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HTTYD 3 Toys: pics and reviews!


Hello all! So... I was out at the shops, and something caught my eye. The new figurines were out in store! I'd been waiting for them to be released so I could get my hands on them, since I missed out on the toys from the previous series and movies. I thought i'd share them on the forum, along with their pros and cons. I don't really know if anyone will want to read this post, but oh well XD


My hoard of new dragons!


Toothless and the light fury





First up is Toothless, one thing I liked about him was the amount of detail he has, like the scales and wrinkles on his body. The legs move to some extent, but since Toothless in in a crouching pose, the legs are always bent in that standard, making it hard to pose him in any other way than his default.


The wings move really nice and easily, and they don't feel to flimsy or easy to break. I especially liked toothless' face. I was really reminiscent of the actual dragon, from his green eyes to the larger scales on his fore head. Some of the metal screws and the bars under the wings are showing, but thats not a big deal.


Overall Toothless felt like a very sturdy well built toy and I think he's worth buying.





The light fury


This figurine gives me mixed opinions. I like it overall, but I feel like its lacking something. I know that the light fury species is white allover and dosent have scale patterns, but I think some more detail should have been added. For example, the glittery sheen it has to its scales we've seen from the trailers. The lightfury has also been seen with some pale bluish shading on the belly area, and faded pink swirls on her wings. 



Again we have moveable legs and wings, but the wings are extremely stiff in this case. They also bend inwards at an uneven angle. I think the look of the legs is really cute though.


The main thing that bothers me was the face. The mouth isn't very defined and the eyes were a bit too slanty for my liking. The poor dragon looks like its frowning!


Despite my complaints, I would still buy this toy. It's cute, and matches with it's movie counterpart.




I'm getting tired of writing, so I'll post the smaller minfigures later. That's all for now! (Hopefully this review was ok...)

First up is Toothless, one thing I liked about him was the amount of detail he has, like the scales and wrinkles on his body. The legs move to some extent, but since Toothless in in a crouching pose, the legs are always bent in that standard, making it hard to pose him in any other way than his default.


The wings move really nice and easily, and they don'ty feel to flimsy or easy to break. I especially liked toothless' face. I was really reminiscent of the actual dragon, from his green eyes to the larger scales on his fore head. Some of the metal screws and the bars under the wings are showing, but thats not a big deal.


Overall Toothless felt like a very sturdy well built toy and I think he's worth buying.



By the incredible ToshiLoshi, thank you so much :D


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I'm dead


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Umm... I actually live in New

Umm... I actually live in New Zealand so for me it's this place called "the warehouse" XD


Sorry, I don't know about other places in the world...

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To me ALL the figurines look

To me ALL the figurines look fantastic. I really don't care about details, as long as the dragons look accurate to the movies. I really wish that they made other dragon figurines like Death Song & Eruptodon,but I don't think that will ever happen. Where I live, not all of the merchandise is released, so I will be lucky if I get the minis. The bigger ones don't really show up in stores, so I will try my best to find some. Hopefully the Funko Pops will be released here.

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I wish they would release more dragons from the franchise aswell, but because httyd 3 is the last movie concluding the franchise, I think these will be the last of the toys.

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Do Toothless' soles all touch the ground in the default pose? Or does he wobble when the pose is slightly changed?

The limited posability despite being poseable just screams 'cheap plastic toy' to me. He looks pretty nice for the rest although I'm not a fan of the 'freshly molded/printed' colours. The toy seems unpainted, apart from the eyes.


That screw hole in the light fury however... wow. The pose, the face, the wings, the colour... oh no. Mickey D's quality toy, anyone? :þ They could at least have tried to hide that hole.


I do appreciate the paint on the eyes. Despite the cheap look, at least they didn't mirror the shine/glare, so there's no cross-eyedness at all which I can appreciate.


They look fine for small kids' toys. No need for detail or posability if most of them are going to get thrown around and mishandled anyway. Sturdiness above all else! They don't look like something a lot of older fans (teens and older?) would sppreciate, though. Then again, they're not the target audience anyway.


Now that I think of it, that Toothless looks like a good base for a custom toy. I bet that with some love and effort, one could make it look like the film version.


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I guess Toothless stands ok on his own, but getting all the soles of his feet to touch the ground is a fiddly buisness...


As for the toy's quality, your right we couldn't really expect to much due to the fact that the franchise is directed towards young children. I also agree that they could have covered that hole in the light fury's chest. Seriously, how much plastic would that take?


I also agree that toothless would make a great custom toy. With proper colouring/shading he could look way better.

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Meet my shark face toothy

I got three figures of the hidden world as well.

I mostly like my lightfury Im happy with what she is. Its ok for that what she has as details bcs yeah its a toy. But all in one she looks good.

The hiccup with her is also interesting. I like the fact that he doesnt have a head under his helmet. I have a hiccup from the second movie and he has a head under his helmet. But hey, the hiccup without head can stand completely by his own. The one from the second movie is more a hiccdown.

My scond favorite one is a small figure of toothy with blue stripes (I guess this is his hidden world glow). He looked super cute. I have a small toothy figure from the second movie. He looked so cute. I also coudnt resist this one.

And now comes the best of all. I also wanted a toothless who matches to the size of my lightfury. So I got one. He doesnt look so bad. The details are good only thing that bothers me are his wings. They could be also the wings of the lightfury. And now here the part where I thought. "Do you guys even know how toothless looks?". The head, his face...why is his nose so pointed? toothless face is much more rounder than this. And I think his eyes are not really good placed as well. But to be honest It looks so funny. I just cannot not like him. My little shark face toothy.

His hiccup is the same like the lightfurys one. No head under the helmet, is really a hiccUP and not and HiccDOWN. He just doesnt have the blue pattern and I think his helmet is a little damaged. But thats ok looks kinda funny as well.










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I've seen these toys on the internet, but they haven't been released in the stores around me yet. I really want grimmel and the deathgripper! 


Im sorry but oh my lol. Toothless' face in the lower picture is just hilarious!

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i still havent found httyd3 figures,in any shop,neighter online can i get em :( ??


hi.dragons mean all for me,and i practice this awesome game for them.i hope we're friends.i'll always answer if you have something to tell me,hope you do so.thx

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Sorry! I live in New Zealand, so I don't know about other countries.

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So jealous right now! The stores in my area better get this stuff in when the movie's release date gets closer. I really want them to come out with a stuffed Light Fury. I have a stuffed Toothless and I want a stuffed Light Fury to go with him.


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Idk about where you live, but in Australia from Big W you can get

I think they’re pretty cute. I’m not sure if they ship out of country but you might be able to find some from ebay or something.

Also build a bear has



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Singetail- Frizzle

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Snowwraith- Blizzard

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•Silver Phantom- Soar

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•Raincutter- Splash

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•Triple stryke- Amethyst 

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•Grapple grounder- *currently hatching*



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Sunfly, a Gardendigger, by Scarfywings


Galaxywhip, a Vesupa, by Bavelly


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PurpleFuzz, a Woolly Howl, by Wutend Bonfire


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Keja, a Foxret, by Scarfywings


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Rei, a dingorse, by ScarfyWings


Deathsky, and another nightfury, by Wutend Bonfire


GreySky, a Muddicry, by chameishida


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WinterBreeze, a Svalbard Howl, by Okamisusi






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OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!(please excuse the all caps, majorly excited right now XD) I'm definitely going to have to watch Build a Bear's website for the release of the Light Fury. Fingers crossed that she won't immediately sell out. LoL.

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No worries.

I have an older toothless build a bear and I would definitely recommend them. They are a bit expensive but the quality is good and they look pretty decent.

Here in Australia, both the light fury and toothless sold out in less than a day from online and in most stores, but they’re getting more in. I would definitely recommend buying them online as soon as they’re released, or going to the shop not too long after it opens.

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Less than a day?!?! Wow! I'll have to keep a close watch on their website. The nearest Build a Bear store is 2-3 hours from where I live so definitely not able to go there. I can really only go there when I go to visit relatives because it's on the way to where they live. It's sort of a bummer not having one closer to me because I wouldn't have to pay for shipping, I could just buy stuff from the store, but oh well. I have some money saved up so the minute I see the Light Fury available I'll be able to order it.

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Yep... I went on to the Australian build a bear site the day after they were released but they were gone, and their Facebook page said they were getting more in.

I live a few hours away from build a bear too, so when Toothless came out the first time (a few years ago) we rang the store where my grandma lives and got them to hold one for us, and my grandma picked it up and we got it the next time we went to visit her. This might be a possibility for you? If your relatives can pick it up for you.

If not, definitely buy one as soon as they’re released.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it's not really a possibility for me. The Build a Bear is 30 minutes - an hour away from my uncle's(ish, not for sure on the timing but it's somewhere around that) and my uncle has health problems so he doesn't drive very far and my cousin doesn't have a license. I'll just have to keep a very close eye on Build a Bear's website. If I miss the first stock, they're bound to get more in eventually.

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Aww that’s a shame.

There’s something on their Facebook about joining a bonus club or something to get early access to them. I think it’s free, (we don’t have a bonus club here so I’m not too sure). That might be worth joining if it’s free to get earlier access.

Good luck!

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Thanks :)

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Both are ordered! So happy! Can't wait till they get here! We were apparently bonus club members and I didn't know it(XD) because yesterday my mom told me about an email she got from Build a Bear about early access to the Build a Bear Light Fury and Toothless. I ordered the Light Fury and then about an hour or two later I decided I wanted to order Toothless as well. Fortunately, my mom hadn't deleted the email yet and Toothless was still in stock. At first I was only going to order the Light Fury because I have a stuffed Toothless I bought from Toys R Us back when Riders/Defenders of Berk was airing on Tv but I decided I wanted one from The Hidden World as well because the Build a Bear Hidden World Toothless is slightly different from the stuffed Toothless I already have.

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That’s so awesome!

I’m sure you’ll love them both!

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Even Flow
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They look quite okay IMO - except for some aspects that have already been mentioned. I was in a toy shop today to buy a puzzle and there weren't any HTTYD 3 toys yet, but then again, it'll be released in the end of March here and I most likely wouldn't have bought them anyway. Have fun with your toys and to those that want to buy some but haven't found them yet, I hope you will!


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RiverAndConcrete by Zikta
Asura by AntroTyree
Sandstorm by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

LiveWire by dogloven
LiveWire by AntroTyree

DeadWrong by Zikta

Sandstorm by Zikta

Sandstorm by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta
Tiger Baby, a female Night Fury adoptable; base by Wyndbain, colored by AntroTyree

Primal Scream, a female Blazing Firemaw, adopted from Zikta

DeadWrong the philosoph by Zikta
DehydratedCoyote by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX
lightMyFire by XxXPurpleHolking
Asura by XxXPurpleHolking
Sandstorm by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

lightMyFire by Zikta

Megaphone after playing in the snow and becoming friends with the one and only psycho Boneknapper aka this happens when you fail to request the right colors by Zikta

my trumpet dragon Allamanda by ScaleFeatherz

DeadWrong after becoming a titan wing by Zikta

DeadWrong - maybe he has changed by Zikta
DeadWrong - but he will always remain the question marker by Zikta

the psycho Boneknapper and Nightrain by Zikta

TBone and Nightrain by Zikta

Lucid Dream, a Flightmare chosen and drawn by Zikta

LiveWire by Zikta

LiveWire by Zikta
DeadWrong by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta
DeadWrong kidnapped by Zikta

Nightrain playing with Zikta's Gronckle meteor (with helmet, just to be safe, a header is dangerous, you know)

deadHorse by Zikta

my waterproof hairdryer dragon Siccy by TosiLohi

Primal Scream as Titan Wing by Zikta

Siccy the titan wing waterproof hairdryer dragon by Zikta

Allamanda the titan wing trumpet dragon by Zikta

Edit of Emperor Scorpion by Zeezur

Emperor Scorpion by Zikta

Easter Fire by Zikta

Fab One by Zikta
KillerOnTheRoad by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

Emperor Scorpion by Zikta

Sandstorm sunbathing by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

DeadWrong by XxSilver.NightxX

Emperor Scorpion by Zikta

Emperor Scorpion and DeadWrong by Zikta

Nubecula Pulverea the Woolly Howl, chosen and made by RagingNature

Piscatora Spinata, a Whispering Glider by snowflake12298

Nubes Gravis, a male Artillery Wyvern by Wildvanity

Emperor Scorpion by Kasanelover

WhisperInTheDark and Sweetchbladeknives by piggyxl

Emperor Scorpion by RoaringOrigins

Tiger Baby by ELSA II

Mudhoney and Firework by Zikta

Marinecutter by Madoka Miyazono

DehydratedCoyote by Fireflash

Tiger Baby by Zikta

Nubecula Pulverea and Tiger Baby meeting for the first time by RoaringOrigins

Dragon Cannonball by RedHoodJason

Emperor Scorpion by Zikta

DemonStinger by Zikta

Quatsch und Tratsch by sunsetlightthelovely

Sandstorm by Zikta

liveWire the cactus by HoneyCloudy

liveWire by sunsetlightthelovely

cute DemonStinger and a cute fish by RoaringOrigins

DeadWrong by Zikta

deadHorse by Zikta

Tiger Baby by Zikta

Sandstorm by Zikta

Give DeadWrong back -_- by Zikta (note that question mark)

DeadWrong by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta

Pluto and DemonStinger by Zikta

Quatsch und Tratsch, RiverAndConcrete and Ignis et Cinis by RoaringOrigins

Tiger Baby by Zikta

Witchura by Zikta

Threadfail by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

An Artillery Wyvern egg by Wildvanity

Look who hatched! Bluehound Star the Artillery Wyvern by Wildvanity

Threadfail by Zikta

Bête Traquée by LissaFish

KillerOnTheRoad as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYT

Ignis as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYT

Cinis as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYT

Bête Traquée as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYT

Reward with DehydratedCoyote by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX (no thanks, you're number one :3)

Tiger Baby by AndreaEaston

Sandstorm by AndreaEaston

DehydratedCoyote by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

Hypergolic by RoaringOrigins

Primal Scream by LissaFish

Some non-forum-RP birds by RoaringOrigins

Pics by me


Dragon Cave
Shortwing Spirit the Albino Dragon
Hochspannungsleitung the Electric dragon
Vasoline the Sunstone Dragon
Attitoode the Misfit Pygmy
IronCurtain the Split Dragon
Twump Towers the Gilded Bloodscale Dragon
SpeedOfSound the Carmine Wyvers
Magik Hemelfeeks the White Dragon

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Part two

Mini colour-change figurines



(Please excuse my mistake in the post above XD)


These toys are extremely cute. They each are covered a set of unique hidden world markings, which when put in warm water change colour to a lighter shade of what they already were. They have oversized heads, and small bodies adding too the cuteness factor. We have the gang's main dragons, and the light fury. But it's intresting to note that Barf and Belch were not included. The toys markings also change when rubbed with a finger, so any form of heat makes them activate.



Toothless: Strangley enough, Toothless' markings didn't really change colour. He has quite a different pose to the other toys. Sitting upright instead of standing. Also, he has somehow regrown his back tail fin, as he is cleary not wearing his new fake tail (No straps). Just a lack of detail im guessing.


Light fury: I love this miniture, her design is perfect and the markings are absolutely beautiful. Her markings change from pale purple to light pink. It's quite a significant change.


Stormfly: Stormfly's design and colours are on point. Even though in the pictures she is leaning on her tail, she can stand perfectly well on her own. Her markings go from purple to a lighter shade of purple.


Hookfang: A good quality toy nothing to fault here. His markings are sort of greeny yellow. They turn brighter yellow.


Meatlug: Meatlugs markings definitely had the biggest change. Her ears and the bumps on her back are maroon. They change to a eally bright pink/orange.


Example of markings partially changed.


Bonus comparison of HTTYD 2 (left) and 3 (right) mini figures! I like HTTYD 2 better


Thats all for now :D

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Oh I'm so getting that for my daughter for her birthday (I will secretly play with them) I do have to say... They don't make toys like they use to.  They don't take the time with details or anything. I'm excited about to he build a bear stuffed animals to... Can't wait to go to the one near me.



                                 Welcome to my Siggy

      Warning I love to edit photos so my info is in the

    middle of this craziness. Enjoy!                                     

.                        Made by myself


           We Soar Without Limits for Autism

              Awareness & Acceptance is

                            Clan banner done by EmeraldHuntress55






                            (Viking by Abcguy)                                                                            

         Just call me War, I've been playing SoD since December of 2014. Ive loved dragons my whole life. (Even have a dragons eye tattoo:druidic symbol)  I'm a very laid back person, love to race in TRR. I like making new friends and just hanging out with friends on game. I'm either playing tactics, racing or messing around on my farms. 


    ´◔‿ゝ◔`)━☞  links soon to come



Im a proud member of Ecliptic Embers.      Leader of Without Limits.

Feel free to pm me here or ask for my discord name




                                                                                                                                  Drawn by byrnnebyronne           My dragon and I fly as one


        My Sand Wraith Secretariat done by the talented Roaring Origins


.      Artwork done by Flitt    My daughter and me riding toothless



     Valka is the one viking I'm like, a mother calm,caring,Strong, wise and determined

  My Artwork/Edits

          My tattoo ( dragons added for look)

                           Second tattoo


                        My first flightmare Beowulf drawn by myself


                                       Quickfire by me


                               My razorwhip done by myself



                              Artwork done by Zitka



                          I attack my enemies with

                              the swiftness of a fox


                          (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ Rowena is my Idol




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Welcome to my Signature


My Dragons


Storm-Adult Nadder

Stormfly-Titan Nadder

Thornado-Titan Thunderdrum

Whispy-Titan Whispering Death

Troyfa-Adult Whispering Death

Roar-Titan Skrill

Dagur's Skrill-Adult Skrill

Meatlug-Titan Gronckle

Koytsoylia-Adult Gronckle

Bone Phantom-Titan Boneknapper

Cloudy-Titan Stormcutter

Barf Belch-Titan Zippleback

Fangy-Titan Nightmare

Hooky-Adult Nightmare

Fireglow-Adult Fireworm

Heatblast-Baby Fireworm

Spark-Baby Fireworm

Screamy-Titan Screaming Death

Charivdi-Adult Screaming Death

Venom-Titan Flightmare

Sand Wraith-Titan Sand Wraith

Toothful-Adult Sand Wraith

Snoggletog Wraith-Titan Wooly Howl

Benny-Adult Wooly Howl

Shocky-Adult Shockjaw

Gronci-Adult Groncicle

Night Light-Adult Groncicle

Speedy-Adult Speed Stinger

Icebreaker-Adult Speed Stinger

Deathsong-Titan Deathsong

Butterfly-Adult Deathsong

Windshear-Titan Razorwhip

Lucifer-Adult Devilish Dervish

Taxi-Adult Timberjack

Lump-Adult Snafflefang

   Axewing-Adult Armorwing

 Fourwing-Adult Singetail

Avocado-Adult Eruptodon

Potato-Baby Eruptodon

 Snowy-Adult Snow Wraith

Maleficent-Adult Moldruffle

Mal-Adult Moldruffle

Thredtail-Adult Hobblegrunt*

Kapnaw-Adult Smothering Smokebreath

Crocodilino-Adult Windwalker

Smidvarg-Adult Night Terror

Skullcrasher-Adult Rumblehorn

Snake-Adult Grapple Grounder*

Grump-Adult Hotburple

Shiren-Adult Tide Glider

Candy-Sweet Death

Pitchers-Adult Snaptrapper

Venus Flytrap-Adult Snaptrapper

Mudstorm-Adult Mudtracker

Rainstorm-Adult Raincutter

Chinski-Adult Changewing

Scauldy-Adult Scauldron

Uma-Adult Scauldron

Sharpshot-Adult Terrible Terror

Toothless-Adult Night Fury

Tailchanger-Adult Flame Whipper

Sleuther-Adult Triple Stryke

Harry Hook-Adult Triple Stryke

Gladiator-Adult Elder Sentinel


I am trying to get two dragons of each species, one being a Titan and the other one an Adult


Some things about myself


I am a 16 year old boy. I am from Greece and I live in Athens. My favourite food is souvlaki. My hobbies are swimming and basketball. My favourite movies are How to train your dragon movies, Jurassic Park/World movies, Descendants movies and Marvel movies. My favourite series are HTTYD series, Victorious, Descendants and many more XD. I like any kind of music and I don't have a preferable singer.

My favourite characters from HTTYD are Hiccup, Astrid, Valka, Stoick, Toothless, Stormfly and the Light Fury


My adoptables


Owl by Wolflight


Shock and Bolt by dogloven


Toothless by ELSA II


Twilight by RoaringOrigins


Indoraptor by RedHoodJason



Σχετική εικόνα

And some fanart that I found through Pinterest and DeviantArt (these are not mine I just found them while scrolling)

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για toothless and hiccup httyd 3

Σχετική εικόνα


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Fixing Toothless's horrible face

So I also have the shark nose Toothless figure, and it's a bummer since it's overall a nice figure, just his face is kind of....



I repainted his eyes and managed to resculpt his nose and he looks better!

It's not the best figure I've seen of Toothless but it's definitely better than before.


Eye repainting:

He looks like Nigel Thornberry at this point ^








Click to view my art thread!

RIP Wings of Royalty, You will be missed







Bouncy Nadder and WoR banners created by Rae

   Bouncy Whisper created by me

   Bouncy Scauldron created by me

    Banner and Gronckle created by Kaz

    Bouncy Toothless and Sparkle chickens created by me

    Grapple Grounder made by SleepyRaccoon

    Bee bouncy nade by OwlyDragons

   Warriors of Royalty banner by: aprikoze





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Photogenic Dragons?

It takes a bit of work but if you go out of your way to find his best angle he looks pretty good!!

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That's really cool that you gave Toothy a makeover. The nose looks way better then it did before :D