Hiccup hissed, recognising the Nightmare that had chased him on that fateful day. 
    'Where are they taking it?'
    'Here,' Toothless growled, one of the few Dragontongue words Hiccup could understand when he was in human form. 
    All the dragons, including Toothless, dropped down from the air and spiralled into a hole. Hiccup glimpsed a mountain, probably an extinct volcano, with jagged rock at the summit before they were swallowed by an orange glow. They followed the other dragons and saw that they were dropping the sheep, fish and whatever else they had into a pit. Toothless circled once then landed on an outcropping of rock. 
    'Nice to know that all our food's being dumped in a hole.'
    'Their not eating any of it,' Astrid remarked. Hiccup hardly heard her, the ratting was louder in here and it was getting into his head. He saw Toothless's ears vibrating and knew it was getting to him, too. 
    'W  ne d  o ge  ot,' Toothless growled, and Hiccup could just about work it out: we need to get out. 
    A blue Gronckle bumbled in and coughed a small fish into the pit, had a scratch then began to bumble away again. But it was not to bumble any more. A set of massive jaws came up from the pit and snapped around it, then drew back down into the murky depths. They held their breath. Only seconds later the jaws appeared again, followed by a searching eye that was as big as Stoick. 
    'Let's go,' Hiccup said. The eye fixed on them. 'NOW!' They were off like lightning, bolting up the way they'd come, hundreds, if not thousands of dragons flocking around them and fighting to escape. They made it out and flew quickly away, back to Berk and familiar territory.

1500 words. :D

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Nice job so far! Just a few misspellings and mixed up words, but I knew what you meant.

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Ty :D

Yeah, I know, it needs editing. A lot of editing. I wrote most of it late at night so that'll be why. And I only went over it for misspellings (and of course I missed some XD) 

I need to add a bit more mystery in, I think >>>>>especially as the Red D.eath plays a part in the last one... If I ever write it<<<<

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I can't wait to read this! Unfortunately I have a lot on my plate right now, but I will be back soon!





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Chapter Six - Capture

Oh Gods, Hiccup thought. He was standing nervously in the entrance to arena, his helmet under one arm. I cannot let this dragon be harmed
    'Hiccup?' Astrid came up to him just as a roar went up from the crowd around the edge of the arena. 'What're you gonna do?'
    'Something stupid,' he said flatly.
    'Good, but you've already done that.'
    Hiccup nodded in agreement, then his face brightened a little. 'Then something crazy,' he smiled. 'Im gonna show them what dragons are really like.'
    They heard uneven footsteps behind them. 'Alright, laddie?' Gobber ambled past and opened the gate, gesturing for Hiccup to go in. 'Knock 'em dead.'
    Hiccup took a deep breath, placed the helmet wonkily on his head and selected a shield and a dagger from the weapons rack. Then he stood staring at the cell opposite him, watching in trepidation as the beam barring the door was raised. 
    A moments silence. Then...
    A Monstrous Nightmare burst out of the cell, its skin flaming and jaws wide. It hooked its claws around the chains that made up a cage ceiling and hung upside down, looking down at Hiccup with yellow eyes. It dropped down and came towards him, the flames licking themselves out. Hiccup backed away, letting shield and dagger fall to the floor, prompting a confused look to appear on the dragon's face. He looked up at the Vikings watching, took his helm off and threw it to the floor too. 'I am not one of them.'
    The crowd gasped. The dragon's pupils dilated. Now was the time. 
    'Dragons are not what we think they are,' Hiccup said to the crowd, extending his hand out to the Nightmare. He heard his father say; 'stop the fight,' but he ignored him and carried on speaking. 'They are not the mindless killers we think they are, but —' 
    'I SAID STOP THE FIGHT!' Stoick roared, almost like dragon himself, and thumped a hammer down on the metal cage, denting the bars. The Nightmare's eyes turned back to slits and it snapped at Hiccup's outstretched hand. He ran and, even though it was pointless, screamed. The dragon chased after him in a burst of flames. Astrid, seeing what was happening from the entrance, grabbed an axe that was handily on the wall and wedged the gate up enough to get under. She yelled to Hiccup and he ran full pelt towards her, but the Nightmare shot the space between them, forcing Hiccup to run the other way. 
    A shriek was heard and a bright, powerful plasma blast ripped the chains apart. Someone screamed 'Night Fury!' And smoke concealed the fight below. 
    'Toothless!' Hiccup roared, and it was a proper, Dragontongue roar. At some point he'd Shifted without noticing. Oh Gods, whyyyy? 'Get out of here! Now!'
    'No! I will not leave you to be eaten!' Came a muffled reply. 
    'Toothless, listen to me!' Hiccup shouted, advancing through the smoke. 'Get away now! They'll kill you otherwise!' Two dragon shapes came into view, one of Toothless, crouched low and ready. The other of the Nightmare, also ready, but wary. On seeing the new Night Fury approaching, though, it fled back to its cell, clearly having had enough of a fight for one day. 
    'Go! Now!' Toothless finally obeyed and leapt out through the hole he'd made in the chains, somehow escaping unseen as Vikings poured into the arena. 'Shift back!' Were his departing words. 
    Oh heck. Hiccup reached for the tingling to turn himself back, but a bolas was thrown over him and weight equal to that of the average Viking crushed him. Well, make that three average Vikings. 
    The smoke cleared and he saw the Chief standing in front of him. 'What have you done with Hiccup, dragon?' His words low and menacing. 
    Hiccup tried to make a sound, and all that came out was a groan as a rope or four tightened around him, pinning his wings to his sides. 
    'Hiccup!' He heard Astrid scream. She was fighting against Gobber, who was holding her in a vice like grip. 'Chief! Let him go!' She managed to wrestle free of Gobber and rushed to the Night Fury, crouching by his head and staring into his eyes. 'Where's Hiccup?' She whispered. 
    'What?' Hiccup said, confused. Then he mentally slapped himself. Of course, she thought he was Toothless. She had seen Toothless at dusk and probably didn't know he couldn't fly on his own. 
    'Please, Chief, don't —' she was shoved roughly aside as a Viking slipped a muzzle on his snout. Hiccup snorted indignantly, earning a slap on his ear from the man he'd just spattered with snot. 
    'Put it in the cell with the others!' Stoick commanded. Then to Hiccup he said: 'I'll deal with you later, beast.'



'Just what is going on, Astrid?'
    The Chief towered over her, doing a good job of blocking the sunlight that streamed through the Great Hall's doors. 
    'I can explain, Chief. But first please, promise you won't hurt Toothless,' Astrid begged, knowing it would do no good but trying anyway. 
    Stoick turned on her. 'The Dragon? You more concerned about a beast that raids us than you are about your own village?'
    'It's not the dragons fault. There's something out there, it's controlling them —'
    'The Nest?' Stoick gripped her shoulders. 'You've been to the Nest? And you have kept it secret? That's the thing that we've been searching for for decades! Take me there, Astrid. Now.'
    'I can't!' Astrid protested. 'Only a dragon can find it.' By the look on the Chief's face she knew she really, really should not have said that. 'Oh no. No, no no, Stoick, no. You don't know what your up against, it's like nothing you've seen before. You can't win this one!'
    Stoick turned and stalked out of the door, yelling for the ships to be readied. Astrid charged after him and yanked him back, but he threw her to the floor. 'Your not one of us anymore,' with that, he slammed the door, which promptly swung back open, and headed to the ships. 
    Astrid stared at the dust dancing in the sunlight. 'Good,' she said, and got determinedly to her feet and headed out to find the other teenagers, a plan forming in her mind.


1059 words. How was that? I'm not that good at writing battle scenes. :-\

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*screaming loudly*

This story...I like it...ANOTHER! xD

Edit...wait...I wasn't tracking this before? WELL THEN LET'S CHANGE THAT SHALL WE!? 8'D


Sooo, first things first. When I made this account I choose hookless as my username because hookfang and toothless were my two favorites out of the gang's dragons at the time, and I combined their names. I just want to clear that up so people don't take it the wrong way. :)





Also...it will be getting shorter...


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*blocks ears*

Heyho. I only just posted the next chapter XD (four more to go)

>>>there are three more books after this... When I write them. Two from the films and one is an alternative pov/backstory for the third one<<<

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*screams even louder and smashes pans together*

I've been reading everything XD

*gasp* Such readings...I am ready for whenever you get them ready XD

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Oh gosh *puts ear defenders on*


>>>I'm also writing a backstory for my Viking, Flitt Ingerman... Oh wow, that's a lot of writing XD<<<

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Chapter Seven - Through the Fog


Things were going from bad to worse, or maybe from worse to horrendous. Hiccup had been chained to a slab of wood, two curved metal bars arched over him and a collar of oak locked around his neck. He didn't dare Shift, knowing the situation would probably go from horrendous to horrifyingly bad if he did. 
    Only about twenty minutes after he'd been locked in the cell, a handful of Vikings had come for him and dragged him to the docks, where they'd put him in these chains. He'd then got lowered onto a ship, the lead ship, the one his father would usually sail in. He'd given up struggling, there's was no getting out of these shackles. His only hope now was that Astrid would come for him. 
    He was awoken from his thoughts by a bright blue flash to his left. He strained his neck around and saw, to his horror, Toothless galloping towards him, a set look on his face. Vikings all around had also seen and were readying nets and spears. 'Toothless! No!' Hiccup screeched as best he could through the muzzle. His friend fired again, only a warning shot, but still it brought half of the people there to the floor. 'What are you doing, bud! Get away!'
    Toothless roared his defiance to the nets that were spinning through the air towards him. 'I am not leaving you!' He dodged the first two nets, but the third tangled around his wing and front legs, bringing him to the ground with groan. 
    'Nooooo!!!' Hiccup yelled, struggling ferociously at his bonds. 'Toothless!!' The Night Fury snapped at the hands reaching for him, but there were too many, tying him up, dragging him onto a boat, chaining him to a similar contraption as Hiccup's. 
    'What is going on here?' A voice boomed. Stoick had arrived. Hiccup's father saw the commotion and stormed down the walkway, pushing aside Vikings that were in his way. When he saw Toothless his small green eyes widened. 'Another one?'
    'It charged us while we were loading the boats, Chief,' a man by the name of Spitelout, Snotlout's father, spat. 'It must have come looking for its friend.'
    Stoick eyed the saddle and tail Hiccup had made. 'That girl has some explaining to do,' he muttered. Then to the waiting Vikings; 'we move out in ten minutes! Get everything ready!'
    Hiccup watched as his father came over to him. 'You, fiend, are going to lead us to the nest.'



'Ok guys, no weapons.'
    'You'll see.'
    Astrid took a deep breath, wondering why in Thor's name she was doing this. I'm crazy, she thought. With hesitant steps she walked over to the cell holding the dragons, she'd already raised the bar blocking the door from opening and the metal hinges creaked as she pull the door. Remembering what Hiccup had done she had laid her axe against the wall and made the others do the same. With her hands loosely at her sides, showing that she was unarmed, Astrid approached the Nightmare, thinking that it'd be most likely to work on it that than the others. It cowered back at first, then it got curious and came forward, pupils dilating. Astrid raised her hand, making the dragon flinch. But then it seemed to get the idea and it pressed its snout to her palm, its yellow eyes fixed on her. 
    Astrid breathed a sigh of relief and backed out slowly, the Nightmare following. She grabbed whoevers hand was closest and pressed it to the dragon's snout in place of hers. Snotlout, who was the one now with the Nightmare, looked terrified. 
    'Wait, where are you —?'
Astrid had moved away to a box and was rummaging inside. 'Your gonna need something to hold on with.' She looked back at the cell, the other dragons, Nadder, Gronckle and Zippleback, were peering out into the bright daylight. 'We're going to rescue Hiccup.'



They'd reached the fog. 
    The rattling was already getting into his head, and it wasn't long until he was looking around for the source of it. Whichever way he turned his head, Stoick would turn the ship, somehow guiding them through pillars of jagged grey rock. He heard Toothless struggling in the boat behind, and then the keel of the ship sunk into gravel, jerking all who were aboard. 
    'We're here,' Stoick said. 
    Bit obvious, Hiccup thought. 
    The Chief leapt out and crunched onto the black gravel, and immediately the rattling stopped. 
    Oh no. 
    The other ships lined up on the shore, catapults being readied. The Chief pointed, raised his hand then gave the signal to fire. Multiple boulders hit a single point of the mountain, the rock crumbling bit by bit until it collapsed in on itself, leaving a gaping black hole. Stoick went in to the entrance of the newly made passage, more Vikings, including Gobber, Phlegm and Spitelout, behind him. A fireball was launched into the blackness, revealing hundreds of dragons clinging to the walls, silent. 
    'YAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH,' Stoick, Gobber and the rest yelled, loud enough to wake Odin himself from the deepest sleep. The hundred, or make that  thousand, dragons took flight and streamed out of the mountain from all sides, easily avoiding the Vikings pathetic attempts to slash their undersides. The air cleared of their roars, growls and squawks, and they were gone. 
    'Was that it?' Gobber said, and shrugged to himself. 'We did it!' A cheer went up from the crowd, but the Chief did not join in, he was watching Toothless, who was somehow managing to struggle and cower at the same time. 
    'No. This is not over.'
    A roar that shook the ground was heard. The mountain cracked and splintered as something green and red, something massive exploded from it. 
    The enraged Queen had come. There was no chance now. 


Fog. More fog. Even more fog. Endless fog. A flash. More fog. More fog. More fo— wait, a flash?
    Astrid's mind came back to the present. A flash could mean many things; a warning of danger, a signal for help, a natural occurrence to name only a few. But this one had been a big, orange flash, like dragon fire when it's first shot. And now there was a glow up ahead, orange as a sunset and flickering like a candle. They must be close. 
    Then looming through the fog came a mountain, ships and the sound of Vikings at war. They had definitely arrived, and just in time by the looks of it. 
    'Right!' Astrid yelled so the other Riders could hear her. 'We go in, find Hiccup and — oh, my Thor.'
    The biggest dragon Astrid had ever seen had emerged from the fog.  It was green and red, the size of, well, she couldn't think of anything big enough to match the scale of this beast. 
   'What in Odin's name is that?!'
    For once, Fishlegs, who was riding a Gronckle, made no reply. 
    'Ok, ok,' Astrid muttered to herself. 'Let's do this.'
    Her Nadder swooped down out of the fog and fired at the giant beast's head, distracting it from crushing boats. The Vikings below looked up in amazement, eyes wide at seeing people on the backs of dragons. 
    'Astrid! There!' Fishlegs yelled and pointed to a ship. In the among flames she caught sight of Hiccup and Toothless, just before the massive dragon's foot came down on it. 


While all the attention was on the Queen Hiccup Shifted to human form. He slipped out of the chains and hurried across the empty vessel, vaulted over the side and onto the next boat, the one Toothless was trapped on. He tugged the muzzle off of his friend and tried with all his might to undo the lock and the chains, but his skinny arms just couldn't do it. Searing heat coursed across his skin and flames erupted around him, making his eyes water. But he didn't pause, all that mattered was to free his friend, even if that meant death by fire. 
    Toothless snarled a warning and Hiccup looked up in time to see the Queen's talons ripping the the ship they were on in half. He and the Night Fury were thrown into the cool, debris strewn water, Toothless sinking quickly, dragged down by the slab of wood he was chained to. 
    Hiccup gulped in a lungful of air and dove down, following the Fury to the murky seabed. He pulled at the chains again, but to no avail. His world darkened and his chest hurt, and with a few bubbles escaping from his mouth momentarily lost consciousness. 
    A strong hand grabbed him and hauled him to the surface, dragging him onto a rock before the bear like figure the hand belonged to dove back into the water. 'Dad?' Hiccup spluttered. Moments later Toothless burst out of the liquid, along with the Chief. The Fury landed and gestured for his rider to get on. 'You got it, bud.' He leapt on and clipped himself to the safety line. 
    'Hiccup,' the Chief said, placing a hand on his son's arm. 'Im proud to call you my son.'
    Hiccup looked at him in surprise. His father had never said anything like that before. They smiled at each other then Toothless was up and away, soaring up past the flames and into the smoke filled sky. 
    'He's up!' He heard Astrid yell and turned in the saddle to see her and the other teenagers swooping towards him on dragons. 
    'What? How?' Hiccup stuttered. Even Snotlout was on a dragon!
    'I'll explain later, first we have to stop this Queen.'
    'Ok,' he went into plan mode. 'Fishlegs, Snotlout, hang in it blind spot and make a lot of noise. Ruff and Tuff, we need some explosions. Astrid, aim for the eyes.'
    'And what are you going to do?'
    That thing has wings, he observed thoughtfully. 'We are going to get it in the air.'


1660 words, dunno why I say the word count XD

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Oh so THAT'S how Toothless gets there

I was trying to work out how Astrid could fly Toothless to the battle and get her Nadder at the same time, but your solution was much better ^^

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Took me a while to think of that even though it's quite simple XD

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Chapter Eight - Defeating Death

It didn't go quite to plan. First off, the noise that was meant to disorientate the giant dragon only succeeded in disorientating the dragons Snotlout and Fishlegs were riding. Snotlout's Nightmare banged into into the head of the monster and threw its rider off. Then the Gronckle started spinning and dropped like a stone. The twins went to rescue Snotlout, who was on the Red Death's head (Fishlegs had remembered the name by then) but of coarse they started a fight and their dragon, a Zippleback, swooped down and caught the Viking without any instructions. Astrid's Nadder had been shooting spines at the Death's eyes, only to find that it had six of them. And the wooden stakes that the tribe were throwing at it only made it even more infuriated. 

    Oh, this is going brilliantly, Hiccup thought, watching the scene from Toothless. That thing looked undefeatable, why were they even trying to fight it?
    The Red Death opened its great maw and inhaled slowly. A blue and yellow Nadder was caught in the motion of the air and with a start Hiccup saw it was the one Astrid was riding. With a distinctive shriek Toothless dove down, wings half folded and plasma blast ready. The powerful shot that hit the Death sent it stumbling to the gravel, freeing Astrid and her Nadder from the suction. 
    'Did it work?' Hiccup asked no one in particular. Through the smoke Toothless's fire had caused two great, hole ridden wings unfurled, the mighty down sweep of then hauling the huge beast into the air. 'Ok, I think we've got its attention.' The Death's six eyes locked onto the Night Fury and it let out a roar of pure hatred. With wing flaps that dispersed the smoke it charged after them, bulldozing through seastacks like they were grass. 
    Hiccup looked up at the low lying cloud. 'Time to disappear,' he said. Together they shot into the cloud, vanishing into its gloomy depths. Just as he'd hoped, the Red Death followed, its bulk unmissable even in the combined fog, smoke and cloud. Toothless raced around it, shooting it from all sides so it could not pinpoint him. In a rage the Death let out a torrent of flame, circling around and spreading the fire everywhere. They only just avoided becoming roasted dragon and rider, but at the cost of Toothless's tail. 
    'Ok, time's up,' Hiccup said, eyeing the flaming tail. 'Let's hope this works.' They turned into a dive, the wind whistling through twisted metal and fired once more at the beast to get its attention. It dove straight the after them, jaws opening and gases building to flame them. 'Hold, hold,' Hiccup muttered. 'Now!' Toothless flipped over onto his back and fired. 
    He'd run out if fire. 
    Hiccup unhooked the safety line and leapt off of his friend, Shifting in midair. With as much force as he could he blasted a powerful plasma blast into the Death's maw, lighting the gases that had built up, then without looking back he raced after Toothless. He caught his Fury friend and did his best to pull him up, dodging through bony spikes as the Red Death crashed to the ground in an explosion of flames. Almost there, almost there. There was cloud above, flames below and a clubbed tail bearing down on them. 'No, no no no no!' The tail hit his wing and the side of his head, forcing him down and causing his grip on Toothless to fail. 'Hiccup! Shift!' He faintly heard Toothless scream, and did so, feeling scorching heat upon his skin and leathery wings wrap around him. Then everything went dark. 



'Hiccup!' Stoick called through the ash and smoke, his voice rough from shouting. 'Hiccup!!' A dark mound emerged from the gloom, slowly rising and falling as if it was breathing. 'Son.' Stoick hurried over. The mound was Toothless, his saddle burned and metal tack twisted beyond repair. He raised his head when the Chief approached, green eyes watching warily. 'Im sorry,' Stoick choked out, falling to his knees beside the Fury. 'Im so sorry.'
    Toothless huffed and unfolded his wings, revealing Hiccup clasped in his claws. 
    'Hiccup!' Stoick lifted his son gently in his arms, throwing off his helmet to listen for a heartbeat. 'He's alive. You've brought him back alive.' There was cheering from behind, the whole tribe had assembled around their Chief. 
    'Well, most of 'im,' Gobber said, peering over Stoick's shoulder. 
    Stoick ignored him. 'Thank you, dragon, for bringing my son back' 
    Neither the Chief nor the blacksmith seemed to notice the fine outline of scales that rippled over Hiccup's skin. 



Ow, was his first thought. His second was, OWW! As something that felt like claws dug into his stomach. He opened his eyes to see a pair of excited green reptilian ones staring back at him. A forked tongue began licking him happily. 'Yeah, I'm happy to see you too, bud.' Toothless bounded over a fire pit and up onto a beam like an excitable cat. 'I'm in my house,' Hiccup observed, sitting up. 'Your in my house,' he said to Toothless. 
    'Yes, your dad let me stay in here,' Toothless said from his perch. 
    'And I can understand you.'
    'Look behind you,'
the dragon said. 
    Hiccup did and found himself looking at the top of a jet black wing. 'And now I have wings,' he ran his hands through his brown hair, wondering if he had Night Fury ears and spines. He didn't. He did, however, have small black spike on his wrists, like Toothless had on his forelegs. 'What are these for?'
    'Dunno, now come on, I want to show you something. Your gonna have to get rid of the wings, though.'

    Hiccup thought himself back to normal and went to swing his legs out of bed, but he froze midway. 
    Ok, make that one leg. 
    'S rr ,  sho l  h ve  arn d  ou,' Toothless said, which Hiccup made out to be, 'sorry, should have warned you.' 
    'Yeah...' He breathed as he placed his real foot and the metal left one on the floor. He took a few deep breaths then stood up, holding onto the side of his bed. He took a step forward and almost fell, the second step he did but the Fury caught him, then he limped, with one arm over his friend, to the door. With difficulty he pulled it open, only to slam it shut again as a Nightmare roared a few yards away. 'Ok, stay here, bud.'
    Toothless huffed in annoyance but did as he was told. 
    Hiccup again pulled the door open and cautiously peered out. The sight that met his eyes was like a dream to him. Dragons everywhere, not fighting Vikings or stealing food, but perched on rooftops and eating out of baskets of fish or even following certain people around. The Nightmare that had roared swooped in front, Snotlout on its back. In a dreamlike state Hiccup limped out, gazing about in wonder. 'I knew it, I'm dead.'
    Stoick came over and slapped a hand on his son's shoulder. 'No, but you gave it your best shot,' he laughed.


1200 words exactly. Well, not exactly now that I've written this bit XD

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*intrigued screaming* THE SUSPENSE! THE INTRIGUE! 8D

Quick question.....*squints* >_> So did hiccup get rid of his wings? Or are they...still visible? <_<

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Oh wow, I haven't even proofread or edited it yet XD

Hiccup thought himself back to normal


that means he got rid of his wings, I'll put something in saying that when I read through the whole lot. Be interesting if he forgot, though XD

>>>there's only one more chapter<<<

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I'm a fast reader, Flittington. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

XD Ahh ok...


>>WHY THOUGH!? D'8 IT'S SO GOOD!<< *sad Night terror screaming*

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You certainly are, Hookington

>>>there are going to be three more books after this, so keep ya hat on XD<<< *deafened Flightmare screeches back*

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Im faster when tired and hungry for some reason and Im both so..

>_> Ah! Ok....Patient potato will skulk about quietly then XD I already have enough crying to do about fictional characters anyway x'D <_<

*smol terror is running in circles and babbling like a worried chicken*

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Woot woot

Nice! Almost there and getting ready for the next movie!
I like this alternate timeline ^^

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Your an owl now? O.O

Yeeee, ty. I'm on chapter four of the next one but... I don't like it, I'm going to have to change it because it's to close to film. It'll be a little while 'til the next one's up.

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O.O am i?

NUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! *roars and flaps off in search of writing catalysts*

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You have owl eyes O.O SO DO I O.O O.O O.O O.O


Catalysts? *kaboom* >>>I looked it up and saw chemical reaction XD<<<

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Root hath cometh

*sniggers* I know what happens XDDDD


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The Mystery of Root

*sniggers back* I know you know XD you're my antimatter self, so how could you not know? XD

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*GASP* Is that an insider knowledge I smell? *thoughtful squinting* >_>

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Aye, insider alright XD *thought ya would've got me by now, Hookington XD (I want to say Hookington Post, for some reason)*

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Hehehe. >>>and I know who you are.XDD (So do I XD)<<<

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Chapter Nine - A Different Kind of Berk

Berk. Yes, it was cold and harsh at times, but it was home to Vikings and dragons alike. 
    It had been a month since the Red Death's downfall, and the whole of Berk had adjusted to this new life. Dragons flocked from afar to visit the haven of dragon life, some stayed, some went, some made lifelong friends. 
    And still Hiccup kept his secret of his dragon self. From almost everyone, anyway. 


    Three weeks earlier. 

Hiccup was in his workroom, designing a new tail for Toothless, when his father squeezed through the doorway. 'Dad,' he said in surprise. Stoick hardly ever came in here, mainly because he knocked everything over. 
    'Hiccup,' he said. 'We need to talk... About... This.' He gestured to his son. 
    Hiccup dropped the pencil he'd been holding. 'You just pointed to all of me.'
    'Well, most of ya,' Gobber somehow found a place to stand in the cramped room. 'That bit's my handiwork.'
    'Son, how long did you think you could hide it from me?'
    'Oh Gods,' Hiccup said, again dropping the pencil, which he'd just picked up. 'I don't know, Dad, I just...'
    Stoick pulled up a nearby stool. 'You were out for nearly a week. We couldn't let anyone in, not even Astrid, no matter how much she begged, because... You grew wings. Why have you got Night Fury wings, Hiccup? And how long has... This, been going on?'
    Hiccup put the pencil on the table. 'Well, er, the wings I only knew about when I woke up, so not that long. For why, I have no idea.' A thought struck him. 'How many people know?'
    'Just me, Gobber and Gothi.'
    'Please don't tell anyone else.' Should I tell him? He deserves to know, I suppose. And Gobber too, Hiccup thought. Or maybe I should show them... 'Meet me in the Cove at Raven point, tonight at dusk,' he told the bewildered Vikings. 



Ok... Ok... Hiccup thought. He was on top of a rock in the Cove, wings stretched out and senses alert. They should be here. Around about... Now. 
    He smiled and opened his eyes, which currently had slitted pupils. Stoick and Gobber were coming into the Cove, only just managing to squeeze through the gap that Hiccup found so easy to slip through. 'Glad to see you could make it,' he said, then glanced at the sky. 'Just in time, too.'
    'In time for what?' Gobber asked, also glancing at the sky. 
    Any second now, Hiccup thought. The silvery disc of the moon peeked over the edge of the Cove. It was time. 'This,' he said, with as much Hiccup flair as he could muster. 
    His father and the blacksmith gaped at him as he transformed into a dragon, their expressions so close to that of a fish that he laughed. They both shut their mouths with snap. 'But - but your a dragon!' Gobber spluttered. 
    'Thank you, for summing that up,' Hiccup rumbled, even though he knew they wouldn't understand him. He crouched and gestured for them to get on, at which they both raised their eyebrows. 
    'No, I can't, son,' Stoick said, holding up a hand. Hiccup stretched out a wing and drew his father to him. 
    'Oh, come on, dad. Just this once.'
    Unwillingly Stoick climbed onto his back, the weight of a fully grown Viking Chief pressing him down. He looked at Gobber, who held up his good hand and backed away. 'I prefer to keep me foot on the ground, laddie. You two go, I'm going back to me forge.' With that he limped away, almost getting stuck in the rocks on his way out. 
    Hiccup snorted. Even in dragon form he still got called laddie. With a warning growl he sprang into the air, giving mighty flaps of his wings to get out of the Cove. Stoick was heavy, especially with him tensed up like a rock. As soon as they were high enough he levelled off and glided below the clouds, the moonlight illuminating them in silvery white. The Chief's small eyes widened at the sight, the moon reflected in them, and he raised a hand to brush the cloud much like Astrid had done. 'Hiccup,' he whispered. 'This is... Amazing.' A broad grin lit his face, and so did one on Hiccup's. Life on Berk, with dragons abound, was going to be brilliant.




Out in seas unknown, a warship the likes of which had never been seen before groaned through the waves. Smaller ships followed behind, all heavily armoured. At the bow, a man with dark dreadlocks and a dragon skin cape stood, speaking to someone in the shadows. With a growl like an enraged Nightmare he pointed his staff at the hidden person, the seed pods built into the end of it rattling, the sound sinisterly similar to the Red Death's control. The shadowed person growled back and dived over the side of the ship, a streak of white and grey on the dull waters. A humongous splash followed, waves the size of the tallest trees crashed over the side of the warship, soaking the caped man. With the clanging of metal the ship was pulled forward with immense, unseeable force, the ocean foaming in protest. 
    The cloaked man chuckled a mad laugh. Everything was falling into place. Now all he needed, was dragons.


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The End

That, peoples, is the end of book one. The next is:

Click/tap the pic to take you to the thread

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*screaming loudly* YAY! 8D


Can't wait for more! 8D

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well ya gonna have to XD

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*grabs a tornado in a bottle and lets it loose* 8D NOIIISSEEE!!!

*patient potatoing intensifies* O_O

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*convinces Oak to ban noise*

I must admit, I started out merely curious but this is really growing on me XD
*tosses streamers and confetti everywhere*

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