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So. I've been a fan of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise/movies since the infamous "This is Berk" line when I heard it in theaters over ten years ago. I have watched the TV shows that followed and seen the second movie. And while How to Train Your Dragon 2 was not nearly as good as the first one, I still enjoyed it.


Unlike the first two movies, I did not see the third in theaters. I wanted to, but I couldn't. So when it came out as a DVD, I asked my Mom to buy it so that me and my family could watch it together for a movie night.


And let me tell you. I despise that movie with all of my heart.


Now, when I was watching the third movie, I was thinking to myself, "This isn't very good. Why do I not like it? I've gone through periods of unhealthy obsessions with this franchise (that I thankfully have gotten over), but somehow this movie has completely broken me out of the interest I had with this series."


Well, you see, I'm a storyteller. But though I am a storyteller and have been for all of my life, I can have trouble figuring out what I do or don't like about TV shows, movies, and books. So usually I'll go on YouTube to find rant videos about what I did not like to try and see if what they didn't like matches up with what I didn't like. This method has helped me be more aware of my prefrences when it comes to entertainment.


But there was one thing I did know I didn't like about HTTYD 3: the light fury.


I cannot stand her as a character. I don't even like the species, and this is coming from someone who has been obsessed with night furies since she was six years old. All the light fury is is a replacement. Mind you, I don't hold the same amount of resentment with the light fury as I do with, say, the sand wraith, and even less so, the woolly howl. When I say replacement, what I mean is that instead of, oh you know, having a female night fury be Toothless' love interest, the light fury is essentially the fill-in. Instead of confirming the existence of other night furies, the movie just goes "Nah. It's still a mystery."


And I have to say, the fan-service in this movie was disgusting. Usually I'm fine with some, like in, say, Avengers: Endgame, but the MCU earned that. They worked their rears off for ten years with so many movies and characters and storylines. The only fan-service we got was from the very first movie, and it was as if the film was trying to say "Look! Remember this? Remember that time?? Remember when the vikings said this???"


And man oh man, HTTYD 3 b.utchered, b.utchered, the characters other than Hiccup and Toothless. No, scratch that, it b.utchered all of them. I get their lack of screen time in HTTYD 1, but we were just being introduced to the characters. I really appreciate how the TV shows expanded on their individual characters, especially in RTTE. RTTE is an amazing show.


But seriously? Snotlout hitting on Valka? Tuffnut saying suspicious stuff and being weird?? Maybe there's more stuff that I can't remember at the moment, but the only scenes with the gang were with Snotlout and Tuffnut being weird. Hiccup and Astrid's wedding was nice, though, so there's that.


Then there's Grimmel. He's so forgettable I don't even remember his motivation, let alone what his voice sounds like. When on God's green earth did we go from alpha dragon villain to generic take over the world + alpha dragon villain to k.ill all dragons + a dragon species that has essentially become the equivalent of a much cooler singetail? I mean, the d.eathgrippers look cool and all, but they're literally nightmarish. Maybe some of you like that, and I'm totally cool with that, but they've literally become like singetails. They're a pawn. They're not treated as a creature that has become a victim to enslavement (oh wait! Grimmel and Drago aren't so different after all). Toothless k.ills them. K.ills them. What happened to wanting to save the dragons like when the gang trapped the skrill instead of k.illing it, or Toothless sparing Sleuther in the arena, or trying to chase off Skullcrusher instead of eliminating him? What the heck???


And don't get me wrong, the night fury is my favorite dragon, but I absolutely hate how OP they are now. I loved Toothless' catty personality in the first movie, and how he dive-bombed as a means of attack (you know, instead of head on). Then HTTYD 2 comes around and now night furies have an alpha mode?? Excuse me?? Then HTTYD 3 comes around and now night furies can absorb lightning??? I thought their dark scales and nocturnal nature were stealthy enough, but now night furies can harness lightning through the power of Mary Sue/Gary Stu and become completely invisible?? Though I don't like the light fury, their blast making them invisible makes sense since they don't have the best armor but can use it as a means of escape. But night furies, that, accoring to the Wiki page, have as much armor as a razorwhip and are apparently faster than a skrill (a skrill, a dragon that can ride lightning, and a night fury is faster than it, according to the HTTYD Wiki) need another OP ability. No thanks. I'm fine with them having less armor like the light fury and using their speed, stealth, and firepower to avoid confrontation with threats.


And then there comes the plot. If I were in charge of this movie, I would've rewritten the whole thing. The whole entire thing. I'll cover the basics because I haven't been thinking of this much lately since I've been busy with school. 


First of all, I would erase the light fury as a character and as a species out of existence. Because while I don't like how similar the sand wraith and woolly howl are to the night fury, I can appreciate what makes them almost completely different from it. The plasma blast invisible thing is pretty cool though. I can't lie about that. But a white, blue-eyed, female night fury? That's in a fanfiction somewhere, isn't it? I'm not hating on fanfiction, but the HTTYD fanfiction I've read always has a blue-eyed night fury somewhere in it.


Then I would replace the light fury with a night fury. An actual night fury. Either she would be a loner visiting Berk while migrating, or she would come with a flock if night furies stayed together (but we don't know because we've only encountered one individual of the species). Because guess what? Cats (the animal night furies are based off of) can form clans or be out on their own. That's same with wolves too.


I'm honestly debating whether or not to have Toothless leave to go with the night furies. There'd be no "Hidden World" and possibly no Grimmel (but if I change his motivation or edit it so that he hunts only night furies for sport or something else I may decide to leave him in because that would determine whether I'd make Toothless leave with the night fury (or furies) or not). If Grimmel has found a way to successfully hunt night furies, either Toothless would go with the night furies to escape, or Hiccup, Toothless, the gang, and the night furies would team up to put a stop to Grimmel. He could possibly still use the d.eathgrippers to hunt them down and immobilize them before he k.ills them. But the gang would have to try and convince the d.eathgrippers to not hunt night furies, or they'd relocate them since they're very much against k.illing dragons.


If the female night fury is by herself, Hiccup and the gang could try and tame her. In this situation, I think it would make more sense for Toothless to at least try and befriend her because he probably hasn't seen another member of his species in years. BUT he wouldn't drop Hiccup like a hot potato after just meeting her five seconds ago like in HTTYD 3 because that's another main reason why I hate that movie so much. If Grimmel is after her and that's why she's migrating/escaping, then the gang would definitely be trying to tame her to team up with her and be able to better protect her.


If the female night fury comes with a flock, I think it's less likely that Toothless would leave because at least he knows he's not alone. And again, if Grimmel is hunting them, the gang might use Toothless to try and convince them that the Berkians want to help them escape.


All in all, my replacement is very incomplete and probably pretty fan-fictiony. But if I could show you the way I want this non-existant sequel to HTTYD 2 to play out, trust me, that's not what I'm trying to do. My main goal would be to eliminate the mystery of night furies (obviously not completely, just like with any other dragon species), and show them as much more vulnerable. Like I said, this idea is very incomplete and very imperfect.


Now, to move on to the animation. I can't really say much since I don't have an eye for this kind of stuff. I mean, the animation is incredible, but I find it to be a little too . . . cartoony? Toothless especially looks cartoony and I'm not much of a fan.


Going back to the mystery of night furies, I have to say that it's hard to believe that they could be wiped out so easily and so quickly with primitive tech. I mean, night furies can (apparently) fly faster than sound, only come out at night and are already hard to see in the dark, have an "alpha mode," can absorb lightning, and have armor equal to that of a razorwhip. I mean, come on. In the first movie Stoick asks Gobber about night furIES. As in plural. That means that, not only have Stoick and Gobber encountered more than one night fury (albeit not directly), but in the span of about 50 years, the most powerful, most intelligent, and most fast creature to ever exist is k.illed off before the confirmation of dragon-proof material, gronkle iron, and Dragon Root arrows. Oh yeah, and before the confirmation of riding dragons, much less taming them. I know that Valka and Drago undermine this, but Valka was hiding and Dragon didn't use anything other than a stick to control the "king of all dragons." Lol no.


There's probably more I'm not covering, so I might add it in another post in this thread. But I just wanted to cover my main problems with this movie, because I cannot even begin to describe how much I h.ate it. If you like it, I honestly don't care. I'm glad you do, because I wish I could, and I wish I did. But I don't. And I don't because I care too much about this franchise to see its final movie rip its main theme apart and laugh in your face about it. No, I'm not saying that the people who like this movie don't care about the franchise. 


Anyway, that's about all I got. Maybe I'll do the Night Lights, even though I haven't seen Homecoming. Feel free to agree or disagree with me. I honestly don't want to argue or debate. I'd rather just have a nice discussion about this because I have embued this post with my fury and I'm too tired to live it out again, lol. I'd love to see what everyone else did or didn't like about this movie, or even this franchise as a whole, I don't really care. This is just my incomplete rant. Please do not directly reply to this post or to any other rant posts I make in this thread.




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Agree, and disagree.

I agree on the fact HTTYD could have been WAY better. Like, how did the Speed Stingers get in the hidden world? Also, totally agree that "Grandpa" Grimmel (xD) could not have killed all the Night Furies! Horrible idea on DreamWorks.

However, personally, I LOVE Deathgrippers. I have done some research, and their armor is insanely strong. So, personally, I doubt the lightning Toothless summoned that DIDN'T KILL HICCUP, WHO WAD RIDING HIM, killed the Deathgrippers. I like think it only stunned them in some way, and when the shock and the venom/drug wore off they lived happy lives as wild Deathgrippers. However, sad as it may be, it is probobly the case that the FALL killed them, not the lightining.



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Honestly, I'd like to think Toothless' lightning didn't k.ill them. But the fall doing that is definitely a possibility, unfortunately. And yeah, there's no plausible way Grimmel alone could've k.illed them all. 

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Totally. There were major flaws with Dreamworks' idea. They tried to make it end too much like the book

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Honestly, I haven't read the books, so I can't say much about them, but I think I can assume that most of the fans haven't read them either. So I have no earthly idea what made Dreamworks think that people would want or accept that kind of ending. At least from what I know, the books establish that dragons are gone pretty early, but I could be wrong. When I watched Toy Story 4 and compared that movie to HTTYD 3, I literally laughed because they're both the final movies of established, popuar franchises that shred the theme to pieces.

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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

Tried to make it end too much like the book while failing to understand why it worked in the book.

1. In the books the dragons did not leave imeedeitly. It was a slow migration over the course of many years. Dragons who were emotionally attatched to humans stayed with those humans."

2. The dragons made the choice. Hiccup did not send them away.

3. The stakes were far worse and the charicters were pushed much further. It wasn't a "Oh. Another bad guy. Oop. We won but this is going to keep happening so we might as well give up and send the dragons away."

Book Hiccup didn't win. He simply bought humanity more time to prove themselves capable of change.

4. The book bad guy WAS A DRAGON. One who had been hurt by humans so much that he didn't believe humanity could change. His choice to call dragonkind to leave was a break from interacting with humanity and a rather forboding message that if humanity had not improved when they came back the war would start again. Sure there were human bad guys as well but the main big scary at the end was a dragon.

5. The hidden world wasn't a thing. The dragons hybrinated in random hidden places all over the world. Some were caves. Many went to the bottum of the sea. It was random places.



I could add on more too. Just...there was way more to the book ending then simply making the dragons leave. They broke the story to make the reference but they didn't seem to even bother learning why the book worked so they could eather reference it closer or do their own thing that wouldn't be so.....shoehorning.




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I haven't read the books but those points you listed make perfect sense . . . In the context of the books. I mean wow. This just goes to show that the creators didn't really put much effort into the story. The only good part about the third movie is the animation. 

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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

Honistly the enfisis on trying to get "the book ending" but also just...clearly having tunnel vison while doing so is one of the most frustraiting aspects of the third movie for me.

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I bet. What's frustrating for me (someone who's never read the books but has been a huge fan of the movies and shows) is that the ending makes even less sense since I'm like "where did that come from?" 

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1. Speed Stingers and walk on

1. Speed Stingers and walk on water, and maybe they were born in there.

2. Hiccup was wearing an armor of Toothless' scales.

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The Skullgrippers ate my subject! NOOO! I AM NOT EDIBLE! AHHHH

Good points! However, the vortex of pouring water shows low odds of speed stingers surviving a trip there.

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Oof, just imagine a bunch of speed stingers following Toothless and then leaping over the edge into the Hidden World XD

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All I can think of now are plunging speed stingers.


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Okay, then the most logical

Okay, then the most logical explanation is that the speed stingers were BORN in the Hidden world...

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What about the ones in RTTE?

What about the ones in RTTE? They were on an island.

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But the fact still remains

But the fact still remains that Hiccup is HUMAN. A SINGLE blast from Toothless can kill him. HOW DID HE NOT DIE!?!?!?!? It is impossible, even while wearing armor. If the lightning killed the Deathgrippers(Which it did not), then our main protagaist would be dead. Toothless might even have also died That would make such a great side effect...Good bye, Hiccup! 

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He was wearing an armor made

He was wearing an armor made out of Toothless' scales.

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Actually, while Grimmel himself may not be responsible for EVERY death, the director confirmed that Toothless was the last Night Fury (this was after HTTYD 2).


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The poor Light Fury is severely getting over hated AGAIN. What is with all the hate? She is cute, has adorable sounds, her powers... Wow.
Anyway, Dean (director) wouldn't stop thinking what Hiccup said in the first book "There were dragons when I was a boy." He had to figure out a way to end the story. Truth be told, I am glad they didnt make another Night Fury. It would be very predictable and the movie wouldn't be great (to me) it would remind me too much of Kung Fu Panda, Rio, and other movies I can't think of at the moment. If they didn't delete where the Light Fury was being playful I think she wouldn't have as much hate. That's what most people problem is. She wasn't playful. Then again, if they made her a Night Fury with the same designs (I guess) and attitude. Fans would be upset that they made another Night Fury and how many times have they said Toothless is the last of his kind and how predictable the movie is xD
I will agree with you about Snotlout and Tuffnut. (Those two were my favorite characters! Snotlout was awful). I hated him in the Hidden World. He was stupid, annoying and so on. Isn't that Tuffnut job? Tuffnut had a little of Snotlout old personality which annoyed me.
Hidden World was the movie you have to see in theaters because of the beautiful graphics. Hidden World is jaw dropping! It felt like I was in the movie at times. When you watch it at home, its still beautiful but when I got to the Hidden World part it took that magic away a little.
I hope its ok if I suggest a rant (I didn't mind reading it, I did agree with some other things you mentioned but my reply would be long) Watch the movie Eragon if you haven't.



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Lol, yeah, I'm one of those people who doesn't like her. But really, it's just her. Her species is a bit too similar to the night fury for my liking, but there's just something off about Toothless' love interest. I can't really place my finger on it. It's not her lack of playfulness that I don't like. Honestly I like that her personality isn't like Toothless' in that way. I guess it's just . . . the air she gives off. I honestly don't know how to word it. 


And that's what I was getting at in my version. I know that a female night fury would be equally as cliche, but I'd hopefully make it less so by not having Toothless literally drool over her because oh my gosh another night fury. He's seen others of his kind before like his mother and maybe if he had siblings? I'd think he'd be more excited than like "ugh I'm stuck with my best friend who nursed me back to health after he shot me down and with his friends who I've had many fun and dangerous journeys with. Why can't I just be with my own kind for a change?" But you do have a point of saying a female night fury would've been as problematic. I just wish we got some closure with the species. But even at such a young age and before the second movie came out, I knew that was never going to happen.

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I have very strong feelings about this

Perhaps it is because she just appeared out of nowhere and turned Toothless into an id.oit? And her species is basicly horrible, terrible, and even more horrible?

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I hope I'm not the only one to find this a little ironic with your picture being a light fury? XD


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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

I very much disliked how Toothie fell in love with the Light Fury.  I don't really mind the existance of the light fury too much, but what really bugged me is how arrogant she was, and the simple fact that two very different dragon species should not be able to be together.  Also that Toothless immediately abandoned Hiccup to be with some weirdo he literally JUST met.  An ending that would have made me much happier is if most of the dragons did go into hiding, but those dragons who liked being on Berk stayed there.  Maybe they could have had us see a flock of Night Furies fly into the Hidden World, so we know that there are more out there, but Toothless decided to stay with Hiccup.  The creaters just wanted to make dragons seem more animal-like, so they pretty much erased their personalites and loyalty.  And I completely agree that the characters were WAY off.  Hiccup was needy, Ruff and Tuff were just annoying and not witty at all, Astrid lost all of her personality, Snotlout was creepy, and Fishlegs was no longer smart at all.  Besides all that, the movie had no plot.  It was just: "Oh look, another dragon hunter.  Let's pack up the village and send the dragons away."  No climax.  And Hiccup and Fishlegs weren't even remotely interested in discovering Deathgrippers, nor did they try to free them, rather, they set out to kill them. KILL THEM!  Wow, I had no idea that I held so much against this movie.





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Aloha Lola

In all honesty, the third movie, to me, felt like a pretty satisfying way to end the canon. It left this sense of mystery and inner hopes that can be reflected in real life: "Wait, what if dragons are real but, like Hiccup said, can't be found? Are they in the Bermuda Triangle? Maybe near the centre of the Earth?" 


I read many posts after the third movie was released, and was surprised I wasn't the only one questioning over fictional dragons in the real world. As a writer myself, this is an event in which the directors could rest assured they made something, if not excellent, decent-wise in regards to the finale of the franchise; that impact you display on your audience.


At least, that's what I noticed. If not, well, there's always fanfiction, mate.




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That's a very interesting way to put it! But I've never been the type of person to wonder if the existence of dragons could be actually possible because that's just not my personality. It's like with folk legends. I don't really wonder about the existence of fairies or magical creatures because I know that's implausible, in the same way that I don't think about "well what if there are dragons" because to me those are just dinosaurs, lol.


And yeah, there is always fan fiction, lol. But I'm glad you liked the way the series turned out. 

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Read the books!

If you like that sense, read all the HTTYD books. They are very different, (i.e. astrid doesn't exist, fishleggs is a skinny asthmatic viking, etc.) but they are so good! Jus think like they are a different world than the movies.

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I agree... but not enough to

I agree... but not enough to not do a rewrite of the movie

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There are two things that bothered me the most about the movie.


Number 1: Toothless.


I love him, but in the third movie he was so out of character. How fast he fell in love didn't make sense at all. Okay, I get it he had never met another dragon similar to him and he has every right to be curious and excited, but seriously? Becoming love-crazy just like that? I don't believe in "Love at first sight" but I do believe in meeting someone for the first time and feeling a some sort of connection. Connection. Not. Love. Also, if Furies mate for life like Grimmel mentioned, then I would expect them to be more picky and take a lot more time to get to know each other before even considering becoming mates, right?



A specefic scene that hurt is the new tail fin. It bothered me so much to see Toothless accept it so fast while at the end of Gift of the Night Fury he destroyed the tail fin Hiccup made for him after getting his lost helmet back. He didn't want to fly on his own. He preferred to fly with Hiccup, together as ONE. It was weird for me to watch Toothless so excited to wear that thing... Dreamworks should've at least made him more reluctant to wear it...



Number 2: New Berk.


First of all, if that island is about a day away from Berk, how did the Dragon Riders not spot that huge piece of land sprouting out of the ocean before??? Secondly, was leaving Berk really necessary? The first movie literally starts by describing Vikings as stubborn people, who would stay and fight to the DEATH for their land rather than escape in search for safety, even if moving somewhere else would make them safer. They've done that against dragons for three hundred years. After all:

**"We're Vikings. We have stubbornness issues" - Hiccup**

But in the third movie, the said legendary stubbornness was nowhere to be seen... Where did it go, Dreamworks? The idea of the Hooligan tribe to pack up and leave their home just like that was so... uncharacteristic.



Finally, I admit the animation of the movie was amazing and stunning and I really appreciate all the hardwork they put into it. But the plot wasn't as satisfaying as expected... Especially since this is supposed to be the final movie and there are still things left unexplained. To be honest, the only things I loved in the movie were the Deathgrippers (Who didn't deserve to die), the Hobgobblers, Fishmeat and the Crimson Goregutter. That's it.


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PREACH!!! Toothless was so out of character and it legit makes me frustrated. And I never noticed how the Berkians were so willing to move, but now that you mention it, that doesn't make much sense either. This whole movie doesn't make sense to me. 

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My opinion:
The truth is I have a love-hate towards this movie. There are things that I found beautiful but unfortunately much of the rest was poorly executed. And those above up are right, I also thought so ... how a species as strong as the NIGHT FURY was so easily annihilated. It has no logic how Grimmel found ALL the Furies and destroyed them just like that. Some more must have survived but we will never know and as for the Light Fury, the same I love-hate this dragon. She has an interesting camuflage ability and his growl .. they are weird but adorable but I hate that she looks so feminine. Rather it was taken from the sleeve.
But see, there are similar species of animals in the real world but I really didn't see it necessary in this case.
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That's very true. I say I don't like how similar the night and light fury are but in the back of my mind I'm like "well there's subspecies of wolves and lions and bears" so my prejudice towards them is very illogical and, I'll admit, based off of the Light Fury character. 

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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

HTTYD 3 is a beutiful peace of artwork. .....Artwork. I don't mind it existing because it's so pretty to look at. You can tell the animators put a lot of work into it. The plot however.....turn your brain off while watching because the ending in particular is really bad.

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I've got nothing much to say except...I agree with all of that. 



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There's three ways to watch the movie.


1. I don't really care about the plot and just want more hiccstrid/toothless/dragons


2. I'm here for plot! Which is why I now despise it...


3. I'm dissapointed but if I don't think to hard, it's a good movie.


I'm the 3rd one. XD I liked it, at a glance.

the three things that I would have changed.


Light fury: Okay I'm good with her, but only if I forget that I love the serise. The reason I don't like her is because she was annoying, wasn't needed, and if she was in the movie they could have made her have a cooler plot her personality.


Snotlout: Just, no. He might be the main reason I didn't like the movie. It made me so... Bleh. Worst thing they coulda done.


and Grimml: BOOORRRIIINNNGGGG!!!!!!! I would have loved watching it where the villans, are the dragons. IDK. Just not Grimml. As others have said, he was a cookiecutter villan.


Now that I think about it, They should have done it where Toothless has siblings and he finds them but they're lurring dragons to there death. Why else are the Night furys called "the unholy ospring of life and death itself"? I really don't know but something other then the cookie cutter plot. 


(but yes, I do agree with a lot of what you're saying :3)


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i agree with pretty much everything that has been said here. i just want to add one more thing that i don't think was discussed- the light fury's name. WE DON'T EVEN GET A NAME FOR HER. all those kids who will write fanfictions and make ship names and stuff? no, you can't, because it's toothless and "the light fury".


i think that was so dumb. we need a name for her. not just tHe liGhT fUrY.






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Oh My Goodness that bothered me so much! I've sorta been starting to call her toothpaste in my mind but She needs a real name! Maybe that's why so many people don't like her...

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The Light Furies "name"

I've seen the light fury called "Nubless" referring to the fact that she only has two "nubs" on her head, while Toothless has six or seven.

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Another thing that I should be clarified according to my point of view is that in animals there is not always a relationship, they only live for ... you know (I will not put that word in case it sounds bad to the administrators of the forum) even when they just met . It was obvious that Toothless did seem interested in her, but it seemed exaggerated how desperate he was towards her. The Light Fury could have paired with another of its specie, what I think is that it took an interest in the dragon similar to her (Toothless) and gave it a chanse. Now, they are dragons, especially those of the Strike class are as intelligent as a "human" so something a little better built in their relationship would have been more interesting. But I repeat, they are like animals, they are different from us.
And another thing I wanted to say is that in the end it was pointless to move to the New Berk, I imagine that to go down to the pier (if it exists because I did not see one in the short, in the movie or in the game ) it must be torture and more than anything to climb. Sure they could use something to go up or down faster but the truth ... I think they should have looked for a large island but not with height. But well ... they found that place and they already had houses worked so I imagine they wouldn't want to put everything back together and go to a new new island.
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"That idiot boy has done all of the work for you. . ."

"Gather the dragons in one place."


Oh boy, the Hidden World. . .I'm so disappointed with how things turned out, I made an essay about it a while back. xD I agree with a lot of what you said.


  • The Light Fury (character)

Nubless had so much potential. . .the deleted scenes show us what we could've gotten. . .no, what we should've gotten, in my opinion. Just because she's wild, doesn't mean she should be so. . .bleh. If she isn't being angry at humans, she's eyeing Toothless. Now I'm not saying make her as playful as Toothless but give me a reason to be drawn to this character. If she's so important, why is she so uninteresting? It just makes it even more evident that she exists solely so Toothless could have babies without actually continuing the Night Fury species to make Grimmel more intimidating than he actually was. I feel like the movie could've played the same way if they used a female Night Fury in the place of Nubless. Still pretty cliche but it's better than the "one guy and six mind-controlled dragons took down all the Night Furies" narrative.


  • The side characters

They felt more like background characters. This is the supposed to be the end of a great franchise and what do we get? Snotlout hitting on Valka. And speaking of Valka, it rustled my jimmies that instead of talking with her son, she sent Astrid to do it most of the time. I really wish we saw their relationship devlop more but nope, just a ton of Hiccstrid and dragon flirting.


  • The dragons

What I loved most about this movie is we got to see a bit more of my favorite owl boy, Cloudjumper. A bit. If it wasn't Toothless and his lady, they weren't really important. It's ridiculous that Fishmeat had more screen time than his own mother. Why were the gang's dragons ignored? In the first movie, they were just warming up to each other. In the second movie, we get a glimpse of how close they are. In the third movie. . .if feels like the dragons were barely anything more than steeds. And if they weren't just being ridden around, they're blindly following Toothless. Speaking of that. . .


  • The whole "king of dragons" thing

Honestly, this is a concept I could get on board with if we saw Toothless actually work to earn the dragons' trust and/or seeing the bonds riders have with their dragons overcome his "control". But instead, dragons can't disobey Toothless unless they're being influenced by Deathgripper venom and all dragons, even though they've barely known him and didn't see him defeat Drago's Bewilderbeast, they still bow to him, no resistance or anything. That just. . .I feel like it undermines that whole moment in the second movie. Toothless caring for Hiccup so much, he challenged the Alpha. Yet here, no dragon seems to care that much for their riders.


  • Toothless

Fastest dragon around? Okay. Only dragon who was freed from a Bewilderbeast's command so he could bust open his spines and defeat the bad guy? Fine. Cloaking with electricity? That's where I draw the line. There's no reason Toothless should have this ability, other than the ability explaining why the Night Fury's considered "the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself", and even then, the speed did that part just fine. That, and so he had a means to get rid of 4-5 Deathgrippers at once. And after so many viewings of this scene, I still don't know how he learned to do it. All the Light Fury did was make a noise and look at him and boom, that's enough to tell him, "hey, maybe if I summon electricity, I can cloak"? Always makes me scratch my head. . .


Then there's Toothless just being. . .not Toothless? After meeting the Light Fury, everything changed and not for the better. The Hidden World showed me that if the Light Fury--or a female Night Fury--was around, Toothless wouldn't have been with Hiccup for as long. That's how I interpret it at least. It destroyed that whole scene in Gift of the Night Fury. In that special, it was he'd rather spend time flying with Hiccup than fly on his own like the other dragons. In the Hidden World? "He had no reason to." Ugh. . .at least a showed a little restraint when he was about to fly but after that? Seems there was no going back. It's also really upsetting that the other Vikings thought the same way: One of the Vikings straight up said that because he has a mate now, he wasn't coming back and Astrid just added to that by saying, "You gave him his freedom, Hiccup. What were you expecting?" Like. . .why shouldn't he have expected that? Stormfly came back when she had babies, Meatlug pretty much gave her baby to Fishlegs. That whole thing just leave such a bitter taste in my mouth and really makes me question Hiccup and Toothless' relationship. It's strong. . .until a female Fury comes along.


  • The move to New Berk. . .and the Hidden World

It's interesting that when it comes to moving to New Berk and finding the Hidden World, the Vikings were feisty but when it came to releasing their dragons to the place that they didn't think existed, no one lifted a finger. It felt more like, "well, since i can't have my dragon--and my dragon's, heh, the King of Dragons--no one can." Like a group punishment. Growing up, I hated those; most of the class would be quiet and working but then the bad kids would cause such stir, the teacher would punish the whole class for their actions. Getting those vibes from this made me despise it so much more. Then there's the dragons retreating the Hidden World: Isn't it pretty much the same situation as before? Grimmel said it himself: "That idiot boy has done all of the work for you: Gather the dragons in one place." Granted, this place is bigger but so was New Berk and alas, they couldn't stay up there. All it takes is someone brutal like Drago or cunning like Viggo to sail to Hidden World and capturing Toothless to put them in the same situation they were before the Berkians released their dragons. And with Toothless being on the surface and the Light Fury being just as, if not easier to take out, it wouldn't be as difficult. Still tough because ya know, it's a Night Fury but. . .Grimmel was also about to sedate him in relatively close range. This leads me to my next point:


The move to New Berk was essentially pointless. The move to New Berk was more or less for the dragons. . .and now there's no more dragons. It feels like they left their home of several generations for nothing at that point. I guess it evens things out though: The Vikings lost Berk and whatever they couldn't carry and the dragons are stuck underground. Some for the rest of their lives. . .


  • Justice for Deathgrippers

This needs no explanation. These dragons were done dirty. They were mind controlled yes but you know who else was mind controlled? And ki.lled somebody? Toothless. While they tried to free him, the Deathgrippers were sentenced to death. . .well, two of them at least. The remaining four more than likely fell to their doom but given that they survived getting crushed under rocks, it wouldn't be too crazy if they survived and just went about their lives now that they aren't being controlled. . .or even worse, suffered a slow demise as their prey retreated into the Hidden World. . .that got dark. "Good dragons under the control of bad people do bad things." Something else in the second movie that was disregarded in this one. If Death Songs can be redeemed, so can these guys,


I feel like there's so much more I could say about this movie but I can't remember it at the moment. And Homecoming? Dear Odin. I could make a special the same length talking about what I don't like about it. But that's for another thread on another day.


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I was mostly agreeing with you for everything, until I got to the Deathgripper part. THEN I TOTALLY AGREED WITH YOU! I am so sad that the Deathgrippers, who, like you said, where being mind controlled, and BRUTALLY KILLED!!! Like, what happened to "protect dragons?"

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Swoopin' In!

Indeed. There's the argument one wouldn't be able to get close but dragons poised with Grimora can have salt thrown at them and School of Dragons brought up a potential antidote. Maybe something quick could've been conjured up? I know it wouldn't be great but the decision to release all the dragons because the king found a girflriend and more dragons to rule over isn't exactly great either. . .or maybe the impact of the fall combined with that electrical charge destroyed their collars/harnesses? Or someone could try to approach them now that Grimmel's gone? I dunno. . .something. If Drago's Bewilderbeast can get redemption after controlling Toothless and making him blast Stoick into obilivion and Death Songs can get a better light shed on them thanks to Garf, something could've been done with Grimmel's Deathgrippers. At least one of them.

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Absolutely, positively, 100% agree.

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Completely agree and more for the last.
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This is why you do rewrites...




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I have some problems with the

I have some problems with the third film and I'm really relieved to see that I'm not the only one. I mean, so many people say that this movie was so incredible that sometimes I feel bad for not liking it so much. The film is visually beautiful, the animation is impeccable and the hidden world is fantastic, but the film has problems that really bother me.


Starting with Banguela, I feel that Banguela was uncharacterized in this film and that his relationship with Soluço was weakened. Banguela in this film doesn't look like Banguela from previous films and I'm really upset . Suddenly, the same Toothless who risked his life more than once to protect Hiccup seems not to care so much about his friend.


Another point that upset me was the ease with which the Vikings and dragons agreed to part. I know that the film focuses more on the friendship between Soluço and Banguela, but even so we saw Valka and Cloudjumper in the second film who spent long years together, much more than Soluço and Banguela and on account of that they had a very deep bond and they just accepted the separation so ... coldly.


One more point that bothered me is that during the film they work on the idea that Hiccup is being selfish without realizing when he wants to go to the hidden world, because the rest of Berk doesn't want to go there, they are happy and well accommodated in New Berk and as a leader Hiccup needs to think about his people. Banguela, on the other hand, exposes all dragons to danger when Grimmel threatens light fury, he demands that dragons leave with Grimmel, condemning them to a life of slavery just because of light fury, isn't Banguela being selfish here? Ignoring the protection of all dragons because of his girlfriend. But shouldn't a leader think about his people first? It seems that this was only valid for Hiccup.


 I have more problems with the film than the ones I mentioned. Light fury, for example, I don't like much either, her look is beautiful but she is extremely feminine and I feel that there was no need for her to look so feminine. It is also not very well written, at times it seems that it is only in the film as the trigger for the separation between Soluço and Banguela, it does not seem to have much importance beyond that.


I apologize for my weak English, English is not my native language and I am still deepening my knowledge of the language.




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Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe

Someone posted a very comprehensive article on reddit about why the third movie was bad. It is definitely worth a read because I wholeheartedly agree with everything said here




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Oh my gosh. That article is everything I wanted to say and more! And they literally pointed out so much stuff I hadn't even considered. This line is my personal favorite from it. LOL.


"Imagine living in a culture that has accomplished peace with the dragons for generations, and suddenly your entire way of life is destroyed by the dragons leaving because some brat halfway across the globe decided that because he can't have dragons, nobody else should either."


Thank you Wolf and Star!!!

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Some thoughts

I personally really loved it, but in the only way I can love a sequel conclusion to a franchise. I do think it's the worst of the three movies, but I don't think it's exactly bad. I thought the light fury was an interesting choice, and I wasn't expecting them to say that ALL other night furies are gone but their subspecies is still around. I guess they wanted a distict character from Toothless and they wanted the night fury extinction story to make more sense. I do think it would be quite boring for them to just make a mirror image night fury. I can't exactly think of how different you can make night furies from each other in significant ways like how you would need it in a movie like this. I just wish they fleshed out her character a little more. Maybe showed us more light furies than those few you could probably miss in the Hidden World scene.

I feel like a big part of what played into this movie feeling the way it did was that it was obvious the writers wanted to focus on Toothless and Hiccup, and not so much everyone else. I feel like the tone could have been cool if they weren't afraid to drop the comedic relief, or at least latch the comedy into the story like how they did in the second one (i.e. Astrid dropping Eret scene). That scene where Ruffnutt is intentionally acting annoying was the best part of the comedy honestly.

I think making night furies op was maybe planned since the first movie. Night furies had obviously begun to go extinct by Bork's time, considering he had one page and maybe two sentances about them. That would make night furies extremly rare by the time Stoick or Gobber were born, considering Bork was Gobber's great, great grandfather. Night furies were probably just seen as the baddest, most ferocious dragon of all, which is what motivated Grimmel to become the night fury killer. He killed the night fury attacking his village, making the dragon threat ten times as managable. It's a very big deal to kill a night fury it seems. Also, my friend pointed out something pretty cool to me. Remember when Grimmel saw Toothless disappear and seemed shocked? I always wondered why that was. If he knows so much about furies, why didn't he know they could disappear? Or at least he looked that way. She said that Grimmel killed the first night fury when it was asleep. Maybe that was his tactic for killing them. No direct fighting. Just manipulating them, luring them, and killing them when they're most vulnerable. I also think it's possible for people like Grimmel to drive creatures like night furies to extinction. Anchient humans drove mammoths and other animals to extinction in just a few thousand years with rocks and sticks. I'm pretty sure someone as smart as Grimmel could drive such creatures to the brink of extinction. Especially if night furies had a very restricted habitat, like how certain sloth species are constantly on the brink of extinction because only maybe 20 of them ever exist at a time on a single stretch of islands, or maybe they're extremly specialized and therefore can't adapt very well to enviromental pressures, like koalas.

Side note as well - I'm not sure where I heard this or if it's totally true, but I heard that this movie (somehow) had the lowest budget of the three. I guess the animators decided to focus on enviroments and effects instead of small, tiny details like the second movie. Maybe they were trying to go for the sort of style of the first, but put more money into enviroments. I feel like they maybe should have balanced it more??? Then again, if they didn't pump half of the animation budget into the scenery, the Hidden World wouldn't look as amazing as it did. The goosebumps I got in that scene were very worth it.

ANOTHER side note - I had to look at TONS of pictures and scenes of the deathgrippers in order to draw one just a few days ago. I read on the wiki that Grimmel has specifically six deathgrippers. I found that interesting. Then I flipped through the movie to get good reference shots for my art and figured out the deathgrippers are ALL DISTINCT CHARACTERS???? I was like???? omg??? they all look so different and cool???? And act different???? Why did we not get development for them??? Missed oppertunity. Absolutly a missed oppertunity.

All the awkward moments aside, I feel like the overall plot and crux of this movie made a lot of sense, and connected with me personally. I've personally gone through a situation where I had a pet that I loved very much, but I knew a place where they would be much happier, more fulfilled, and would be with their own kind. I wasn't gonna let myself be selfish because I love them and would miss them. I wanted to do what was best for them. While Grimmel wasn't exactly the "ultimate threat" per se, seeing as he was defeated in the end, but I think Hiccup's line "Grimmel is just a sign of the times" is a good way to describe it. Grimmel was sorta the straw that broke the cammel's back, made them look for the Hidden World, and keep the dragons there where they would be happy and safer than they are with their humans. I believe the achillies heel of the movie was that the writers were EXTREMLY focused on riding that point home, and didn't think about certain parts of the tone and whatnot. I don't think any conclusion would have ended with me being very happy about it, but I think whatever draft the final one was is pretty good on it's own. Who knows? Maybe their trial audiences urged them to add unessicary comedy to lighten it all up because the parents thought kids couldn't handle it. Maybe some departments didn't agree with others and that's why it took so long and came out like it did. Maybe it was Dreamworks being switched from company to company over the development. Either way, I think what we have is a great movie that impacted me in a pretty profound way. I wouldn't trade it with anything else.


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First off.... "If you like it, I honestly don't care" Sounds like a great way to incite discussion. Secondly. The fact that you said "I've been a storyteller all my life", seems entirely pointless to mention. Because now this makes me not want to trust your storytelling capabilites when you say "The plot was horrible" because in all honesty, it was great. In the trilogy as a whole, it was a perfect end. But you don't care what I think.... Right? Because I like the movie? But still wish to have a discussion about this? On top of that... "This is just my incomplete rant." Why rant at all then? Great, express your view, but... If it's incomplete... Why rant before you have can get more points on it? You said you don't care why we like it, but you want us to care why you don't? That almost tells me that you don't want to see why we like it...


But, I feel like at least trying to show you, tell you what I see in the movie, and why I like this movie. Because you needing to look up reviews on it to figure out why you thought you didn't like it? Where the opinions are rushed and jumped to one side instantly? Just doesn't seem like a great way to actually understand the story it tried to tell.


First, little things.... Snotlout and Valka. No. Snotlout is not hitting on Valka, in no way do I see any actual flirting done from him to her. What Snotlout is doing, is seeking praise, trying to "rise up on the food chain" or whatever. Example #1: "So uh- Hiccup's.... Mom. Any notes on my bone crushing assult or was it pretty much perfect?" Example #2: "Yup, your mom's super impressed with me, I'm like the son she always wanted" Example #3: "Listen, Eret Son of Eret. When Hiccup blows it as Chief, I'm next in line. Number Two! Cause I'm clearly Valka's favourite". He's not hitting on her, he's hoping to stay on her good side so that if Hiccup were to faulter as Chief in any way, he would replace him instead of Eret. Or, become a high end warrior of sorts considering her position in the council.


Tuffnut. You didn't state anything on him, besides he has "weird" banter, which was honestly all in character for him to say... But this then leads me to ask why you brought him up in the first place? You had nothing else to say about him. Another reason to at least think through your rant a little more before sharing it.


The Deathgrip- No. The "protect all dragons" theme you seemed to have clinged to...

In no way, through out all three movies or shows, did they agree to "protect all dragons". "Protect our dragons" Yes. They k.illed off the Red Death, because she was a huge issue to their lives at the time. Skullcrusher, as you mentioned, was simply being a problem at first, but when push came to shove and he became a "danger" to Gobber. Hiccup was very much ready to put him down. Singetails, were not completely under control, once freed of their captors, they were off. Second movie, Toothless would of ended the Bewilderbeast to claim the title of Alpha, as most animals would. It's a fight to the death for leadership. Hiccup was also willing to end this dragon's life to regain control of his people's dragons. The Deathgrippers, are being controlled by the very thing they create, they are practically lost causes in this state of mind. These dragons were a huge threat to the people and to the dragons, and in the moment where they're holding Toothless and Hiccup captive in the air. It was the Deathgrippers or themselves. Fight or flight. It's as simple as that. All animals have to make that choice, humans in the viking time frame also had to make this choice on several occasions. So, this make sense to me.


Grimmel's motive was simply his love of the hunt, as the whole theme of the movie is "Love". To make a movie or story you have to set a theme for it, and HTTYD 3's theme is "Love". Hiccup's love for Toothless and vise versa, the Light Fury's and Toothless' love for one another, Hiccup and Astrid. Grimmel's love of the hunt, as he states quite a few times in his scenes. Now, Grimmel has an adversary that matches his intellect, this causes him to want to pursue this hunt even more. Hiccup fights, acts, thinks like Grimmel, and that's why Grimmel is so dangerous, they're the same. Plus, to top that off, Hiccup is riding a Night Fury. The very dragon Grimmel spent many years of his life ensuring the death of. I can easily believe that Grimmel can cause their extintion in a short period of time, for one huge reason...


You said Toothless is based off of cats. I literally just spent an entire week looking into this dragon for that Nightlight thread I posted. Night Furies are not based off just cats. They're mostly based off Panthers and Tigers. These particular big cats are solitary animals, having extremely large territories and don't tend to interact much with other big cats. So, if this is the case, then Night Furies did not cluster up into clans, meaning it was easy for Grimmel to pick them off one by one. Even easier with the Deathgrippers. So, now he caused the species to become endangered and the Night Furies themselves started to off on their own, and have a harder time mating since they don't have many mates to go to. So, that eventually causes them to become nearly non-existant. Not to mention, it wasn't only Grimmel who irradicated them, maybe the biggest contribution, but there were several villages who were probably getting fed up with Night Furies too and went on to clear their territories of them.


Yes... Stoick states "Any Night Furies?" in the first HTTYD, but... Since they never actually saw a Night Fury, only in silhouette and sound did they recongize them, they could easily mistake one Night Fury for many. You said, "According to the wiki, Night Furies fly faster than sound apparently", so.... Toothless just used his dive b.omb tactic to attack one place, find another target while attacking that first place, turn around and dive back where he "disappeared" and attack the second place he had in mind. Creating the illusion that there's many Night Furies in the area. Not to mention, the several other dragons on the ground raiding the vikings were also great distractions for Toothless to reposition himself for another target without a single viking realizing that it's the same dragon.


The "Alpha Toothless" is literally just a glowing spine to show he's challenging authority. I don't think he gains any "greater abilities" when he splits up his spikes (not including the aided turning and pitch). Absorbing lightning is also a stretch, because he literally only uses it to heat up his scales, much like the Light Fury does. Toothless just needed a little more heat to mirror his own scales, so he uses the lightning's heat to coat them. He isn't like the Skrill who can harness it and divert the lightning else where, Toothless just simply takes it in to hide himself for a few short moments.


I do agree that the Light Fury wasn't that great of a choice. But, explain to me in detail why you think her species should be completely wiped off the drawing board. I don't like her as a choice for Toothless, solely because that means the end of pure b.lood Night Furies. Unless other Night Furies mated with Light furies and there were several other Night Lights flying about. The Night Fury is dead. For this, I would of still preferred the Light Fury to be a Night Fury. Or, yes, include other Night Furies to show that Toothless isn't the last of these genes. Only other complaint I have with her is her ears as I don't see them to be useful in any manner. But that's it. Otherwise, great, we have some diversity in appearance.


Sorry.. How did this movie b.utcher the characters? I'd like more detail on this.


And just to jump on this before anyone else keeps restating the "Hiccup was selfish and just tried to keep Toothless close instead of letting him go" or whatever.... Hiccup did.. Everything for Toothless to keep Toothless happy... Hiccup's choice to move away wasn't all for Toothless, because, as he says "We're dragon people", they are happy when they have their dragons. Which these dragons are not "domesticated" or "pets", those dragons are as much people to them as the vikings were. So, obviously, what is best for the dragons is best for them, they built a world to accommodate the dragons into it, you think they'd just drop that in an instant to stay on an island they simply grew up on? Moving homes wasn't actually that uncommon back then...... So...? Also, middle earth or the Hidden World, is actually a huge part in Norse Mythology. Which Dean based a lot of his ideas on Norse ways... So that inclusion is actually pretty good for his version of HTTYD. It is in no way similar to the books, I mean, you can talk to dragon's and they'd talk to you in the books. Dreamworks tried their best to stay within the realism of our world, so they use a lot of physics and history (more in terms of tech: sundial, catapults, ships, ect.) to build this world of dragons. To the point they even made sure a lot of the dragons can actually fly in our world.


Also.... What all fan service are you talking about? I want to know what you think is all fan service.


I actually quite enjoyed the call backs to some things. But if you paid attention to the first and second movie, it's the same thing too. Soooo.....


The call backs in terms of animation, is due to the fact that those were huge turning points in their animation careers at the time. The flicker of the candle light with the turning of a page in the great hall, so they focused on the candle in the third movie when Hiccup's going through Stoick's journals. The reflection of tree's in Toothless' eye when he pins Hiccup in the first movie was a huge success for the team then, so they blew that out of the water in the third film, having several short scenes where it's pretty much shot all in the dragon's eye. Flying, plants, compositions of scenes, lighting, textures... All that, those are the call backs I think of when mentioned, with the only one in the movie itself being Astrid's speech to bring Hiccup out of the dark space he dug himself into. Which I also quite liked, they've matured, they've grown, and now they're in a bind where their friends are trouble and Hiccup is at a loss once more. Leave it to Astrid to maintain the cool headedness in the situation and get Hiccup thinking again.


And when you think about it, it's Toothless' story. Hiccup's developed already, he didn't need to "find himself" in the first movie, he already did, he just wanted to figure out how to incorporate himself with his society. Second movie he just finished growing, became the Chief as Toothless became the Alpha. The third movie is more about Toothless learning and growing, needing to chose between his friend and his, now, life long mate, and how to incorporate himself with both. Of course it's different for a dragon. Berk's dragons were only as dependant as much as they wanted to be, and before they became too reliant, it was just better if they left to live somewhere that can handle them better. I can't say much on the clean breaks they took from their riders, Valka and Cloudjumper, the main gang and their dragons, and so on, because that does seem extremely odd. But, Toothless is stated to visit Hiccup regularly for the years after, so, I don't see why the other dragons can't?


Create your fanfic as you wish, but at least take all this into consideration when thinking about the third installment itself. I only addressed the things you did, since this seems to be where your mind runs to the most. But, if you look up only negative reviews of something, you're only left with a negative taste on that thing. So, I do hope you went through several different reviews on the movie, and not just the "why HTTYD 3 is a bad movie" ones.. 


I have no interest in changing your mind to like the movie, I just want to state the things I understood of the story that was told. But, you can at least see why I have this view, why I like this movie and so forth... Right? Oh, right. As you said... "If you like it, I honestly don't care."...So, did you even care enough to read this?


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