HTTYD Eclipse Chapter Six

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Oh the wind in my hair!

There’s always wind in my hair, but this wind was better. It was gentle. Clean. It felt like sweet freedom.

The six of us bobbed around in the early morning sky, our dragons in the best of moods.

Toothless was like a whole new Nightfuy. He and Hiccup flew circles around the rest of us; divebombing and rocketing up towards the rising sun, shooting plasma blasts at will.

The twins were arguing their heads off, Snotlout was getting into the middle of it, and Fishlegs was going on about the scroll he was trying to decipher.

“It’s so amazing! I can tell it’s really similar to Norse! But I haven’t found the right dialect yet!” He would babble, “So far, none of the ancient manuscripts match it. But these dragons. They don’t look like any we’ve ever seen before. Look at the tail fan. It’s a tail fan! And those combs, on their heads? I wonder what they use those for. Oooohhh, Hiccup! Once we clear everything up with the neighbors, can we make a detour and head for the Isle of Great Britanglos? Johann said the scroll was found floating in a bottle just off shore.”

“That’s pretty far out there, Fishlegs,” Hiccup slowed to our speed. Toothless was panting joyously. “But we’ll see. If we get things sorted out quickly I don’t see why not.”

“Yes!” Fishlegs fist pumped.

“Somebody is out of shape,” I laughed, watching the Nightfury breath hard. “Two somebodies.”

“Hey, no need to get personal,” Hiccup folded his arms in good humor.


Toothless looked around in a funny way.

“What do you smell, bud?”

The Nightfury sniffed for a few minutes, then snorted. He had lost the scent.

“Oh. Sorry that was probably my sister. She has terrible problems with indigestion.”

“Hey! It wasn’t me and you know it! It was probably you,”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I make dainty little toots. You’re the pro,”

“Oh yeah? Then how come only Toothless smelled it?”

“Touche, my nutty sister. I admit, it was I who did the dirty deed.”

“Eww, Tuffnut,” Hiccup instinctively put his hand to his nose. “Like we want to know.”

“I did,” Ruffnut said. “To prove my innocence,” she quickly added.

“Ugh. I can’t believe I hang out with these losers. Hey Aaaaastrid; bet you and that Nadder can’t beat me and Hookfang to that rock formation!”

The Monstrous Nightmare snorted and gave us a wicked smirk, diving to boost his speed.

“Oh it is on! Stormfly take out the competition and bring home the money!” She followed Hookfang down and flicked her tail.

“Aahh! Astrid that’s cheating!” Snotlout roared as tail spines flew past.

Yep, just like old times.



By boat, the nearest village is a two-day journey. With our dragons we made it in two hours.

Hiccup called for a circle formation.

“Okay guys, let’s just take it easy coming in. We don’t know what they’re thinking or how they feel about us right now.”

“Yeah, I think you mean how they feel about you and Toothless right now.”

“Well, Snotlout, if I’m the Chief of Berk and Toothless is my dragon, how much more do you think they’re going to like Berk’s Captain of Patrol and his butane beast, who are supposed to keep stuff like this from happening?”

“Good point. Man, I hate visiting these guys. They make me feel puny. Can’t I just wait out here?”

“Sure. We’ll just let them know where you are so they can torture you and you will have no friends to run to.”

“Shutup, Fishface!”

“Astrid, all things considered, would you like to take point on this one?” Hiccup looked to me. “The Bob-Burglars and I, let’s just say we started out on the wrong foot, and with all that’s happened I don’t see things getting mush better.”

“Yeah, I mean like, what other foot can you start on, Hiccup?”

“Ha ha. So original,” Hiccup glared at Ruffnut.

I cracked my knuckles. “Don’t worry. I’ve got this Hiccup.”


Bob-Burglars were a hardy, wrestles tribe, admired by all for their skill, stamina, and rage in battle. Originally, ever member was expected to slay a dragon and become a warrior at the age of six. Fortunately this practice was done away with when we showed them dragons could be ridden. I’m not sure what they do now, and I’m not going to ask.

We glided down at an easy pace. The guards announced our arrival, and villagers began flocking towards the village square.

“This place makes me feel so awkward,” Snotlout cringed under the crowd’s gaze.

“I love this place,” Ruffnut grinned.

“Yeah, me too,” Tuffnut nodded eagerly.

Ruffnut slapped him. “You’re not allowed to!”

“I can’t help it! I like strong women!”


The Bob-Buglars were a tribe of warrior women.

We landed the dragons in the middle of the square.

“Hail, Bob-Burglars!” I cried out “War and victory be with you!”

“May your enemies beg for mercy! Booyah Booyah Booyah!” a chorus of women’s voices met our ears.

Everyone dismounted. Everyone except Snotlout.

“Get down,” I said between my teeth.

The Jorgenson was as stiff as a statue and his dragon looked no better. I had to let it go.

Big Bertha (For those of you who have read other manuscripts, you know why I didn’t say what I didn’t say), Chief of the Bob-Burglars, entered the square.

“Chief Bertha! Thank you for welcoming u-“ I started.

“Hiccup Horrendous Haddock!” She bellowed, almost the same way Stoick used to. “You have a lot of nerve coming here.”

Toothless fanned his wings a little and let out a soft growl.

“Chief Bertha, let me explain,” Hiccup balanced between turning his prosthetic foot around to walk and pushing his protective reptile back.

“Explain?? Explain what? Your dragon made a shambles of my Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandmothers Great Hall! It took thirteen generations to build! Just look at it!”

She gestured up the hill to a heap of brick and mortar. On what was left of the walls were the tell tail signs of Plazma blasts. There was no getting around it now.

“Reduced to ashes!”

“Bertha, I am so sorr-“ Hiccup caught himself in mid-sentence. The Bob-Burglars didn’t take kindly to apologetics. They saw it as a sign of weakness.

He stood straight and tall. “I am so- certain, that there’s a logical explanation for what Toothless did here, and I’m going to figure it out. In the meantime, can I offer you any help in rebuilding the hall?“

“REBUILD IT? NOT A CHANCE! It was the ugliest thing in our village and I hated it. Dear great great great great great great great great great great great grandmother, a valiant warrior but a hideous face. I thought it would be looking down at me for the rest of my days.”

She pushed Hiccup to the side and put her hands around Toothless very surprised face. “You wonderful, wonderful creature!” said she, giving him a big sloppy kiss on his nose.

Toothless backed away and started rubbing his face all over the grass.

“Wait- you’re happy about the destruction Toothless caused??”

“Yes! But not at first. The first time he came in he burned all our crops chasing a chicken. Crops don’t matter to us, but they matter to the yaks and we love to eat our yaks so we got all ready to go to war with you when this happened.”

Bertha swung her enormous arms around Hiccup, trapping him in a bear hug. “But all that is forgiven. Because of this, I forgive you for your general existance. For being a weakling, for kidnapping my daughter, and for trading her to the romans to fight in the colosseum. You can now have her in marriage.”

“Ah haha, that’s okay, Bertha!” Hiccup slipped like a seal out of her embrace. “I’m a married man. This is my wife, Astrid.”

“Astrid!” It was my turn to be noticed and duly attacked.

“Hi, Bertha!” I coughed as she slapped me on the back. “It’s been a while!”

“Too long! You were the most promising Hooligan student we ever had. If you had wished it, we would have welcomed you into our tribe as a Bob-Burglar. At one time. Congratulations on your marriage! Though between you and me, I think you could have done better. Even in Berk, there are men less frail and likely to hideof disease.”

That last part she whispered.

“But none as clever or kind,” I shot back. She laughed.

“Well, if that’s what you look for in a man, then you did well. Please, women and weaklings alike, join us for a banquet to celebrate total destruction!”


Not wanting to be rude, and definitely wanting to torture Snotlout, we accepted their invitation. It was especially generous because this was the last of their yak meat.

We mostly talked about the ins and outs of fishing; a trade they had never learned and that appeared to be in their future, war stories, how we got our battle scars, and how we train our dragons. They had a ‘fly by the seat of their pants’ method. Find a dragon, ride it. We tried to teach them out of it but Bob Burglars are very proud and poor listeners.

“So… what was that all about with the kidnapping and the Romans?” I leaned over to Hiccup when Bertha was busy telling an obnoxious joke.

He turned red. “Oh. That’s a long story. And no, I did not kidnap anyone.”

“How come I never heard it?”

“Well, do you remember something about Fishlegs and I going fishing and getting lost at sea?”

“Oh yeah. Your dad took the whole armada out to find you.”

“Yeah. It was true that I went fishing and got swept out by the current, but we sort of skipped over the part where we got picked up by a Roman trade ship, along with Bertha’s daughter, and my dad was defeated and almost executed by Bertha until she realized he was tracking down the Roman trade ship that we were all on. He made us swear never to tell anyone.”

I took a few gulps of the yak milk. “The things we miss,”

The crowd at the table burst into laughter. We joined their chorus.

“I want to look at those burn marks before it gets dark,” Hiccup whispered.

I nodded. “Then lets go. Bertha won’t mind. Trust me.”


Snotlout was currently the center of Bob-Burglar attention and not a good way. Bertha was too busy teasing him about his dainty dinner plate to notice us slip outside.


We trudged up the hill to the ruins. Stormfly and Toothless followed, Toothless with head low.

Hiccup studied the blast points carefully. “Yep. This was you bud,” he dusted the brick turned to ash from his hands. “A Skrill would have to use all its’ firepower in one shot to do this, and clearly,” He looked around the rubble. “This place took more than one shot. What happened here?”

Toothless bobbed his head up and down and began to run around, reenacting the fateful night. First, he walked around, looking towards us and cooing as if trying to say ‘there I was being good minding my own business when suddenly!’

He panted excitedly, leaping into the air, then stamping the ground and snorting. He continued groaning, growling, pretending to be scared, falling over on his side, hissing and pretending to fire shots. At one point he ran and hid behind the remaining wall. Then into the air he flutterd about, again pretending to fire shots.

The show ended with a dramatic cry as he fell down and apparently died. He stopped and looked to us with expectation.  

My naddar bobbed her head up and down and fanned her tail spines in encore. We laughed.

The poor Nightfurys wings drooped, realizing we didn’t understand a thing.

“That was impressive. You know, if you were looking to get my attention that would have been a good way to go,” he rubbed around the dragons’ neck.

“Yeah, like playing dead,” I told the Nightfury. “A very convincing game would do the trick. Or feeding all his false legs to meatlug, There’s also sitting on him, burning the house down, holding your breath till you pass out…”

“Okay, let’s not give anyone any crazy ideas,” Hiccup chuckled- a little uneasily. Toothless just smiled his toothless smile and wagged his tail.

“All kidding aside,” I turned to the mess. “This really doesn’t make sense.”

“At least we know now that this was Toothless’ work. But that’s only one piece of the puzzle. We still don’t know why. It’s an incredible stroke of luck that Bertha was so happy about this… or else she’d be looking to have your hide,” He warned his reptile. “There’s NO messing with Bertha.”

For once Toothless agreed. He was kind of scared of the big lady who kissed him.

Stormfly squawked, ruffling her wings and sniffing.

“What is it girl?”

She cocked her head and looked with one eye up at the rubble. Toothless followed her gaze and gave a greeting call.

“Oh, so that’s what all the fuss is about,” A wild eyed, red-haired girl sat atop the last standing wall. She had a sword strapped to her belt, and beside her was a Rocket Ripper, currently turning a pale green/blue. “I’m surprise you’d show your face here, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third,”


Bertha’s heir jumped off the wall, caught one of the smaller wooden beams and did a flip before landing. Her Rocket Ripper followed close behind, turning yellow and pink.

“Yeah, Camicazi,” I said with less enthusiasim. “Good to see you.”

“Astrid,” She said with her nose in the air.

“We didn’t know you were here on Bob Burglar Island.”

“I didn’t know I was here on Bob Burglar Island until ten minutes ago.” she shrugged. “I was going to pass it up when I saw that dear great gandmums hall had been smashed to bits. Figured I’d check in on my old lady, be sure we weren’t attacked.”

A very free spirit was Camicazi.

“How have you been?” asked Hiccup.

“Fine. You like my Rocket Ripper?” She beamed with pride. “I trained her myself. Her name is Stormfly.”

Stormfly and I scowled.

“She’s a beauty,” Hiccup reached over to pet the magnificent creature. It glared and took a snap at him. Toothless barred his teeth.

“She’s fast,” The girl shot back. “Faster than your Nightfury, even with a little sardine like you on his back. Let’s race!”

Camicazi leaped onto the back of her dragon. The Reptile instantly started hissing and bucking and turning blue.

“Uhhhh, are you sure you should be on that thing?!?”

“Oh she does this every time. I just ride it out. Beat you to the lookout! GO!”

True to its name the Rocket Ripper tore through the sky, first to the left and then to the right and then up and down, and finally towards the unsuspecting lookouts.

“Camicazi wait!” Hiccup yelled.

“It’s no use,” I told him. “Even if she did hear you.”

“She’s… going to k.ill herself.”

“Probably. If I don’t one of these days. Did I see you blush when she showed up?”

He blushed again. But she had made a full if not strangely shaped circle and landed.

“censored! You didn’t even try. It’s no fun to win if you don’t even try.”

“Oh I’d love to race, but maybe when I’m not worried that you’re going to fall off your dragon to your death.”

“Boys. Always fretting over everything. How’s your fencing?”

She whipped out her sword like it weighed nothing.

“What I can’t- I don’t run around with a sword!”

“Sure you don’t. What’s that thing?” She pointed to ‘inferno’.

“A compressed chamber filled with Zippleback gas with a flint rock starter on one side and Monstrous Nightmare gel on the other. It was very hard to make and I DO NOT want to break it.”

“Then get a stick, you kipper. Look I’ll be fair. I’ll use… this stick,” She put away the sword and snatched the nearest branch she could find.

“We’re not children anymore, Camicazi. Lets not have a stick sword fi- OW!”

She thwacked him over the head. Toothless laughed. “Grown ups are only children that got older. Fight, or forever hold your piece as to who the best swordswoman in the Archipelago is.”

“Alright then, if that’s the way it’s going to be,” He set inferno aside and took off his vest. “And it’s Swordsman.”

“Least you still have a competitive spirit. Now let’s put the gold where your mouth is,”

“You can take her, Hiccup!” I joined Toothless in laughter as Hiccup picked up a stick for himself. He took up a ready stance, saluting. “En Garde,”

“TO THE DEATH!” Camicazi screamed, in a full out fleche.

“To Surrender, To Surrender!“ He parried, worrying what death by a stick might look like.

Over exerting, she slowed just a little. Hiccup took offence with a Riposte, then a Point-in-Line as she recoiled for another attack.

“Touche’,” she smiled, circling. “You’re not as rusty as I expected.”

“One of the newcomers at Berk is quite the swordsman,” He held his position, “Got me thinking about it again.”

He gave a beat, and she lunged again.

This went on for some time. She lunged and he’d parry or guard, whichever suited the situation best. Occasionally he’d take offence, as he did once in a lunge. She countered it with a Stop Hit.

“Touche”, he recovered, “But I thought we were assuming foil, and that’s a sabre move.”

“They’re sticks, silly. Everything goes.”

As the match progressed Hiccups tactic became clear.

Camicazi was breathing hard and sweating from her many endeavors, but Hiccup, who had been on the defense this whole time was ready to go. It was time to start an offence.

He tested her with a couple beats. Reactionary. So he lunged.

Camicazi fell for the bait. She went for a stop hit. Unfortunately for her Hiccups lunge was a second intention, so she was left with no mark. Hiccup on the other hand found her in a poor attack and took the Stop Hit for himself.

“Yeah! Nice going Hiccup!” I clapped. Toothless and Stormfly cheered dragon cheers. Well, my Stormfly anyway. Camicazi’s Stormfly turned a bluish green and stuck her tongue at us.

“That wasn’t bad,” Camicazi said, as she and Hiccup saluted, tossing the sticks aside. “For a boy anyway.”

“Wasn’t bad? I won!”

“Yes but only because I let you. I’m only in it for the sport, you know.”

Hiccup shook his head. “Whatever you say, Camicazi.”

“Is the fat boy with the red Nightmare with you guys?”

“Ehh, yeah. With everyone else at the banquet.”

“Well I really should check in with my mother. It’s been several months since we last saw each other. Come, Stormfly!”

MY Stormfly squawked and bristled. Hers sneered and slinked away with Camicazi.

Hiccup watched them go. He was still shaking his head.

“Now she’s going to try to ride Hookfang.”

“So…” I sidled up behind him. “Were you two a thing for a while?”

“What?? No.” He turned away in denial.


“Okay well, yes. Sort of. A little bit. Once. But it was just a crush. A locked-in-the-same-dungeon-just-trying-to-measure-up-to-our-parents-expectations sort of thing. I don’t think she even knows I had a crush on her.”

I could see that.

The shadows were beginning to stretch across Bob-Burglar Island.

“We better leave soon or we’re not going to make it to Seagull Droppings Island before nightfall.”