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So I thought I'd start a nice little thread where we nostalgic folk could talk about our memories of HTTYD.

This might not pop off but I've wanted to write this down for a long time so I figured I'd do it here!

Time to put on my reminising hat on.


So I was about 8 years old when httyd 2 came out. I was (and still am) a very emotional person, espicaly when it came to the things I loved, so when my mom found out that Stoic would hidein 2 she told me so I wouldn't be too much of a wrek in the theator. So anyways me, my dad, and my little brother went to go see it in theators. And just a little bit before Toothless got mind-controled my brother had to pee so my dad and brother went to the bathroom (we were in one of the further back rooms) and I went on watching the movie myself, alone in the dark. And had to endure the emense emotional pain of watching Toothless almost kill Hiccup and acculy kill Stoic, by myself, alone, in the dark. Safe to say when my brother and dad returned I was a mess.


Hope you all have better stories than me, most of mine involve crying in the theator. (Like I said, I am very emotional)

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I remember watching the first movie in the cinema. If I recall correctly, it was my sister who wanted to watch it so, as a family, we all went. I enjoyed it, to this day I still remember asking an Uncle of mine if I could have the movie when it came out on DVD- Of course I got it. I also collected a few of the McDonalds toys which I still own today*.

Over the next year or two, I kind of forgot about it but when Riders of Berk was being released, my sister invited me to watch a few episodes along with her. So I did. My love for HTTYD never truly left (obviously), so it helped me get back into it. Since then, I was there for the release of the next two movies (watched 'em both in the cinema too), Defenders of Berk, RTTE, all of it. And, of course, to this day I'm still just as in love with How To Train Your Dragon as I was years ago. Ultimately, I've got my sister to thank for that! <3


*Talking about still owning McDonalds things, I shamelessly own the Toothless Happy Meal box I got from the release of HTTYD 2. For some strange reason it's one of my most prized possessions. Pretty sure I still have the Hookfang and Barf and Belch ones somewhere too.


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I wanna say I was 10 when the first movie came out, I think either before I watched the movie or shortly after I watched it I also got into the book series which inspired the movies. It was always interesting looking at the differences between the two. Especially how some characters changed between the books and how some didn't XD. Heck pretty sure they called Astrid her name in the movie because of well, her counterpart's name in the books wasn't that good to say aloud. Also I don't think Tuffnut or Ruffnut were in the books either!


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I watched the first HTTYD movie a few months after it came out... I think I was somewhere between 3-5- IDK. I don't really remember much of the incident though. Time skip 10 years and BAM it was 2020. My best friend dragged me to a movie theater to 'watch the greatest movie ever created' AKA HTTYD 1. I thought it would be horrible but it wasn't. :') 

I loved every moment of it and eventually I watched HTTYD 2, 3, RoB, DoB, RttE, and that's pretty much it. You have no idea how much I cried at the end of HTTYD 3.

So yeah- I have my best friend to thank for all this. Without him- who know where I'd be? XD (Probably watching some garbage show on Netflix)


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Well. I saw the third one in theaters (I didn't see the others in theater sadly) with my neighbor and when the Hidden World scene came my mouth dropped. We were speechless on how beautiful it was!!! The music for that scene is beautiful. Everything was perfect.
I do hope I get to see the others in theater so I can experience it especially the flight test scene.
In RTTE (I know its a tv show but its still in the HTTYD series) but at the end of season four (SPOILER WARNING!!!!) when I heard "I risked almost everything..." I was like, wait...that voice. OH MY GOD!!! IS THAT? *camera shows trader Johann* NO WAY!!! WHAT A GREAT TWIST!!!! And to see a post about that on here was amazing and so many people were upset lol I love a good twist.



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Was i supposed to write a subject... :P

i saw the first and second one in the theater, i barely remeber what happened, i loveeeeddd it but never really thought or cared about it till last last last year :,D 




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