Hybrids comparison/study (TU vs SOD vs Miscellaneous)

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As a companion/follow up to this Titan comparison thread here: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/titan-comparisonstudy-sodturob I've decided to create another one dedicating to compare and study Hybrids design in this two game as well as Miscellaneous such as Concept art and Merchendise as Me and a few other has noticed and point out some difference between them.

(Plus there're enough hybrids in sod to start the comparison anyway)

Like previous thread, this thread is created with the intention to compare and study so it wasn't meant to critic anything but a discussion about it is welcome here

So without further ado, the comparison will start in the second post!



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(Titan uprising(Flying), Titan Uprising, Concept art, School of Dragons)

-The only major difference I see is the eyes/head porpotion in School of Dragons. In other media, the eyes are big and popping out of the skull while in School of dragons they're smaller and a little bit wider apart making their face somewhat thicker compare to the long thin shape the other have. Other details are pretty similar

-Neon2 Pointed out that the Wings in SOD version are smaller compare to other media and doesn't supported on the ground 


(Titan uprising, School of dragon, Concept art, Titan uprising(flying), Baby Titan uprising(regular), Merchendise, Baby Coprsekeep(to compare the color to merchendise), Baby school of dragons)

-The major difference being the sharpness of the beak and the eye placement in the School of dragon version, giving it more Nadder-like while the other face are more smash because of the eye placement. The concept art also have difference wing coloration.


(Titan uprising(different animations), School of dragons promo art, School of dragons)

-Apart from some details like the eyes emotion, the two version are pretty accurate with each other. School of dragons' neck are noticably thinner though


(Titan uprising promo art, Titan uprising, School of dragon promo render, Titan uprising (flying), school of dragons (different animation))

-For me the most noticable difference(other than the name difference) is that Titan uprising  version is very skinny, giving the big different in head/body porpotion. It's also very big (the flying animation shown to be bigger than the stormcutter) In school of dragons while different from normal Skrill, the body porpotion are closer to it. The eyes placement for both version are also marginally different as well as the color.

-The little details but there's also no purple Voltknapper in Titan uprising as purple seemed to be the default color in school of dragons


(School of dragons promo, Titan uprising promo art, School of dragons, Titan uprising, School of dragons(flying))

-School of dragons Porpotion are more extreme, with bigger head and very small short tail club while in Titan uprising the over all body porpotion are slim, with even head/body porpotion. plus the bigger longer tail

-Another small thing that bug me is that SOD default color for this dragon is green while in TU it's red with blue spot. Perhaps it follows the promo art.




To be continue if school of dragons release more Hybrids

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*Grabs popcorns*

Awesome compatison! I overall prefer the TU designs, they look more realistic and better proportionate IMO, exept for the skrillknapper, that is the only case in which i prefer the SoD design, it looks, again, more realistic and better proportionate IMO.


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Yep! <3
First of all, THANK YOU so much for sharing this comparison post of the Titans! I really didn't know this topic here on the forum!
Second, great topic too! I loved seeing the main differences! I usually still prefer SoD designs ... I play Titan Uprising too and I don't always fall in love with hybrids ... only when they enter SoD can I fall in love with them  XD
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SoD Zapplejack makes me want to cry.


Hi! I'll be on slight hiatus from the forums and art requests, as I'll be working on my undergraduate thesis.

Hopefully things go well without any problems :'D

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I think if the wings were bigger and supported on the ground just like the Titan Uprising would have been a thousand times better ...

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Honestly, I haven't notice

Honestly, I haven't notice the difference in their wing but that might be because I only see the flying render image in SOD version, Should I edit the post and add that as a difference?

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Yep! It is better for comparison

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

Cool threads!  Looking over them, I realized how much I dislike the RoB graphics.  All of the dragons just look wrong.  Between SoD and TU, though, I guess both have some good ones.  Sometimes TU is just too subtle, while SoD can be too obvious.  I like your comparison ideas!


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I forgot the Bonestormer! or

I forgot the Bonestormer!

or not exactly forgot forgot since it just got release but it's kinda hard to find proper SOD version reference, anyway:


Titan Uprising (Normal, Twist, Ingame Flyings) Titan uprising Promotional Art, School of Dragons Promotional renders, School of Dragons in game (Normal, Flying, Rear, Twist) (*Taken from Youtube videos)

- Actually it's very faithful and I can barely fine any differences, the only thing and it might be only me is that in Titan uprising it looks slightly skinnier and long while SOD look marginally bulkier especially from behind, a little closer to Stormcutter propotion but it's barely noticable.

- The only other thing is in the behavoir/animation, Titan uprising twist their body sideway while School of Dragon twists upside down.

- The hero skin/defauly color for SOD is the three star version of TU as opposed to Zipplejack, Galeslash and Abomibumble 1-2 stars. But other promotional material and special skin also shown 1-2 and 4 stars (orange/yellow)



To be continue if school of dragons release more Hybrids


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