HTTYD/SoD Clan Roleplay: The Rise of Earthguard

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The Rise of 



Earthguard Clan Crest




.::Marriella : ALNL9V::.

Leader  of Earthguard

We are RECRUITING! Please visit our clan thread to learn more!Earthguard Banner by Marriella

Rosemary the Female Whispering Death by MarriellaJasper the Male Gronckle by MarriellaNugget the Male Hotburple by MarriellaCelestite the Female Snafflefang by Marriella

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Rules and Information: Do Not Reply

Welcome to the Earthguard's How to Train Your Dragon and School of Dragons themed roleplay. This is, for the time-being, an Earthguard Clan-Member only roleplay (but one day we may invite other clans to join). It is open-world and free-plotted, meaning that you may be anywhere in the cannon world of HTTYD movies, shorts, TV shows, and SoD, and that the roleplay is driven by it's members (not restricted to a plot). I may nudge the roleplay along with various missions or events to keep it going as necessary. 


The roleplay takes place before How to Train Your Dragon 2, and up to Race to the Edge episode 'Defenders of the Wing Part 1." Hiccup and his friends are older and have built the Edge and are currently searching for Viggo. 


The roleplay begins with myself (Mariella, the leader) forming the Earthguard at the School of Dragons. Other roleplayers can start anywhere in the HTTYD/SOD/ROB universe (or use their own made-up clan or location, if preferred) and make their way to School of Dragons where they ultimately decide to become a part of our clan (but don't necessarily have to join on the spot). Members are encouraged to roleplay as their character in game but are not required to.


Once  signed up, you may jump right into the Roleplay. As a part of Earthguard,  we might fight wildfires, rescue lost Vikings or injured dragons, battle poachers and trappers, fend off a Red Death, help Vikings with wild or feral dragon or animal problems, or even just plant trees, protest the use of dragon skin clothing, or explore the land. Some days are dangerous and full of excitement and some days are more relaxed and involve celebrations, sports, or daily life at the School. Where will you take your story?


(If you are not an Earthguard Clan member but would like to be, please check out our Clan Information and send me a PM here on the forum (Clan Requests are not working In-Game).



First (In Character) Post of the Roleplay

Earthguard Clan Information and Rules

Earthguard Chat/Hangout

Maps and References

Description and Information about the School

School Map by Lady Brasa

Healer's Island Map by Lady Brasa

Wiki Links

How to Tain Your Dragon (DreamWork's Dragons)

School of Dragons

Rise of Berk

Roleplay Post Writing Help

Over 200 Words for "Said"


Roleplay Rules:

  • You must be an Earthguard member to participate
  • All Forum and Clan Rules Apply
  • Please do not reply to DO NOT REPLY posts. Thank you!
  • Please do not reply to anybody's Roleplay posts or Viking Profiles directly, in case these posts need to be edited for any reason. You may reply to regular Out of Character posts.

Roleplaying Format:

Please follow these guidelines for a consistant, easy reading experience.

  • Write in third person. 
  • Use behaviors, vocalizations, and non-spoken prose to convey dragon thoughts and desires.
  • Please do not make dragons "speak" in English, Norse, or Dragonese, even to each other.
  • Use "quotation marks" for speech. 
  • Italicize for inner thoughts. 
  • Use bold and/or CAPS for loud noise or speech. 
  • Use ((double parenthesis)) for Out of Character (OOC) discussion/posts once the roleplay has started. 
  • Check for spelling and grammar before posting.
  • Try to post at least a paragraph at a time when roleplaying.

Roleplaying Content:

  • No Godmodding (Controlling other people's characters, never letting attacks hit, etc)
  • Any experienced roleplayer can control NPCs such as Hiccup, Astrid, and Stoick, but only if they stay true to the character. Control of these characters should be kept to a minimum.
  • Remember what time period HTTYD takes place in. This is the Viking age, there is no electricity, there are no toilets (they use cesspits), and they didn't have modern medicine.
  • Magic is allowed, but only to the extent that movies and games show. Gothi, for example, can read bones and prophesize the future.  Most Vikings believed in Norse mythology and shamanism, some Christianity. 
  • Romance and gore is allowed, but please keep it PG-13.

Creating Your Characters:

  • To join our role play, please use the form to write your Viking profile using these guidelines below. 
  • You may start the role play with or without dragons or eggs. 
  • Try to make your character realistic -- nobody is perfect. 
  • Have no more than two main character Vikings. One may be a Villain or Non-Earthguardian.
  • Have no more than one Screaming Death per Viking.
  • "Borrow" Toothless as little as possible, Only one person may "borrow" Toothless at a time.
  • List all major characters (Viking, Dragon, or Pet) in your Viking Profile.
  • Refrain from having Titan Class species or Night Furies. These dragons should only appear during Events.
  • Refrain from starting with Titan Stage Dragons,  unless they have a major weakness or developed story. Dragons may mature to Titan-wing stage, but only after serious training, adventuring for runes, and/or age. 
  • Refrain from having immediate relationships to cannon characters (Brother, sister, mother, father,  ,etc.) 
  • You may reserve a certain font color for your character. This is completely optional, but helps tell to characters apart from each other. Example: The Berserker Warrior menacingly stood over her, posed to attack. "Prepare to meet your Fate, Dragon Rider." Mariella trembled on her knees, dazed. A drop of sweat ran down her forehead. Is this really the end? she wondered, closing her eyes. SWOOSH! The Berserker's blade slashed towards her heart.  CRACK! Astonished, Mariella opened her eyes, which grew wide and teary. "JASPER! You found me!" There he was, Jasper the Gronckle in all his glory, growling low with the sword clutched between strong jaws. 

Going Inactive:

If you expect to be away from the forum for an extended period of time, you should either give myself or others permission to control your character(s) or else remove your character(s) yourself from contact with other roleplayers pior to leaving. For example, you could make them "come down sick with a cold" and stay home. 


Timeline Summary

You may use this timeline to help you figure out how old you or your dragons would be in relationship to major events in the franchise. For example, I wanted to have my character to be 24 years old and have a 10 year old dragon that I hatched. For me, this means that my character and dragon grew up before Vikings and Dragons were peaceable. Keep in mind that you don't have to hatch your dragon; you may tame or purchase dragon of any age.

Year 0 - Hiccup (age 15) trains Toothless in HTTYD. Gift of the Night Fury, Legend of the Boneknapper, and Book of Dragons Shorts take place.

Year 1 - Hiccup (Age 16) forms the Dragon Training Academy and Flight Club. He is captured by Alvin and the Outcasts but manages to escape. (Riders of Berk)

Year 2 - Hiccup (Age 17) and friends defend Berk against the Whispering Deaths and Screaming Death unleashed by the Outcasts. They make a truce/alliance with the Outcasts (Defenders of Berk). Dawn of the Dragon Racers takes place. The School of Dragons is founded. 

Year 3 - Hiccup (age 18) and the gang build the Edge (Race to the Edge Season 1). Icestorm Island, Deathsong Island and other SoD locations are discovered in SOD.

The Present

Year 4 - Hiccup (age 19) and friends continue their adventures. RTTE takes place up until (excluding) the Defenders of the Wings Part 1. Between year 4 and 5 is when our Roleplay is taking place. 

The Future:

Year 5  - Hiccup (age 20) and Toothless defeat Drago and the Bewilderbeast in HTTYD2. Hiccup is made Chief. 


Dragon Aging and Development

We know very little about the aging process and life expectancy of dragons. What we do know is that Toothless is 20 years old. I believe it is a safe assumption to say that dragons reach full maturity faster than humans, but age slower after maturity. (Dragons are said to live hundreds of years). Smaller animals tend to age faster, so Terrible Terror, Fireworm (workers), and Night Terrors may have shorter life expectancy. 

Like birds and other flying animal species, many dragons can fly right from or soon after birth. Some species may require observation learning while others know how to fly instinctively or may be "naturals" or "prodigy."

Some exceptionally large or strong hatchlings may be able to fly with riders soon after birth (like the Scuttleclaw from HTTYD2), but others may need time to develop their wing and body muscles to carry riders and heavy burdens.  Additionally, some dragons may remain physically too small to ride until late in development (Titan Terrible Terror for example.)

Individuals may grow and develop at different rates, just as humans do. You may have quick learners, slow learners, early developers or late bloomers. In the end, just do whatever seems right for you and your dragon.


Viking Runes

Viking runes are mysterious stones and stone tablets with mystical powers. They are found throughout the Viking realm, usually near ancient sites like the temple on Icestorm Island and Deathsong Island, but may be found anywhere. Dragons are drawn to these stones and have a knack for finding them and they tend to 'find you' as you need them.

Titan Runes- Collect 50  and arranged in a circle with dragon in the middle to age a fully grown dragon to its titan form.

Elder Runes-  Any dragon which touches one will grow older by one stage, but no older than Broadwing.

Eternal Runes- Any dragon which touches one will become more youthful or grow no older for a period of time.

Class Runes- These mysterious runes have class symbols of dragons drawn on them. We don't know what they do.

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Character Form and Quicklinks: Do Not Reply. Thank you!

Character Quicklinks:

Click the character's name to view their profile. 


Current Roleplayers:

Active Earthguard Clan Members

**Leader** Mariella (24,f)  w/ Jasper the Gronckle (Golden Rod)

Eira (16, f) w/ Driftwood the Timberjack and Haelstrom the Whooly Howl (Moss Green #666600)

Krystal (16, f) w/ Fur the Whooly Howl (Turqoise) 

Yuzara (18, f) w/ Nura the Stormcutter (Purple)

Eslig (18, m) w/ Ambolt the Deadly Nadder (Red)

Juneucat "Cats" (20, m) w/ Face the Flightmare (Dark Blue)

Rubinesse (25, f) w/ Gothic the Whispering Death & Winora the Whooly Howl (Bright Pink #ff33cc)

Tallyra (28, f) w/ Samantha the Stormcutter and Agnes the Catrostrophic Quaken (Green)

Brasa (32, f) w/ Clintonia the Shovelhelm & Fern the Giant Prickleboggle (Blue)

Active Non-Earthguard Characters

None Yet!


Inactive Characters:

Herze (18, f)  w/ Valkor the Snow Wraith (Maroon)

Nihtclaw (12, f) w/ Darkcloak the Nadder and Chopper the Whispering Death (Dim Grey)

Calder Abels (17, m) w/ Bloodwing the Deathsong (Light Maroon #990000)


Retired Vikings

Namikah Rose (18, f) w/ Shadow the Deadly Nadder (Purple)


We have UNLIMITED RP spots! All Earthguardians are welcome to join at any time.


Creating your Character(s):

Before you begin roleplaying, please read the rules and then fill out your Character Application (below). If you plan on having two Vikings, fill out the form for each Viking. If you do not plan on having a Pet, you may remove that section. If you plan on having multiple dragons at start, then copy and fill out the dragon section for each. You may have as many dragons as you like or can comfortably handle and are welcome to update your form as you acquire additional dragons or pets throughout the course of the RP. If you feel the need to add additional information you may do so (such as a section for relatives, any special items or weapons your character has, etc). I will link your form to the list above once I have read over your profile. If there's anything wrong I will let you know via PM before adding your character's name to the list.


Inserting Pictures: To insert your picture, the first thing you need to do is to upload your photo to an image hosting website, such as photobucket or tinypic. Once that's done you can copy the link provided and then, back at the forum, select the icon that looks like a painting of a house. You will get a dialog with a preview box full of Latin text. Paste the link from the image-hosting website into the URL field.  If you wish to resize your image you can edit the width and height, and you can also choose how the image will be aligned within text. Hit OK when you're done and it should be all set!



[Picture goes Here.]









Do you want to reserve a color for your Viking? If Yes, what color?



[Picture Here]











[Picture Here]










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Reply HERE to Track. Thank you!

Are you from another clan, but want to follow our roleplay anyway? Or (if you are a member) do you want to join but aren't ready to fill out the form or start roleplaying? Feel free to reply to this post so as to not disrupt our roleplay. 

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Thanks for this post! I'll be tracking :-)

I've never done role playing like this so far and I feel like just watching this time. I'm excited te see what's gonna happen :-)


(Clan Banner by Sentinel Soul)



(Thanks to Lady Brasa for the beautiful clan member card! :-)



My in game name is also: Rubinesse




My dragons:


Kleiner Clown - Monstrous Nightmare

Gothic - Whispering death

Pfefferminze - Gronckle

Cindarella - Gronckle

Cindy - Sand Wraith

Störtebeker and Flint - Zippleback

Feuersturm - Typhoomerang

Beppi - Snafflefang

Rex - Armorwing

Selestine - Stormcutter

Donnerhall - Thunderdrum

Fönix - Whoolly Howl

Kristallklar - Groncicle

Stella - Sliquifier

Sven - Hotburple

Tinkerbell - Death Song

Winora - Whooly Howl

Komet - Moldruffle

Surprise - Titan Nadder

Traumtänzer ("Jonathan") - Shivertooth

Yellow Submarine - Scauldron

Bonnie - Singetail

Vulcano - Eruptodon

Laura - Monstrous Nightmare

Reah - Razorwhip

Willow - Groncicle

Night - Snow Wraith




Some of my favorite moments in SoD:


**** Stella catching her first fish **** Touching the swirls of light **** Baby Tinkerbell making friends with Selestine **** Spending time with the dragon with which I have the closest bond: Winnie **** Finding ourselves in a glitchy winter wonderland in Berk :-) ****


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I've never RP'ed either! But

I've never RP'ed either! But I'll try. Sounds like you can join in anytime though, so please consider watching for a bit and then jumping in when you feel ready  :)


Visit the Earthguard Clan Forum Thread!



~ OC HTTYD Characters and their Adopted Fan-Dragon Species ~


* VISIT: Hertha the Honey-Maid and her HoneyBumble Littl-Rus

(Honeybumble dragons created by SpaceyQueen)

and her Pygmy Dragon Rosehip

(Pygmy Dragons created by Selethesis)

*VISIT: Storsik Fiskrspordr and his Shadowing Wyvern KnotFish

(Shadowing Wyverns created by Spy GIrl)

*VISIT: Bogbert Margrkind and his Swamp Scrape Quagmire

(Swamp Scrape species created by Grumpyforlife2)

*VISIT: Solfrid the Splendid and her GlowWorm Foxfire

(GlowWorm dragons created by mesaprncss)

*VISIT: Ichor the Impossible and his Septic Fury Mid-Mon

(Septic Furies are created by Buddyfan1)

*VISIT: Marit the Mother and her Oceanic SeaSong Lyric

(Oceanic Seasong species created by Adopto66)

*VISIT: Finngeirr Margrkind and his Gill Grunter Gilly

(Gill Grunters created by Infinity12356 and drawn by 1Flower)

*VISIT: Tawnylda the Dyesmith and her Noelani Dragon WeldWing

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*VISIT: Wilfred the Wacko and his Scuttling Twin Stinger Zippy

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*VISIT: Bulljorn Burlyboots and his Hopeless Deathtrail BrendleBlood

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*VISIT: Fjara Thorstabitur and her Lullaby WaveWhisper BlueFin

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*VISIT: Blasik Fiskrspordr and his Thunderthief SeaTrick

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*VISIT: Scampr Scrimpskull and his Shivertooth Shivers

(Artwork by Witcherforever, for a player-sponsored Hideout Competition)

*VISIT: Molda Fungisteinn and her Cave Raider FilchFlame

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*VISIT: Leikny Hrindasnaer and her Icecrusher SnowMunch

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*VISIT: Tarvald the Trader and his Thorny Sea Hound Arni

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*VISIT: Jofast the Jokers' Help and her Field Sprinter Hornswoggle

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*VISIT: Skammel the Stonesmith and his StoneScale Hunter Pumpkin

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*VISIT: Birgr the Brash and his Cave Runner DappleLeaf

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*VISIT: Diggr Margrkind and his Spike Roller SmashSnout

(Spike Rollers created by BlackPanther0211. Lineart by NightmareRebuff)

*VISIT: Qiajuk the Wanderer and her Gribtuk WolfWings

(Gribtuk Dragons created by Bavelly)

*VISIT: Ongull Oltorsk and his Sawback RidgeRump

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*VISIT: Gerta the Grandmother and her Armorhead Jordbaer

(Armorhead Dragons created by FloofQueen)

*VISIT: Nauma Margrkind and her WebHead dragon BoarBreath

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and her Signal Fire dragon FlashFlare

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*VISIT: Bera Brawnyboots and her Mistwhirl ShadeShift

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*VISIT: Herbjert Svellheim and his Whirlpool dragon Naught-Eye

(Whirlpools created by DatOneTrumpet)

*VISIT: Ketiley Margrkind and her Feathered Fan Wing Tatters

(Feathered Fan Wings created by ScarfyWings)

*VISIT: Gaukr Gullbatr and his Singing Fin Wing Yodel

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*VISIT: Ylva Yammertung and her Solarflare Skrill Scar-Light

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*VISIT: Snotra Snozzlestein and her Glowy Cave Lizard Candle

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and her Clicking Claw Scuttles

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*VISIT: Barnakarl Thorstabitur and his Dwarf Death SlobberClod

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*VISIT: Shuckr Grimgrange and his Cryaotic Popcorn

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*VISIT: Buggi the Beetle and his Marsh Tiger FireStripe

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This is Zitkana, the Rocky Mountain Davus Dragon. ----->

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hunt on. Ice Piercers are the creation

of ScarfyWings, and can be found on

ScarfyWing's Adoption Thread.


<---------------- This shocking lady is Static,

the Ukrainian Mistus, created by MegaBoltPheonix.

Visit this thread for more information!




ScarfyWings created DashDust --------------->

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Bluet the Deadly Nadder

Aster the Tide Glider

Teasel the Flightmare

Thistle the Scuttleclaw

Tigerlily the Monstrous Nightmare

Trillium the Fireworm Queen

Chicory the Hobblegrunt

Laurel the Gronckle

Henbit the Screaming Death

 Foxglove the Sand Wraith 

Salsify the Scauldron

Skullcap the Typhoomerang

 Maypop the Thunderdrum 

Nettle the Screaming Death

Honeysuckle the Changewing

                          Germander the Hideous Zippleback                        

Violet the Skrill

Periwinkle the Raincutter

Bergamot the Sweet Death

Clover the Rumblehorn

Vervain the Woolly Howl

 Hyacinth the Smothering Smokebreath  

Skullcap the Boneknapper 

Yarrow the Shivertooth

Mullein the Shockjaw

Hepatica the Snafflefang

Rue the Speed Stinger

Redbud the Groncicle

Avens the Groncicle

Mazus the Groncicle

Spurge the Moldruffle

Witchazel the Stormcutter

Jimson the Mudraker

Gaura the Hotburple

Cohosh the Grapple Grounder

Agrimony the Snow Wraith

Parsley the Sliquifier

Fern the Prickleboggle

Ironweed the Devilish Dervish

Twayblade the Razorwhip

Bellflower the Deathsong

Tephrosia the Snaptrapper

Puccoon the Catastrophic Quaken

Senna the Thunderpede 

Bouncing Bet the Night Terror

Sasparilla the Timberjack 

Loosestrife the Armorwing

Mistflower the Slithersong 

Clintonia the Shovelhelm

Perilla the Singetail

Betony the WindWalker

Plum the Eruptodon

Blackberry the Eruptodon

Pipsissewa the Terrible Terror

Cowslip the Buffalord

Datura the Silver Phantom

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Rockcress the Sentinel

Ghostpipe the Elder Sentinel

Penyroyal the Grim Gnasher

Tansy the Dramillion





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That's what I was planning to

That's what I was planning to do but now that I almost couln't stop thinking about how my viking character could be like and how she could have found her first dragon, I decided to join now after all :-D Just everyone please tell me if I'm doing something wrong and I if I have major questions I'll ask in (( ...))  :-)

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I've a question, since it's been, like, 500,000 years since I did anything like this and there were not nearly so many rules when I did. Mostly it makes sense but if we can't control other people's characters, how do we write character interaction? Like conversation... do we just ask a question, leave off the post and wait for them to reply? Or by "controlling" do you mean something more specific?


Thanks SentinelSoul! Oh, and we are recruiting - visit our clan thread or search for us in-game!


OK, I'm officially addicted! Please help me raise my eggs and hatchlings by clicking on them!


Meet the adults here:

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Mariella might be having computer &/or RL issues right now?

I've never RP'ed before, but at glancing at other RP threads, I think you can incorporate minimally the other members, based on their established info and personality?


Like, I don't know:


Mariella might write:

Mariella glared sternly at Tallyra and Brasa for their reckless behavior. "You two go spend the day mucking out the hangar!" She felt choked up inside ordering her friends like that, but if she wanted to be a leader, she needed to remain strong.


You (Tallyra) might write:

Tallyra sighed. Bumping Brasa on the shoulder, she said "Well, lets go get this over with then." Tallyra and Brasa made their way through the village to the hanger.

((Just picked green for example))


I (Brasa) Might write:

"I have dibs on the wheelbarrow!" Brasa lightly punched Tallyra back, on the shoulder. "Race you!" and she took off down the path with Tallyra in hot pursuit.



So, my impression is that the above is alright, even though we each are somewhat making another character do something?

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Real Life Problems aren't fun...

Hello all, sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. I had a family thing and planned on bringing my new tablet, but guess what I forgot... x.x


To answer your question, Tallyra:

Lady Brasa is correct. You may incorporate minimal reactions into your roleplay as long as you stay true to the other person's character. If for some reason the other person doesn't like your use of their character, they may request it to be changed. (This is best done in private message to keep the RP thread clean, but you can also use OOC posts to have it fixed. Remember not to reply directly to the post or else it well become un-editable).

Questions are usually answered by the other roleplayer. Sometimes you wind up with short posts, but that's ok. They don't all have to be paragraphs long. Just go with he flow and do what works for you. Roleplaying is basically just improvised storytelling/acting. 

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Looks like you guys are

Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun! Not sure how interested I'd be in joining a clan (just lurking for now) but this RP is making me reconsider so I can take part in this story.


My OC, Eslig. Meet him in the Earthguard RP! Credit to umbreon27 for the amazing picture.

My two main dragons, Ambolt (pink) and Septimus (blue-green).


Eslig and Ambolt!


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Hello everyone. ^^ I hope I'm

Hello everyone. ^^ I hope I'm doing this right by replying to this comment. I've never actually used the forums on here before and they work differently than what I'm used to. :P


Anyway! I just joined the clan and wanted to extend a general greetings to everyone. I am also looking forward to joining the rp, but I want to finish reading up on what you all have done so far before posting my character profile and jumping in. So, I guess this is how I "track" it?


I've actually been waiting for SoD to confirm a new forum account I tried to make before posting, since I figured having a forum name that was the same as my character name would make things easier, but I haven't yet received that confirmation. Sooo.... yeah, hope this isn't too confusing. :P My character and in game Viking name is Eyrra.


Anyway, I'll be catching up with reading the rp and joining in soonish. And thank you again for the invitation to join the clan, Mariella. ^^




..:: HTTYD OC ::..


[ Viking Name ]

Eira "Ylva" Wolfeye, the Changeling

[ In-game Name ]


[ Age ]


[ Hair ]

Auburn, Long and unruly

[ Eyes ]

Right eye: Golden Yellow

Left eye: Green

[ Build ]

Short and scrawny 

[ Personality ]

Headstrong, fiercely loyal, abrupt, introspective, introvert

 [ Attire ]

Scraps of leathers, furs, and dragon scales, hood and mask, braided leather headband

[ Equipment ]

Dragon spine daggers, spear, composite recurve bow, gemshorn (dragon horn ocarina)



..:: HER DRAGONS ::..





[ Name ]


[ Species ]


[ Color ]

Olive and reddish brown

[ Personality ]

Pragmatic, passive, protective












[ Name ]


[ Species ]

Woolly Howl

[ Color ]

Dark Brown, light tan

[ Personality ]

Grumpy, ornery, mistrusting





[woolly howl base by megaboltphoenix, coloring by me]



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.::Mariella's Character Application::.

.::Viking Profile::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::..

[Image above by the talented Lady Brasa, thank you!]

Name: Mariella Lif Skov

Pronouced "MAR-ee-EL-lah LEEF SKOVE"

Roughly translated to "Loved Life Forest"

(Mariella doesn't like the sound of her full name, so she rarely uses it unless needed.)

Nicknames/Title: Mar, Mari (MAR-ee), Mary (MARE-ee), Marielle (MAR-ee-el)

Gender: Female


Family Members: Dagny (Mother), Randulf (Father), Rebekkar (Sister), Rafe (Family Cat)

Childhood Residence: 5 Scholarly Way, Berk (near the Great Hall)

A rather large, dusty house full of countless books and scrolls. Her father Randulf lives there with their tomcat, Rafe.

Past Residence: Room 211 at the Commons Dormitory House, School of Dragons. 

Current Residence: Plot #84, the School Farmlands. The farmhouse is a ranshackle building in need of repair. It is a bit drafty and used primarily for storage of food, weapons, furniture, and winter shelter for animals. 


Family History- Mariella was born and raised in Berk by her mother and father. Her mother, Dagny, was a loving, free-spirited soul from a warmer land far, far away. She had come to Berk seeking adventure. It was at the Great Hall that Dagny met Randulf, who was working at the Great Hall as a scholar and advisor to Stock the Vast. Enchanted by his beautiful copper hair, scholarly spectacles, and suave personality, she went over and asked if he would teach her all about Berk and Vikings. He happily obliged, always eager to share his knowledge. It was during this mentorship that these two completely different people came to love each other. 

First, Rebekkar was born, and then later, Mariella. For many years Dagny stayed with Randulf in their home. She was charmed by finer aspects of the Viking life and by Randulf, the scribe she met at the Great Hall. She adored her young daughters and her husband, but soon began to feel an aching feeling in her heart. Her husband was always away, advising the Berk Council or working on his books. And then, there were the dragon raids. Every night she would hide with her children under their bed, covering their ears. It seemed like for hours she would hear great roars, clashing of metal to scale, shrieking and screaming, the crackle of fire, and cries of dying agony, and then... silence. But even worse than the night of a raid, was the bloody scene the morning after.

When she thought the girls were old enough to no longer need her, Dagny tucked them in one last time before packing her bags and sneaking away under the cover of night, back to her land of paradise. Or so, that is was Randulf tells Mariella...

Randulf the Wise was a good man, but losing his wife took a toll on him. He grew cold, stern, and frustrated because he didn't know how to be a mother to his daughters. Instead, he taught them all he knew, sometimes having them study long into the night by candlelight. 

While he cared about both daughters, Rebekkar was Randulf's shining star. She reminded him of his wife both in appearance and personality, and of better times. Mariella, on the other hand, was his reflection. He saw only the best in Rebekkar and the worst in Mariella; Rebekkar did everything right while Mariella did everything wrong.

Randulf always favored Rebekkar over Mariella. When times were tough Bekka would get the freshest and biggest helpings of food. She got new clothing while Mariella always got hand-me-downs. Rebekkar would get to go out and play, while Mariella would be ordered to do chores or study. 

While resentful at first, Mariella grew to accept the way things were and how she was treated. When she looked in the mirror she knew she was an unwanted child and that she was a reminder of when things went wrong, but she also knew it was not her fault.  While Rebekkar grew prouder, bolder, and more brazen, Mariella grew kinder, softer, and more mellow. 

Viking school was tough for both sisters. While they were both well versed in Viking history, language, and literature, they both had their mother's heart. Field tests were the worst part of Viking School. Rebekkar would bravely face dragons in combat, but would avoid hurting them if at all possible. Mariella, on the other hand, couldn't even lift a sword. She would drop to her knees and sob before Gobber would disappointedly send her home for the day. 

Because of her weakness, Mariella was frequently bullied by other Viking students in the training academy. During team exercises she was always chosen last to be on the team or to be a partner. During classes and lunch breaks she was always alone, because even Rebekkar couldn't stand the disgrace of being near her. 

This loneliness lead Mariella to seek friendship elsewhere. Often Mariella would wander in the wilderness with her sketchbook, drawing all the life she came across and writing down notes. She enjoyed feeding birds, squirrels and other animals breadcrumbs she snuck from home. Sometimes, she would even bring a fish or two, and leave them for dragons to find. From a safe distance, she would observe these fierce, beautiful creatures to learn all she could about them. 

When Mariella was just 14 she found and hatched the Gronckle, Jasper. At this time it was unheard of and unacceptable to train dragons as war still raged between humans and dragons. Fearing for Jasper's life, she raised the hatchling in secret, keeping him from even her father. It was a difficult task raising the baby at home, but it was made easier by Jasper's easygoing temperament and because hardly anybody was ever home. If Jasper ever caused any trouble Mariella would blame the mischievous household cat, Rafe. 

It was on the day of Rebekkar Final Exam, the Mariella saw Rebekkar for the last time. That morning Mariella has wished her luck before Gobber led her away with the other advanced students. Randulf had dragged Mariella to the Arena to witness Rebekkar'a final test and graduation. But when Rebekkar was called to the stadium she never came. They found out later that Rebekkar had sailed away with trader Johann to explore the world. 

Since Rebekkar disappearance, Mariella and her father have slowly grown closer. Without Rebekkar around, Randulf could more easily see all the things his daughter does for him, and see the good traits from both himself and his beloved Dagny

Mariella dropped out of Viking Training School before it was time for her Final Exam for she knew she could never kill a dragon. Her father was disappointed, but was supportive in her decision. Randulf had her apprentice under Phlegma the fierce, who was not only a great warrior but a wonderful teacher and skilled tradeswoman. From Phlegma she learned to farm, garden, make pottery and woven baskets. She would sell her crafts and extra produce for coins and gems at the market. 

When Mariella was 20 (and Jasper was 6), Hiccup defeated the Red Death with the aid of his mighty Night Fury, Toothless, and proved to the entire Hooligan Clan that dragons could be good. It was a joyous day for Mariella, because she no longer had to worry about Jasper's rapid growth or finding him a new home. After much scolding from Randulf for hiding Jasper, the now-shortwing dragon was allowed to stay.

The School of Dragons opened up three years later. After saving up lots of gems, Mariella packed her bags (and lots of fish and rocks for Jasper) and said an emotional good-bye to her father Randulf and beloved cat, Rafe. The girl and dragon traveled with Johann by boat to the School, where Mariella has studied and trained wth Jasper ever since.


Mariella is a dreamer who wishes to make the world a better place for all. She wants to be a leader but often struggles with it because she retreats when stressed and sometimes crumbles under pressure. She is shy but friendly. Because she's lead a sheltered life, protected by her father, and usually confined to her studies or loneliness, she can sometimes be socially awkward. She often suffers from anxiety and confidence issues. 

As an introverted person she enjoys spending time by herself reading books, sketching wildlife, or exploring the wilderness. But as a soft-hearted person she enjoys bonding with people and creatures she loves. 

Her lonely life led her find peace in nature and plants and animals. She loves to garden, sketch plants, animals, and even dragons. Even as a young child she loved all creatures, including dragons, no matter what her father or other Vikings said about them. 


Long reddish golden blond hair, pale skin with a few dark freckles and greenish hazel eyes. Large bushy eyebrows and short and stout in stature.  She usually wears plain clothes in shades of green or brown. In warmer months she wears flowers in her hair.

Do you want to reserve a color for your Viking? Golden Yellow



Name: Jasper

Gender: Male

Species: Gronckle

Age: Broad-wing stage (10 years old, around 20 in Gronckle Years)

Residence: Mariella's Farm

Personality: Beacause Jasper has been with Mariella ever since he was hatched, he has become very well trained, patient, and obedient. When in social situation, he will stay quietly by her side until given permission to socialize with other dragons or Vikings. Once allowed, he can be very friendly. Sometimes he can be too trusting of others which can get him into trouble.

When on his own he can be very lazy and gluttonous, eating and sleeping the day away. He is used to being spoiled and babied so he will sorrowfully call out for Mariella if he goes long without her. While he doesn't like to move around much on his own, he will eagerly follow Mariella to the ends of the earth.

When he or somebody he cares about is threatened, Jasper can become very dangerous. He will growl and roar warningly first, then attack viciously if his warning is not heeded. He fights confidently and fearlessly, rushing into the thick of battle if the need comes. This rash behavior can sometimes get himself badly hurt. 


Hatching and Bonding- It was after a particularly bad day at Viking School that Mariella slowly and sadly trudged her way back home from the Viking Arena. She knew that dragons were good, and just wished that she could prove it to the others. There had to be a reason that dragons would raid their village and fly away with their livestock. They always took more than they could eat, and never deliberately went after humans unless provoked. Why does it have to be this way? Can't everybody just leave the dragons alone? 

Suddenly she heard the clatter of falling pebbles from the mountain side above. She glanced toward the sound, seeing the ankle and beefy tail of gigantic, warty creature disappear behind a boulder. Could it have been a dragon? Mariella wondered as she stared over to the cliff, hoping for the animal to reveal itself again.

She waited a minute but the creature did not reappear. Instead, Mariella noticed something even more concerning. More pebbles were beginning to fall. Pebbles became rocks and rocks became boulders. Mariella's heart tightened and began to pound. Oh no, it can't be...! Suddenly the cliff above gaveway and the mountainside was falling toward her.

"LANDSLIDE!" Quickly realizing what was happening, Mariella turned tail and sprinted the down the mountainside towards Berk as fast as she could, screaming all the way. Trees were crashing down he hill all around her and pebbles were pelting her. Dust was choking her as he ran her heart pounding her her skin stinging from the constant onslaught of debris. 

While running furiously Mariella caught her foot on raised root, which sent her rolling down the rocky trail, tumbling over and over and down a ledge until she caught herself with her back and head against the trunk of a tree. Winded and dizzy, she stayed there a moment while rocks flew over her. The world suddenly muted and her eyes full of stars.  Her head rocked back and forth and her vision went in and out of focus she tried to catch her breath.

When Mariella finally came to her senses she caught something tumbling by at the corner of her eyes. Feeling drawn to it, she reached out and grabbed the mysterious object and hugged it close to her, shielding it from the onslaught above as rocks flew over ledge and into the ravine below.

A few minutes later the landslide passed and the dust had cleared.  Mariella took a look at the item she was holding. She shifted it from hand to hand and turned it around. Is it a rock? A geode, perhaps?  She lifted it up and down to feel its weight. Somehow she just didn't think so. Whatever it was, it was warm to the touch. She tucked the item into her backpack and looked back up the mountain path toward the Area.

Mariella's heart sank. There was no way she could make her way up the mountain on her own, especially in her condition. She was covered in cuts, bruises, scrapes, and one deep gash on her leg and her ankle was twisted, every step she took hurt. Even her clothes were torn and her hair was littered with twigs and full off dirt. She figured the best thing would to be go home and get some help.

With a small sigh, Mariella took some medical herbs from her backpack and mashed them together on a rock. She applied the poultice to her wound and wrapped it with a scrap of her clothing before moving on, each painful step at a time. 

When Mariella finally got home she found her father reading a book. He looked up at her, then his mouth dropped. "Oh dear Thor. What happed to you? Did you have a scuffle with a dragon?" he put down his book and walked over, thoroughly expecting her with a frown on his face. 

"There was a landslide, father. It tore up the whole mountainside up to the arena. I'm fine, I'm just worried about Gobber and the other students up there...." she bowed her head and her eyes teared up. "I should have gone up to them myself but I came here instead. I need your help." Randulf's eyes softened. "You're injured, Mariella. Just take it easy. I will inform chief Stoick and the Council. They will put together a rescue party right away." He raised his hand, hesitant at first, then pat her on the head. He grabbed his jacket and headed over the door before turning around and saying, "Go clean yourself up."

That evening, Mariella drew a bath for herself. After lighting the hearth, she scrounged around her backpack looking for her combs and soap, bumping into a heavy, hard item. "Ouch!" she reached in and pulled the item out. A small smile spread across her face. "I'd almost forgotten about you after all this..." She grabbed her soap and brought the rock-like item with her to the tub.

For a few minutes Mariella scrubbed the strange rock with the warm soapy water, admiring it. Why was she so strongly drawn to this ordinary object? It was while she was scrubbing the object that she thought she felt movement inside. Her heart skipped a beat. Nervously held the object up to her ear. A moment passed, and then the object shook and a tiny squeak came from inside.

"EEK!" Mariella tossed the rock to the other side of the tub, scrunching herself up at the other. Ripples bounced around above the strange rock. 

Grabbing towels, she quickly wrapped herself and the mysterious object. Her heart was pounding as thoughts of her school lessons raced through her head. Heat... Hot water..  Round object.. Moving.. Reacting... Is it....? The object moved about in the warm towel as she held it. It finally came to her.

"It's an EGG! I have to get this thing out of the house--NOW!" Running frantically, Marialla splashed the fire with water, then ran with the toweled egg outside. The egg shook violently back and forth, back and forth, faster and faster, almost falling out of the towel it was wrapped in.

Once outside Mariella ran toward a rain barrel and threw the egg then dove to the ground. BOOM! The explosion shook the house and she was showered with hot water. Wood splinters shot all around her and covered the yard. Mariella just laid there in shock, blinking water out of her eyes.

A tiny whimper snapped her out of it. Mariella looked toward the sound. There in front of her was a tiny baby dragon sitting on the remains of a water barrel. It looked up at her, shivering and wide-eyed. 

Seeing the tiny creature, her eyes grew big her her heart warmed. She walked slowly over to the tiny dragon, crouched down, and picked it up. She gazed into his big yellow eyes and smiled. She then closed her eyes kissed his forehead, whispering, "Jasper..." 

She snuck back in the house and grabbed some hot bedstones from the fire, then went upstairs to her room, thankful that her father was away helping the other Vikings. She tucked the baby into bed with the warm bedstones before heading back down before getting dressed and fetching some fish. When she returned, she was surprised to find that the stones were gone.  She grinned, "That's right, gronckles eat rocks for digestion and firepower." The little dragon burped, then looked at her expectantly. Mariella fed him a few small fish, which Jasper gulped down eagerly. He licked his chops before curling back up in the blankets. Smiling, Mariella got in bed next to him, and hugged him in his arms. "I don't know how I'm going to keep you, but we'll find a way..."

Appearance: A medium sized male Gronckle. He has earthy brown skin, light brown/tan belly and mossy green spots. His right ear-wing is notched because he was injured in a fight protecting Mariella from an angry and territorial Monstrous Nightmare.



Name: Rosemary

Gender: Female

Species: Whispering Death

Age: Shortwing (A Few Months Old, around 16 in Whispering Death Years)

Residence: Mariella's Farm

Personality: Shy, timid, and surprisingly dainty. She does not enjoy eating meat or rocks (she's actually vegetarian), and especially does not like digging or getting dirty. She is naturally kind but can be snobbish.

History: Mariella recieved Rosemary's egg as a prize for helping defeat the Outcasts and Beserkers at the First Battle Event with the help of the rest of Earthguard. The egg exploded in her home, but the fire was put out just in time. Rosemary is being raised by Mariella at her farm.

Appearance:  Rosemary now stands about as tall as Mariella. She is primarilly pinkish-purple with a pale green underbelly and chin with darker green accents. 



Name: Starlight

Gender: Female

Species: Typhoomerang

Age: Broadwing Stage (Unknown Age, around 30 in Typhoomerang Years)

Personality: Starlight is very arogant, snobby, vain, and confident. She fancies herself a queen and expects to be treated as such. However, deep down she is a sensitive and cares about a select few.

History: Mariella met Starlight on Healer's Island, where Mar found her under the influence of Grimora. Twice Mar helped Star of the Grimora. When the Earthguardians left, Star decided to flee the Grimora infested Island with them. 

Appearance: Starlight is a queen sized Typhoomerang. That is, she is exceptionally large for a female of her species. Her head is pink, her body purple, and wing accents teal. She has violet eyes.


Name: Autumn (right head, gas), Fall (left head, sparks)

Gender: Female

Species: Hideous Zippleback

Age: Tiny-Tooth Stage (Days Old, around 1 in Zippleback Years)

Residence: Mariella's Farm

Personality: Autumn is highly inteligent, observant, and thoughtful. She cares deeply about her sister and works hard to be strong enough for both of them. Sometimes she can be too uptight.  Fall is far more youthful, carefree, and oblivious. Sometimes her behavior is rather strange due to her head injury as a hatchling.

History: Autumn and Fall were kicked off a cliff by the infamous Styggy of the Endless Nightmares. Mariella took the hatchling in and, with the help of her friends, nursed the dragons back to health and has been with Mariella ever since.

Appearance: The two girls are dull, leafy orange with deep red markings and dull orange-yellow underwings and a brighter yellow underbelly. Autumn has pronouced markings around her eye while Fall's markings are less noticiable. Fall's tail-tip is yellow while Autumn's is deep red.



EDIT 12/15/2016: Added Autumn and Fall to dragon list.

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Name: Herze

Nicknames/Title: Herz (pronounced 'hers')

Gender: Female

Age: 18



Herze is a very laid back and humorous viking. Until recently, she didn't have a lot to care for, so now she's very fierce in her friendships and loyalty. She's easily excitable and a little clumsy. She's also the self proclaimed worst farmer ever. When trouble arises, she's a tad bit quick to get too excited and/or overreact. She's an idealist who thinks more about what she's pursuing than possible consequences. She also has pretty terrible manners, having been around dragons most of her life, the upside of that, however, is that she can debone a fish with her teeth, which she's pretty proud of.



Thirteen years ago, Herze's parents decided to set sail and discover new land. The first island they came across seemed to be inhabited, but it wasn't. The people on the island had been ship wrecked bandits who attacked at the first opportunity. Herze fled to safety on her mother's command and when she finally returned she found their ship in ruins without a single person in sight.


It'd struck her as odd, until she saw the flash of something gigantic and white as the snow surrounding her. She feared the dragon, as she'd been taught to do, and jumped back into hiding, scared it would take her away as well. The dragon didn't. Instead it observed her for some time, like it was unsure, like it was pondering something. Finally, after she couldn't feel her toes anymore, the beast came closer. It breathed hot air on her, which seemed to instantly relieve the cold she'd previously felt. Freezing was the last thing on her mind when the creature she feared showed it's protective and nurturing nature. She followed it to it's den, where they would remain together until the dragon build it's nest.


Then there were six of them, and one of those six was Valkor. Herze and Valkor immediatly bonded after the dragon's hatching. Herze only had to take a single look at it's big, ugly face and she was smitten. Towering just a little bit over its siblings, drooling and making happy sounds, it was the best dragon she'd ever seen.


Their peaceful lives were disturbed again some years later. A group of Berk vikings rode in on dragons, only to be chased out by the mother snow wraith. She'd decided to follow them, riding after them on Valkor's back. This decision led them straight to Berk, where Stoick accepted them and they have remained until now.


During the day she's usually out and about, doing odd jobs for other vikings or crafting goods for personal use or to trade and sell. Having spend most of her life building whatever she needs herself, she'd become an excellent builder/crafter. She can make anything out of just a few scraps.



((I got bored like 1/5 of the way in, so this will have to do for now. Digital art honestly makes me want to scream, it's so annoying to do without a tablet.))


Herze has curly, messy, dirty-blonde hair, which is almost brown. She regularly wears it with one side braided up and held together with various pieces of jewelry. She has peachy skin with a few freckles here and there which only show themselves in the sunny seasons. Her eyes are honey brown, bordering on golden. She usually wears colourful and practical make-shift armour and adorns herself in accesoires. She's also very fond of face-paint and flower crowns, so odds are that if you see her, she's going to be wearing those.


Do you want to reserve a color for your Viking? Yes.

Which Color? Maroon



Name: Valkor

Gender: Male

Species: Snow wraith

Age: 8 years, broad-wing stage


Personality: Lax but protective. Valkor seems to have a personal vendetta against eels, which comes forth in the immense pleasure he takes in eel roasting and just generally agitating the fish. He loves to play games, but he's not always concerned with playing fair. Valkor always seems to have something to prove, although even Herze isn't always sure what it is exactly that he's proving, but it makes him a bit reckless at times.


History: From the moment he hatched, all he knew were his mother's broad wings shielding him, his siblings shoving him around and the odd viking curling around him for warmth. He's always been bonded with Herze and wouldn't know anything else. He trusts her and that's why he decided to follow the foreign vikings with her, although he wasn't entirely happy with that decision. He's happy now, though. He's content on Berk and only misses Glacier Island during some particularly bad storms. He also got shocked by an eel once and still hasn't let it go.



A snow wraith that's just a little bigger than the species usually is. White as snow, with an odd blue glow in the right lighting. 



Name: Horrendous

Gender: Male

Species: Screaming Death

Age: Baby, recently hatched.


Personality: Horrendous is a very crurious and playful young dragon. He likes Whispering Deaths more than most dragons, but he's relatively easy with other species as well. He is a little weary of vikings, though. He'd rather hang back with Valkor than go out and socialize. He likes to dig and explore and loves the big ball of fire in the sky. Since he was just born, he's curious about everything and knows little to no boundaries, which makes him a little hard to deal with. He's also a bit rebellious, constantly testing boundaries.


History: Herze recevied a part of the treasure retrieved during the First Battle. Her share, a wooden crate, contained a Screaming Death egg. After meeting with Hiccup and consulting Valkor, she hatched the egg and thus Horrendous was born. He doesn't know a lot about Berk, nor its inhabitants, and he's still a little wary of the curious Rider, Herze, and her trusted companion, Valkor. He trusts them a lot more than he does anything else, though, since they were the first thing he saw when he was born. 



(This gif is what Horrenndous will look like fully-grown)

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((When you say HTTYD cannon,

((When you say HTTYD cannon, you mean movie cannon? Or what about the Books?))


((Got my work cut out for me developing my character!! I'm assuming normal hair color too, love my blue hair in-game :)  ))

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((I thought it would be best to stick to the movies and game, because many clan members haven't read the books or have only read a portion of them. Even I haven't finished reading all the books. I would love to have a RP based off them one day, though. 


I'd be fine with hair dying, so long as you can find a natural source for the dye in the times of the Vikings. A brief Google search found that Dyer's Woad creates a beautiful blue color and has been around since seventh century BC. It wouldn't be unreasonable for Johann to pick some up on his travel's, would it? ))

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((What I was thinking

((What I was thinking exactly! Woad. I think some celts used it to dye their whole bodies for war paint. And I think? Vikings raided/skirmished with the celts/Gauls. Maybe. But close enough I think ... Oooo. Might be good fodder for a backstory ... ))


EDIT: ((nope, it was the Picts, not celts. Also a short paper about dyes Vikings used. Including woad:))

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((You could also get blue

((You could also get blue hair by dusting it, so basically you get something blue, like a blue anemone or woad, grind it down to powder and apply it to your hair! It's easy to do and materials for that practice can be found in and around Berk, so I thought maybe that would be a good option? Also I've read goat-fat was used to make hair dye a long time ago as well, so basically goat fat and any colour powder would mix up a pretty neat dye. Maybe even soap? I read somewhere once that viking would bleach their hair with soap.))

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Character App

Well, the start of one .... sorry




Name: Brasa Kattrheim

Nicknames/Title: "Lady" sort of.  Only because she comes from an old/elder established family in her tribe, not actually royalty. ((Hey, just trying to explain the 'lady' part of my username)). Just "Brass" is also acceptable.

Gender: Female

Age: Undecided yet, but probably a little older than most RP vikings. Probably late 20's to late 30's. Okay okay, like 32?? Maybe Brasa just doesn't like talking about her age ;)  ((IRL I'm older ...))

Personality: Not a fighter, but will if she has to. Prefers mead over ale. Tends to be quiet and not a socialite, but might be a bit more bold and outgoing amongst a small group of people she knows well. Likes the outdoors, but that's kind of given in the Viking world! Loves cheese. Not a fan of fish, but will eat them. Odd, in that she's not much of a seafaring viking. Mediocre ability with weapons. She is a great follower/side-kick/group member, but just doesn't think well enough on her feet to be more than a temporary leader. 

History: Brasa came from another viking tribe to Berk to train at the School and be around like-minded people. Her mother was of Pict origin, and father Norse. ((Historically, its not clear if the Vikings subjugated the Picts, or moved in with them peacably)) The Picts are known for their use of Woad as body decoration/warpaint ((though there is varying opinion on this)), Brasa has taken to dying her normally light brown hair with woad, and whisker streaks across her cheeks ((SOD facepaint!)) She comes from an old family of farmers from a tribe that doesn't have a good view of Dragons - they are dangerous and nuisances and a commodity. Some tribesmen work with the Dragon Hunters, while others don't pay dragons much mind as long as they aren't bothering anything. Otherwise they will get killed, if, for instance, they attack livestock or become a nuisance. Some keep Dragons strictly as beasts of burden, and usually on chains. The tribe has not so thoroughly embraced Hiccup's way of benevolent training as Berk has, though attitude is slowly getting better. Brasa's own family was decent to dragons - didn't hunt them, or go out of their way to kill them unless they were posing a problem. However, this was in the way one would treat their livestock decently.

Brasa was part of the newer ways of thinking, and couldn't take the slow change in her tribe, nor was she one to stage protests or publicly oppose the old ways, so she and some other tribesmen left for Berk to study at the school.

Just before leaving, she did buy a caged Shovelhelm wasting away from neglect to rescue it, before it was to be sold to the Dragon Hunters. The Shovelhelm will be Brasa's riding dragon for the RP.

At Berk, in addition to general dragon training, Brasa also studies dragon medicine with Gothi and Gobber.







Appearance/Picture: Brasa has blue eyes and light brown hair. Her hair is always dyed blue with woad. She also has whisker streaks across her cheeks, and may or may not have tattoos ;)  Like many of the Viking women ((the HTTYD franchise background women, and also in the books)), she is a bit stout and solid.


Do you want to reserve a color for your Viking? Blue!








Name: Clintonia

Gender: Female

Species: Shovelhelm

Age: Unknown, Adult

Personality: Docile, social with other dragons, wants to be helpful, trusting - which is prbably how she got so easily captured in the first place.

History: Brasa came across some men lugging a caged adult female Shovelhelm they had caught to be sold to


Dragon Hunters to make a few coins (or gems?). Rather than resort to theatrics, she simply purchased the dragon and tended her cuts and scrapes, and fed her fish. She named her Clintonia, and the docile trusting dragon has stayed with her.

Appearance/Picture: See above inline image



Dragon 2/"Pet":.

Name: Fern

Gender: Female

Species: Prickleboggle

Age: Young/short-wing?

Personality: Doesn't like aggression or confrontation. Smart, as though almost paying attention to what Gobber and Gothi do (remember Gobber is the defacto dragon dentist).


Appearance/Picture: Most Prickleboggles are miniscule, but she is part of the group of Giant Prickleboggles Hiccup found. She hasn't reached full size yet, and is currently the size of a large Terrible Terror. She is able to fly, but not rideable, yet. Like other Prickleboggles, her saliva ((not sure if this is correct)) can help speed healing (not some super power healing) and they tend to make excellent nursemaids to the injured.


Other Characters:.

I guess my other dragons in the game will be (and have been) making appearances as needed in the RP. I have one of each species, but no "Toothless" and three Groncicles.

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Character application - Rubinesse

((Are the Dragons: Riders of Berk etc. series included in what you mean by HTTYD cannon? I realised the history of my first dragon Gothic doesn't make sense if we're only using the information from the movies for the RP. Otherwise I will change that again, making Winnie, the dragon I plan on introducing as my second one, my first and only dragon. But for now, here's my application form :-) ))



Name: Rubinesse

Nicknames/Title: Rue

Gender: female

Age: 26

Personality: sensitive und rather calm, but can be quite communicative and lively when in the right mood. She’s spiritual and feels connected to nature, she likes to be around warm-hearted people and she’s a reliable friend.

Residence: 44 farmlands, 10 000 Berk ((I assumed that when the school's zip code is 10010, the one for Berk could be 10000 because Berk is like the capital...)) Rue's small house is over the big bridge, near Svens farm. I imagine the land to be a bit less mountainous there than it is in the game, so you can walk up the path to the left after the bridge and there located a few houses. Rue's house is the last one in the row, before the forest starts.





Rubinesse has grown up on Berk. She comes from a family that had lost members during a big tribe war against the Berserkers many many years ago. This was before Oswald the Agreeable, Dagur’s peaceloving father, had become chief of the Berserkers. The horror of war has been like a shadow on Rubinesse’s rather sensitive, artistic-talented ancestors and has passed on from generation to generation. Growing up, Rubinesse’s life hasn’t always been easy. Her parents loved her only child but there had often been conflicts in the family because everybody was struggeling with themselves. So as a child Rubinesse had been shy and sometimes feeling lonely she developed a strong connection to nature which feels like a home to her. From time to time she would wander off for some hours, walking through the woods, lying in the grass and watching animals.

She also watched dragons in the wilderness and was interested in how they behaved with each other but she was also frightened of them so she always made sure to hide well from them. Despite she turned out to be a good fighter at school she prefers not to fight with other Vikings or dragons. So she never fought actively in the dragon raids on Berk, she used to hide anxiously inside the house hoping it wouldn’t go up in flames. When she became an adult, even though she loved her parents, she decided that she wanted to live on her own and so she moved to a tiny hut in Berk with a garden where she grows different kinds of vegetables and herbs. As a child she had visited Gothi every now and then, had tried to learn about bone reading and mixing potions and with time she became something like her apprentice.

But Rubinesses’ respectful fear of dragons was the reason why she stayed without one for some time even if more and more Berkians got their own dragons after Hiccup had trained Toothless. She wanted her own dragon but first, she watched the others how they trained their dragons before thinking about getting one herself. And then one day… ((See dragon history))


Appearance/Picture: ((my forum profile picture))

Do you want to reserve a color for your Viking? yes

Which Color?    Pink                    


Dragon 1:

Name: Gothic

Gender: male

Species: Whispering Death

Age: about 4 years

Personality: spiky, can be moody, headstrong and a bit clumsy in human environment



Rubinesse was on her way to a cave near Berk because Gothi has asked her to get some special fern for her that only grows in humid caves. It was a sunny day and running happily towards the entrance of the cave, she almost had fallen into a deep hole in the ground. She wondered where that came from, it had not been there when she visited that cave 3 moons ago. But then she shrugged and continued her way into the cave.

It was damp, cold and dark in there. Because of the bright sunlight outside she could barely see a thing when she entered the cave. Suddenly she noticed something slightly moving in front of her. Anxiously, she held still, breathing fast and trying to see what it was. A deep growl came from the deeper sides of the cave. She slowly reached for her shield trying not to make sudden movements. Her heart pounded so hard that she was sure the –whatever it was- in front of her could hear it. That didn’t sound like a wolf or a lost Yak… Her eyes started to get used to the darkness and she saw… teeth! A lot of teeth! Terrified she jumped backwards, her shield firmly held in front of her. A Whispering Death!!

They only recently had had some trouble with the three young whispering deaths and the screeming death that suddenly had appeared in Berk after the Outcasts had hidden their eggs under the village. Rue didn’t know that there had been more than 4 of them… The Whispering death snapped in her direction and a bunch of spikes hit her shield. All she wanted to do was run for her life and tell Stoick and the others that there was a Whispering Death left in Berk. But when she was about to turn and run out of the cave she realized that the dragon was moving in a strange way and had not tried to go after her so far even though he seemed pretty aggressive. Cautiously, she turned towards him and saw that he seemed to be hurt. It was a teenage dragon but even for a short-wing that would still develop his final wing shape and wing span something seemed wrong with his right wing. She tried to get a closer look when a second spike attack hit her and she could hide behind her shield only seconds before some spikes hit her. That was clearly too dangerous! But she couldn’t leave him all to himself like this… She could ask for help in Berk but she was afraid that they would just send him away like they did to the other Deaths. Somehow Rubinesse decided to keep this dragon a secret and to help him until he could care for himself again. “And I’m gonna name you Gothic!”, she said to him.


To keep things short, caring about Gothic wasn’t easy. He was so menacing and aggressive that it took Rue several days to get near him. He didn’t like dragon nip, it even seemed to make him even more aggressive that she tried to feed him “this lame weed”. Feeding him fish went better, especially since he was really hungry after he wasn’t able to hunt for himself. After some weeks his wounds had almost healed and sometimes he even seemed to have come to like Rue. She figured he had been one of the Whispering deaths eggs that the outcasts had brought to Berk but somehow he wasn’t placed with the others. She had found the remains of a wooden box with the Outcast crest on it – Gothic usually chews on them when he’s bored. Maybe they had forgotten one chest with eggs and when they were already halfway around the island on their way back they realized it and just left it in this cave near the beach. Without his brothers and sisters it must have been difficult to grow up and maybe he got hurt when he had a fight with some other wild dragon.


When Rubinesse took Gothic home to Berk for the first time her parents were like “A Whispering Death?! You could have any other dragon… Why not a Gronckle, they are pretty cute for a dragon. But…that thing?” Then her mother looked at her daughter who was saying with a stubborn expression on her face: “No, I care for him and I want to keep him” and then looked to the dragon that was with the same stubborn expression trying to eat the kitchen table while Rue’s father tried to hold on to the yet un-chowed rest of the table shouting “No! Nooo!” Rubinesses’ Mom sighed and said “Well then…so it’s gonna be a Whispering Death.”


Gothic wasn’t allowed in the parent’s house anymore after he broke half of the furniture and when Rubinesse took him to her hut she had to stop him last-minute from tunneling through the wooden floor. So she sent him out to stay in the garden and tried to convince him not to dig through the dragon nip-fields. She explained to him that even if he doesn’t see any use in dragon nip it is her possibility to grow and sell it which gives her money to buy him Halibuts (his favorite fish). He behaved good after that and started a large tunnel system under the little wood behind the hut. With time passing, Rubinesse felt the more and more uncomfortable though because she was afraid her hut would crash into the soil one day with Gothic enlarging his tunnels underneath. But one day he got into a fight with Toothless and disappeared from the village after that. Rue went to Hiccup to apologize and after that she found Gothic in his old cave where he seemed pretty happy to be back. So she decided to let him stay there where he can be how he is and she promised him to check on him regularly. She rarely asks him to help her with some work in the village because he can be so moody and accidentally brakes stuff. But she loves him the way he is :-)


Appearance/Picture: Black and purple with a tiny bit yellow, a bit smaller in size than the average adult Whispering Death. Sorry, I couldn't get a picture of him awake because he wouldn't hold still and tried to eat the paper... ;-)




Dragon 2:

Name: Winora (Winnie)

Gender: female

Species: Whooly Howl

Age: 3 (she can already carry Rue on her back while on the ground)

Personality: strong, loyal and caring, doesn't like competition very much


One day when Johan returned to Berk, Rubinesse went to his ship to look for some strange fruits he had brought with him the last time he was there, called "Bananas" or something. Most of the vikings didn't want to taste this fruits back then because they didn't trust him that it wasn't poisonous but Rue (and Gothic) really liked those things.

But unfortunately, this time Johan didn't have any "Bananas" with him. Rue was about to leave the ship when a box with two oval-shaped stones caught her eye. "Johan, she said, are these two dragon eggs??" "Oh noo, that are no dragon eggs, Miss Rubinesse! These are special stones that a tribe on a remote nordic island far from here uses as decoration against bad curses. They put these in their gardens, you know? Their king almost killed me when he found out I had traded them in for..." Rubinesse didn't listen any more to Johan's story. She felt strangely attracted to these stones. Like they were holding a secret and she wanted to know more about it. So she traded one of the stones for a bunch of spikes and teeth Gothic had lost. Back at home she placed it in her garden as according to Johan the people of the nordic tribe do. She just liked this mysterious decoration in her frontyard.

The next morning, she had just got up and was preparing breakfast, when the warm summer morning sun rised, reached around the corner of Rue's hut and lightened up the garden. Suddenly, a huge explosion outside made the walls tremble. Shocked, Rubinesse dropped her bread and yakmilk. She ran outside and saw what she had almost expected."Arrg Johan! I knew that was a dragon egg! Why did I believe you that I were a stone?"  Excitedly she walked slowly towards the burst dragon egg shell. In the middle of her (now almost completely destroyed) vegetable garden was sitting the cutest baby dragon she had ever seen. -

Even though her decoration stone had turned out to be a dragon she chose to keep it, especially since the little female dragon sometimes made her almost tear up with her cuteness. She named her Winora, but calls her Winnie. Whooly Howls weren't known in Berk so far ((if this is conflicting with one of your stories I will change that)) but Winnies intelligent and friendly nature towards vikings and other dragons even made Gothic accept her. His bond with Rue had never been that close that he felt left out, now that there was an other dragon that even lived in Rue's hut. And Rubinesse always tried to make sure not to favor one dragon over the other. By the way, someone else in Berk had bought the other "garden stone" which became a strong male Whooly Howl. Winnie and him have always been close and it seems they even have fallen a bit in love with each other lately.


Appearance/Picture: Black wth gold-brown "mane" and white belly. She's of average size for a Whooly Howl.





Dragon 3:

Name: Donnerhall (Donni)

Gender: male

Species: Titan Thunderdrum

Age: unknown, must be over 30 years.

Personality: loyal, gentle and likes to be around vikings. A strong dragon but he suffers from a chronic disease that makes him have the hiccups frequently. 


History: Has been found by Rue in the forest and he stayed with her and her other two dragons after they partly healed his hiccuping. For the whole story see post #703.

Appearance/Picture: Purple, white Titan stripes on the wings and white belly and lower side of the wings.


((6.12. edited Rue's residence))


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Name: Tallyra

Nicknames/Title: Tally, although she will answer to almost anything.

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Personality: Tally generally likes people and likes to talk – but detests small talk. Any comment on the weather is likely to be less of a "looks nasty out, better get the washing in" than an in-depth analysis of the cloud structures and what that might foretell in terms of demand for boot-leather, Flightmare migration patterns and the yak breeding season, with lots of long words and gesticulation. She's a bit prone to blurting out whatever she is thinking, which can lead to her having to extract her foot from her mouth, and she's not always the quickest to admit that she's in the wrong. She also has a strange sense of humour.

She'll talk tough in a bad situation, but it's mostly as a distraction while she works out how to escape. She's actually not much of a fighter – her weapon of choice is a frying-pan. She likes her food, although she's not the greatest cook.

A lot of people seem to find her rather strange and irritating, though those that take the time to get to know her find out that she's a decent person who tries to do the right thing, loyal and a pretty good listener when she's not rabbiting on - and she's one of those people who always has that thing you needed somewhere in her bag or pockets. Before joining Earthguard, she spends a lot of time alone – or rather, in the company of her beloved rabble of unruly orphaned rescue dragons, who she talks to in place of understanding humans.

History: She grew up on Berk: her father was a Viking but her mother came from a Celtic tribe from a smallish, rainy country with a LOT of sheep. In her mother's country dragons were respected, if still feared, and rather than fight her people would leave offerings outside their homes for the dragon raiders: this, they found, prevented a lot of unnecessary destruction. Her family continued that tradition despite the attitude of the other Vikings on Berk, and so her parents were never affected by the dragon raids: it was an influenza outbreak during a particularly harsh winter that took them from her.

With no leftover resentment from the days of dragon raids that held back many of the older Berkians, she joined up to start training dragons after the School was founded. Her first dragon, a Zippleback named Martha (she names her dragons after characters from stories she's read), was given to her as an egg at the School; after that, she signed up for a volunteer programme run by Fishlegs taking in orphaned dragon eggs, in theory to be raised and returned to the wild. Unfortunately, it turns out she's an absolute sucker for a cute baby dragon face, and now she is somewhat overrun with slightly spoilt creatures who either refuse to leave altogether or insist on returning periodically to take advantage of her stable network (built by her burrowing dragons) and free food.

She is mostly self-sufficient, maintaining her parents' smallholding just about well enough to keep herself going, and she trades darning and patching work with Mulch, Not-So-Silent-Sven and even sometimes Mildew for extra food for her dragons – she's pretty handy with a needle and thread.

Weirdly, Tally's adopted dragons always, always hatch as girls.

Appearance/Picture: Tally has a lot of ginger hair, which she normally wrestles into a messy bun, and freckles. She describes herself as "sturdily built", and she's quite short for a Viking. She wears sturdy boots, usually has one or two Screaming Death spines tucked into her outfit somewhere (they're really useful) and has a double scar on the right hand side of her face (your left): headbooping a Whispering Death carries certain risks. During the course of her repair work she often gets fabric dye on her face, which takes time to come off and looks like splodgy warpaint.

Do you want to reserve a color for your Viking? I will if everybody wants me to, but I'm hoping I can write clearly enough that it will be obvious what I'm saying!

Which Color? N/A


Dragon 1:

Name: Samantha (Nickname Sammie)

Gender: Female

Species: Stormcutter

Age: 3 3/4

Personality: Sammie, like any Stormcutter, thinks she's queen of the world - although Tally may be partly responsible for this. She's great fun to be around – she loves to be the centre of attention more than anything and will play the fool to make people laugh - but she's also arrogant and has a slightly mean sense of humour. She's extremely bright, energetic and excitable and bores pretty easily – Tally finds her a bit exhausting sometimes. She's utterly fearless and can be quite gung-censored, willing to fling herself headlong into situations where Tally herself would be much more cautious. She and Tally rarely quarrel or fall out, but when they do it can take a long time for them both to come around as neither of them like to admit that they were wrong. They love each other deeply and would do anything for each other. If Tally has a "main" dragon, it's probably Samantha.

History: Sammie was part of the very first clutch of Stormcutter eggs ever to arrive on Berk. These eggs were given to the Headmaster as a birthday present, to distribute within the School – but there had been a mix-up. The eggs were not intended for the Headmaster at all – they had been orphaned for so long they were stone-cold and nearly dead, and they were meant for the most trusted members of the orphan project. Most of the hatchlings were very sick, and had problems that took a lot of work to remedy; Samantha, by some miracle, hatched out perfect but absolutely tiny, and even after scoffing as much food as a normal baby Stormcutter she has only grown to about the size of Toothless. She is very self-conscious about it.

Appearance: As previously mentioned, Sammie is very small for a Stormcutter. Her colours are electric blue and white with a golden crest and spines.


Dragon 2:

Name: Agnes

Gender: Female

Species: Catastrophic Quaken

Age: 2 1/2

Personality: Agnes is gentle, practical and reliable. Tally tends to take Agnes along when the task in hand requires a lot of patience - or brute force rather than brainpower.Though very young, Agnes is already huge and physically very tough and strong, able to take the same loads as a smaller adult dragon. She is not the least intelligent of Tally's dragons, but she's a long way off being the cleverest, and she can be clumsy. She will put up gamely with almost anything that anyone can throw at her, from Berserker attacks to being climbed on by small children. She seems to get on well with any and all of Tally's other dragons, but she has an unusually strong bond with her Flightmare, Kaylee.

History: Agnes' egg was discovered with a clutch of Prickleboggle eggs when the Riders finally discovered the original home of the Catastrophic Quaken, which had been abandoned due to Dragon Hunter activity. The Quaken's unusual relationship with the Prickleboggle had not been discovered at this point, so she was given to Tally without a Prickleboggle to bond with: she bonded with the friendliest of Tally's other dragons instead.

Appearance: Agnes is a shade of pale avocado/cucumber green with brown spots and dirty yellow markings.


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((Haha, all my dragons are females, too! Except my Scuttleclaw - I think ... S/he may be an accidental boy ...))

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As I reply AGAIN ...

Tallyra, I'm so sorry, I just realized that my un-thinking comment above just "locked" you from editing your character form. Sorry.

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Eh, no worries, I'll stick replies underneath if I want to add to it. I thought I'd replied to you, sorry... I may have forgotten to change the default gender of some of my dragons too. I don't care, they are all girls. XD :P

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Font colour

I've gone green! I'll have green text for my character's speech to make it clearer from now on. Now excuse me while I edit some stuff. XD

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Background/non-riding dragons

A list of my named background/secondary/non-riding dragons so far, just in case anybody gets confused by all the names. Please do not reply directly as I'll update this as I introduce them: I may also write full profiles for one or two of them eventually.

 - Ellen: Whispering Death, purplish-bluish-grey. Big sister and boss of the rest of my dragons. Intelligent and quietly fierce. Helps Tally with feeding and riot control.

 - Adora Belle/Spike: Screaming Death, mostly white, blue spines, pale bronze belly. Friendly, but shy and not good with crowds. Likes baking and farming.

 - Martha (Left and Right): Zippleback, teal and purple. Tally's first dragon. Split personality: Right is friendly and kindly, Left is bolshie and sassy.

 - Kaylee: Flightmare, purple, pink and mint-green. Super-friendly, happy, excitable: basically an overgrown Labrador puppy. Agnes' BFF.

 - Gytha (nickname Nan, for reasons): Snafflefang, green, yellow and purple. Laid-back, but forceful when she needs to be. Ellen's second-in-command.

 - Irene: Deathsong, red, black and white. Big but still a short-wing (because Calder is the only Deathsong rider in the School.). Sweet, surprisingly loyal, a bit dimwitted. 

 - Ruth: Sand Wraith, black (shush) with white spots. A bit weird. Obsessed with Speed Stingers.

 - Tiffany: Groncicle, pale greenish, purple and white. Fierce and independent. Lives on Icestorm Island: visits occasionally.

 - Wednesday: Boneknapper, blue-black with pink wings and orange spots. Sneaky, mild kleptomania, wanders a lot but also loyal and affectionate - always comes back.

 - Lyra: Terrible Terror, green, purple and turquoise-blue. Destructive but also cute, friendly and cuddly. 

 - Tracy: Gronckle, grey with brown spots. Laid-back and sweet.

 - Molly: Thunderdrum, green and yellow. Kind of... special, incredibly clumsy, but sweet-natured and good-hearted and would not hurt a fly.

 - Esme: Monstrous Nightmare, pink and black. Firmly believes that she is better than you.

 - Galadriel: Timberjack, leaf green and gold. Still young. Elegant and slightly aloof, but gentle and friendly once she warms to you.

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Actually, what 'person' do we

Actually, what 'person' do we write in? I glanced at a few other RPs and the RP'ers seem to do both third-person and first-person, and sometimes dragon-person XD.  I found this a little confusing.

Personally I would go with third-person, and no dragon-talking even amongst each other since its not cannon. I mean they dragons can have understandings and body language communication, but no conversations in English (or Norse or Dragonese).

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I would agree with this. It

I would agree with this. It think talking dragons would make it quite confusing. At least direct dragon speech. But I think it's possible that the character gives an impression of the dragon's mind from experience with it and from it's behavior, like "Winnie looked angry and growled. Why did Gothic always have to eat her Halibuts when she was distracted for one moment?"

And to write in third person is also the easiest way in my opinion.

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((I wouldn't mind if someone

((I wouldn't mind if someone wrote in first while another writes in third, depending on what they find easier to write with. But if we are all doing the same style, I personally find third person more comfortable to write in, so my vote's there. I'm also not a big fan of the 'dragon talking' to be honest. If we're writing from the vikings perspective, though, it could all work out if someone wants to have their dragon portraying speech. Something like;


Herze ran and jumped up, fully expecting Valkor to catch her. Instead of being greeted by a warm, albeit a tad pointy, dragon and a dazzling birds-eye view of the land, she was met with cold, hard rock. ''Ah, ouch- Valkor, why didn't you catch me?'' she questioned as she slowly got back up. Valkor turned his back to her and got comfortable on the ground with a long sigh. Herze stormed over and starting pulling at the dragon's tail. ''Come on buddy, we have to go! Don't you want to explore new land!?'' She argued. Valkor made no move of getting up, instead he rolled on his back, flailing his limbs violently and grumbling loudly, shaking Herze off. The viking gave up and dropped down next to him. It was clear he didn't want to. ''Fine.'' Herze mumbled. Valkor made a happy sound an turned towards her, nipping at her feet. He'd gotten his way.


Maybe? Instead of having dragons quote poets, or in this case 'I don't want to', we could have the viking suggest what they're feeling by observation and conversation on their part. Is that what you meant? Cause I'm all for that.))

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((Yeah, I find this totally

((Yeah, I find this totally fine!))

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Third Person (Usually) Viking Perspective, No Dragon Speak

Rubinesse: All HTTYD movies, TV shows, and shorts are considered cannon. School of Dragons is considered cannon, but Rise of Berk, Wild Skies, the original HTTYD Videogame and HTTYD2 videogames will not be, unless voted otherwise by other roleplayers. Cowell's books will not be considered cannon for our roleplay. Some books or companion novels to the Dreamwork's Dragons may be considered cannon but I have not read any yet.


How do you all feel about that? (Dreamworks Dragon movies and shorts, plus SOD, but none of the other things mentioned).


Lady Brasa:

Generally third-person perspective is preferred for roleplaying because it makes it easier to tell one character from another, so this is the perspective type we will all use. Most often it will be the Viking's perspective, but if for any reason a Viking and Dragon get separated you may need to roleplay from the dragon's perspective. For example, if Jasper the gronckle were to be caught by trappers, I may want to write his escape from his perspective because Mariella isn't there to see it happen. 


Because we are roleplaying based on the movies and games and not Cressida Cowell's book, I believe that dragons should not speak English, Norse, or Dragonese even among themselves. Behaviors, vocalizations and non-spoken prose can be used to portray thoughts and feeling just as well. Herze had some perfect examples of how it could be done. 

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Are our characters literally only allowed to have three dragons plus pets, or can we make mention of others as "background characters", as long as they absolutely do not ever participate in the plot? (For instance, making short appearances at the beginning and end of missions, or as mentions in conversation: "Aah, that reminds me of the time my Boneknapper nicked Gobber's purple silk underpants...") 


I don't mind either way, I just wanted to ask before I post because I'm gonna need to do a major re-write if "background dragons" are banned :P XD

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Change of Rules regarding Dragon Limit

To Tally and all other roleplayers:

After some careful thought, I've decided that there will be no limit on the number of dragons somebody may have. They can be major characters or background characters. BUT, no roleplayer may have more than three companions (Dragon or other major character Pets) with them at a time, AND, each major character must be developed with a back story that coincides/is consistent with the both the Viking's and the Roleplay's Timeline. 


It may be best for some dragons to be acquired over the course of the roleplay rather than having them at start especially if you have a young, inexperienced Viking. Also try to make sure you don't take on more Dragons/Pets than you can handle!


You may also have unlimited background characters, usually being family members, random people from the streets, enemy dragons, bandits, trappers or poachers or other human enemies. Background characters perspectives are never followed the way a major character is. They can be recurring or be encountered just once.


Anybody who wants to add in more dragons or pets may do so. I purposefully did not reply to your profiles so they may edited. Simply click the EDIT button under your post to change it. Copy and Paste the Dragon or Pet form as many times as you need to. Please reply to this post to let me know if you made any changes and I will look it over for any major issues. Thank you! =)

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That's good to know as I

That's good to know as I already have a background charakter (the Whooly Howl friend my dragon Winnie has) :-)


I have another question: I saw you added limits for dragon's ages and I'm fine with that because it seems logical to me, but with one dragon aged 4 and one even younger I won't be able to fly in the RP. Is that a problem?

I would like it if my character would be able to fly on one of the dragons but with the history of my whispering death I can't make him older than 4 without conflicting with the HTTYD story line. If it's okay with you all, I'd like to make both of my dragons able to carry me on their back so I can better participate in activities  - but without flying. They can flap a little maybe but primarly they will be running (or whatever it is called how a Whispering death moves, respectively :-) and so my charakter will still be faster than by running herself.

I will see what you all think and then reconsider if I'm gonna change my charakter's history a bit so she can have an older dragon... But actually I think it fits her personality quite fine to get her dragon(s) after some other people did.

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Dragon Aging and Runes

The dragon aging section provides only guidelines. Some variation from the guidelines is perfectly acceptable. =) I understand that some dragons age faster than others. Screaming Death and Whispering Death seem to age especially fast because they only hatched and learned to fly within a few episodes in the TV series. 


I edited my post to make it a little more clear. I previously only put maximums guidelines, now there are both maximum and minimum suggestions. A 3-year old dragon is perfectly acceptable as a broadwing dragon. Also, some larger/stronger hatchlings and shortwings may be able to fly with somebody on their back, such as Scuttleclaws. I am also allowing the (rare) use of age-up runes as necessary. 


I'm sorry I made everything seem overly complicated. I really am quire flexible with characters, so long as it makes logical sense. =) I might even let some weirder things go (like a Terrible Terror big enough to ride, yikes!) just for the fun of it. 

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This is great, saves me re-writing everything. :D



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But if the shows are any

But if the shows are any indication, whispering deaths grow up pretty fast, and therefore rideable in flight quickly. So goth would be fliable-rideable, I think?


Not big on age-up runes - a little too "magical", for my tastes. (Never mind I've been using the Titan runes/age up in game!!)

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Yes, I consider whispering

Yes, I consider whispering death to be fast growing dragons; They would probably be ready to fly before many other species, such as the small-winged gronckle. It would be reasonable for you to fly on Gothic.


I'd say if the dragon is at least as big as our in-game Smokebreathes or Night Terrors, then you could fly them regardless of which stage of growth they are in. (You can fly hatchlings if they are large enough and trong enough.) 


I'm hoping not too many people will want to use age-up runes for the same reason. They are very magical, and there is little magic in the movies and TV series besides Gothi's bone reading and fortune telling. 

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Ah right, Gothics teen

Ah right, Gothics teen brothers are flying just fine in the show. Okay, yeey, so I will be participating even in adventures where flying is necessary :-) For my Whooly Howl Winnie on the other hand, I decided to not make her able to fly yet because somehow I imagine her as taking some time to grow up. But she's big enough to carry me around on the ground. I wouldn't mind if any of you do use them, but I'd rather prefer being grounded than using age-up runes in the RP. If my dragons need more time to grow up then I'll give them that time :-)

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The RP is about to begin!

Now that we have five RPers, I will start the RP. Once I have posted my first RP/Introductory post then you are all welcome to jump in! 


(I also updated the general and character information posts with the new guidelines and rules. Let me know if you have any remaining questions.)



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There are humans over at the house right now. You can see I am demonstrating avoidant behavior ;)  So I may or may not get to post a little something tonight. If not tonight than tomorrow evening cuz I have to work tomorrow'.


Not sure what the typical pace is for RPs, but I imagine ours will be slow, but long-lived because of RL. I'm totally fine with that :)

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Roleplays proceed as quickly or slowly as its RPers. In my roleplaying past, the fastest RP I ever participated in had new posts every minute. Of course, the RP was made up of school age kids during summer vacation... I expect we'll only have a few posts a day, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun! We all understand that there's life beyond the internet and can wait patiently. =)

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The Begining (Day 1, Morning)

A warm breeze came through the open window, ruffling the curtains and stirring up the papers that were scattered across the wooden desk inside the room. A young blond-haired woman grabbed all the papers she could to hold them down, but one escaped, floating up and over across the room until it was gulped down by a young broad-wing Gronckle.


“Jasper! Ugh, you know you shouldn't eat paper. I hope there was no paint on that...” Mariella scolded him. Jasper just smiled from where he was laying on the floor, and made a new green claw prints on the massive paper that Mariella had put down for him. He was almost completely covered in paint from head to tail, but he seemed to enjoy painting as much as she did. Seeing him look so innocent and goofy she couldn't help but smile back.


Returning to her work, she tried to focus on the blank paper before her. Her eyes were narrowed and her eyes scrunched up in concentration. A bit of charcoal was smudged across her nose. She drew dragons, trees, vikings, rivers, fish, but nothing seemed right. She crushed up her latest idea and threw the paper in the barrel. That morning she'd drawn countless Viking Clan Crests, but none of them would do. Jasper looked up toward her and whined sympathetically.


Mariella closed her eyes and listened to the sounds around her. She heard her own breathing, Jasper playing with the paints, the other Vikings training outside with their dragons or attending classes, the roar of the waterfalls and the tweeting of birds. Opening her eyes again, she got up and walked over to the window and looked outside, desperate for inspiration. Looking down, she noticed a tiny sprout had come up out of her dorm-room's flower box.


“That's it!” Mariella exclaimed excitedly, startling Jasper and making him jump up. She ran back to her desk and grabbed a brush and began to paint. Jasper grinned big and followed her over to the desk. Mariella patted his head and showed him the painting.


“Look! Two dragons curled protectively around a small sprout- isn't it perfect? Brown and green will work great for this crest... Oh, I just can't wait...” Mariella closed her eyes and imagined how great her clan would be. “Earthguard.” she beamed. “It will be glorious!” Jasper wagged his massive tailed and licked her hand. With big eyes and a racing heart, Mariella said, “Let's make a few posters and go hang them up!”


* * *


Together, after hanging up a couple posters at the Commons* Mariella and Jasper left with saddlebags bursting full of posters and nails. They buzzed over to the School humming with excitement. “Snow Leopards, The Dragon Racers, Valor, The Phantom Lords and Shadows... They're great and all, but we need a clan that really stands for something. A clan that reaches farther than the Berk Watch or even the A-Team or Hiccup and his friends can go. We need a clan that looks out for not just Berk or the School, but the whole realm...” Mariella thought aloud to Jasper as they walked about the School hanging posters. He looked up at her, concerned. Mariella pat his head and smiled. “We will look out for everybody, including Dragons. No trapping Skrills in ice or making risky moves like disrupting the flow of Flightmare's algae into the ocean just because it suits us...Imagine the ecological disaster it could have caused if Hiccup's plan had gone wrong.” Jasper growled low, thinking of the mistakes Hiccup and his friends had made even with their good intentions. Mariella stroked his ears reassuringly. “We will make sure Dragons never get hurt like that again, I promise.” She then reached into her waist pouch and took out a nice round rock for Jasper to snack on, which he munched on gratefully. “Now we just need to go home to Berk.”


* * *


With Jasper's help Mariella hung up the last poster in Berk. The two stood together and admired their work.


“I hope people decide to join. There's so much good we could accomplish if we worked as a team.... What if nobody wants to join?” Mariella worried. Jasper bumped up against her and nudged her hand with his snout, quietly rumbling. Her frown turned to a smile as she scratched Jasper behind the ears. “It's not going to be easy, but I think we do it... No, I know we can, Jasper!” Mariella said with determination. Jasper wagged his tail enthusiastically. “Just one more stop before we return to the school.”


Mariella and Jasper stopped by their childhood home. To their great luck, Randulf was home. “Father, we're home!” she called out and Jasper bellowed. “Ahh... I was wondering when I'd see you again. Come here and give your father a hug.” Mariella hugged him tight, happy to see him because it had been a long time. “My, what a mess you are. Did you realized you and your dragon are covered in paint?” Jasper jumped up on Randulf, who gave him a pat on the head and calmed him down. Blushing, Mariella replied, “Oh, I completely forgot. I was so excited about creating a new clan at the School...” and she told him all about Earthguard and the hopes she had for it. Randulf put his hand on her shoulder. “I know you can do it. Now go make this old man proud.”


* * *


That night, after washing up, Mariella kissed Jasper goodnight as he was sleeping soundly on his warm stone bed. She first went over to the window and gazed out at moon and starry night before signing, closing the curtains, and returning to bed. She worried that while she was afraid of other Vikings joining, she was even more frightened of them joining, because she knew her simple life would never be the same again.


((The Commons was a location the used to exist in the School area of SOD when Flight Club and Thunder Run were located at the school, about where the river and Training Grounds path are now. I think is imporant to have the option to live on-campus, so in our roleplay it will be found up the hill and through the cave above the entrance to the look-out. The area will be grassy, with rock walls on three sides and have a view of the ocean.

Air mail was invented by Hiccup in the episode "Appetite for Distruction". Terrible Terror are trained and used as mail carriers, similar to Passenger Pidgeons. For RP purposes, there will several trained Terrible Terrers at the stables which will deliver mail if fed. If wish to train one of these Terrors you are welcome to do so.))


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The beginning - Rubinesse

It was a cloudy, windy morning. Rubinesse took a deep breath of the fresh ocean breeze that was flowing around Berk village. She had left her hut early, carrying a basket in her hands. Winnie was walking behind her, yawning every now and then. They made their way from their home next to Svens farm, over the big bridge, down to Berk harbor.

Yesterday, Rue had found her planted herbs covered with blue bugs that she had not seen before and that seemed to do her herbs quite some harm. She wanted to ask Phlegma if she knew anything about these bugs and how to get rid of them without killing them but today wasn't one of these regular days when Phlegma visited Berk, so Rue and Winnie had to take the ship to the Lookout.

"I know, I don't like getting sea sick either...", she said smilingly as she saw the look an Winnies face when they were standing on the wooden landing about to enter the little boat to Berk. "It's not gonna take longer than half an hour", she continued soothingly and petted Winnies furry scales.


Some time and some rough waves later they both got off the boat at the Lookouts, both with pale faces. Well, at least Rue, Winnie was still brown and black but she also looked very happy to be on land again.

After having visited Phlegma who had given Rue some herbal essence to spray her herbs with, which would make the bugs go away by themselves because they didn't like the smell of it, Winnie and her decided to stay at the school for a while before going back on the boat to Berk. Rubinesse climbed on Winnies back and the dragon ran towards the bridge to the school, flapping her wings playfully and growling joyfully. "I'm happy Phlegma gave me this essence. If we had told Gothic about the bugs he surely would have offered to eat them but let's try it like this first. We can still... Oh wait a second, Winnie! I wanna look at that." They were standing in front of the main school building now and Rue was standing in front of a poster that was pinned on the wall and which had caught her eye. "Earthguard... That sounds nice, don't you think?" Rue read the written text to her dragon. Winnie growled approvingly. Rubinesse had been thinking about joining a clan already... "Winnie, I think we should keep that one in mind. Let's think about joining... " The Whooly Howl gave her human a little push with the head. "What?" Another push, this time a bit stronger. It seemed like Winnie wanted her to go somewhere. "Winnie, what do you want?" The Whooly Howl nodded her head in direction of the Commons and growled demanding. "No no no, I'm not rushing this. I wanna think about joining for some days first, okay? I know I have been talking to you about joining a clan for several months now but... ah, you know how cautious and nervous I can be sometimes when it comes to meeting new people... I don't even know what they expect from their future members. Gothic and I have barely been flying together and you know how much of a catastrophe it can be when we do. I don't know if they would want me to join them..." An impatient growl, a heart-warming reassuring look and another slight push. "Well...*sigh*...okay..." They both walked up the pathway to the adress that was indicated on the poster. "I don't know Winnie. We can't just walk up to her hut and knock on the door. The poster said write a mail! What will they think of us just bumping into their house? ... Nah, well, okay... I can at least ask her what the aquirements are for joining Earhguard... Hope that will be alright with her."


But when Rubinesse was knocking on the door it seemed like noone was at home. "Okay then, so we'll be writing a letter or come back in a few days" she told Winnie. She climbed on her back and they returned to the school building. Just when they decided to leave for Berk and were running around the school building towards the elevator to the ship, they - without noticing them - passed behind a blond girl with paint on her face and a Gronckle watching her hang-up another Earthguard-poster.

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Mornings. Ugh.

  A tapping, rattling sound at the window roused Tally from her sleep. She looked up, blinking, at the window of her compact bedroom: one large, pinkish-red eye peered back at her through the small space.

"All right, all right, I'm on my way!" she groaned, rolling out of bed and grabbing some clothes off the heap on the floor.

She emerged from the door rubbing her hand over her left eye, and glanced at the sun, higher in the sky than she'd have preferred. Her alarm clock, a large Whispering Death, clicked at her, affectionately and just a little reproachfully. "I know, Ellen, I'm sorry... Everything's ready, let's go get it."


 The small farmhouse was ringed by cliffs on three sides at the rear, but the shallow, south-facing slopes in front caught the sun nicely for the best part of the day. At the rear of the house was a gap between the rocks which showed signs of having been enlarged by burrowing dragons. Beside the gap was a barn, in the doorway of which was a large wooden pallet and a wheelbarrow laden with sacks. The pallet held barrels and baskets, and had a metal frame over the top like a huge handle. Ellen seized the frame in her jaws and lifted the pallet: Tally took the handles of the wheelbarrow and the odd pair carted their loads through the gap in the cliffs.


The short passageway opened out into a large sandy area like a natural stable yard, completely surrounded by cliffs peppered with large tunnels. Tally and Ellen carted their loads to a huge cauldron sunk into the floor next to a large pool at the edge of the yard, fed by a stream which emerged from the rocks, steaming and bubbling as it flowed.

  Ellen upended the baskets and barrels into the cauldron while Tally picked up a large wooden spout. One end she inserted into a groove in the rocks beneath the flow of steaming water: the other rested on the lip of the cauldron. Hot water flowed into the cauldron. She and Ellen took up big sticks and stirred the concoction, and the smell of boiling fish and meat - there was chicken and yak meat in there today - and vegetables began to waft around the yard.

  After some time, large sniffing reptilian noses began to emerge from the holes in the rocks. Tally and Ellen began to split open sacks and dump in the contents - crushed oats - making the bubbling stew in the cauldron into a sort of thick, meaty, fishy porridge. The smell was peculiar, but the dragons began to hum and gurgle. Ellen leaned over and sniffed. Tally picked up a huge ladle and poured some of the mixture into the dragon's mouth. Ellen swallowed and made a low rattling hum that was nearly a purr: then she lifted the entire cauldron, heaved it across to the huge circular feeding trough in the centre of the yard and, with the help of a large green Snafflefang, tipped the whole thing into the trough. Ellen and the Snafflefang, whose name was Gytha, ate first, although sparingly: then the other dragons began to approach the trough.


Tally had brought a bowl of yak milk and added a handful of oats and a little hot water, and was sitting on the near-empty pallet eating ordinary porridge with a handful of berries. One of the barrels had been kept back from the strange porridge: a big red Death Song wandered over, stuck her nose in the barrel, made a sing-song noise of delight and then upended the barrel, gulping down its contents in two mouthfuls.

"You'll get indigestion, Irene" Tally said fondly: the beautiful dragon nudged her, then wandered off and and curled up contentedly in the sun.


A much smaller dragon sauntered over: a Stormcutter, electric blue and white. Her golden crest almost gleamed in the sun, and her scales shone with a near-iridescence. She nosed her head up under Tally's arm, demanding affection. "Hi, Sammie", Tally said, scratching the spot under the crest on her neck that she knew the dragon found hard to reach. Sammie rested her whole head in Tally's lap and hummed gently with contentment.


Her moment's peace was interrupted by a thundering sound and a cloud of flying sand, as a huge, spiny Catastrophic Quaken chased a small purple Flightmare right past them: in moments, they had reached the wall of the cliff and come racing back the other way - the Flightmare chasing the Quaken this time.


"Agnes!" Tally called, and the Quaken skidded to a halt, throwing up more sand. Behind her, a big orange Typhoomerang nosed at her food with a disgusted expression: Agnes' sudden stop had thrown sand into the food trough. A Gronckle stuck its nose directly under the Typhoomerang's head and cheerfully sucked up the sandy porridge. The Typhoomerang snorted disdainfully and moved to the other side of the trough.


The Quaken bounded over, followed by the little Flightmare. The Stormcutter looked sideways at Tally: she said "We're only going to market, Sammie, and to deliver Gobber's shirts. It's going to be boring." Sammie looked at the Quaken, back to Tally, then back at the Quaken: she bounded over and chirped at the Flightmare, who bounced up and down on all fours, peeping and gurgling madly. Agnes nudged the little purple dragon gently, pushing her sideways: the Flightmare nuzzled her, bounded over to Tally, nudged her head under Tally's hand, then bounded back to Agnes and nuzzled her again for good measure. Tally laughed. "I'll look after her, Kaylee, I promise!"


She and Agnes made her way back through the pass to the farmhouse, collecting several bags of newly-spun coarse yarn, which Tally hoped to sell for rugs, and a parcel labelled "Gobber" from the doorway; Tally slung these in a pack which she carried on her back before hopping up onto Agnes' back. The big Quaken took off, and they flew at a leisurely pace, enjoying the unusually fine morning.


Upon arrival at Berk, she dropped off Gobber's shirts and went to investigate the notice boards. There were the usual odd-job and trade notices from various people, a few Wanted posters for dragon trappers and clan notices - some of which were marked 'TOP SECRET! FOR CLAN EYES ONLY!!!!'.

"That'll work," Tally smirked; she glanced them over and spotted that Phlegma needed coarse yarn or string to keep away slugs. Tally's would be perfect: Phlegma was at the School.


Suddenly, she realised she'd lost track of her dragon. "Agnes?" She turned to see her Quaken rubbing her neck against one of the dragon-perch posts; not a problem, it was tough enough for Agnes not to do significant damage... but when she moved back Tally saw the remnants of a poster, shredded by Agnes' stubby spines.

"Oh, Thor. Agnes..." She went to inspect the poster. It had been painted by hand, and by someone who had a bit of skill. Tally read what she could: it looked like some sort of clan recruitment poster. She didn't have much time for such things - well, more accurately, they did not usually have time for her - but she supposed she ought to go and apologise for what Agnes had done, especially as she couldn't see another poster anywhere.


The only sign of an address was a leftover scrap stuck to one of Agnes' spines, reading "Room 211, The Commons". Tally and Agnes set off for the School, with the collected bits of poster rolled up and tied with a length of the hairy yarn in her pack.

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The Next Day (Day 2, Morning-Noon)

  Mariella could hardly get any sleep that night. She tossed and turned, dreaming of everything that could go wrong. She would wait and wait for somebody to send her Airmail or show up at her door but days would pass and her hair grew grey until she became a skeleton. If she dreamed about having a team, she dreamed about losing them to the mouths of giant dragons or to the swords of their enemies, or sometimes they would wind up as slaves for the rest of their lives. Deep down she knew that Earthguard was no ordinary clan because being a part of it comes with real danger and her heart could not bear anything bad happening to her fellow clanmates.


  When Mariella finally woke up in the morning she found Jasper lying on the floor next to her bed with his chubby face lying on the straw mattress. He was breathing deeply, occasionally snoring deep rumbling snores, and had a tiny bubble coming from one of his nostrils. She gently patted his head and stroked his ears, smiling. She loved how he would always come to comfort her if she slept restlessly. He sleepily bat his eyes a few times before getting up and licking her face, growling affectionately. 


  "Alright, alright! I'm getting up. Hahaha..." Mariella laughed, gently shoving his big face and licking tongue away. Jasper sat down and looked up at her with big eyes and whimpered. She thought she heard his stomach growl. "Aw, I'm sorry Jasper... You must be starving. I didn't mean to oversleep. Let's get some breakfa-... um, brunch?" Mariella replied apologetically.


  She got up and put on some of her nicest clothes (a green "nature" top and a nice blue skirt) in case anybody showed up at her door while she was home. She walked over to the dorm room window and opened the curtains. First she looked at the little sprout that had started to grow in her flower-box and found that there were now three, and one was beginning to bloom. Mariella smiled, feeling it was a good omen.


  Birds were chirping and the campus was already abuzz with students and dragons flying all over the campus. Mariella turned her gaze to the sundial on the center of the Common's lawn. Her eyes grew big and concerned. "Eleven-o-clock! I definitely overslept! Oh, there's still so much to do..."


  Mariella hurried about, grabbing her backpack, Jasper's saddlebags, her sketch book, art, medical supplies, her woven baskets and pottery all the while Jasper sat down patiently waiting. After putting on Jasper's saddlebags and packing everything away, Mariella took her coin purse from its hiding place and put it in a hidden pocket in her backpack (because if she wasn't careful, Jasper would make a meal of her hard-earned gems) and finally set off for the School farmland. 


  The farm wasn't far away from the Commons, but she wanted to make sure that they didn't miss any Vikings while they were out. Mariella and Jasper flew as fast as they could (which actually wasn't very fast) but they had a grand old time while they were at it. Jasper flew along, swaying left and right, humming like a bumble bee with a big goofy grin and his tongue sticking out. Mariella hung on tight to the saddle, her long golden blond hair blowing in the wind. Her face was all scrunched up with happiness and she giggled as they flew over the cliff down to the Look Out, and then through the twisting, turning ravine to the farm. Oh, how they loved to fly.


  Mariella's farm was large and full of all kinds of animals. She had yaks, sheep, chicken, bunnies, turkeys, even a few arctic fox, puffins and turtles. She had engineered feeding and watering stations for each kind of animal that dropped food or let down water as they consumed it. That way, Mariella only had to feed them weekly (and water was always available from the waterfall). Today she did not need to feed them so she only quickly went about her chores, collecting eggs, milk, and furs, fish from her trap, and harvesting plants  and vegetables from her garden while Jasper lazed about, basking in the sun.


  To Mariella's great luck, Johann came by with his cart ringing his bell. "Looking for fresh produce! Fresh produce please, I'll buy it!" he called out as he pulled his empty cart along. "Hey, Johann! It's Mariella. Come here and I'll sell you everything you need," Mariella yelled back. Johann turned her way and waved, then pulled the cart over. "Aye, Mariella it's good to see you, young lass. What do you have for me today?"


  Mariella sold him all her fresh picked produce, furs, turtle eggs, fish, some milk and eggs for coins. Her hand-made pottery, dishware, and baskets she sold for gems. "Your workmanship is stunning, as always, Mariella. Phlegma has taught you well. Oh, the designs on this one remind me of that one time-" Johann began, always eagar to share his stories and adventures. Mariella laughed quietly to herself, and tried to interupt him as politely as possible. "Thank you Johann for everything, but my dragon Jasper is starving and waiting to be fed. I really should tend to him..." she paused for a moment, thinking. "... but before you go, can you do me a favor? Can you hang my clan poster on your cart for a day? I think it'll help me get the visibility I need to recruit somebody. I'll give you some gold for it." Johann clasped her on the shoulder and smiled warmly. "You're one of my best customers and providers. For you, Mariella, I'll do it for free. Have a g'day, lass." After Mariella gave him the poster and thanked him, Johann turned and left, heading toward the Look Out and the school. In the distance she heard him yell, "Fresh produce! Get it while it's fresh! Corn, pumpkins, cabbage... Fresh river fish! Salmon..." his voice and bell ringing grew father and father away until she could no longer hear him.


  After retrieving fish from her fish trap in the river, Mariella went into barn with one basket full of eggs, a net full of fish, a bucket full of spring water, and one hungry Jasper at her heels. She set the hearth on fired and filled her cauldron with water and eggs. Jasper sat in front of the cauldron with slobber dripping from him mouth-boiled eggs was his favorite. When the eggs were done Mariella removed them from the cauldron and put half a dozen unpeeled eggs into a large bowl full of various rocks, with a sprinkle of sand. Jasper immediately went for the bowl, and ate each delicious treat one by one. Marriella had a couple eggs herself, but preferred hers peeled. She topped hers with a pinch of sea salt and had yak milk to wash them down. After Jasper had a drink from his water trough the two set back out to return home.


After a nice, leisurely ride home, Mariella spotted a slightly older, ginger haired Viking woman with one tattered poster tucked under her arms and a gigantic dragon. Mariella patted Jasper and he landed on the ground beside her. Nervously Mariella asked her, "Heh-hello... I see you have one of my posters for my new clan, Earthguard. You didn't happen to be interested in joining, were you?" Mariella smiled, trying to be friendly. 





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Brasa strode across the

Brasa strode across the Commons. She needed to change, as her sleeves were spattered with dragon blood. It had not been a good morning. Fern trotted behind, making small clucking noises like a mother hen. Lessons this morning ended up being quite real. A young hot-headed Viking boy on an equally young and hot-headed Nadder had tried to fly at high speeds through a dense forest on the dare of his friends. The result was the dragon getting impaled on a broken, fallen tree, piercing through the upper chest and wing muscles on the left side. The dragon took the brunt of the impact, but the boy had also gotten impaled through his left shoulder and arm as well. Gothi and her healer apprentices tended the boy, after giving the howling thrashing dragon a pitcher filled with a strong tincture of Dragon Nip, Dragon Root, Mandrake, and Willow Bark. Fortunately the other dragons knew what they were about and helped pin down the wounded Nadder. With the Nadder thus sedated and merely whimpering, Gobber set to work under the concerned but eager eyes of herself and the other students, and sewed up the muscle and flesh as best as he could, with a needle carved from the Nadder's own spines. Stitched up, Brasa had given her young Prickleboggle, Fern, a large bowl of plantain, honey, and arnica to chew. She reluctantly did so - despite the honey it had to be bitter, especially for a dragon - then spit the cud back into the bowl. Brasa packed it around the wounds, and the other students bound the wing arm and shoulder with large swatches of sail-cloth. The attendant dragons placed the Nadder on the back of Gobber's Hotburple, and the group took him to the stables to recouperate. Both dragon and boy would likely live, but because of the muscle damage, the use of their limbs was uncertain.

   But, when you were a meat-eating Viking living with large carnivorous creatures, the sight of some blood or even entrails on your clothes warrented only a glance at most from passers-by.



   "Good Morning," Brasa mouthed at the closest people she passed, or perhaps nodded in acknowledgement. She mostly recieved the same greeting. Berkians were a friendly lot. For the most part the original residents of Berk accepted her and other Vikings that immigrated from elsewhere, but some - especially the older generations - were still highly skeptical. Tradition said they were to be hospitable, especially since the Chiefdom accepted them, but she and the others brought some different ideas and also the threat of subterfuge. She couldn't blame the naysayers - her own tribe condoned killing dragons and sometimes supported the Dragon Hunters.

   The faculty at the School was also aware of the slight undercurrent of suspicion that followed the "others", and encouraged them to branch out from each other and join a school clan with Berkians, rather than remaining isolated amongst themselves. Not only would this foster brotherhood and goodwill amongst all, but, Brasa thought with a touch of cynicism, prevent the non-Berkians from closing in on themselves or even hatching a plot against Berk. Besides, everyone practically had to join a clan for fun, practice, bonding, and to be a squadron to fight for and protect Berk. Though Brasa did not disavow the Tribe of her birth, Berk was her home now.

  Villagers and students passed by. A peachy-cheeked girl and a frowning Snow Wraith. A student on a black Howl with a golden spike-mane. Two women standing together - a red-head and a blonde - holding a tattered clan notice between them. Too late and too close - Brasa's gaze shifted from the poster, met their eyes, and she was obliged to pause for an awkward Hello.

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Questions ...

((Can you explain the layout of the School a bit? Are the Commons meant to be a bit like a dorm? I haven't figured out where my character is sleeping at night yet. It sounded like from your last post, Mariella, that there are communal School farmlands? Do our dragons stay in stables beneath the School island - I'm assuming each student gets a stable area, and these stables are different from the caves/hangar on Berk?))

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The School, Stables, and Commons

The School is, for the most part, laid out the same as it appears in game except that the Stables between the School and Berk are not linked together. The School is made up of four sections separated by mountains. The North-West part of the island is the Wilderness, the North-most part is the Look Out, and the North-East part is the Training Grounds. 


The largest area is the school campus, which has the School building where classes are held. Unlike modern school, classes aren't on a fixed schedule and taking classes is completely optional. Room and board is free for all ages, and meals are served three times a day at the school cafeteria (it's the room with the tables that have fire-pits in the middle) to younger Vikings 18 and younger. (Adults are expected to survive off their farm and/or money.)


The meals and upkeep of the school is purely provided by volunteers and charity. Teachers post notices for classes they are having, and students pick and choose which classes they want to attend. Classes can be about anything, from dragon stages of life to medicine to Viking and Dragon History. Phlegma, Mulch, Stoick, Heather, Gobber, and the Headmaster frequently teach lessons, but they are not the only teachers. 


The Hatchery is in a cave toward the north of this section. Like the game, the Hatchery is a cave with a pool of lava and a moving platform for dunking eggs in lava, which causes eggs to hatch.You may use this method to hatch eggs, or have eggs hatch "on their own time" if you prefer.


This same cave splits off into the Dragon Stables. Unlike the game, the School's Dragon Stables are vast, seemingly endless, with the first room being a shared, gigantic room with feeding stations and maps. Many caved are numbered and claimed by students, and some tunnels are named similar to how streets are named. Rooms and tunnels go all under the entire island like a giant ant nest. Some are natural while others were carved out by whispering death or Vikings. Like the game, you can have different types of rooms, such as one with lava (Stoker Stable), natural springs (Tidal Stable) or have openings near the ocean (Boulder Stable). If you preferred, you could have your personal stable fictionally located at your farm or another location instead.


The Commons area used to exist near the School campus, but it has since been removed from the game. For our RP, it will be fictionally located up the hill above the entrance the Look Out, and through the cave. It will lead open to a large, grassy area with a sundial with a flower garden around it, and the Dorm Building is set against a steep wall with a view of the ocean and the Look Out below. If you were riding a dragon, you could fly down to the Look Out.


The Commons Building is very much like a dorm. There are many, many bedrooms and only one kitchen in the middle, which students may share. The left wing of the building is for boys and the right wing for girls. There is a bathhouse on each end, both of which have enclosed natural hot springs for bathing. The dorm is heated by the kitchen fireplace and the natural geothermal energy from the hotsprings. 


Wild dragons and animals may be found in the wilderness. Unlike the game, the wilderness forest is more dense and terrain is more rugged. Students go here to learn survival and to bond with their dragons and to get away from the world. 


At the Look Out, you will find the Green House and a trail that leads to the School farmland. This farm area is like the game's farm, only imagine that it stretched for miles.. and every student who wanted to farm got a portion of the land. This farmland extends West, near the coast and toward the Wilderness.


Finally the Training Grounds is where students go to compete. The Arena is used for practice fighting, target shooting, and obstacle courses. Flight Club is an actual club, where people go to learn and practice flying and gliding. Sometimes Viking students preform tricks, and the others grade on these tricks or skills. The Thunder Run building is where people meet to plan races.

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School Map?

So, since we've had this discussion, I've been itching to have a visual representation of the School. And came up with the map below! Yes, I traced the outlines of the Island and large water bodies, as well as the compass. And I didn't get too detailed with buildings and such!

  It is NOT drawn to scale (neither is the one in SOD).

  I have made some modifications to include student farmlands, the Commons, and ports for boats. Has anyone wondered how those ships at the School and Lookout got there, when there is no exit to the ocean?? And the shallow water/mud/whatever at the end of the Wilderness - it seemed fitting to make that area a kind of marshlands area.

Anyway, hope its helpful!


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Wow, that map is amazing!

Wow, that map is amazing!