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Please ,please ,please make some new quests. I cant without them. Its so boring like that. Before when i was smaller level i had so many quests and it was so fun to do them and every day i did different things, but now when i did all the quests i only have the farm,Fireball Frenzy and Thunder Run Racing.... And when i got bored doing this three things or it havent got any players in the game i log in just to pick my daily reward. Thats why i just want some adventure in Sod. I cant use the laboratory even, it will be fun to do some quests in it. I check the Hachery,Berk and the Wilderness every day to see if it has something new but... I will be happy to see some new quests in the game. (sorry if i have mistakes in my topic but my english is not very good)


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I feel the same way! I

I feel the same way! I created another profile just do have something to do. I keep waiting for more quests to show up but they don't. 




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Remember before they can make

Remember before they can make new quests, islands and mini games they have to get rid of most to all of the glitches and bugs. So be patient 


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SAME!!! D: :c

SAME!!! D: :c


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We indeed need more quests XD

We indeed need more quests XD I couldn't agree more.


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