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So in HTTYD we have Hiccup and Astrid riding on Toothless in the scene called Romantic flight. Well that scene reminded me SO much of Aladdin when he and Jasmine were on the magic carpet singing A Whole New World. Am I the only one that thought of that?

Now lets talk about the Night Fury. So the Vikings have heard about the Night Fury but little was known about them except that they destroy things and never miss.
In the book of dragons there was not a drawing of a Night Fury so how did Gobber know what a Night Fury looked like when Toothless showed up in the arena to save Hiccup? Could be from a friend. But why not mention it in the Book of Dragons? Every detail matters!
In HTTYD 2 when Hiccup, Astrid, Toothless, and Stormfly went to investigate some smoke and saw a lot of ice (the place is called Itchy Armpit if you don't remember) anyway when Stormfly got captured, Toothless flew over and made that strange sound (I guess you can say roar?) and Eret, I think that was his name, said, "Is that what I think it is?" he's seen and heard a Night Fury before! :O how else can you describe a roar like THAT?
And Drago, he was not surprised to see Toothless at all. Even if someone had told him Hiccup rides a Night Fury he wouldn't be all that surprised. And of course we have Valka, "I have never seen one this close up before" everyone freaked out about that. But not about Eret or Drago.
What are your thoughts? You can also include the tv series if you wish. I may have missed something. But PLEASE say spoilers because some people have not seen the series yet (I have)
Please don't mention HTTYD 3. I'm mad that I have to wait two years for it to come out lol



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Movie Discussion

Hey, movie discussion! I'm game!


Yup, the first thing I thought of during the Romantic Flight scene was "A Whole New World." It's the reason I was rolling my eyes through the whole thing. Astrid didn't really win me back over from that until the docks scene.


It's funny you mentioned the Book of Dragons in the first film because there actually was no Book of Dragons there. The Book of Dragons was actually called the Dragon Manual in the first film. I have no idea why it was changed when the Book of Dragons short was released. I guess it sounded catchier? Ack, I wish this franchise could just stick to things once it establishes them. It never seems to do that. In fact, their tendency to change things on a whim is one of the many reasons I'm not particularly a fan of the show.


Gobber, Eret, and Drago knew Toothless was a Night Fury because he made the signature Night Fury sound each time right before he saw them. That sound was how the villagers always knew Night Fury was coming at the beginning of the first film. Everyone knows what a Night Fury sounds like; it's the looks that were a mystery. And since they're not from the Archipelago, it's possible Eret and Drago have seen one before; after all, Valka claimed she has, though never up close, and Drago's dragon skin cloak is black, which may suggest it could be Night Fury skin...though probably not, admittedly the scales on that don't look very Night Fury-esque. They're big and bumpy, unlike Toothless' small, sleek scales.



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I couldn't exactly remember what the book was called in the first flim. All I remember was it was a book about dragons lol I am sorry about that. But if Gobber caught a glimpse of it or the villagers they should have put it in the Dragon Manuel. Yes, he's fast, but you can always see the wings and the body. The scrawny two legged Viking Hiccup saw him perfectly. He did take Toothless down easily because he could make out the outline of Toothless.
And Drago dragon skin I always figured out was not a Night Fury. It has to be from a dragon that was pure black, long wings, and bumpy. What kind of dragon do you think that was? Maybe a Sand Wraith? They are longer than Toothless and a bit bumpy. Let me know what you think about that :)
I just really think Eret and Drago saw one. Who knows maybe Drago killed a lot of them. Eret was surprised because I'm sure he thought Drago killed them all or other Dragon Hunters did. It is all very interesting.

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I don't think it's a Sand Wraith. It's a black dragon. The only known black dragons in the franchise are the Night Fury, Night Terror, and Devlish Dervish, and I doubt it's any of those. So I think it's a dragon we've never heard of before. Either that or Drago died the cloak to make it black.

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First off, I like your SIG, short and simple, "Hi.",

Next up, I noticed the tuning with dragon and eret, but not with Gobber for some reason, but I see it now.

I can't think of anything off Tue top of my head but I'll let you know if I think of anything ^ ^





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Thank you!!! XD

Yeah I don't think a lot of people ever thought of Gobber. Just a theory :)


I have another theory. I may get a lot of no and what the heck are you talking about but has anyone noticed in RTTE how Ryker and Viggo kind of favor Drago? Not to mention Viggo name sounds like Drago... In other words were those Drago sons? It would make sense why he went even more crazy. Just a theory people!! Those two characters were never mentioned in the movie but those two characters were introduced the next year or something like that. Just a theory people. I'm probably 100% wrong. I may have missed something in the second movie.

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I thought of that.


I think that the dragon trappers hunted the night fury specifically. Both Drago and Eret seemed to recognize Toothless. (Could also be the sound though.) And Drago's cape is black Dragon skin.

Um, Astrid told him that Hiccup rode a night​fury.


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A wild post appeared!!!

In the first movie the only dragons were,




Mountrous Nightmare






Whispering Death


((Later the shirt was released but we'll get to that later) I know the scauldron is one because in the scene where Hiccup  is reading the book outloud he says;F

"Burns it's victims, scaulds it's victims, turns it's  victims inside out..."i

What other dragon can "sauld it's victims"? I digress, the villagers of Berk never sought to discover dragons at first, only to kill them. Gobber, sees this completely black dragon he's never scene before, Nightfury being the only currently unknown dragon is the lgical assumption. Also, as people pointed out, Toothless DID make his signature sound.


Now, not to shoot down your their, but Viggo and Ryker are NOT Drago's sons. They appear to be in their 30s, Drago, is probably in his 40s. The timeline doesn't work out. BUT you are onto something. 

This is the symbol painted on Dragon Hnter ships...

 It is a red fist. What else is red? Blood? It's a blood fist... Bludvist... As in Drago Bludvist. So, it's common knowledge that the dragon hunters ARE connected to Drago. Not in the way you thought though.



The next matter to adress.Drago isn't from Berk. Berk is a cold climate, biologically, if you live in a cooler climate, you have pale skin. Well, Drago doesn't. He has a tan, sunburned look.

Drago is NOT from anywhere near beberk. This statement is supported by Stoick's Quote.

"When a strange man from a strange place..."

Due to the tan skin color, I would put Drago's orgins in a warm climate. It is a known fact that NightFuries also originate from warmer places (which explains why Berk hasn't seen another NF). So, it is very much possible for Drago to have seen another Nightfury. And his cloak could be made of very old NF scales. Eret, seemed surprised to see Toothless. But, not in a 'i haven't see you in these parts' type of surprised.

"It can't be." Is all he said. I THINK that the dragon hunters have hunted NightFuries to extinction in the southern climates where they came from. This surprised to see in totally out of his habitat.



Then there is Valka. She HAS seen another Nightfury. She's been gone for 20 years, truth be told, she could of done anything in that time period, even... Say fly south? In the scene with Hiccup and the snow, Hiccup is drawing a map of all of his charted land. Valka draws a larger map, including lands hiccup has never seen before. So we know she has been exploring.


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Actually, there were 15

Actually, there were 15 confirmed dragon species in the first movie. (I've been known to call them the "Original 15.") They are:


Deadly Nadder


Hideous Zippleback

Monstrous Nightmare

Night Fury







Whispering Death


Terrible Terror

Red Death


The Nadder, Gronckle, Zippleback, Nightmare, and Night Fury are introduced in the intro; the Terrible Terror is introduced in one of the lessons; the Thunderdrum, Timberjack, Scauldron, Changewing, Skrill, Boneknapper, and Whispering Death are mentioned by Hiccup by name in the Dragon Manual scene and shown in pictures; the Snaptrapper's picture appears in the Dragon Manual scene; and of course, the Red Death ends up being the Big Bad of the movie's third act. The only ones whose names aren't outright mentioned are the Snaptrapper and Red Death, but all of them are there.


These are the original dragons, though some only made it into the film for about 30 seconds by way of a name drop and a page flip. Later, they all featured in the Book of Dragons short (though the Red Death was only featured in a drawing in the beginning of the short).


There's also some pictures that look suspiciously like they could be a Flightmare and a Speed Stinger in the Dragon Manual scene, and the fandom has long since pointed out the dragon hanging in the Great Hall looks like a Grapple Grounder. While not canon at the time of the film's release, it's possible these drawings and designs were used for inspiration for these TV show dragons and this game dragon, making them now part of the collection of species briefly seen in the film. That would bump the movie's quota up to 18 dragon species. Hard to say for sure, though. All we know for sure is that the Original 15 were the only named and fleshed-out species at the time of the film's release.

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A wild post appeared!!!

I Know I didn't mention​a few f these dragons, but, I didn't feel like listing them all. X3 

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The Night Furies' history

Wolf and Star wrote:

It is a known fact that NightFuries also originate from warmer places (which explains why Berk hasn't seen another NF).


Whoa, I don't remember hearing that before! Can you tell me where you got this information and whether it is credible? I'm really curious about this now, because I hadn't thought there were any clues as to where the Night Furies used to live.


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