HTTYD Eclipse Chapter Five

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True to his word Hiccup was up before dawn.

I awoke to the smell of… eggs and BACON.

My eyes popped open. There was my husband, Chief of Berk, handing me breakfast in bed.

“Alright, what’s the catch?” I demanded, hiding under the bedsheets and eyeing that delicious juicy bacon.

“Catch? No catch. Why would you think there’s a catch?”

I took the plate out of his waiting hands. Oooohhhh. Bacon. How come I can’t cook this good??

“Here, try this,” He handed me a cup.

I took a slurp and almost choked.


“You don’t like it?”

“Sweetie, that stuff is disgusting.” I started feeling better about my own cooking again.

Hiccup took my cup and drank from it. “It’s tea. Tastes good to me.”

“Great. You drink it then.”

“So, I’m thinking of doing something crazy,” He said between sips.

“Go on,”

“What do you think would happen if we got the gang back together and took off for a few days?”

“Uh, amazing things! Toothless would be happy, you’d be happy, I’d be happy, everyone would get a chance to relax! No offence but you’ve really put Berk to hard work since you’ve been chief and they’re getting a little irritable. All that planning, and mapping and charting. Doing stuff nobody knows why we’re doing.”

“Do you think, that between my mother and Gobber, the village won’t burn down?”

“Mmm, I’d add Spitelout to the team. And Gustav. Oh and Hannah.”

“Ok I get Hannah. She’s really taken to apprenticing with Gothi, and I get Gustav, too. But Spitelout? Really?” He repeated a little uneasily.

One of Hiccups worst fears was that Spitelout would turn the village against him and make Snotlout the chief. So he never gave the guy a job or let him in on anything.

It wasn’t that unreasonable of a fear. Except that I would end Snotlout if he even considered going along with his dad’s mutinous plans.

“Yeah. Spitelout can take over training with the new recruits, and Gustav can cover for Snotlout as the dragon patrol captain. And if both Gobber and your mom have to agree on something before it is done, only the most important things will happen because they can’t agree on hardly anything. It’s a perfect team!”

“It should work…”

“It will work. It does work. This is so happening.” I flung off the covers and jumped out of bed. Stormfly, who was sticking her head through the window, started trilling with excitement.

“That’s right, girl,” I cooed to her, grabbing my coat and boots.

“Where are you going?”

“To round up the gang. You take Stormfly and get your dragon, then meet us at the Great Hall.  I’ll handle everything else.”

I threw open the door and marched out into the cold morning.


Hiccup jumped when I leaned in with Stormfly at the window. “Thanks for breakfast!”






Hannah, or, Hannah the Wise as many Vikings were learning to call her, stayed with Gothi in her hut above all of Berk. Since dragons came to Berk, I had forgotten just how long of a climb it was to her house.

I waited our front for a few minutes, catching my breath, before quietly opening the door.

“Hannah!” I called in a loud whisper over Gothis’ snoring.

“Namaste” She replied, sitting legs crossed and bowing. Her Titaned Nadder, Fire-Spine, was mimicking her movements.

“Could you meet us at the Great Hall? Hiccup is finally going to fly out and we need you to help keep things in order!” I continued to whisper loudly.

“Good for him. I’ll be there right away,” She stood.

“Great! Thanks!”

“You know, you do not have to whisper,”

“I don’t want to wake Gothi!”

“A Rumblehorn once flew into the side of the house and she never flinched. Do not worry about this.”

“Oh. Okay then. Well see you soon!”




At the Jorgenson residence, I burst through the door with my axe.


“It wasn’t me I swear!” Snotlout leapt from his bed and tripped over his boots.

“Yak Dung! Astrid I thought you were the Grim Reaper comin’ fer me! Do you not have a shred of decency lass?” Spitelout scowled. “You could have knocked and I’d open the door for yee!”

“Meeting at the Great Hall! Snotlout, pack for a few days.”




SSSSNNNNOOOORRRR >oh Heather you’re so sweet< SNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRR >I love the way you scream in battle< SSSSSSNNNNNOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRR >Meatlug don’t be jealous< SSSSNNNOOOOOORRRRR


“WAKE UP, FISHLEGS!” I shouted through the open window. Meatlug just about jumped out of her skin and Fishlegs screamed soprano.

“What’s happening?!?” He gasped, walking around, blindly.

“Meeting up at the Great Hall! Pack for a trip!”

“What’s that wet- eww, Meatlug!”



“Stop hitting me,”

“No you stop,”

“No you stop,”

“No you stop,”

“No you stop,”

I opened the door (that was never latched) to find the twins standing on the rafter beams slowly hitting each other with pillows. Barf and Belch seemed to be entertained by the show.

“Oh good you guys are awake. Get Barf and Belch ready for a few day’s trip and meet us at the Great Hall!”

“Oookaaay, fine!” Ruffnut whined.







A pan hit Gobber squarely in the face. He rose like a bear with a deep throaty growl. “Alright, whoever did that is going to pay,”

“It was Snotlout,” I said from the window. “But since your up, meet us at the Great Hall.”

“Why?” He growled.

“Snotlout will be there.”

I heard him shuffling around the house, asking himself what he did with his mase.




“Get Fanghook ready and meet us at the Great Hall. We have a job for you!”




“Yes Astrid?”

Valka sat in the middle of a hoard of baby dragons, all different types and colors. Cloudjumper had his wings out around them like a sort of playpen.

“Hiccup wants us all to meet at the Great Hall.”





At the Great Hall there was much mumbling and groaning about the early hour. Whimps. The only ones not complaining were Valka, Hannah, and the twins; who were still hitting each other with pillows and had been dragged in by Barf and Belch. Snotlout was too busy trying to escape an angry bear of a Gobber to do much complaining.

“Here now, what’s this all about that we couldn’t get another wink in?” Spitelout yawned.

Before I could answer Toothless and Stormfly landed outside.

“Ah right on time. As you know, our Great Leader and Chief Hiccup has been working overtime to mend Berk from her battles and make her a safer place for both Vikings and Dragons. But enoughs enough. It is high time he leave this rock and go on a vacation. I will now let him fill you in on the details.”

“Hi everyone, thank you for coming,”

“Nnooo problem,” Ruffnut drooled.

“There are rumors circling about Toothless getting into trouble around the Archipelago, and I aim either to make amends or set the story straight. It’s been so long since we’ve all flown together, so I thought this might be a perfect opportunity to reunite the gang! What do you say?”

“That’s not exactly a vacation,” Spitelout pointed out.

“Well, it’s a start. Who’s with me?”

“I’m in! Just keep me away from this psychopath!” Snotlout jumed up and down. Gobber was still chasing him, but he was awake enough now to know not to end him.

“Sounds cool.” Ruffnut drooled.

“I…. like it,” Tuffnut smirked.

“I’d love to go out on another adventure Hiccup; it’s been too long since we did anything together!” Fishlegs bounced excitedly.

“It has been. I haven’t been spending enough time with my dragon, but I haven’t been spending any time with my friends. This ends today. Mom, Gobber, can I leave Berk in your capable hands… and mace?”

“You can count on me, laddie!” He abandoned chase at the opportunity to help Hiccup.

“Thanks, Gobber. Mom?”

“You, you want me to, help… people?” Valka asked nervously.

“Yes. Just, treat them the way you treat the dragons. But don’t scratch them behind the ears that’d be weird.”

“Okay,” She nodded, “Okay I will do it,”

He came down and gave her a hug. “Thanks mom.”

Suddenly filled with courage, she stood tall. “I will tell the stable boy, he has to take care of the dragons. Stable boy,”

Gorf appear from behind one of the hanging tapestries.

“Whoa!” Hiccup took a step back. He pointed at the strange boy and looked to me. “How?”

“Don’t ask.”

Valka smiled proudly at her young apprentice. “It is time, Gorf. You take care of the dragons for a while. Take good care of them. Will you do it?”

Gorf nodded, put on his most serious face and saluted. Then he turned and hid behind the tapestry again.

“Oookay… Eh… oh yes Spitelout, you’ll be taking over orientation for the newcomers. And Gustav, as senior dragon rider in Berk you will be responsible for the patrols. You’ve been training under Snotlout for some time, and I think you’re ready.”

Gustav beamed. “Yes sir I am Chief Hiccup! I will go above and beyond the call of duty!”

“Very good! I like your spirit.”

He looked around at all the faces. “I think that’s all. Thank you guys for your help, I couldn’t do this without you,”

“Hiccup,” Gobber gently put his mace on Hiccup’s shoulder “if it pleased you we would conquer the world. But we know it doesn’t please you so we won’t. We’re all with you, Chief. Isn’t that so, Spitelout?”

Spitelout snorted and crosses his arms with a reluctant “Aye,”

“Now all that’s left is to leave,” Hiccup leaned over to me. “…this is really happening, right? I mean, I’m not dreaming here. Because this dream usually starts good and ends very badly.”

“Not a dream, Hiccup,” I whispered in his ear. “But if you need convincing I could slap you,”

An old spark came back to life in his eye. “No I’m good.”

He clapped his hands together. “Alright! Well, meeting adjourned. Let’s get going!”


“This is so exciting! I’ll have to say good bye to Heather” Fishlegs hurried away.

Everybody filed out of the Hall. Barf and Belch followed, dropping the twins on the ground.

“Oww!” Ruffnut yelled. “Okay I’m awake already!”

“Whoa whoa whoa wait! What did we miss? Did we miss something? We missed something. We missed something I can sense it!” Tuffnut sat up in alarm.

“Wait… were you guys asleep that whole time?” I asked, synching Stormfly.

“Noooo! We did miss something. Probably the most important event of our sad sorry lives!”

“Speak for yourself, bro. Besides, knowing Hiccup it was probably just a briefing.”

“A briefing? A briefing? Are you daft, dear sister?? A briefing is something to be cherished, and kept close to your heart or in a deep dark treasure chest somewhere!”

“Uuhhh, a briefing is a meeting where you get talked at about things that don’t concern you.”

Tuffnut laughed. “What was I so worried about? We don’t listen to those things even when we are awake.”

“We know.” I scoffed. “Just get your dragon saddled and find enough rations to last you a couple days.”


“We’re movin’ out!”