Hunter, and Hunted ~ Chapter 1

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​This story is set in the Dragon Series, ​Race to the edge​. It is set when Viggo and Krogen lead the Hunters. So please don't say "OH GOLDEN THAT'S NOT WHAT HAPPENED" I know. This is fan-fiction and I wall add stuff to make stuff exciting. So calm yourself and enjoy! Feel free to offer constructive criticism. 




This is Kayjo!

​Kayjo is a Hunter who is also a Flyer. His dragon, Blast, is a large blue Singetail. Kayjo is a short Hunter, with red warpaint stripes over his eyes. He delights in finding new dragons and trying to ride them. He can be a bit of an idiot, but when it's needed, he is loyal and resorceful. Also, he likes Blast, unlike most Hunters.

​This is Ilia!

​Ilia is a Wingmaiden who wants to go on a great adventure with a Razorwhip. She is friendly and wants to be helpful. One of her life goals is to see the King of Dragons.


Ilia woke in a cold sweat. Today was the day to get her first dragon. Like all Wingmaidens, it was a Razorwhip she'd be bonding with. Fidgeting, she rolled out her bed and dressed herself. Ilia grabbed the spear leaning under a Razorwhip banner and walked to the door. Outside, it was a lovely day, and all of the Wingmaidens were walking outside, yawning and stretching. ​Now, what can I do for an entire day? The Great Transition is at dark..​ Her thoughts were wandering and she didn't hear the loud flapping of dragons from behind her.

​"Look! The Dragon Riders! They've made it!" A Wingmaiden had shouted this, and Ilia looked. Sure enough, there was a Zippleback, Nightmare, Naddar, Night Fury and Gronkle descending. It would be her first time meeting the Riders, and she hoped they'd tell a tale of their great adventures. But for now, she'd go to Atali and see if she could help with anything.



​Kayjo was woken by the loud warhorn, its blaring sound enough to get anyone up. "C'mon, Blast. We're needed to attack!" This was said to the blue pile on the ground, near the exit. Some of his fellow Flyers were telling their dragons to get up, but Kayjo had a small, very small bond with Blast. Well, Blast would stay with him even if they weren't forced together. Who're we attacking?​ he wondered, then smirked. They never knew, they just were told to ki.ll or drive off whoever lived there. And sometimes be ki.lled in the process.

Kayjo ran out the door and screamed at Blast to hurry. He jumped on the still-moving dragon and looked at the island as the dragon rose into the air. "Ki.ll or drive off?" he yelled to the commanding Flyer.


​"Drive off, but if they're stubborn.." was the tall figure's reply. 


Kayjo frowned. Normally, it was ki.ll. The boss must want to search or interrogate someone here. That's the only way​. But he was a loyal flyer and nudged the dragon towards the large island. What could they want..?​ 




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DNR and Amber blasted this line. Rip.




​Ilia walked into the hut for Atali's use. Sure enough, Atali was sitting at a table, looking at a drawing of a Razorwhip and muttering something to herself. Working up her courage, Ilia said, "Atali, the Dragon Riders have come, and is there anything I can do to help you?"

​Atali looked up and frowned. "Yes. Can you go and tell the Rider on the Night Fury that I need to see him? Oh, and the one on the Deadly Naddar. Yes, and can you keep the ones on the Zippleback occupied? They are a hand-full, those two." She then resumed studying the scetch, moved it out of the way and looked at a list, most items checked off.

​Ilia made her way up to where the Riders had landed. One, a boy with one leg, was standing by the Night Fury. Its ears perked up as it saw the Wingmaiden walk close. Another, a girl with blonde hair and an axe hung on her back, was petting a Deadly Naddar, who was caww​-ing happily. Another two were on the ground, wrestling and shouting insults at each-other, with a Zippleback staring at them and beginning to snap at the other head.. One was looking at the scenery, scribbling down notes with a Gronckle, and one was staring strangely at her, his head rested against a Nightmare's snout. The one who was staring at her said to the rest, "Hey. A Wing-whatchyamacallit just came, once you're ready do ACTUALLY DO WHAT WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING HERE!" 

​This snapped the others' attention to Ilia as she approached the group. "Hey, I'm Hiccup, this is Astrid" The girl with the axe waved, "Fishlegs," The boy taking notes looked up and then went back to notes, "Ruff and Tuff," The two on the ground got up and said a cheerful "hello!" and went back to fighting, "And Snotlout." Said the boy with one leg. Snotlout looked at the ground and pretended to not notice Hiccup saying his name.

​"Either way, Hiccup and Astrid, Atali wants to see you." Ilia frowned and watched them walk off, then turned to the rest of the group with an eager expression. "So. What's it like to ride a dragon and fly?" 

The group looked at her, startled. Fishlegs began to say something, but Snotlout drowned out his words. "What do you mean? I thought you guys had a dragon on your back at all times." The rest nodded, obviously wondering the same.

​"Well, once we reach a certain age we are allowed to care and bond with a baby Razorwhip. I have just reached this age. And today is the day of the Great Transition. I'll be bonding with a Razorwhip tonight." Ilia said this calmly, not showing any of the excitement she was feeling. 

"Well, flying is something you can't really describe. You'll see." This was Fishlegs.


Kayjo was nearing the island, and urged Blast to fire. The dragon opened its mouth and shot out a great blast of fire, like the one he was named for. The shot caught a few trees aflame, and Kayjo groaned. "Buddy, you gotta hit somethin'. 'Right?" The dragon let out a roar and Kayjo knew that meant 'yes'. He didn't know how, but he felt it somewhere deep inside. "Now! FIRE!" Blast shot out a fireball and it hit a hut, causing it to catch fire. "Yes!" The Hunter dropped the chains that served as reins and pumped his arms in he air. The dragon let out a victory shot of flame that caused the house to cave in. 

​"C'mon! I know you can do better, Blast! Faster," Kayjo urged the dragon, "faster, faster," They were zipping by the other Flyers, and Kayjo pulled the reins back - hard. Blast stopped and flicked a fireball lazily at a group of houses.

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Hey! Feel free to comment/cririsise :D

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Excellent writing.  I enjoyed reading your story.  Since it was about WingMaiden, it really caught my eye.  Keep up the great work.  I am looking forward in future chapters. :)


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Thank you! I really enjoyed writing the first two parts and hope to write more soon, I just need that golden idea. (oh .-.that was a bad pun)

I thougtht I'd write about the Wingmaidens because they have no really large canon information, and you don't know when they are first trusted with a Razorwhip, if they can bond with other dragons, how new Wingmaidens get to the island, etc. It's really enjoyable :)

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Good story!

This is fun to read. I like you take on the hunter and his dragon it's what got me interested in the story. A twist :-)


Good job keep it up!

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Thank you! I'm also enjoying writing for Kayjo and Blast a lot, mainly because you don't see as many stories about the 'bad guys', and I thought thiswas unfair, so I decided to write one about a Flyer and his dragon, and a Wingmaiden without the wings. 

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(Is this turning into a snotlout x oc? I don't even know..)





​Narrator guy thing - Ilia

​Narrator guy thing - Kayjo


​They spent hours talking, Ilia keeping everyone in the same area. Even the twins are interested. Meanwhile, ​Kayjo was destroying the island with his fellow Flyers. They were recalled back to the ship an hour after they started and Kayjo has been sleeping on Blast, who was clamly flying through the air.


Ilia hesitently walked up to Snotlout. "Er, Snotlout, can I fly on Hookfang..?" She was almost certain he'd say no. She was prepared.

​"Yeah, sure. You heard Ilia, right, Hookfang? Be nice." Snotlout replied, patting Hookfang's neck gently. Everyone turned to look at Ilia, who awkwardly climbed onto the saddle. Snotlout got on after her, and began to show her how to fly. Occasionally, a group member would call out something, but more often than not they were quietly talking among themselves. "Now, just tell Hookfang to go up and if he's good-" he glared at the dragon, who had a sense of amusement about him, "-he'll fly up. Slowly."

​"Alright.. Hookfang, up." The dragon stayed rooted to the ground.

​"Try pulling his horns up a bit." Fishlegs called. "That usually works for Meatlug. Right, girl!" He hugged the Gronckle next to him, who rolled over on her side.

​Ilia tried this and Hookfang rose into the air a little. "Now, for actually​ flying, you kind of need a bond. It's not neccesary, but it makes it a lot easier." Snotlout had said this quietly so that only she could hear. "Use your legs and try to get this worthless dragon to move." 

​Ilia nodded and firmly pressed the side of her legs into the dragon's neck, but not enough to actually hurt the beast. Hookfang began flying forwards, and Ilia smiled gratefully at Snotlout. She then tensed her muscles, jumping off the dragon and rolling as she hit the ground.

​"That hurt a bit." was her only comment. She brushed the dirt off her outfit and looked at the sun. It was setting, and Ilia broke off at a run to get to the Shrine in time.


​( "Wow. It's beautiful, don't ya think, Kayjo? Kayjo!" The great Singetail touched the tip of his tail to the boy sleeping on his back. Kayjo yelped and looked around.)

"Wow, Blast. What a nice day.." The young Hunter manuvered the large Singetail down twoards the Flyer's ship. Jumping off, Kayjo picked up a brush and a bucket of soapy water, dipped the brush in, and began scrubbing at his dragon's scales.

​"Well, well. Who's here, playing with his widdle pet dwagon?" Kayjo turned, reconising the voice of Mirinda. A bully, she was tall and strongly built in all muscles but the brain. Punching her fist into her other hand, she continued to walk up to the Flyer. Sensing trouble, Blast arched his back and growled. Even though his body was wet, the tip of his tail had a small, red-orange flame. In the twilit darkness, it cast dramatic shadows on everything.

​"What, you don't have a dragon so you think attempting to take mine is going to work? Krogan gave me ​the dragon for a reason, y'know." The small dagger at his belt was drawn and in his hand. Blast enlarged the flame, it now growing to the size of four fists.

​"And that was so you ​had an excuse to not do the hard labor of scrubbing decks and keeping the DeathSong tame. He just knew you'd fall over, dea.d, in the first minute. Haha!"  A few other Hunters their age joined in the laughter and Kayjo felt his face redden with anger. He took the bucket and brush, climbed on the defensive Singetail, and took to the sky. He could still hear the jeering laughter after he was in the air and the jerks were long gone.

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dnr directly please





​Ilia dashed towards the shrine, praying she wasn't late. Thnakfully, she wasn't. The Dragon Riders were following her, obviously interested. Two senior Wingmaidens were there, and one her age. Ilia took her place in the line, reaching for an unlit torch. Hiccup and Astrid were also there, watching curiously.

​Minutes passed, and they felt like hours. More Wingmaidens arrived, the rest of the Riders, and finally Atali.

​"We are here to bond with these Razorwhips, to fulfill our sacred duty to Freya, to let these hatchlings live! For the newest members of our sacred duty, we must bond with these dragons, because, as you know, Freya herself set this task upon us. The Razorwhips are in danger in the wild, as the males will ki.ll hatchlings that are not his. We let them live!" With this, Atali lit her torch and one of the other Wingmaidens, the one nearest Atali, lit her torch on Atali's. It went like this and finally, Ilia was the one without a lit torch. She carefully held out the torch to the person nearest hers, and when it lit, she held it in front of her, like teh rest were doing.

​Baby Razorwhips began to come from the pit in the center of the island, seven of them. Seven, one for each of the Wingmaidens. One, wiht light silver scales made its way for Atali, and one with drak bronze scales walked near Ilia, only to jump into the Wingmaiden next to her's arms. One was left, and Ilia noticed its gleaming silver-and-bronze scales. It made its way over to Ilia, and Ilia set the torch in the flaming pit. The razorwhip jumped at Ilia, and she caught it.

​Later, the twins caught up to her and Tuffnut said loudly, "I name thee Razornut!" Ilia smiled and Ruffnut cheered.

​"A fitting name." Ilia looked at the small dragon curled on her back. Razornut was sleeping. "But I'd best go to my house, as we have a long day tomorrow." With this, the Wingmaiden began walking up the steep stairs to the houses.

Kayjo and Blast landed on the mast, and Kayjo began scubbing the Singetail's back. Blast purred like a cat, showing his happiness at being cleaned of the soot and ash. His eyes followed the boy, but Kayjo knew the dragon sort of trusted him. Once they were done, Blast and Kayjo flew back down to the deck, only to hear the voice of Krogen. "Boy! Yes, you. I have an assignment I need you to do."

​Kayjo looked around and met the eyes of his commander. "Yes, sir!" He was nervous, knowing it was bad to be sought out by a leader.

​"I need you to go to the island marked here-" Krogen pointed to a map on the side of the ship. It had a lot of places marked, "-as Wingmaiden island. You'll scout it, then report back here. Understood?"

​Kayjo nodded, studied the map until he found Wingmaiden island and then mounted Blast. Why them? Kayjo didn't know, but he was sure to find out.

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Ooh this is really great!

Ooh this is really great! I've always liked the whole "flyer accidentally bonds with dragon" concept!



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