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It’s nearly 30 years after the events of Drago, and things are cooling down in the Archipelago. All of the major tribes are at peace, however unstable, every island has been mapped and new dragons aren’t as common of an occurrence. Life in Berk is calm and stable.

But things are about to take a very sharp turn. When the remains of a boat wash up on shore, it sparks the fire of a new age. It’s up to the newest team of Dragon Riders to investigate the origins of the wreck, and what they find, the choices they make, how they act… could pave the path for either peace, or all-out war.

Those who play with fire get burnt.


I will (hopefully) be posting chapters weekly, and will hold competitions if anyone wants input on the story! I do already have the majority of the plot planned out, but need names for some major characters. Hope people enjoy my story!


| 16 years old, Yr 11, female pronouns, Australian, Asexual |

GMT +10:00 (Aus Eastern Standard)

Interests: Biology, Drama, Various games(mainly Skyrim, Subnautica, Forza Horizon), Art, Animals, Junior Teaching, Creative Writing

I am willing to try out voice acting! PM me for a better info exchange



Looking for a laugh?

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It's a neat site that lets me manage stuff alot more easier- I will try to make myself use it often, but no immediate garuntees. Check it out! Please.

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Chapter 1- Important People, Part 1


Neurel added another dot to the page. Stippling was slow and tedious work, but anything to keep her awake would do. Broduhg, the blacksmith, was still droning on about the perfect brittleness for an iron sword. A strand of curly black hair made a squiggly line between the stippled paper and the blank paper, quivering with each of her bored breaths.

So as it turned out being a third generation Dragon Rider wasn’t all fun and games. Next to her, Fenris was just about as interested as she was. The oddly pale girl was rolling and unrolling a sheet of paper around her pencil, sighing and staring into space. Sharp icy blue eyes seemed to be watching another world, her knee bouncing to a fast beat. Every known and then she would hum a few notes before catching herself and checking to see if anyone noticed.

On her other side was Hebrunnro, but he insisted they call him Duapley. He was half asleep, leaning back in his seat squinting at the blacksmith. In his lap was one of his make-shift crossbows, fiddling with the bolt in it. The clown doubled as a maniac, part Berserker and part Berkian blood resulting in a very itchy trigger finger, but a kind heart hid behind the projectiles.

Behind her; Wolfnor, some kid who’d managed to tag along in the classes for longer than a few weeks. He was the youngest at only fourteen, and his self-control reflected his maturity very strongly. There was also Yorgden, who didn’t really need to be there but liked annoying Duapley. He was the oldest of the group, worked at the lumber mill, and ‘kept them in check’. He sported a mid-length beard that seemed to refuse to grow any longer.

“… which gets the metal soft enough to shape it, but hard enough to hold an edge. And that brings me onto the next part!”

There was collective groaning, and a heavy thump as Wolfnor put his head on the bench. “Don’t be so rude” Broduhg scolded.

A crossbow bolt buried itself into a shield on the wall. “Next one’ll be in your neck!” taunted Duapley.

His expression darkened. “And maybe I’ll test my next blade on yours” he growled. “Oh! Chief! What brings you here?”

Hiccup was leaning in the door, amused. “Well, before you kill my latest Riders, I’ve got a job for them. More of a mission. Meet me in the hall soon, kids. This is probably the most exciting thing since Blue Magnet”

As quickly as he came, he left, Toothless poking his head in before following. Broduhg grumbled something under his breath. “Well. You heard him. Gather your things and wake yeh dragons, you know how he is with being late”

Almost too eager, everyone leapt up and out the door. Neural put her fingers to her lips and whistled. Just outside under some trees, their dragons were entertaining themselves. Noonwraith, a purple and orange Flightmare, saw her and rolled over. Several Dragon Nip blades were stuck on her back. Hammerhead, Yorgdens brown Thunderpede, crushed another tree branch in his massive paws before looking up. Asleep was Jormunger, Fenris’ Snow Wraith who was as pale as his rider, and curled around him was Oreberry, Wolfnor’s golden Howl. Duapleys Windstriker, Potluck, was nowhere to be seen though. The blue and white dragon could very well be flying above them now, blending in with the sky.

As each person woke up their dragons from boredom and sleep, Toothless could be seen in the distance circling the rocky pillar of the Great Hall. “Come on guys, let’s go” Neurel encouraged.

“But Potluck’s disappeared again! I can’t leave that oaf alone for ten minutes” Duapley complained.

“The dragon can find you again, easy. You can hitch a ride with me and Hammerhead” Yorgden offered.

He didn’t look overly thrilled, but he hugged the Thunderpedes back tightly. “Well that lizard better show up soon, or I’ll lock up his stable door!” he called out to the wind.

He got no answer. “Well, before we dordle too much…” Yorgden reminded them.
They set off to the hall.

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Chapter 2- Theoretical

Chapter 2- Theoretical Horizons


Hiccup was leaning over a map when they arrived. “Took you long enough” he teased.

Fenris shot a quick glare at Duapley. “A certain some ones dragon decided to disappear”

“I can’t help it if Potluck’s got more free will than spare time” he defended.

“Enough bickering and get over here!” Hiccup grumbled.

They gathered around the long table. “So how much of the Edge has burned down this time?” Neurel asked.

He gave her a quick scowl. “None of it, for once. Now this is the kind of thing I’d rather do myself, but I’m gonna get hammered this winter. Now, here’s the deal. A fishing boat found a boat wreck a few days ago, just a small emergency canoe type thing. While no one was on it, what they did find was interesting, to say the least”

He gestured to a pile of stuff next to the map. They handed some boxes around, opening them.

“It’s just junk” Wolfnor said after a while.

Hiccup grimaced and Neurel rolled her eyes. “And this is why you’re the bottom of the pecking order, Pup” she teased.


“Look closer. At the wood it’s made from, the stamps and crests on it, the leather on this book! This stuff is from way, way outside the Archipelago. Beyond the Edge, beyond the last sea stack. An entirely new civilization”

He hesitated. “That’s a bit dramatic, don’t you think?”

“Not at all” Hiccup chimed in. “We’ve explored to the edge of the ocean and even a bit into that. I thought we had found everything we could possibly find years ago, but this stuff completely shatters that thought. And if their stuff could reach us, then our stuff could very well reach them!”

“One step at a time, Chief” Duapley interrupted. “First, how do we know this isn’t from the Archipelago? Solid proof”

“Well first of all, the wood doesn’t match any tree here. I sent out a few older Riders to find a match but we got nothing. Every single island, and no match”

“It could have been treated?” Neurel speculated.

“Checked that, to” he said. “Secondly, the emblem. No tribe we know uses a bird for their insignia”

He held up a book with the stamp on the cover. An eagle had its wings flanking a mountain and what could be a lake or the ocean, cleanly contained by a twisted or braided band with a clasp crowning it.

“Cool design, why didn’t we think of that!” Wolfnor piped up.

He put it back down, exasperated. “Wolfnor, why don’t you have a look in one of the books? You need to do more reading anyway”

Shrugging, he picked up one and opened it a little aggressively. While he mumbled away, they continued.

“I’m only gonna cover the obvious stuff in the books. It’s got a leather cover that isn’t any animal from here, so it has to be something from nowhere near here. The contents; I can read it, but there are words I don’t recognize that it uses a lot. Also, the drawings. From what I gathered it’s a journal of sorts, and this person had sketches of four legged birds, a mountain that dwarves any that we have here, and describes storms so savage they rip even the sturdiest buildings off their foundations. Just think- winds strong enough to lift a herd of yaks!”

 There was silence. “Look, sir, all due respect, but that sounds a bit absurd, even for you” Yorgden pointed out.

“Regardless of that, we can’t ignore these things. Foreign wood? A brand new seal? It has to come from somewhere” Neurel said.

“Exactly!” Hiccup agreed. “But now our only problem is figuring which way to go first, which is why I have this map out”

Fenris shot over, staring intently. “The north would be a nice place to start”

“I know you like the cold, but that’s too cold. Even if they had all of warm clothes in the Nine Realms, nothing grows there. It’s impossible to live up there, everything starves”

“East or west?” Duaply pondered.

“The currents push stuff to the north, both sides. Hard if not impossible for something to drift through it on its own. Boats have gotten lost, to”

“So that just leaves the south then” Yorgden stated.

Hiccup crossed his arms. “Nothing for miles and miles. It’s endless ocean. No dragon can cross it, none we’ve trained anyway. Timberjacks have just dropped out of the sky from exhaustion, and no boat can hold enough supplies. No sea stacks, no islands, no sandbars, nothing. We’ve seen Seashockers breaching there, which means it’s really deep water”

Fenris rolled her eyes, tapping the map. “That makes it the best way to go. Unexplored, seemingly endless ocean, and being pushed up towards us, so away from them. Where else could this stuff have come from?”

“It is the best contender, but it’s impossible to cross! Unless you can sustain yourselves, your dragons and stand each other for months, maybe even years of travelling, there is no way you could make it across”

They looked at each other, smiling. “South it is, then?”

Wolfnor shut his book loudly. “South it is!”

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Chapter 3- The Ship

Chapter 3- The Ship Sails?


It took nearly a whole season to get ready. First, they had to buy a new boat, since Berk only had fishing and trading boats. The Dragon Catchers (previously Dragon Hunters, but the moment they got rid of Viggo a lot changed very quickly- more on that later) were generous enough to custom build a boat for them. The new vessel which had arrived the day before, aptly named The Wildernight Voyager, barely fit in the port.

Neurel was checking over some last minute things, like plates and small weaponry.

Duapley opened the door dramatically. “BOAT TRIIIIIIIIP!” he yelled.

He was decked from head to toe in thick clothing and a ridiculously large pack over his shoulder. Despite having black circles under his eyes and his dark hair clearly untouched, he was almost too eager. Potluck was trying to rub some bright paint off his noise, clearly the victim of an overeager rider and his premature celebrations. “Torturing Potluck again, ey Dap?” she asked.

“Come on, everyone else is at the boat. Quit fussing over the ceramics and get out here!”

He ushered her out before running ahead, Potluck in tow.

Laughing, she whistled, and Noonwraith appeared at her side. “Ready to set sail?”

The purple Flightmare gurgled, ruffling her wings. “I’ll take that as a yes”


The boat loomed above every other one in the port. Painted on the sail was the Archipelago crest, which was made just for this trip via a few dozen Terror mail trips. It was basically a combination of the major tribe crests, modified versions of Berks Timberjack and the Berserker Skrill entwined in what could be battle or alliance, and above was the Outcast helm like a crown, or a jewel in a ring, all encased in the scarlet dripping coat of Bloodfist. The tribe once led by Drago had rejected contribution to it, due to their history with Berk, but despite that a very faint sword could be seen standing behind it all, either to spite or honour them.

It had a deck large enough for a Scauldron to land on and two floors, excluding the cargo hold. The captains’ quarters had been renovated to accommodate the dragons, and fishing and hunting supplies took up nearly a third of cargo. They had enough repair supplies to build another boat, food and water to start a new village and even some moveable Terror perches.

This vessel was truly a sight to behold. Exclusively defensive, the only weapons on board were some net catapults, but the thing was heavily armoured. The hull was clean and polished, sporting depictions of various dragons. A brightly coloured Night Fury figurehead stood reared and snarling at the ocean, daring it to bring them misfortune, the sides serrated like a Bewilderbeasts fins. She just hoped that its bold challenge would go unanswered.

Hiccup was there to set them off. “So, we’re finally doing this” he said.

There was uneasy but excited shuffling among them. Fenris, with an arm over Jormunger, gazed up at the Wildernight Voyager. “A bit too late to back down?” she joked.

They smiled, but no one laughed. Some of them felt a little too close to that sentence. “You really did a number on this one, Hiccup” Neurel complimented. “Teetering on intimidating, though. Certainly won’t be hiding any time soon”

“Hopefully you shouldn’t need to. We’re allied with everyone we know, and if you find out something’s missing, you have three days of sailing to tell us. After that, you’re too far out to get supplies to you”

“You’re telling us this now?” Yorgden asked.

“Berk isn’t exactly known for its mathematicians. It’s just an estimate, really”

“How comforting” Duapley mocked.

“Actually, how are we going to sail this thing? Six people trying to maintain a ship for a hundred men?” Yorgden asked.

“Yorgden, why do you need to point out all of the problems when we’re about to leave? I’m sure we’ll be fine, as long as everyone pulls their load” Neurel comforted, eyeing Wolfnor.

“It’s actually partially automated. One person can raise or collapse the sails from the Control Deck with a few levers. Shouldn’t be too difficult, but you might be in serious trouble if anything breaks. I’ve tried my best to write a repair manual, a few copies should be scattered around the libraries in there. Besides, Yorgden’ll keep you all under wraps, right?” Hiccup said

He winked, but Wolfnor rolled his eyes, ruffling Oreberries neck. “Before Jormunger falls asleep again, let’s check it out!” Fenris begged.

“Fine then. But you set off before sundown!” ordered Hiccup.

“Gee, it’s like you’re trying to get rid of us” scoffed Wolfnor.

“Boat, boat, boat, boat, boat!” Duapley chanted.


It was mostly bare, but the ship felt like another separate world. Fenris immediately started searching for secret compartments and places to hide or have a private moment. Wolfnor followed Duapley around, making jokes and critiques on the craftsmanship, while Yorgden did the sensible thing and claimed his bed and a stable for Hammerhead. Neurel had a more refined way of exploring it.

With Noonwraith, she walked the length of the deck, looked in the storeroom below the steering platform where the catapults were, helped pick out a stable for the Flightmare and settled her in. Once she had thoroughly buried herself in some hay, Neurel set off to see the first floor.

There were two ladder accesses and a main stairwell. On the floor were the bedrooms, a dining hall and training hall, filled with dummies and ornate shields on the walls. The second floor had mainly small storage cupboards, a few mini-libraries and studies, spare bedrooms and quite a few empty rooms, waiting for a purpose.

The cargo hold was what she expected. Over-packed, already a bit damp, and as always, dark. Suddenly, Fenris’ voice echoed from behind her. “How long till it’s haunted, you reckon?”

She jumped, a hand on her chest, laughing. “Fenris, walk like a normal person, please! You’re gonna give me a heart attack one day!” Neurel gasped.

She grinned. “Not in a thousand years, girl. Calm before the snowstorm” she snickered.

“Sure, sure, frosty”

Before they could start chatting, a sudden crash from above followed by panicked yelling and a guilty growls caught their attention. “What are the boys up to now?” Fenris grumbled.


Luckily, they weren’t greeted with a flaming deck and burned Vikings. Instead, something far worse.

“Not my fault!” Duapley yelled immediately.

A catapult lay on its side on the deck, and Hammerhead and Potluck tied together in a net. There was a considerable dent in the wall of the Stables, and Noonwraith was curled up on the roof and Jormunger was chewing at the ropes. “What in the name of Odin’s eyepatch have you done?!” Neurel shouted.

Fenris was desperately trying to contain her laughter, examining the chaos. Yorgdens’ face was bright red with anger, pulling out his axe to free the dragons. “It hasn’t even been a day on this boat, nary even left the docks and already you’ve already damaged it!” he lectured.

Wolfnor and Duapley looked down sheepishly, while Noonwraith laughed at them from above. “You could be helping to, Noon! And you two, get over here! I shouldn’t be cleaning up your messes still!”

“What about the girls?” complained Duapley.

“They had nothing to do with this. You had everything. So help me cut these ropes!” he growled again.

Muttering, they sauntered over. Noonwraith leapt down and hid behind Neurel. “Well, this is a start and a half” she noted.

By the time they’d managed to get the dragons free, the catapult back where it should be and the floorboards replaced, the sun was making the shadows long and light orange. A good portion of the village was gathered above to see them off. Hiccup was nowhere to be seen.

It was finally, properly, actually time to set off.

The anchor raised.

The sails opened.

And they started moving.

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Ask 1

Would anyone have a name for a queen?

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Jade queen
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How about Queen Jade? XD. All jokes aside,when I saw this question I immediately thought of Fang as a name. It sounds like a good name for a dragon,a viking or anyone really. If you want a more sophisticated name how about Queen Briar as a name. 


Question about the archipelago crest: Why isn't there any Defenders of the Wing crest added to it? 

Also,four legged bird??? O.O




                                                  Welcome to my signature!                      


Hi I'm Jade queen. I have a Deadly Nadder named Screech,she is my first dragon.


Me and Screech:




The rest of my dragons are:

Snapper the Whispering Death (adult) male.


Tremble the Whispering Death (adult) male.


Terrorfrill the Screaming Death (adult) male.

(Pretty muchly just looks like the Screaming Death from Httyd)


Razorrin the Razorwhip (adult) female.

(Pic coming soon)


Laluby the Death Song (adult) female.


Bolder the Gronckle (adult) male.

Zig and Zag the Zippleback (adult) male(males?)

Sheld the Armorwing (adult) male(When I was naming Sheld I was actually trying to spell "Sheild" but forgot the i) 


Iceberg the Groncicle (adult) male.

Tideline the Sand Wraith (adult) male.


Scorching Fang the Singetail (adult) male.


Rocky the Eruptadon (adult) male

Pyroite the Monstrous Nightmare (adult) male (His name is a combination of Pyrite (also known as fools gold) and pyro meaning fire)

(Pic coming soon)




The Doubles: One day I logged on to SOD and most of my dragons had glitched out of their stables. I then got three of the notices that you get when you earn/train a dragon in one of the expansions,one said I had gotten a Groncicle,one said I had gotten a Deathsong and the last one said I had gotten a Armorwing. I thought they were my original Deathsong,Groncicle and Armorwing that I had been re-given and so I named them the same names as my originals. I was upset because the original three dragons had disappeared and the new ones were not the same. My original Armorwing,Deathsong and Groncicle were still displayed in my dragon list,but I could not make them active. I eventually figured out how to make the original three active through stable quests and then I placed each of them in a stable and everything was back to normal... Well except for the three extra dragons that I had gotten. 



Iceberg the Groncicle adult male 

Sheld the Armorwing adult male 

Laluby the Deathsong adult female(I actually like this Double,I call her Limelight) 



Eggs: 2 Gronckle 1 Rumble Horn 1 Groncicle 1 Deadly Nadder 1 Shockjaw 1 Hobblegrunt/Threadtail.




My clan is called The Screech Dragons I named it after my first dragon Screech the Deadly Nadder. 


                                                            We care for dragons 

                                                            We respect dragons

                                                            We love dragons!

                                                       We are THE SCREECH DRAGONS 



I have only one account called Jade queen. 

Appearance: Green hair,but you won't see it because it's usually covered by a hood. She has green eyes.

She wears a snow wraith hood,a light brown shirt and a brown fur skirt,tall white boots as well as thermal wrist warmers and thermal shoulder pads. She wears a feline grace mask(I was really going for a cat look) I occasionally change her outfit around,but this is what she wears most of the time. 

Friend code: Pm me for it

I hardly ever really play the game anymore,mostly I just hang out on the forum. 





Somethin' or Other the Chiropan. Made by the talented NightmareRebuff!

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I was going off of memory but

I was going off of memory but they seem more like a seperate organisation to me. They have their different rules and what-not so might clash with Berk. Besides, they're a dynasty with a queen so not a tribe like the others. Queen Jade sounds nice, I might use that.

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Jade queen
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The Queen Jade part was a joke please don't use it,I might get offended if you do. And just in case you didn't know what a Briar was its a thorn sort of thing. 

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ah, yeah, about me being human

Sorry, I read that at about 10:30, so probably didn't absorb all of it. Yeah, I know what briar is. Although I might base it off another gemstone/crystal, or even metal. Queen Palladium? Uranium? Some other radioactive isotope?

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Ask 2

Any ideas for a last name for Neurel? Maybe some of the other characters to, while I'm at it.

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Chapter 4- Filler Filler Filler Filler Filler Filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler…… Skip!


It was already nearly two weeks since they left. Duapley had started to eat whenever he was bored (which was most of the time), Wolfnor and Yorgden had made a tradition of arguing every second day at midday exactly, Fenris was now a rare sighting, and Neurel had worn three training dummies down to unrecognizable twigs with ragged bags over them.

After hacking some more wooden arms off, she wandered up to the deck to see what everyone else was doing.

Yorgden and Duapley had dragged some chairs out and were playing a little game on the steering deck.

“Twenty eight”

“Thirty two- wait, thirty… five”

“Oh come on, you’re cheating! There is not that many there, you’re recounting some”

“Hey guys” Neurel greeted.

“Hey” they said in unison.

“Twenty nine” Duapley continued.

“Whatchu doing?” she asked.

“Counting Tidals” Yorgden yawned.

“He’s Scauldron, I’m Thunder” Duapley told her.

“Huh. Fascinating. Anyone checked on the dragons today?”


She frowned at them. In the stables, Jormunger seemed to be having trouble with a rat in some hay, while Oreberry spectated. Potluck was boiling his water trough and Noonwraith was probably out fishing. Hammerhead was asleep in a corner, many legs occasionally kicking gently.

“Hey, kids!” she called out. Oreberry looked up as if coming out of a trance. Potluck shook his head clean of water. “How you all doing, plenty of water? Everyone had breakfast?”

Jormunger growled, staring intently at the pile of hay. His breath was starting to mist up. “Hey, hey now, use your claws. We don’t need another snow incident”

He huffed, then began picking at the pile. She patted Oreberry a few times and refilled Hammerheads trough. Suddenly, Potluck started humming.

He was standing straight up, head almost touching the roof, rigid and pupils slit. “Umm… Potluck? What is it?” Neurel cautioned.

He was unresponsive. She looked around, and all of the other dragons were in similar stances.

“Neurel! Wolfnor! Fenris! Everyone get out here, we got a situation!” Duapley called out.

Within moments everyone was out and on the deck. A shadow was cast across the whole ship. “Loki’s horse child” Fenris muttered.

A Bewilderbeast, white and gold in colour, was breaching just beside the boat. It was nearly twice the size of the boat, a young one, so probably nomadic and without a nest. “That explains all the Tidal dragons” Yorgden remarked.

Neurel was suddenly struck with fear. “Anyone seen Noonwraith?” she asked.

They scanned the waters, and the skies, but she was nowhere to be seen.



“Where is that dragon?”

“There!” Wolfnor shouted.

She was soaking wet, claws locked onto the side of the boat, eyes wide and shivering. “Get her up here!” Neurel demanded.

“How? The other dragons are still frozen!”

Yorgden grabbed a bucket. “Water, fools! Noonwraith is the only one with her own mind, and she’s soaking!”

They hauled up some seawater and threw it on the dragons heads. They grumbled and complained at the rude wakeup, but soon Hammerhead was prying her off the side.

“Noonwraith, you silly, silly dragon, what were you doing down there?” she scoffed.

The Flightmare snuggled up to her, oddly silent. They watched the Bewilderbeast disappear below the waves again, off to cooler waters. “Wonder if we’ll ever see him again” Fenris pondered.

Potluck had managed to dry himself off and was now warming Noonwraith up. “Hope not, if this is what happens”

The dragons all herded back to the stable to care for Noonwraith, and while a little shaken up, everyone else returned to what they were doing before.


Five more weeks passed, and they saw their last bit of land.

Some Skrills attacked during a nasty storm.

The Thunderdrums’ became a rare sighting.

And within two months of sailing, the only other signs of life was the fish their dragons brought back and the occasional whale.

Eight months, their food stores nearly ran out and they had to start fishing each day.

Jormungers’ snow was becoming more and more sought after as it got warmer.

A year, the dragons started having disagreements weekly.

1 year, three months, things were looking bleak.

A year and six months- a welcome change in scenery.

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Chapter 5- Important People,

Chapter 5- Important People, Part 2


“I don’t believe it” Wolfnor said.

There were all gathered at the very front of the ship. A long stretch of land could be seen in the far distance, even some buildings dotting the hillsides. “We found it. We actually went in the right direction first time” mused Yorgden

“And either those are really big birds, or dragons” Duapley stated, pointed at the sky above the land.

Several black specks were floating around, some seeming random, the majority quite organised. “Look domesticated. At least they’re not trying to shoot them down”

A few more specks rose from the buildings and started coming towards them. “We should hide the dragons, regardless. Best not to make presumptions” Yorgden ordered.

They guided the dragons to their stables and closed the doors. The figures kept their distance, though, eventually returning to land. “What? No greeting? It’s not like we’re hard to see?” Duapley complained.

“I dare say they were just scouts. If they have any common sense, then we’ll have more coming soon to get a better look- and they will probably be armed” Yorgden warned. “So get yourselves ready. Try not to look threatening. But don’t let yourselves get caught by surprise, either”

“I can’t help but feel that was directed at me…” Wolfnor muttered.


As predicted, twice as many more dots were soon inbound. They rushed to clean the deck a bit, maybe throw a few old blankets over the various burns, make it somewhat presentable, but the greeting party was closing in fast. “What kind of dragons are those?” Fenris wondered.

They could make out their colour and shape at last. Most of them were brown, gold or grey, and certainly didn’t have normal leathery wings like the dragons in the Archipelago.  They each had a rider, which was a hopeful sign, but most of them had swords, and one was fully armoured- both rider and steed.

“Fenris, could you get me a white sheet?” Neurel asked.


“Peace flag. They don’t look like the kind of people who trust easily”

Fenris tore a strip off one of the sheets, handing it to her. She lifted it high, waving it gently in the wind. The armoured one, presumably the leader, started to come in for the landing. “We ready?” Neurel asked.

“Even if we’re not, what does it matter?” Duapley joked.

Her heart was racing, and the others looked just as excited and nervous. “Now or never”


Three of the newcomers landed on the deck, the rest staying in the air, circling. What they rode was clearly not any kind of dragon. Their bodies were coated in feathers and fur, paws similar to a wolves, and sharp beaks like a hawks protruded from their faces instead of snouts. Their eyes were brown, blues and one had gold eyes, the pupils round, but most importantly- feathered wings.

“Heh. Really big birds” Duapley whispered to Yorgden.

The people, luckily, were more familiar. Most of them had a lean yet stocky build, rather toned skin, and wore ornate thin clothing. Reasonable for the weather- the sun beat down harder than in Berk, and the wind had no chill to it. The armoured person stepped forward and took off their helmet.

“Oh my Thor” Fenris said under her breath.

Neurel could see where Fenris was coming from. He wasn’t as stocky as most of the men on Berk, but his face was sharper, and his eyes were yellowy green. His right ear was malformed and scarred, presumable from battle but didn’t take anything away from the rest of his face. The most interesting feature was his hair- it was long and braided back, while the woman of the group had short hair. “State your names and business” he said.

“Sheesh, no hello or welcome?” Wolfnor muttered.

The man waited. Finally, Yorgden stepped forward. “We are an exploration team from islands in the far north. I am Yorgden, this is Neurel, and Duapley-”

“Of all the lies I’ve heard, lands in the north is a first” he interrupted.

The others laughed, and his giant bird snapped its beak a few times. “Who are you, really?”

Fenris narrowed her eyes. “As we said, explorers from the north. Don’t believe us if you want, but that won’t get us anywhere”

He sighed. “Fine. We’ll sort that out later. Regule, War Chief of D’uar Muohem”

“A War Chief? What did we do to deserve such a high authority to greet us?” Yorgden asked.

“You sail into our waters unannounced, sailing an unknown flag, a boat decorated with lizards and only a few crew members to be seen. Suspicious, is it not?”

“Where we come from, dragons are celebrated and respected creatures” Yorgden explained. “There was no intention to appear as a threat-”

“And here, they are blood-sworn enemies. Would you like us to guide you to a dock?”

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6- How About We Just Go Home?


“So, um, what are those?” Wolfnor asked tentatively

“Do you not have griffins in your lands?” Regule exclaimed. “I’d expect not, with so many dragons. This is Finchfoot, a Noble Griffin” he boasted, rubbing the griffins’ beak. “His bloodline is known for their fighting qualities”

“He’s beautiful” Fenris said. “What other breeds are there?”

“Well, over there Naide has a Crested Griffin-” she waved, “-you’ll see Sparrow Griffins in the town, they’re like miniature versions, Forktail, Royal, Clawing, and a few others live in the area. What of your dragons? I’ll admit I’m curious how you could tame such savage things”

Neurel shifted. “Our dragons are probably very different from the ones you have here”

“Had, actually” Regule interrupted.

“Oh… okay. Our dragons are intelligent and kind, almost like people. There are dozens and dozens of species, each one unique and with their own secrets”

“What’s the figurehead?” Regule asked.

“It’s modelled after a species called the Night Fury. They’re extremely rare, extremely powerful and most of all fast. For years we thought they were almost extinct” she explained.

“Interesting. And the ones in there?” he asked, pointing to the Stable.

“How did you…”

“They’ve been grumbling and moving around in there for a while now, I can’t say they’re too happy with us being here. They definitely know about the griffins but not one has tried to attack one. I trust you enough to control them, so I promise no harm will come to them for now”

Neurel clenched her teeth. “Fenris, let the dragons out” she asked after a moment.

“Are you sure?”


She walked over carefully between some griffins, unlatched the door and opened them slowly. The griffins backed up when they saw them. Noonwraith was the first to venture out. “Come here girl, it’s alright” Neurel encouraged her.

She crawled over, checking her over before rubbing her head on her chest. “Good to see you to. This is Regule, be nice to him, alright?”

Noonwraith stared at him for a moment. “Incredible. Absolute control” he muttered. “Do you mind?”

Neurel snickered a little. “Don’t ask me, ask her”

He slowly put his hand out to Noons’ side, cautious. She didn’t growl but watched closely. He touched her shoulder, but shot his hand back quickly. “And what breed is she?”

“Flightmare. A Strike Class dragon, and you should see her at night”


“She glows”

The others had made their way out and to their respective riders. “What about the others?” he queried.

“Well, you’ve got Duapley over there with the Windstriker, Potluck, Fenris with Jormunger, a Snow Wraith, Yorgden has the Thunderpede, and Wolfnor managed to team up with a Woolly Howl”

“Well then. Strike me curious to know more about them. I’d keep them hidden for now though, the townspeople wouldn’t be as trusting as me. Dragons might be all but gone from our lands but they still have a bad reputation”

Neurel nodded, and the others guided the dragons back. “Go get the queen, she’ll want to see this” Regule ordered one of the griffin riders.

Two set off inland over the village.

Well, village was a poor word to describe the place sprawling out before them. The word lacked in majesty. It was more of a series of small temples but for everyday living rather than worship, and the edge of it disappeared over a hill. Where they were now was clearly the edge of a fish market, bustling with people, tiny griffins, either babies or some pygmy species (probably the Sparrow), sneaking a fish when a merchant wasn’t looking. They were dressed similarly to the people who greeted them on the boat, lace-like shirts and light wavy skirts, most in whites, greys and greens.

Many of the buildings were several stories tall, with wide balconies for griffins to land, and became more ornate as they continued inland. A large castle-like structure stood in the centre of it all, fortified but not displeasing to look at, and flags with the same crest from the boxes they found flapped in the wind. The streets were crowded, and not many griffins walked with people, but rather walked across the flat rooftops watching closely to keep track of their riders.

“Look at this place. There must be hundreds of people” Duapley remarked.

“Can’t wait to get into the air and get a better look” Neurel said.

“That might be a while”

Regule stood beside Yorgden, just slightly taller. “We’ve got rules about who can fly and who cannot, and I don’t think dragons were included in any of that. You’ll have to wait until you get approval from the queen”

“A queen, eh?” Wolfnor asked. “So you’ve got royals, and nobles and all that”

“You do not?”

“Nah, we have a chief, and everyone else. Certain families do certain things, usually. Blacksmiths, shepherds, woodworkers”

“Hmm. Sounds basic”

Wolfnor didn’t comment on the remark. “So when about are we meeting this queen?” Neurel asked.

Regule motioned his head towards the sky above the town. A white and blue griffin was gliding over the buildings, flanked by several armoured griffins. The leading griffin was covered with jewellery, an elaborate saddle that shimmered silver over its chest. Its rider was just as glamorous, a clearly feminine figure upright on its back. They made their way swiftly to the boat, and landed softly on the deck while the others bowed. Yorgden coughed, getting Neurels attention. “Bow” he grumbled quietly.

The group copied the others, though a bit awkwardly. Regule approached her. “My lady” he said, bowing again.

“This is Queen Nymeri. My queen, these people claim to have originated from lands in the far north. I would like to say that I do not have complete belief in this claim, but they have so far shown me no reason to distrust them. They do indeed have dragons…” he paused, but she did not interrupt. “But they have demonstrated control over them and have not threatened a single griffin”

She dismounted from the griffin, stroked its beak, and looked at them. “Who is the leader?”

They hesitated. None of them had elected a clear leader, and they each made decisions fairly and as a group. “Uh-mm… Yorgdens the oldest” Duapley suggested.

“Neurel” Wolfnor whispered.




“Actually, yeah” Fenris agreed. “You make most of the major decisions, and most of us wouldn’t be here without you”

“Well then?” the queen asked again.

“I’m not a leadery-ing type person, if anything its Duapley”

“That’s one of the worst idea’s you’ve had” he said.

“People listen to you!”

“Only because I’m shouting it half the time”

“Anyone but me!” she exclaimed.

“Neurel, you can’t deny it” Yorgden encouraged.

“Really? You to? Fine, but if this backfires none of the blame is on me”

She took a breath, and stepped forward. “Hi”

“Who are you” she asked.

“My name is Neurel Brethrongurd, daughter of Maugrith Brethrongurd. I am from a series of island called the Archipelago, and belong to the people of a village called Berk”

Her face remained blank. It was a while before the cold silence was broken. “Regule” she called out.

“Yes, my lady?”

“Search the ship if you haven’t already, bring anything of interest to me”

“Whoa, whoa, hey, bring it back a few steps here!” Duapley interrupted. “Who said you could go through our stuff?”

“I did” Nyemeri spat. “And as long as you have nothing to hide, you should have nothing to fear”

“… Yeah, I… I guess, but… still”

The others dispersed, leaving their griffins standing uneasily on the deck, eyeing off the stable doors. She turned back to them. “Say for now I believe your ridiculous claim. Say, for a moment, I trust your ability to keep your dragons from mauling our griffins-”

Wolfnor fired up. “Come on now, why is everyone hating on the dragons? They’ve barely even walked off the boat, and now you’re presuming they want to kill your bird things?”

She stepped towards him, towering over his short and scrawny figure. “I’m not sure what they teach you in the north, but here, a lack of respect is not something I appreciate too much”

“Wolfnor, we can talk about this later” Yorgden grumbled.

“What? I’m not doing anything wrong”

“Wolfnor…” he growled again. “Not now”

Wolfnor glared at him. “I think I’ll go make sure the dragons are okay” he declared.

Once he’d sauntered out of earshot, the hint of a faint smile showed on the queens face for the first time. “Like a child” she noted. “But as I was saying. If I choose to believe you, what would you be doing in these lands?”

“Exploration” Yorgden said. “Research, maybe sampling- as much information as we can get to bring home”

“What kind of information?” she prodded.

“Stuff on the plants and animals, maps, and if you allow it, the people”

“Who in their right mind would traverse an ocean just to make a notebook?” Nyemeri scoffed.

Now Duapley was getting irritated, to. “Look, I don’t know how it works here, but back in the Archipelago, this kind of stuff is important-”

“I will give you the luxury of understanding that you so far have shown to be outsiders to this land, but I will not tolerate insolence” she interrupted. “For now I have other matters to attend to. Until further notice, you would do best to remain on your vessel. And if I see a single dragon in the sky, you ship will burn”

With that, she turned and left. A single cobalt feather floated in the air, spinning slowly towards the ground. Soon after, the other griffin riders had finished searching and left, apparently content with the lack of weaponry on board. Fenris finally spoke for the first time since the queen showed up. “I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think it’s best if we leave these guys alone”

Neurel was shocked. “What do you mean? The moment we clear this all up with Neigh-Mary or whatever her name was, we have years and years of exploration to do! You saw how big the island was from the boat, and look at those mountains!”

She pointed over the town, where the faint tip of a mountain was washed with clouds and snow. “That has to be the one from the crest. How far up does it have to be for there to be snow!?”

The others were still a bit bummed out from the exchange with the queen. “I dunno, Neurel, these guys don’t seem to trusting of us, or willing to change their minds any time soon. This place feels as friendly as Dark Deep” Duapley pointed out.

“I know it’s going to be difficult getting past these people, but when we do it will be more than worth it. We just have to suck it up and talk to them” Neurel encouraged.

She wasn’t great at pep talks, but the moral of the group seemed to be at least a tad lifted. Eventually they dispersed, leaving them all once again with time to kill.


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Griffins! So that's what Hiccup ment by two legged birds! 

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Chapter release is going to

Chapter release is going to slow down a bit now, I've pretty much caught up with the pre-written stuff.

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Chapter 7- Politics, You Mean

Chapter 7- Politics, You Mean No


It took a bit of back-and-forth talking to organise a hearing with Nyemeri, but at long last they found an available time to see her. Regule would escort them through the town on foot, some of his guards keeping an eye on the dragons. He showed up on the deck sometime after midday, in more casual attire than when they first saw him. Rather than being ready for war, he looked ready for just a brawl. He had a thick leather shirt on with cloth pants that had some metal plating. Dark brown tattoos of beetles were now visible on his arms and shoulders, probably on his upper back to, and Finchfoot had a plain saddle. Fenris quietly sipped from a cup when she saw him, trying to draw as little attention to herself while still staring. Neurel nudged her shoulder. “Someone’s got a cru-ush” she teased.

“Are you kidding me, look at him. Even Duapley sneaking glances” she squeaked.

“Duapley checks everyone out, he doesn’t count. You, on the other hand…”

“If you don’t stop talking soon, I will honestly stab you in the neck”


Yorgden greeted him with a handshake. “Alright gang, let’s go” he called out.

“Time for a little walk into town with your new boyfriend” Neurel provoked some more.

“Actually about to kill you”

“Come get me then!”

He led them through a maze of cobbled paths, each side lined by buildings with very little space between. People parted quickly before Regule, staring sceptically at the group. Neurel managed to get beside Regule. “So, what’s with the beetles?” she asked.

“They represent luck. Even the most experienced warrior would never go into battle without needing some fortune on their side” he explained without breaking focus on the path.

“Okay, cool” she said, disappointed at the short explanation.

They walked for another hour at least. “Are we there yet?” Wolfnor asked for the hundredth time.

“No” Regule always replied.

After another thirty odd minutes of walking, they finally arrived. “Wait, we made it?” Wolfnor asked sarcastically. “Incredible”

They were led into the massive building, first through an empty hall, then a sort of trophy room of various swords and armour sets, even a massive griffin skull with the indentations of a bite from something equally huge. There was another hall, some ornate staircases and at last a set of double doors where they stopped. “I’ll give you all a moment to look a bit more decent” he said.

They were all dripping with sweat. “How do you live in this heat?” Duapley panted.

“It’s the middle of winter” Regule stated.


“Could we get some towels?” Regule asked a servant standing nearby.

They ran off and quickly returned. They cleaned up best they could, the boys even trying to slick back their hair, but not much could be done. “I suppose it’ll have to do” Regule muttered. “This way”

The doors opened, Regule swiftly standing next to a throne that looked like it was made from entirely silver. Bird wings made the arms of it, a griffins head looked sternly out towards the doors with bright blue gemstones for eyes and an incredibly sharp looking beak. The queen sat in it, waiting.

A sharp-faced man stared disapprovingly. “The visitors will bow before Queen Nyemeri before engaging in her council” he ordered, voice sleazy.

They bowed at different levels of awkwardness, but the man seemed pleased enough. “So, you wanted to speak with me” Nyemeri recounted. “I presume there are several things we need to discuss”

Yorgden gave them each a stern look, to say ‘let me do the talking’. He stepped forward confidently. “I would first like to thank you for sacrificing some of your time to-”

“Quit the blathering and get to the subject. I don’t like grovelling” she interrupted.

Things were already going downhill. He cleared his throat. “Yes, of course. Um, I think we should start with the topic of our dragons”

She rolled her eyes. “Yes, the lizards, which aspect of them?”

He hesitated. “Could we possibly get permission to fly in your skies?” he queried.


“On what?”

“On whether or not I trust you, or more importantly them. Convince me they won’t attack anyone, and I might consider it”

Neurel stepped in. She was better at explaining dragons. “From what I’ve seen, our dragons are much like your griffins. Intelligent, gracious, and docile. They know not to hurt anyone and they know the consequences if they do”

A nobleman scoffed in the background. “They would never so much as raise a claw without being provoked. As long as you respect them, they respect you” she continued

Nyemeri leaned forward. “In the case that they are… ‘provoked’, how would you predict that they would react?”

Neurel was uncomfortable with the question. She knew that she was trying to make the show the worst of the dragons, manipulating how they were seen. “I think we’re getting off the subject” she said.

“How would they react?” she pushed.

“A growl at most. They are smart enough to leave something alone” Neurel said after a moment.

“Really? Then they must be very different from the dragons we know here” she said.

Some more people laughed quietly. No one in the room was taking them seriously. Yorgden took back over. “Perhaps if you spend some time with the dragons, experience could let you make the best choice”

The room fell silent. Regule gave them a warning look, and the other man dropped the pad he was holding. Nyemeri stood up. “You don’t trust my judgement?” she asked coldly.

“You don’t trust ours” Duapley pointed out.

She stood frozen for a moment. “I think we are done for today. I’ve set my terms”

With that she left the room, the sharp-faced man following her. Someone tried to usher them out, but Regule took over and led them back through the castle.

“Well that went fan-tastic” Duapley joked.

“Actually, it did, for her” Regule said. “You should be glad you got to see her at all. She’s the ‘rule-from-afar’ type”


He whistled and Finchfoot dropped down from a balcony. “Before you go back to your boat, I’d like you to meet someone” he said.

“Only if we don’t have to walk” Wolfnor demanded.

Regule laughed. “Afraid not. Come on!”

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*Silhouette ate the subject!

Tracking, this story seems really good!


Hello everyone! Welcome to my siggy! ^w^

Let's start off nice and simple. Up ahead is art made by talented artists! (And myself)

Silhouette my Skrill by the amazing ScarfyWings! :D

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8- Definitely A Reliable Source


Luckily it wasn’t far from the castle. He led them to a small courtyard closed off by trees. It was covered with cracked tiles (some of which were missing) which looked like they had once displayed a vibrant mosaic of griffins and beetles. “You guys really like your griffins and beetles, don’t you” Wolfnor stated.

Regule ignored him. “He really needs to take better care of this place… Vesmir! You here?!” he called out.

There was no reply but a rugged dark brown griffin fell out of a tree. It was pretty small, no bigger than a wolf, and had a wide round beak rather than the sharp bird-of-prey look Finchfoot had. It let out a deafening croaky screech. “And there’s his gryphon” Regule muttered. “Hey, Bandit, where’s Vesmir?” he asked it.

Bandit screeched again and darted back up its tree. “What was that?” Fenris asked.

“A sort of cousin species, herbivorous. Gryphon. Not as smart, but easier to care for. And he’s especially annoying”

He kicked open a trapdoor in the middle of the courtyard. “Vesmir!”

He waited, but still nothing. “Wait here…”

Completely ignoring the rickety ladder, he jumped down and disappeared. Some voices echoed out, a crash, what sounded like a bucket being knocked over and the clatter of wooden poles. Soon, he re-emerged, an old man in tow. “Alright. Guys, this is Vesmir, a scientist”

Vesmir was gazing empty-eyed at the trees. “Of sorts… Vesmir. These people are from northern lands. They are allied with dragons”

That snapped him out of his daze. “Dragons? Really? What kinds? How? Are they big? Intelligent? Which-”

“Vesmir! Calm down, we will have plenty of time to talk about this. For now, I think they need information from you more. Meanwhile, I have my own matters to attend to. Play nice, keep him away from anything flammable, and don’t let him on a griffin. It’s for his own good”

With that, he took his leave. They were now alone with Vesmir, who was looking at them strangely. “So… where are the dragons now?” he asked tentatively.

“On our boat” Wolfnor told him

“Could you bring them here? Or I go see them?”

“It’s a long walk, and I’m not sure if we could find our way back” Neurel said.

“Oh, oh, that is simple! We can just go through the tunnels!”

“The tunnels?” Yorgden asked.

“Yes, yes, until about thirty odd years ago this was a very corrupt place- the old king had an entire network of tunnels build under the city so he could move troops around in secret, you know, so that the people wouldn’t panic about the whole war with H’arbn Gradd and all, really the cities best kept secret from itself! And then there was…”

Without stopping he led them down into the earth and started walking, spitting out all sorts of bits and pieces. They followed, wary.

“This guy could tell us a lot” Fenris whispered to Neurel.

“Yeah, but I’m not sure if any of it’ll be of any use to us”

“He has no filter. We’ve got more chance of learning about this place than from anyone else”

“As long as he doesn’t get us lost”

It was cooler underground, but damp. The floor was made up of flat, uneven stones, and the walls had wooden crossbeams that looked rotted. “This place could cave in at any moment” Neurel pointed out. “I don’t like being down here”

“Let alone the rats” Fenris growled.

Several eyes shone in the little light that came through the grates above. Vesmir was still babbling.

“Mark my words I tell you, mark my words when I say that any day now I will prove the existence of the hippogriff, alive and well in our lands no doubt! It’s just hiding somewhere, sleeping, as it has for years! History has told us, recorded, real history, that every two hundred years it wakes!” he rambled.

He was basically talking to himself now. “Vesmir, are you sure where you’re going?” Duapley asked.

“Hmm? Oh yes, yes, yes, of course, yes, anyway…”

He continued his ramble as if never interrupted. “Well I guess we just have to listen to the old man until we get there” Yorgden muttered.


The trip through the tunnels nearly halved the journey time, but it was still a long time. By the time he popped a grate and they all climbed out, the sun was half hidden by the mountain. Night fell quicker in the shadow of it, only the very top of the Wildernight’s mast still illuminated.

Vesmir gawked up at it, clasping his hands together. “What a wondrous vessel!” he exclaimed.

“Yeah, not so wondrous when you spend a year and a half on it” Wolfnor grumbled, kicking mud off his shoes.

At least they hoped it was mud. Vesmir darted off down the maze of wooden stairs and gangways, surprisingly fast for how old he looked. “Vesmir!” Yorgden shouted.

They ran after him. By the time they caught up he was already on the boat, bouncing on his feet, giddy. “Where are they? The dragons?”

Nearly on cue, Potluck burst through the stable doors, breaking the lock. Noonwraith pounced on him, screeching and clawing at his chest. Vesmir leapt back behind Yorgden. “Why are they fighting?” he squeaked.

They watched for a moment, startled, but soon relaxed. “Don’t worry, they’re just playing!” Duapley chuckled.


Vesmir peaked over Yorgdens shoulder. “Really?” he asked.

Neurel decided to break them up rather than overwhelm the old man. “Alright you two, come, on, we got a guest” she said, dragging Noonwraith away by the saddle.

She grumbled but didn’t pull away, Potluck laying down, panting. He saw Vesmir and stared at him, unsure.

“Noonwraith and Potluck, Vesmir, Vesmir, some of our dragons” Neurel introduced.

He suddenly wasn’t so eager. “Why is that one purple?” he asked.

“Noon? Well, it’s how Flightmares sometimes look. Why?”

“Dragons are red. Orange. Green. Not purple” he said, very matter-of-fact. “They’re not dragons”

Potluck had since caught his breath and had wandered over. Vesmir was suddenly confronted by a curious Wind Striker. “Oh, ah, and this one… ah, is friendly?” he stammered, backing up.

Fenris laughed, making her presence known for the first time since coming out of the tunnels. “They all are, if you treat them right!”

Duapley stopped Vesmir with an arm around his shoulders. “Come on, let me show you something”

He grabbed Potluck by the nose horn and dragged them both over to the middle of the deck. “I-is this really necessary, because I prefer to work from a distance, with observations and all!” Vesmir pleaded.

“You’ll be fine” Duapley reassured.

He positioned them facing each other. “Okay, Vesmir, I’m going to teach you a cool little trick, okay, it’s called ‘gaining trust’” he lectured.

Vesmir shifted his weight from foot to foot uncomfortably. “It’s really easy, and works for both parties- let me demonstrate”

He held out his hand to Potluck, who was busy itching his wing shoulder. “Potluck, buddy, I need you to focus”

He ignored him. “Potluck!”

He slapped his chest to get his attention. “Trying to get a good impression here!” he hissed.

Potluck huffed, but complied. His snout met with Duapleys hand. “See? Easy! The dragon now knows that you trust and respect him! To an extent…” he muttered the last sentence.

Vesmir wrung his hands together. “Must I?” he asked.

“You wanted to study dragons, didn’t you?” Neurel pointed out.

He scowled, then straightened his shoulders. He cautiously raised his hand. Potluck gave him an unimpressed look, and went back to his grooming. Duapley buried his face in his hands. “Potluck, I am this close to sending you back to Berk” he threatened.

Wolfnor stepped up. “Hey, why don’t you let a real dragon and rider have a go” he taunted.

“Go wild” Duapley groaned.

He sprinted off to fetch Oreberry, and when he came back Vesmir yelped. “How many are there!?”

“We all have one” Yorgden said.

“Five!?” he exclaimed. “Where are the other two?” he asked, looking around as if expecting them to spring out from behind a pillar or sheet.

“Not important right now. Oreberry, get over here!” Wolfnor yelled

Oreberry bounded over, trying to sniff Vesmir. “Just like before”

Oreberry didn’t want to wait for Vesmir, however. He sniffed the old man, ignoring his panicked noises, and nudging his nose under his arm. “Oh, well, ah… this isn’t so bad” Vesmir laughed nervously.

Oreberry gurgled in approval. Wolfnor gave Duapley a smug grin. “Oh!” Vesmir shouted in surprise. “Cold? It’s breath is cold! But that doesn’t make sense?”

“He’s a Woolly Howl. They don’t breathe fire” Wolfnor said. “He spits hail stones, ball of solid ice”

Vesmir was quickly warming up to Oreberry, ruffling the raised scales on his head. “My, I’ve never heard of a dragon that makes ice instead of fire” he praised.

“Wanna see the others?” Neurel asked, now that he seemed more comfortable.

He smiled. “I don’t see why not!”

He followed them to the stables, Oreberry still seeking attention from his new friend. Vesmir wandered in after the others like a frightened deer. “Oh my” he croaked.

Hammerhead had been observing from his stable, and dropped down when Vesmir entered. He towered over him, small beady eyes not particularly impressed. He looked at Yorgden as if to say ‘This is what all the fuss is about?’

Vesmir’s knees shook slightly, catching Jormungers attention. He crawled over, about as eager about the visitor as Hammerhead. “Hello there” he said. “Um, these ones?” he asked, looking back at them for guidance.

“The Snow Wraith’s Fenris’s. Called Jormunger, after the World Snake. Not a perfect copy, but easier to say, isn’t it pal?” Neurel replied.

Jormunger shook his head and approached Vesmir. He puffed a gust of frost at his face. “Another ice spitter? Are they common?”

“Hardly. We just got lucky” Fenris said.

“And the… other one?” Vesmir asked, just noticing Hammerheads many legs.

“Thunderpede. The groups only fire breather. So lucky you still gets to see dragon fire!” Yorgden chuckled.

Vesmir grinned uncomfortably. By now the sun was properly behind the mountain, and Noonwraiths glow was becoming more apparent. She nudged Vesmir, wanting to show off. “Hmm? Oh! It’s glowing! Wait, if you only have one fire-breather, then what does this one do?”

“Shot not!” Duapley exclaimed immediately.

“We’re not going to demonstrate!” Neurel yelled quickly. “And even if we were we all know that you’d be the test subject” she teased.

“No… I- fine”

“She breathes a paralysing mist, breathe it in and you’re frozen for a few hours” she explained.

Vesmir beamed. “Such variety! Well, as much as I’d love to stay around, I really must be off. A pleasure seeing your fine creatures, good bye!”

With that he scurried off. “What’s he in such a hurry for?” Wolfnor asked.

“Not sure…” Fenris murmured. “He seems nice enough. Yorgden?”

Yorgden gazed thoughtfully at Vesmir, who was disappearing back into the tunnels. “Maybe… for now, let’s get some rest. I have a feeling tomorrow’s going to be special”