The Hunters of Dawn

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                        Chapter One: From the Wolfs Mouth

   Cattori howled into the night after the successful hunt. She held a large rabbit between her jaws, and a boar carcass under her front paw. She shakes her tawny pelt out as she looks to her hunting party.
   "Cattori," A strong voice calls. "Come on, we must get back before the others wake." Cattori looks over at the speaking wolf. His pelt was a nice red color that had brown undertones in the sunlight. Rigror was his name.
   "You heard him, move out hunters." Our hunt leader, Tor, calls before loping away. Muscles ripple under her pitch dark fur.
   Cattori looked into the night and she smoothed down her fur, hunt-thrill wanders out of her chest and into the night. She takes one more deep breath of the cool winter night air and walks into a slow run after her pack, dragging the boar carcass behind her.
   It was a long painstaking run-walk back to home den. By the time she had made it there the dawn had already risen. Cattori walks straight into the large tree her kind calls home.
   The den had been their home for as long as she could remember, it was said that the huge tree was destroyable. But no one knew that for sure.
   Cattori walks inside, the boar tail and rabbit head still locked in her jaw. She walks straight to the large sloping walkway going straight into the bushy top of the tree. At the very top there is a meat storage, it is where all hunters are to take food from hunts. Cattori huffs. We should have this locker at the bottom of the giant tree, not the top! She thought ruefully, stepping one paw on the walkway.
   "Looks like you need an extra paw!" A pup trotted up to Cattori. The first pup grabs the end of the rabbit sticking out of Cattori's mouth. Cattori stepped back to look over this pup. He ripples his brown pelt excitedly.
   Cattori drops the rabbit and the boar.
   "Or two..."  Another runs up behind the first and drags the rabbit out of the others jaw. The first jumps at the second. A flurry of brown and black fur runs together. The two pups exchange playful yips and growls in challenge and play-fight together.
   "You two are adorable, but that needs to go to the top of these wooden walkways." Cattori cuts in, stepping between the two yowling pups.
   "Now that I have you under control, what are your names?" Cattori asked.
   "I'm Shard, son of Thrang." The brown pup says walking up with the rabbit in jaw.
   "I'm Kjorn, son of Brigger." The black pup says after shooting a challenging glare at the other pup.
   "OK, Shard, please bring the rabbit up. Kjorn, grab the boars leg, but don't eat it." Cattori instructed them both.
   "See you at the top brother!" Shard called over his shoulder as he dragged the rabbit up the slope.
   The second pup growls at his brother. "Let's go! Hurry!" He calls dragging the boar leg unsuccessfully.
   "All right Kjorn." Brothers... Cattori ruffles her pelt before helping the pup drag the boar up.
   Kjorn ad Cattori reached the top first and the pup spats out the think hoof of the boar.
   "Beat you!" He calls to his brother, who was still dragging the rabbit up. His brother growls in answer.
   The three walk towards the highest and biggest entry of the tree, where the meat was kept.
   "Come children, put the meat in here and run off to your parents." Cattori orders not unkindly.
   The two put the meat in the storage space and run down the steep walkway, rolling every so often when they attacked each other. Cattori murmurs a laugh to herself before continuing on with her morning.
   She walked out onto one of the thickest stablest branches. Cattori walked all the way to the very end of the safety, the sun shined warmly on her mousey hide. She looked into the pre-dawn light, letting herself breathe deeply. In this one moment everything was perfect.
   "Cattori!" Her amber eyes search for the source of the voice, finally resting on a beautiful silver and white she-wolf.
   "Ney'ite!" Cattori calls, she flicked her tail to invite her best friend up on the branch with her. Ney'ite flicks her ears in acknowledgment before she lopes up to the branch.
   A mischievous glitter crosses her eye before she speaks. "Listen, we are going hunting later by the want of the king. "
   Cattori nods and looks on into the light.
   "We are going hunting for the enemy."
   Cattori's eyes widen.
   "You in?" She asks.


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Very good. But I think you

Very good. But I think you mean 'indestructable' for the tree? 'Destroyable' means it can be damaged and well, destroyed.


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Chapter Two: The Hunt   The

Chapter Two: The Hunt

   The wolves run quickly over the soft pine needle barren ground, their pawsteps barely making sound.
   "Are you sure we should do this? I mean... these are... these are the..." The youngest to come says warrily between puffs, her pale fur gostly white in the dark of the tree covering.
   "It's fine! We have driven them out of our lands before, we can do it again." Tor cuts in.
   Cattori smooths down her ruffled fur. Tor is right, we have done this before, no different to any other hunting trip. But her heart doesnot believe her thoughts. These were the shadows.
   Shadows are the one creature who had hunted wolves, they can take any form, and can make any weapon. They are always deeper black than even Tor.
   Cattori shivers and her fur stands again. This would be Cattori's first hunt for these dedicens of the dark, and she, like the other younger wolf, was scared. Who wouldn't be?
Cattori smooths her fur again and focusses on the run ahead of her. She stops.
   Nothing is around her, other than only the lesser creatures like a sparrow or rabbit. She lifts her head to the wind, and sniffs in deeply. Nothing.
   "Hello?" She calls.  "Tor? Ney'ite? Rigror? Pack?" She calls into the morning, her breath releases white mist in front of her. "Probably took a wrong turn." She mutters to herself before taking another whiff of the morning air.
   Wait. What is that smell? Fear closed into the wolf's heart. Shadows. "Come out!" She called again, fear slipped into her voice.
   "I know you're here!" Her eyes widen as a black mist surounds her. The mist swirls for a moment before a wolf appears, the remaining mist disperses into several other wolves around her.
   They howl together, a deafening sound of triumpth. The first steps forward, hackles raised.
   "Welcome..." It warbles, a low gutteral sound. "Welcome, to your doom." It finishes and they all advance as one.
   Cattori just stands there, her eyes wide, her ears back, her claws out. "No." She growls. "Welcome, to your doom!" She howls into the dawn, hoping for her pack to hear, before jumping at the leader.
   The leader makes a hole in the center of its chest, and Cattori falls straight through it and onto the ground behind it. She growls and tries to force herself onto her paws again but the rest of the shadow wolves jump on her, pinning her down. The leader turns itself into a wolf again.
   "No, it is you to meet your doom." It growls before truning its front paw into a sharp black sabor. It riases it up slowly and menisingly.
   "NOT MY SISTER!" A voice screams, pure venom in her voice.
   "What?" The shadow wolves all say as one as the group of eight wolves bursts out of the undergrowth, each wearing a similar look of fear and anger.
   The shadow wolves are all bowled off Cattori and she stands up, seeing a large battle underway. She looks over the combatants.
   Ney'ite, Tor, Rigror, Higs, Moon, Thorn, Paresis, and small Kenna. They all battle ferociously with shadow creatures. She imediatly runs to her sister who is battling two shadows at once.
   "Thanks sister!" Cattori calls as she rips one of the shadows off her sisters back.
   The shadow she now faced is growling angerly. It jumps forward, claws apear out of its wolf paws, way sharper than a wolfs should be.
   They rake down Cattori's hide and she howls in pain and in anger.
   How do I fight this thing? She wonders as she rakes her own claws down its back, not even leaving a scratch.
   Tors words from earlier that morning flash back to her.
   "Be careful my wolves, the only way to defeat a Shadow is to thin it out. You fight it everywhere, its mist get abandoned, soon it will be unable to adapt, that is the one time you can hurt it tooth and claw."
   Cattori growls again and runs around the fighting wolves and shadow wolves, leaving her enemy flying behind her, its mist slowly disapearing behind it.
   Its working! She thinks in disbelief and she runs even faster, hunt-thrill taking her mind off her injury.
   Eventually after three runs the shadow had no more mist left, just enough to make a small floating baloon.
   Cattori smiles. She runs up to the slowly moving shadow and claws it to death. She howls into the dawn and several others follow. Howling is a sign of victory when hunting throughout the pride. Soon there are eight more howls. One missing. Everyone regroups and looks down at the broken body of Higs.
   Everyone looks at each other sadly before howling as one.
   "You fought well sister." They recite together.
   "Be at peace." They finish.

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Bump?Does anyone like this

Does anyone like this story?




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I've been reading this story. I have bad eyes so the new font made it harder to read, just a heads up.




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Thanks and changed the font,

Thanks and changed the font, hope it works better!

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Thank you. It really helps! It's very interesting so far and I'm curious to learn where it will go.


((When are we starting the "Dawnhunters" RP, or is is abandoned? Sorry about asking here, but I'm confused))

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Chapter 3: Kings and Queens

Chapter 3: Kings and Queens and Hunts

   The wolves walk home from their successful/unsuccessful hunt. They drag the body of their fallen warrior between them. Cattori can't take her eyes off the body as they walk.
   Cattori moves through the formation to her sister, who always made her feel more comfortable, no matter what.
   "Ney'ite." She snuggles into her sisters warm fur, and memories of being den-mates come back with her sweet scent of pine tree, and fresh wood.
   Cattori shrieks as Ney'ite jumps on her back. "Get off!" She giggles and jumps to her feet, bumping a giggling Ney'ite off her back. They roll around on the ground together, neither ever gaining the upper paw.
   They end up on the ground outside the den, laying side by side. "Cattori, never leave me." Ney'ite said as she snuggled closer. "Never." Cattori agreed.
   Cattori shakes the visions out of her eyes and is brought back to the sad of the present.
   "Yes Cattori?" Her sister asks.
   "I-I-I Don't know... I just need you." Cattori responds hesitantly.
   "I will always be there." She says reassuringly, but fear still creeps into Cattori's heart. It could have easily been Ney'ite who died, not Higs. That was something they all had to know. Not everyone is safe at all times.
   They finish walking home in silence. They drop Higs body off in the center of the tree, to show all and to let her family members grieve.
   After dropping off the body Cattori walks into the meet room and pulls out an elk leg. She drags it down to the bottom of the path, the scent making her mouth water. It was all she could do to not bite. She walks into the meeting room, where all of the kings meetings were placed, or feasts, and where most ate. But unlike the normal amount of hunters and huntresses in the room eating, most of the whole pride is in the room. The king talking at the front.
   The king is unlike any other wolf in the pride. He has jade colored fur. There are stories that he once defeated a dragon and took its gold, and magic. Its magic granted him a different colored coat. One that will always let him stand out.
   "---one is safe. For we must know that each time we hunt, may be our last. For this reason I am banning hunting at night." The king states.
   A large uproar ignites after the kings words.
   "What?" One exclaims
   "No! We must hunt at night!" a female calls after.
   "If we don't hunt at night then we will get half the meat we get today. And even now we hardly have enough!" Another points out.
   The arguments go on and on.
   "Enough!" Siphone calls. The sleek old huntress walks out next to her mate.
   All sounds stop.
   "Listen to my mate or leave!" She calls boomingly.
   Most lower their heads.
   "You heard my mate! No hunting in the wee hours! Now off with you all! As one of you pointed out that we will not have enough food, then hunt! Hunt from now to dusk!" She orders, her voice becoming like shards of ice.
   Everyone starts walking off, assembling hunt parties, and taking care of pups. Cattori walks up to Tor, ready to join in the hunt with her pack.
   A group of red deer graze in front of the wolves, not expecting a thing. Cattori hides behind a bush, her chest being filled with hunt-thrill.
   Tor makes a starling call, meaning report.
   There are several other bird calls in the air, each huntress having one of their own. Cattori makes her parrot call, the last to report.
   Tor flicks her tail up, a sign of attack!
   Seven wolves dart out of the undergrowth, attacking the deer.
   Cattori growls, and jumps on the back of the one she is fighting. Deer are dumb, but strong. Their cloven hooves can pack a punch that could leave your shoulder aching for weeks. And for the males, their headdress of horns can kill a wolf.
   Cattori latches her claws into the back of her deer, a young male. His horns are still developing, but still long enough to hold a bunch of birds on.
   Cattori growls and bites the deers neck, warm blood runs down her teeth. She lets go for a moment and the deer bucks her off over his back, at the same time he also tips himself over as well.
   Cattori bares her teeth at him and goes for the inner neck of the deer, a one bite kill. Her teeth clasp on and the deer slowly stops struggling under her paws. She looks around at the other wolves.
   Everyone had a dead deer near them, or two for Tor and Thorn. They all howled into the coming night, wanting the day to continue.

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Chapter 4: New thoughts   

Chapter 4: New thoughts

   Cattori looks into the night on her tallest branch, wishing she could be out there in the darkness. She sighs.

   “Why?” She speaks a single word into the night sadly.

   A wolf shape runs beneath the tree.

   “Huh?” She tilts her head, ears flicking to hear more.

   “Out past dark? Doesn’t he, or she, know the kings law?” Cattori mutters to herself.

   That wolf needs to be caught before he gets in trouble. With that thought Cattori as she pads silently out of her den. She has no mate so she needn’t worry about waking someone up.

   As soon as she makes it past the dens at the top of the tree, she runs down the walkway, her paws making soft pitter patters along the anchient wood.

   “Hello?” She whispers, hoping the stranger wolf is close enough to hear her. No response.

   “Ok then, time to disobey my king.” She tries to joke to herself. It did not work.

   Cattori ruffles her fur and walks out into th night. She puts her nose to the ground and sniffs, hoping to track out the wolfs smell. Nothing.

   What am I doing out here anyway? The wolf is probably not even in my pride! But then, a scent catches on her nose. A strange scent but definitely a wolf.

   She follows her nose. She walks slowly and carefully, trying to duck in the undergrowth and to not crack any sticks beneath her. If she were to be caught, even with this reason, she would probably be exiled.

   If I were exiled, what would my sister do? What would I do? How could I survive? What- Wait?   Where am I?

   With her thoughts distracting her she forgot about what she was doing. The strange wolf scent is gone. She looks around. She does not know where she is. With her mind whirling she had not even looked where she was going!

   But… There is another scent. Cattori sniffs deeply, trying to know what the scent was.


   Cattori’s head darts up.

   “Uck wee!”

   There is movement in the underbrush beside her. A stout head sticks out of a bush on the right of her, its brown scratchy fur all over its face. Two small tusks point out from its lips, which are open in anger.

   A boar.

   Boars are smaller than us, but their hide is nearly unpenatratable by claw or tooth, making them very dangerous beasts.

   “Oink wee” It says madly, but even as it says it, its witless oinks start turning to words.

   “You-wee! Are trespass-wee! Trespassing! Oink!” It says.

   Cattori shakes her head, she must be hearing things. This is a witless, voiceless beast! It cannot talk!

   The boar scrapes at the ground with its cloven hooves and squeals as it runs straight towards Cattori.

   She, still recovering from shock almost did not jump in time.

   “Are you… speaking?” She asks after she gains a safe distance for the time being.

   “Yes-Oink! You are a thief! You steel-wee! From our meadows! You steel- hock honk! Our lives!” It says back as it runs for Cattori again.

   This time she was ready. She jumped at the perfect time and landed squarly on the boars back. The boar falls to the ground with a oof.

   Cattori scratches up and down the boars back, enough times that her claws started to wear through. Soon blood sprouts from his back. She finishes his life as quickly as possible.

   She stands above the dead boar, heaving with hunt-thrill.

   “Now I am even more confused than ever.” She says finally before retracing her scent home.

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Bump... anyone?

Bump... anyone?

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Cool! I like how you're doing

Cool! I like how you're doing it, and I have no idea what is coming next! Good for tension build-up.

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Thanks, hope others think the

Thanks, hope others think the same.

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“Up! C’mon sister! Up! It’s

“Up! C’mon sister! Up! It’s time to hunt!” Ney’ite voice travel through Cattori’s dream.

“I don’t wanna get up. One more mark!” Cattori whines half asleep before she goes all the way asleep again.

“Well then I guess you wouldn’t mind if I do this!” Ney’ite yells before jumping straight up and onto Cattori’s back.

“Sister…” Cattori groans.

“Up!” Ney’ite orders and hops off Cattori’s back.

“Why are we always hunting?” Cattori whines while standing up.

“Because it’s our job, Cattori. The males defend, and we hunt. They provide safety and we provide food. Males are more stockily built than

females, their body shape works better for protecting than trying to make it through bramble safely. We females are smaller, swifter. Our size and speed make us better at killing than protecting.” Ney’ite explains again.

“I know but…”

“No buts. Get ready, we leave in a couple moments.” Ney’ite says as she walks out of Cattori’s den.

Sure, I like hunting but it gets boring eventually.

Cattori minds her sister’s words and gets herself up and alert.

Cattori walks down the great spiraling walkway and onto the ground level, hardly any other wolves are also awake.

Cattori walks up to her sister. “It’s too early…” She groans. Her sister sighs.

“Nothing is too early for your family.” She reminds as she sits down. Cattori’s ears flip back angrily for a moment. Tor walks over, a new hunter at her heels to replace Higs.

A brown she-wolf walks at Tor’s heels, Aquila is her name. Her pelt is the color of an evergreen tree trunk and she smells of nuts.

Cattori trots up to the new wolf. “Hello Aquila.” Cattori greets.

“Hi Cattori, so, how long until we hunt?” She responds.

“Right now.” Tor cuts in. “Hunters, move out!”

“Come on Aquila! Time to hunt!” Cattori calls to the Aquila before running into the forest after the other wolves.

Aquila huffs after a moment and follows.

The wolves run full out to get into the deep forest. Pretty soon they are deep into the forest, so they begin stalking. Cattori keeps her nose on the ground just in case to see if there is any prey nearby.

As she walks she starts hearing weird sounds. Cattori flicks her ears and follows the sound warily.

She rounds a corner and see’s quite a sight. A Shadow. The shadow is digging into the ground, this time its form is a black dragon, its leathery wings shake slightly in panic, and its tail thumps nervously.

“What are you doing here?” Cattori asks.

The Shadow turns around quickly and jumps. Cattori looks into its eyes and sees… Fear?

“D-d-don’t hurt me!” It responds before ducking its head.

“What?” Cattori looks the Shadow up and down.

“Please don’t hurt me! I have already been through enough as it is! My kind exiled me, and disowned me! If I ever go back again they will… t-they will…”

“Kill you?” Cattori guesses.

“Just don’t hurt me.” It repeats.

“What’s your name?” Cattori asks.

“Derek.” It replies and ducks its head again. Cattori almost laughs out loud. Derek? Seriously? Who names a Shadow Derek?!

“Ok, Derek, I’m Cattori. I won’t hurt you.” Cattori assures.

“Why? My kind has killed so many of your pack, how can you be nice to me?” He asks shocked.

“Yes your kind has, but not necessarily you. Have you ever killed one of my pack?” Cattori explains.


“Good. Now, is black the only color you can make yourself?” Cattori asks, an idea popping into her head.

“No, we can change into a very dark brown, but it takes so much concentration, that is why we are always just black.” He says back. “Why?”

“Because I have an idea that will get you permanently safe. Or us both dead.”

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I really like it, KK! :) It's

I really like it, KK! :) It's great, I can't wait to see what happens next! :D


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I am working on the next chapter as we type!

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Sorry for the short chapter! Ran out of ideas...

Chapter 6: Tricking the King

“And who is this?” King Battlewinner asks. “And where did it come from?”

“He is not a it, and I found him in the forest wandering alone and scared.” Cattori responds.  The king gives her a look before looking back to Derek.


“What? Safe? How?” Derek asks pitifully.

“I am going to sneak you into the kings pack.” Cattori answers with a sly smile. “Change your form to a wolf.”

“Ok, and the brown?”

“And the brown.”

Derek changes from a black dragon to his mist self. Then to a black wolf. Then to a deep brown one.

“That good?” He asks looking down at his new form.

“That’s good.” Cattori nods with approval.

“Now, are you up to living in a pack? Are you up to learning to be a wolf? Are you up to lieing?” Cattori asks.



They ran to the den, as fast as possible. They walk into the den, and all eyes look from Cattori to Derek.


“What is his name?” The Battlewinner asks, snapping Cattori back to the current.

“My name is-“

“Einarr.” Cattori cuts in. Derek gives her a look but she ignores it. “Einarr sir.” Derek agrees with a slight nod.

“Einarr, you must prove yourself at the great hunt to be one of my pride, if not, you must go. Train well, and good luck. You will need it. Cattori, find him a den near yours, I want you to keep an eye on him.” King Battlewinner orders with a brisk nod before walking to the guard.

“I can’t believe that worked.” Einarr breaths deeply. “Do you really think I’ll be safe?”

“Yes. I do.” Cattori assures. “Now, to find you a den.”

They walk up the large ramp up to the top of the tree where the hunter dens are.

“I never knew this tree was so big!” Einarr gasps. “I have only ever been on the outside, where the tree covering didn’t show how huge this place really is!” Einarr looks so happy Cattori is can’t help but be cought up in his excitement. That night Cattori doesn’t look up to the moon sadly, but up happily. Tomorrow, is two new wolves to train how to hunt, and soon is the initation hunt. That dawn, is the dawn that Cattori might prove herself better. That day Cattori could become one of the kings guard.

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Chapter 7: First Dawn The

Chapter 7: First Dawn

The next morning Cattori wakes up nice and happy. Ney’ite walks in to find her awake already.

“Time to hunt?” Cattori asks, sounding refreshed.

“Yes… What’s going on?” Ney’ite responds slowly.

“Oh, I’m just happy about training the new hunters.” Cattori smiles.

“Well, you should wake the new boy. He needs to prove himself to be a great hunter, not a great sleeper.” Ney’ite walks out of the den slowly, casting a worried gaze back over at Cattori.

Cattori walks out of her den after her sister and walks to Einarr lays on the ground of his den, his brownish fur now black. And… he is snoring… loudly.

“Up!” Cattori howls, hoping that would wake the slumbering Shadow. It doesn’t work, other than halting him from snoring.

“Dad? Wait why… What have I done? No, don’t leave me…” He mumbles in his sleep.

Cattori can’t help but feel bad for the young Shadow. He must be going through his exile in his dreams.

“Einarr-Derek, it’s ok, you aren’t actually there. You’re sleeping. You’re safe with me and the pack now.” She says quietly and slowly.

Einarr starts awake at her voice. “Where am I?” He asks fear in his voice at first. Then recognition passes through his face.

“Time to hunt, get your fur brown again or you’ll blow our cover.” Cattori reminds like a mother to her kits and walks out of the den.

She walks slowly down the ramp, not wanting to leave Einarr behind. Soon she hears panting and pawsteps behind her as Einarr catches up.

“So, how does hunting go here? I only know the Shadow way of hunting.” Einarr asks.

“I’m guessing hunting is pretty much the same, no matter the type of animal.” Cattori reassures. He nods and they finish walking down the walkway.

“Einarr, this is Ney’ite, Tor, Rigror, Aquila, Moon, Thorn, Paresis, and Kenna.” Cattori gestures to each of them as she says their name. “These hunters and huntresses are your team. You depend on them with your lives, and your dinner. You must trust each other.” Cattori finishes, eyeing Einarr challengingly.

Einarr bows his head for a moment and turns to the rest of the wolves.

“Welcome Einarr.” Tor speaks plainly. “May you learn well.” She finishes and bounds out of the tree.

The rest of the hunters howl with glee and race after her. Cattori inclines her head to Einarr, and Einarr races after the other wolves, with Cattori following afterwards.

When they get deep enough in the woods they split up, other than Einarr and Cattori, for it is Cattori’s job to watch and teach Einarr.

They crawl along the earthy ground, and Cattori whispers to Einarr about how to get close to the prey and his bird call.

“Ok, there they are.” Cattori whispers to Einarr as they stare out at the meadow ridden with dear. “Use your call.”

Einarr nods beside her and make his short brisk bird call. “Meh-oh meh-oh.” Several other bird calls fill the air. “Rawk!” Cattori finishes as always.

Tor howls and all the wolves bound out of the dark undergrowth. Einarr yips with joy of the hunt. Cattori looks over to him a smile on her snout, but the smile briefly fades.

His fur is changing from dark brown to pure brown as he loses his focus. “Einarr!” She calls quietly and bumps him. “Fur.” She whispers.  He looks down at himself and fear crosses his face before his fur turns brown again. Cattori sighs.

“Einarr! That one!” She calls to him indicating to a deer that had almost run out of the clearing. He yips in reply and they run together to the female deer.

“Aghhh!” It screams and Cattori freezes. The deer talked. “Don’t kill me!” It screams and runs into the forest. Einarr runs past her after the deer, but Cattori stays frozen in spot.

A talking deer. A witless creature speaks. How? She shakes her head and runs after Einarr to help take down the deer.

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This is a very good chapter,

This is a very good chapter, KK! Keep up the good work. :)