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Cheerio, my fellow HTTYD fans! As the title suggests, this is a thread where we can discuss the HTTYD soundtracks. That’s not a thing I see so often here. So, that’s why I wanted to create a separate thread, and this will be posted on DeviantArt, too. But oh, let’s face it; John Powell did an amazing job there. I am heavily addicted to these wonderful songs and I could listen to them all day, I swear!

And my friends, be warned, this can even get a tid-bit emotional. There are just some songs that could’ve not been better.

What do I do here? So, every now and then, assumingly once or twice a week, I will post a comment featuring a soundtrack from the movies, which means a link to YouTube, and then I’ll add something of my own comment.

And yes, I will post every single soundtrack, from both movies. Also, I’d love to hear your own opinion and favourite songs! ^-^

(Why this thread? I don’t know either.)

Please, do not reply directly to any of the comments featuring one of the songs.

But, you’re all free to reply now and whenever you want.

Have a nice day!





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HTTYD Soundtrack Discussion Thread

A thread for those who love the soundtracks from the movies!


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This is Berk - DNR directly, please!

This is Berk


(Select the text and click "search on web")

Famous for Hiccup’s classic ”This is Berk” narration. It introduces Berk in the beginning, in the first movie, and mostly our beloved Hiccup telling how desperate the place is. He introduces a pile of rocks with Vikings living there, refusing to leave the island just because some fiery lizards are flying around. To be honest, this whole narration is so nostalgic that it could basically make me cry.

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“There will always be a Hiccup and Astrid. Always.”

Yes!! Finally! A soundtrack thread!! I love the HttYD music, John Powell is an amazing musician and I’m glad he also is working on the new Solo: A Star Wars story, him and John Williams working together is sure to create s fantastic score. totally tracking!!


my favorite song would have to be either romantic flight (cause Hiccstrid, duh ;)) or Where No One Goes. I’m a runner, and whenever I go running I listen to where no one goes along with the rest of the soundtrack. (Yes I’m very much a nerd) once I had my music at full volume playing where no one goes but my headphones weren’t plugged in and the whole neighborhood heard it! That was embarrassing...



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My main fandoms are How to Train Your Dragon and Star Wars. (Don't ask me which one I like more, I'm undecided. They're both so amazing!) I also like Stranger Things, Studio C, POTC, Harry Potter, The Emporer's New Groove, Napoleon Dynamite, and LoTR, but this list goes on and on forever. My favorite TV show is Race to the Edge (obvioulsy) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Fandoms aside, I love reading, hiking, playing with my dog, writing stories and fanfics, and HICCSTRID! (More on that farther down) As far as sports, I run Cross Country and Track/Field for my school. That's pretty much it, I'm not that interesting! 

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We are a clan dedicated to the greatest OTP (and winner of 2017's best couple in fandom) ever, and "We fight together no matter what!" Our wonderful clan leader is Fasterid, and we have several amazing elders! If you ship it, and are looking for a clan, send in your submission; we'd love to add you!

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Hiccstrid!!! (If that wasn't obvious :))


When I first watched HTTYD, I thought that they were a cute couple, and I lked the moments that they had together. Two years later, when I got into the fandom, I watched Blindsided with my sister, who thought it was disgusting but I thought it was adorable. I don't know just when, but I guess a week or so later I realized they were my new OTP!

I write fan fiction for them,(never fan art, I cannot draw to save my life) but I never publish it anywhere; I'm to shy. Most of it is on the side of school worksheets, but I always write it down on the computer later. I rotate every day between watching the Hiccstrid moments on YouTube. I think I'm past the point of no return, but they're so cute!!! For sure my OTP, not just for HTTYD but for fandom in general.

I really hope that they get married either in HTTYD 3 or in a wedding short. I was kind of dissapointed we didn't get to see Hiccup propose, but maybe Viking society just works that way. Either way, I'm glad we got to see more in Season 5. Of course I would never say that enough was enough; that's just me. 

If I had to choose a favorite Hiccstrid moment,I would say when he tells her that "there will always be a Hiccup and Astrid", and then tried to kiss her. I think that this was such show of support and bravery to confess his feelings like that! Second would definatley be either the end of Sandbusted or Blindsided. Ok, I'll stop with the rant. But they're so cute!

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Sorry for the long and unesscary rant!
Other ships I like from HTTYD are
StoickxValka (Stakla)
HeatherxFishlegs (Heathlegs)
SnotloutxHis"S"... lol
From other fandoms, my OTP's are: 


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Steve HarringtonxHis Nail-Bat thing ;)


My Star Wars Section: 

(Because I have to have something)

I can't even begin to talk about Star Wars without making this annoying, so I'll keep it short. When I was 12, I was finally allowed to watch all the movies out at that time (Star Wars 1-6) In ten minutes, I had forgotten even my own name because I was so engrossed in the movie. The lightsaber fights, the story, the skywalkers, the weapons, the lore, the fandom, the romance, the plot twists, THE LIST GOES ON AND ON!! Okay, I need to calm down now. But man, Star Wars. Is. My. Life. I know EVERYTHING about it, including all the obscure charecters and blaster names. 

Favorite Movie (of Star Wars): Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back

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Favorite Part: I love you, I know or No, I am your father scene

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#viggoprotectionsquad-he is amazing!

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Really random, but Toothless is so cute!

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YOU'RE NOT ALONE! Really, John Powell nailed this! Oh, i have both Romantic Flight and Where No One Goes on my playlist!


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Dragon Battle - DNR Directly, please!

Dragon Battle


I had some extra free time, so I posted another one.

Dragon Battle – Sounds weird, right? The village known for respecting dragons as equals has had a history of a war between vikings and dragons. If Hiccup had never shot down Toothless, this movie’s title would be “How to Kill Your Dragon”

This soundtrack is very Viking war-esque in my own opinion, and it describes the fights of the ongoing war with k.iller beasts also known as dragons.

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Finally a place for me to gush out over music


  I have a hard time deciding which song I like best. The two that I have at a solid tie are Dragon Racing and Flying with Mother.


For Dragon Racing AKA this is Berk 2.0 I love how it mashes almost all the songs from the first soundtrack and how it really get's me pumped. I would love to have it playing every time I get on my bike.

As for Flying with Mother for me I always associate it with the majestic side of the dragons. When ever I'm just flying around in the game I just have it on in the background it really makes you feel like as long as your in the air you don't have a care in the world and when it hits that big symphony at the end I still can't help but tear up a little.


    Well hello all who happened to stumble across my sig. Allow me to allow me to introduce myself I am the great RHPenguin but you probably knew that already.


    I'd like to call myself a creator. I love createing stuff weather it's through drawing are writing. I also love to make people laugh and feel good so when your around me expect bad jokes to come too.


    You can find me here, the SoD discord or on my devant art page link here if you want to check me out.    

Down below are some of my httyd related OC's


  Main Viking OC: Raina Hakan Petra or just RHP

  This dude is a bit of a loon if I'm honest but what he may lack in sanity he makes up for with his heart. As the captain of the slightly  sunken ship the Blu Eel he travels from island in search of wealth and fame. He also has an obsession with mask.


  Main Dragon OC: Apple the grapple grounder

  Apple has a is a bit of a narcissist and can be a jerk sometimes. He does have a soft side however for his late family and is desperate to find more of his kind.

Done by me.

Done by Arrowalker

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Haha, you there took the words out of my mouth! I love both songs! Like you said, Dragon Racing sounds similar to the original This is Berk, but in a more happy and even epic way. Flying with mother is so sweet, and it gives you the feeling that you're actually gliding high in the sky with your own dragon ^_^

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Tracking, of course! ;) Looking forward to all your analyses!


Hmm, my favorite songs?, I might have a long answer for that. XD


Favorite Song: My favorite How to Train Your Dragon song is probably "Forbidden Friendship" for a number of reasons. The main one is sentiment. It happens during my favorite scene in the whole franchise. Also, I love the strings and gentle percussion sounds and I love how it ends on a choir; strings and voice especially are things I tend to have an ear for. Also, the fact that Toothless' leitmotif plays basically on repeat throughout much of that song is a good thing in my eyes.


And finally, I really love how the music tells a story in that scene. It is the first really major bonding moment between Hiccup and Toothless since they both chose not to kill each other, yet despite it's great significance, it's culmination in the turning point that ends Act 1, it is an entirely non-verbal scene. The images are instead interpreted by the music. The music build softly; more instruments come in and the music crescendos as they become more and more comfortable with each other, growing as their trusts in each other grows. Even the dance Hiccup does is a "dance" because of the music and demonstrates how they're dancing both with and around each other at the moment. And in that final moment when Hiccup and Toothless show ultimate trust - Hiccup by closing his eyes and making himself vulnerable and Toothless by letting a human touch him - everything goes quiet as we focus in on this one intimate moment. Now you put that whole scene on mute, and it loses a lot of its power. It's a moment where the music isn't really supporting the story so much as acting with the visuals to actually tell us the story.


Song I'm Most Impressed With: Now the song I'm most impressed with as an individual composition is "Dragon Racing" from the second film. See, soundtrack music is a storytelling aid meant to be paired with visuals, so often the music itself is not very complex on its own. For all my gushing about "Forbidden Friendship," it's a very simple composition, not that impressive in terms of its writing. Not so with "Dragon Racing." Combining themes and leitmotifs that appeared throughout the first film and themes and leitmotifs that will appear, it is basically a How to Train Your Dragon suite. And not only does it vary greatly in volume and instrument composition throughout the entire song, but it even changes time signatures. There's at least 3, maybe 4 different time signatures, and they change...4 times, I think? Maybe 5? The energy never dies in this piece; conducting it would be a blast!


Favorite Musical Moment: My favorite single musical moment in How to Train Your Dragon, however, occurs in "Battling the Green Death" in the first film. It's during the moment when Stoick jumps into the water to save Toothless right after rescuing Hiccup (which happens at about the 4:15 minute mark in the song, based on a YouTube vid). See, throughout the movie, you have heard the Vikings' theme - which basically contains Stoick's leitmotif - in these big brass sounds. Toothless' leitmotif up to that point was always played with soft percussion, strings, pipes, things of that nature, things that are lighter, airier. His leitmotif is also used to indicate "change" within the story. When Stoick saves Toothless, however, Toothless' leitmotif is played in big brass sounds with an underlying men's choir that normally symbolizes Vikings. It's a moment that signifies the two sides of Hiccup's life - his best friend Toothless the dragon who changed him and his traditional Viking father whom he still loves - are finally coming together at last. It's the exact musical moment that starts us toward the emotional climax of the story.


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Abominable: male Titan Wing Snow Wraith

Icebones (in-game name Stormblaze): male Skrill

Galewing: female Titan Wing Skrill

Slashtail: male Triple Stryke


Boulder Class

Icevein: male Groncicle (2nd main dragon)

Hoarfrost: male Groncicle (Icevein's father)

Permafrost: female Groncicle (Icevein's mother)

Crystal (in-game name Krystal): female Groncicle (Icevein's sister)

Snowblast: male Groncicle (Icevein's brother)

Firn: female Groncicle (Icevein's sister)

Coldnip: male Groncicle (Frozen Groncicle stand-in)

Stonemaw: male Gronckle

Fireball: female Titan Wing Gronckle

Ironmaid (in-game name Honormaid): female Hotburple

Boulderdash: male Catastrophic Quaken

Redwolf: male Grapple Grounder

Meteorblast: male Eruptodon

Sawblade (in-game name Sawfang): male Whispering Death

Bramble: female Titan Wing Whispering Death

Furious: male Screaming Death

Merciless: female Titan Wing Screaming Death

Gemtooth: female Snafflefang

Charity: female Shovelhelm

Stonefist: male Thunderpede


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Frostclaws: male Shivertooth (main racing dragon)

Solstice: female Shivertooth (2nd main racing dragon)

Thistle: female Prickleboggle (main battle dragon; tiny Prickleboggle stand-in)

Oakthorn (in-game name Oakclaw): male Timberjack

Fleetsteps: male Speed Stinger

Spitfire: male Scuttleclaw

Jadeheart: female Titan Wing Scuttleclaw

Silvershard: female Razorwhip

Swiftslice: male Titan Wing Razorwhip

Windrider: female Stormcutter

Owleyes: male Titan Wing Stormcutter

Rainshed: female Raincutter

Shadowhunter: male Devilish Dervish


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Brightclaw: female Deadly Nadder (starter dragon)

Horntail: male Titan Wing Deadly Nadder

Echo: female Mudraker

Bullheart: male Rumblehorn


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Splashwing: female Sliquifier

Seacry: female Thunderdrum

Darkbreather: male Titan Wing Thunderdrum

Fjord: male Sand Wraith

Shorewind: female Titan Wing Sand Wraith

Sparky: male Shockjaw

Wavedancer: female Tide Glider

Riptide: male Scauldron

Freyasfang: female Windwalker


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Professor: male Flightmare (main Halloween dragon)

Starshine: female Titan Wing Flightmare

Sneak, Snip, Snap & Trap: male Snaptrapper (Leafy Snaptrapper stand-in)

Scourge: female Boneknapper

Wishbone: male Titan Wing Boneknapper

Nightingale: female Sithersong

Doomfang: male Death Song

Evermore: male Tiny Tooth Death Song

Bandit: male Armorwing

Flower: female Changewing

Double & Trouble: female Hideous Zippleback

Short & Snout: male Titan Wing Hideous Zippleback

Honey: female Sweet Death

Fortitude: male Buffalord

Mistwalker: female Smothering Smokebreath


Stoker Class

Sparrow: female Terrible Terror

Van (in-game name Slurg): male Titan Wing Terrible Terror

Legacy: female Silver Phantom

Eclipse: female Night Terror

Brightsoul: male Singetail

Scout: female Flame Whipper

Firegale: female Monstrous Nightmare

Ridgeback: male Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare

Lionheart: male Moldruffle

Sunheart: female Fireworm Queen

Cyclone: male Typhoomerang

Fireflight: female Hobblegrunt (Threadtail stand-in)



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Oh, exactly! In Forbidden Friendship, no words are need to be spoken to explain what's going on, Toothless's expressions and the wonderful music tells it all! I listened to this soundtrack 7 times in a row on my train trip, do deeply listen to the details that make this song. What i love about Dragon Racing are the sudden great, loud and high parts. Also, combining old soundtracks together was a good idea. I would call this the most epic one. You know, i should analyze the instruments more. Like in Forbidden Friendship, i love the deep bass parts. And with Battling the Green Death.. I don't need to add anything. The whole scene just throws your emotions around.

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let's geek out

Huh...I have never actually considering that melody being toothless' theme before. I always think of it as Hiccup and Toothless bonding theme seeing that it plays a very big part in forbidden friendship scene and since then whenever it's being used it has something to do with Hiccup and Toothless but then again it could easily be Toothless' theme seeing that of course Toothless is in every scenes that melody trying to tell us something. Now that I think about it, it first play at during the downed dragon, right? In that menencing bagpipe(geez war flash back to Hiccup confront drago) that's definitely more of a Toothless than "Hiccup and Toothless bonding" (but it could still be that, seeing it's the scene they looked into each other eyes and see themselves) so you could be right!


UPDATE!!  Chameishida's Book of Fan dragons Thread  UPDATE!!

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Oh my god, you're going to

Oh my god, you're going to make me geeking out about this, man! If we're going to discuss soundtrack,you can't not talking about the leitmotif! Leitmotif!!  AKA the sub theme playing within the single track, I could analysis what leitmotif's being use in the track and what it represent and I could go on forever but that will be just hijacking your post ^^" so I will just going with favourite track here. Mine is definitely Toothless found, follow closely by Hiccup confronts Drago. 

Okay, can't help myself I'm just going to talk about leitmotif a little here, Both This is berk and Dragon racing uses a lot because both act as the openning overture/suite? the kind that play at the start of the stage play and going over all the themes as it intruducing each element. Please don't k,ill me as I go over This is berk seeing that you have covered it already.

It starts of with the Main main theme becuase of course what is the best way to start of your story other than the main theme, a slow version of it and as camera moving toward berk it's playing Berk's theme then momentary back at main theme again as both song blend together before the quickly escalated into the exciting version of Berk's theme(because the village is in flame) next up is War theme a song that play during most of the scene that show viking's power or war in genral(also play during Battle of the bewilderbeasts) then playing both theme back and forth before majestically morphing into Astrid's theme(Aka romantic flight) as she slow walk out of the flame ending with Berkian's Viking theme then doing its own thing.


my favourtie Leitmotif have to be Dragon's master theme or I almost call it Httyd2 main theme too as it plays very often in that movie, it plays during Toothless lost/found, Flying with mother, Two new alpha and a lot a lot more. It was being prominently used in Toothless found, when Hiccup took a leap of faith showing what it truly meant to earn a dragon trust, I also like how Hiccup/toothless' bond theme(AKA forbiden friendship)follow up in a bit more menecing manner(but not as much as in Hiccup confront drago, which its dark turn and desperation of the theme make me like that song so much) as it's being challenged in that scene. the end it all with the triumph main theme.


ah I'm starting to rambling aren't I? XD sorry to kinda hijacking your post with these analysis! Like I said, I could go on about it forever if given chances.


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For what it's worth, I think your hijacking analysis is wonderful! ^_^

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My favorites..

Well, i should list my own favorites! ^-^ 


Forbidden Friendship: Simple instruments make this soundtrack. The bells, xylophones(?) and percussion show the entire scene in your mind; two totally different worlds coming together, after years of war they find friendship that they've never thought of. Then comes the bass and the song gets louder, until the high flutes and violins come along, and at the end the choir. 


Romantic Flight: If this doesn't melt your emotions then i don't know what does. The violins.. just leave me speechless. Do i need to say more?


Test Drive: I'm learning this on the piano, in fact. (Well of course with both hands. What am i, 7? XD)

This song is also known as the HTTYD theme song. Along with Dragon Racing, this is what i call epic. 


See you Tomorrow: To me, this is the most viking-esque song. I wonder why this isn't seen so much on other top lists. I love the "mid-part" the most. Really, i always play this song when for example, i'm working on a project. Y'know.. i feel like Hiccup then,


Together we Map The World: The violin, again, is the thing i love at the beginning. It is like, a "sequel" for Forbidden Friendship; it shows the bond once formed between the man and beast and how they're inseparable best friends now. Toothless of course, is still threatening Hiccup to drop him off a cliff. XD


DNR directly i need to edit this sometime.




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I apologise all the spelling and grammar mistakes in the previous comment. I'm on mobile so i will edit them tomorrow XD
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oooh MUSIC!!

Not sure if this counts, but I LOVED the song between Stoic and Valka in HTTYD2 that they danced. Also, something I catched last time I watched the movie, the melody of it was playing in the background during Stoic's funeral, just slower and much more melancholy sounding. That aside, The sound track's awesome so I'll keep an eye on this thread!



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My favourite is Stoick's Ship. It express raw emotion. You want to cry. You want Stoick back. You realize the song does him justice, and therefore, his ending is beautiful.





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"There will always be a Hiccup and Astrid. Always."

There are so many amazing HTTYD songs that I can not help but feel that one of the greatest songs of all time is being overshadowed. Let us all not forget the gloriousness that is this song, a true work of art, show casing both lyrical genius and an outstanding vocal range, sung by everyone favorite musician, Snotlout! XD Every time I watch this episode I get this song stuck in my head, and then I'm out and about singing under my breath "I killed my first boar, when I was just a boy, a big ol' battle axe was my favorite toy" and everyone thinks I am very strange. 

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I feel ya. My youth pastor caught me singing that on the church bus and I just about died. XD XD


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I love that!!!

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personally, i enjoy the HTTYD 2 soundtrack much better than that of the HTTYD 1.
but! my favourite song in the HTTYD 1 soundtrack would probably be Romantic Flight. it expresses so much emotion just through its tune. with the HTTYD 2 OST, it has to be Flying With Mother, i can almost feel Hiccup's excitement of meeting his mother again just through the upbeat background and instruments in this song!



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Music that SoD borrowed

I'm glad you started this topic, SingingRedFox. The soundtracks are all so good that I don't want to try to rank my favourites. I'm going to take a different appoach and list a few tracks I have noticed being used for School of Dragons.



Where's Hiccup?

  • First half plays on Titan Island



Meet Drago

  • Beginning was condensed to become the Auction Island theme
  • Mystery Stable music

Hiccup Rescues Stormfly

  • Ocean floor of Ship Graveyard
  • Treasure room on Icestorm Island

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Glad you like it! ^^
I've noticed (please correct me if I'm wrong) that the "second" half of the soundtrack of Titan Island sounds a lot like Romantic Flight.
What I've been doing lately, is going to different locations in the game to hear what soundtrack is used there. Maybe I should list those too, but there are so many locations (including the racing tracks, activities, mini games and farming etc.) so that would take a while.

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More bits you've heard

Oh yes, you're right. At the crescendo it turns to the same melody as Romantic Flight.


I might be able to help you identify other tracks used in the game. For example:


The Downed Dragon

  • Main Stable music from 0:22 - 1:32
  • When you hatch a dragon, 4:04 to the end

See You Tomorrow

  • While reeling in a fish you hear 0:58 - 1:20
  • When you catch it, there's a brief snippet at 1:55
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Good ear!

"See You Tomorrow" is also heard in a TRR track. Gronckle Run it was, if I remember correctly.

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Huge instrumental/orchestra

Huge instrumental/orchestra buff here. John Powell did a fantastic job! My favorites would have to be Romantic Flight, Test Drive, Coming Back Around, and Where No One Goes.


Also, I highly suggest taking a listen to Taryn Habridge's medley cover if you haven't already -- it gives me chills! (Mashup of Romantic Flight, Test Drive, etc). I've been hooked on it for about a week now after binging through John Powell. Take a looksie:


♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

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The Downed Dragon - DNR Directly, please!

The Downed Dragon

(Select text and click on "search on web")


Also one of my favourites. Ah, all of them are my favourites! I love the flute in the beginning, and the bass and violins coming along creating a nice rhythm. I can’t exactly tell what instruments I hear every time I listen to a soundtrack, but oh well. Please correct me! Anyway, after a while of some peaceful music (also used as the soundtrack for Berk in School of Dragons) and Hiccup walking around the forest, a sudden silence comes, but yet with some instruments silently.. playing in the background. What happens next - BANG! I had to turn the volume down, lol!


That’s the moment where Hiccup sees the Night Fury he had shot down, followed by some violins playing fairly dramatically. Then the music gets faster, and other instruments come along (the moment Hiccup starts cutting the ropes.) The “high” moment comes, where Toothless looks Hiccup in the eyes, begging for mercy but accepting his fate. It’s frickin’ beautiful and stunning! Another similar moment is when Toothless is free, but attacks Hiccup, again viciously staring him in the eyes, but this time, Toothless shows Hiccup  some mercy. Dragon mercy, Viking mercy!

And uh.. I need to start looking up some real music terms and words. I bet barely anyone knows what I’m talking about, sorry!