Httyd Dragon Confessions <3

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I wanted to share a few of my dragon and rider confessions here in Httyd. Gosh i just love them!


Dragon Confession #26


Being amazed as you feed a dragon, seeing it grow into its skin and become quite large.


Dragon Confession #15


Loving all dragons, small and big, no matter the look.


Dragon Confession #2


 Giving all your dragons a name and personality, despite not being able to grow them all to the maximum level.


Dragon Confession #14


Wondering how many dragons actually live to see their 58th birthday.


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The Story of Oweress & Halfeye


For me it all started with a girl

who took a chance - and dared to tame




Halfeye the Hobblegrunt


His name comes from when Halfeye fought over territory rights with a larger Nightmare, and while he won, his payment for it was a slash to the left eye leaving him blind and confused.