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A little bit behind in my word count, but was quite busy over the weekend and weekstart compounded with writer's block.  Not too bad though.  I should have the time to crank out some more chapters of the next couple of days.  My plan is to get the bulk of the story done over Fall Break, Thanksgiving Week.  Do enough now and next week to get the story close to being finished by the end of my break.  The more I do now, the less I have to do later.


The first couple of chapters are rather slow... But they do eat up some words too.  :P


Hope you guys enjoy the chapter!


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Destiny in the Dark


Chapter 2

Arcadia Station


(Word count for Chapter: 2,348)

(Word Count for Book: 4,822)


         “When are you going to be done resting?” Shamira poignantly asked Vann while nudging him in the left side with her right foot.  “Karl.  We have got a mission to do.”

         Vann responds while keeping his head resting on his helmet and has his eyes closed, “It’s the same mission -if you want to call it that- that we have been on since we came out here from wherever we came from.  Oh yeah, that place called earth.”

         “We are not in Kansas anymore,” I comment and receive eyerolls and grunts from my friends.  “Leave him be.  We have got all Atmos we can possibly get.  We are fine.”

         She adds, “Well, then why are we still here?”

         With that we start to pack up our gear.

         All of our gear is Viking themed.  One may be thinking why.  It has to do with the fact that before we left on our journey, every crew going got the chance to pick what they wanted their gear to be like to remind them of home.  This also keeps in perspective also why we are here.  We have given up quite a bit to come on this trip and the friends we had back home are all gone because… One hundred years later… Tends to change things.

         Each one in our crew has various designs and look about them.  My space suit is blue with yellow highlights and trim.  The helmet I wear is similar to the old Valkyrie helmets that were used by the Norse viking helmets of ancient earth history.  My breathing apparatus is on my back.  The suits we all wear creates the image that we are much taller and broader shouldered not to mention wider in general.  This image is mainly because of the insulation which space suits need, but our breathing tanks are on inside our suits, meaning we have an inner suit and outer suit.  Every crew has their own version of personal transportation beyond just a mount or vehicle.  My crew and I all have jet packs.  Out of the jet pack, at least for mine, my quiver for my arrows are stored.  Having two-in-one weapons, tools, vehicles, and so on is very valuable.  It saves on weight and makes each thing we use versatile for something else.

         The design on my suit is pretty simple but it has repeating patterns of straight and curve lines in addition to shapes of triangles.  The others’ suits are more intricate.

         Eyla’s suit’s colors are blue and orange with a few yellow highlights.  Her suit is a full suit, but some of it is just for looks.  She has a skirt like the ones in the best movie of all time.  It is safe to say that our crew takes on a lot of elements that the movie franchise has.  Eyla also has hood she can use for stealth.  Elya also has a Valkyrie helmet.  I guess it would be good to point out my whole crew has the same type of helmet, but we each got to customize it with the look and colors we wanted.  Her helmet is sleeker with fewer plates, but the wings on top are the obvious design that we all share.

         A universal tool that every crew uses is also a grappling hook.  It is very useful in any number of ways, especially in lower gravity situations.  One other thing that is constant throughout all our suits are the colors blue and yellow.  This is our crew’s main colors as we are called the “Vikings of Valhalla.”  We even have a clan symbol.  It is a take on a viking shield with the design of a compass on the backdrop of the shield with wings.  I will get into the organization of crews later.

         If meeting Dreki for the first time, anyone could probably guess his colors on the first try if one thinks color theory and the color most associated with anger.  Dreki jokes that it is also associated with love and hearts.  Depending on which Dreki someone knows, this can both be true.  His suit is red and brown with a few highlights of the blue and yellow.  His suit is very bulky, but depending on the mission, he does have different attachments.  The suit is a big help in mining the solid Atmos.  Other crews have similar suits, yet it seems like Dreki can out perform any other mining crew in anything… And I mean anything from arm wrestling, brawling, or target practicing.

         Vann is loving that one of our clan’s colors is blue.  His secondary color is a forest green.  With what he calls, “ice water” in his veins, he should be the Water Expert.  His suit is probably the simplest and sleekest of them all.  There are no real design elements to his suit, just the guiding lines of the different plates to his suit.  The only intentional design is the clan symbol.  Vann says the only style his need is his actions as they will go before him and show others he is cool, no need for fancy designs.  The biggest part of his style, though, is his sunglasses.  In outer space, there is now real need for sunglasses because our helmets filter enough of the solar light so we do not have glare, but also because we are in outer space where it is already black.  Vann’s sunglasses, however, mimic’s his HUD from his helmet onto his sunglasses.  The glasses are inconspicuous for him, but he can scan, zoom in, or listen in.  When Eyla had the idea to have his sunglasses a dual use other than just looking cool, he was all in on that.

         Oh, and Vann also has his guitar with him at all times.  It breaks the immersion of us trying to be a viking group, but with all the technological advancements, breaking immersion was done a long, long time ago.

         Finally, Shamira’s suit, which bugs me.  I appreciate things to be balanced or even have symmetry; Shamira’s suit is anything but even on both sides.  When she does not have her armor on, it is not as noticeable, but the color scheme sure indicates the unbalance.  Her main color is black with the second color being a gold, like actual gold not the yellow-golden color but true gold.  She still has some highlights of blue and yellow.  The unbalance in her suit is that all one side is completely black, and it goes from her right side to the left.  The other side is gold with streaks of black that creates a flame on her right side; the classic flame like what is found on the old muscle cars of the twentieth century.

         Shamira has an eye piece over her left eye that she will use for aiming purposes with her sniper rifle as well as objects held up to her eye to identify the material; she is left handed so she will have extra armor on her right side when in a fighting situation while using her eye piece.  Guns now have the ability to sync with both eyes as well as give aim assist or even have heat seeking bullets.  They also have view finders that one can put both their eyes in so there would be no need to struggle to close one eye.  Shamira persists that she does much better when she has control over the aim, especially when she only uses her left eye.  She quips often that it is her left handed-ness.  The sharpshooter has an old soul, probably the reason why she is in tune and loves the animals.  Her knowledge of them has come in handy more than once, so has her piloting skills.  As said before, she is our Sniper Combat Specialist, and for the occasional close encounters, she is a deadeye with her dual pistols.

         For mounts, I have a Blu-J, Eyla has a Fal-CN, Dreki a Drag-N, Vann a Mant-ARY, and Shamira, well, she has several.  She does have the one she came out here with, a Rob-N, but there are some bugs in the system that the mount does not preform well.  We did not find this out until we came out here, but Shamira soon found a new mount.

         One of our first encounters with the wildlife in this galaxy was with a robotic animal that looks more like butterfly.  At first it seemed like it was more interested in Shamira than the rest of us because the butterfly tried to “protect” Shamira from us.  Shamira let her new friend do that and then talked it down to the point the butterfly is no tolerant of us.  Those two are perfect for each other.

         I mount up on Blu, Eyla on Windy, Dreki gets on Fury, Vann with Halen, and Shamira climbs onto Papilio.  Taking point, I lead my crew out of the crescent shaped island’s atmosphere.  We see the island’s three mountain peaks, six if you include the three on the underside of the island, start to fade in the distance.  Once out of the gravitational pull, we then hunker down on our mounts as they bring out their main engines.  Because of the wonders of robotics, all of our mounts have many tricks up their sleeves for all occasions.  Similar to landing gear for ships, our mounts can pull out main engines to propel us riders and them over long distances.  A few seconds of charging up, we blast off.

         Our home is on the only station we have built so far.  More or less, the station is a converted ship.  But when it was built, it was designed to hold citizens of all kinds, to house them, to protect them, and to serve them.  It has everything we need to make it out here.  One million beings made the trip and there are humans, aliens, and AI’s.  There is one other group made up of these three races which is the diplomats, the Elders in charge of keeping things in order as well as telling us what to do.  Two hundred and fifty thousand of each group.  In those groups, there are various races of all different make ups.

         My crew and I come on approach to the station.

         With the comm, I contact the tower to receive an available approach vector, “VoV: 1-5 approaching Arcadia Station.  Awaiting available landing vector.”

         One moment later, the next vector coordinates appear on me and my crew’s HUDs in our helmets.  We make the necessary corrections on our flight paths to follow in with the rest of the traffic coming in and out.

         It is an upright station with the capital “city” on top and all the many sublevels underneath.  I still do not know all that we have.  If someone names something, we probably have it.  If they do not name it, we probably have it anyway.  Most of my time is spent on the capital city level, the hangers, and the living areas.  These levels all span the first fifty or so levels.  With turbo elevators straight out of old science fiction television shows, it is nearly the snap of a finger and you are at the next level.  The elevators are more like an upright railway system than an elevator, but they are both.

         Flying up over the top, seeing all the awesome buildings, never gets old; coming through the main portal never gets old either.  As we fly to the landing strips, we see a crew come in through the portal.  There are ten oval shaped rings with a light blue translucent fluid in them.  Traveling through these at high rates of speed with coordinates set on your mount or ship, a crew could be on the opposite side of the galaxy in seconds.  One side of the portal is for traffic coming in while the other side is for traffic going out.  Each ring increases a mount’s or ship’s speed exponentially to the point where the mount or ship jumps over space.  Not quite like hyperdrives that were only imagined in the late and early twentieth and twenty-first centuries, respectfully.  Nor are they like a field were mass is effected from the video games of the latter century of the two mentioned.  Kind of a mix between the two with even other technical elements to get the job done.  Once we got out here, portals had to be manually placed in specific spots for this type of travel to take place.  This took quite a while, about six months.  A lot of people did not think they were ever going to get placed.  But now travel is unhindered.

         After landing, every crew member can keep their mounts with them if they so choose, or they can check them in the provided stables and hangers if they want.  The check-ins are mainly used for ships, otherwise, mounts are small enough that they do not take up much space and they have their directives to follow the laws and such; but those directives can be overridden by the rider’s order.  The only time that would be good is if it is an emergency or life and death situation.  Other than that, it would be against the law to go against a programmed directive.

         As we always do, we choose to keep our mounts with us and have them transform to manual flying mode.  This is where we help aim and guide where we want our mounts to fly towards.

         Our watering hole is on the very outer edge of the city where a lot of the crews live.  To the left and back from coming in through the portals.  The crews that want to get away with the norm of the city.  The crews that do most of the work while the rest just barely get by yet somehow have more credits to show for it.

         We find my crew’s settlement.  After putting our Atmos into our silos, we put our mounts in the barn, and then go on into the house.