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With the third movie out in most if not all countries, I thought I would make a page for everyone to discuss it (forgive me if one is already in existance) and cry about it. 

Spoilers, obvioulsy (this is such an amazing movie you do NOT want it to be spoiled for you)


So, what did everyone think?


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I loved The Hidden World so much! The main theme was great. The symbolism and subtle nods to the rest of the franchise were really cool (tv series, sod, etc.) . I went through like 11 tissues in the theater. I cried or was on the verge of crying for over half the movie. XD  I'm totally going to watch it again (Next time, in 3D!) And Astrid and Hiccup were the best thing ever. Normally I'm not much of a romance person, but I really like their relationship. I give them 10 outa 10 totally awesome parenting skills because throwing your kids in the air thousands of feet above the ocean is most definatly a safe activity for children. XD The twins were AMAZING! Ruffnut was hilarious and Tuffnut's "advice" was so great :D Grimmel is so terrifying as a villain, even more so than Viggo. His incredibly long, pointy, pale face will haunt me forever lol.

More of my rambling on the way :)

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Absouletly loved the movie, the end scene had me crying like a baby in the cinema. Then the waterworks were restarted during the end credits, the song really didn't help lol. The concept of Grimmel was something I liked however I don't think it was shown how much of a threat he was during the movie, there wasn't much build up to him or weight behind the fact he killed all the night furies apart from toothless. Parts of the movie also felt a bit rushed, especially the ending when the dragons are leaving. It all happens a bit fast. 


I think having a different opening scene, maybe one where it shows young Grimmel finding a nighfury and then just about to kill it or just showing him holding a weapon. Like the incident one he spoke about after he trapped Hiccup and the others with his Deathgrippers. This would provided a cool contrast to Hiccup when he found Toothless, and given more weight behind Grimmels "killing all night furies". 


I am sad to see the series come to an end though, it was a major staple of my childhood.




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Yeah, this movie was definitely the most emotional out of the three. I agree with your points about Grimmel. He would have been a  much scarier villain if they allowed him to have more screen time. His death was kinda dull too. I think they should've had a slightly more dramatic death for him other than plummeting into the ocean. Your idea for a different opening scene would have been really cool to see.

It's the same for me, This franchise is basically my child/teenhood. I've been a Dragonite since the very beginning. All good things must come to an end I suppose.

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I think a more dramatic death would have been a good thing overall. The whole scene could have lasted a bit longer imo, it was a bit short. The whole climax of the movie felt a bit short really, one minute they're fighting Grimmel at his house place and the next he's in the water, presumably dead. I also wanna know what happened to his Deathgrippers, they can't have died from just hitting a few rocks since dragons in httyd have been shown to me much more hardy than that.


Also, it only shows the dragons from Berk going to the hidden world. It never makes any reference as to what happnes to others that live in the archepeligo, let alone other dragons in the world. They all can't have gone into the hidden world?


It's sad to see the franchise end, I reckon they'll do a spinoff movie in a few years though. The ending with Hiccips and Toothles' kids was a perfect ending that someone could lead on from, with them grown up etc. I also wouldn't be suprised if they pump out another netflix show in time either.

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I have sooooo many opinions!! :D

Yay! More places to discuss the movie! I'll just copy and paste my thoughts from another thread, ( but I'll change a few things and add some more thoughts, such as my opinion on the soundtracks and such. Here it is!


Overall, I absolutely loved the movie and I was so so so sad when it ended. I stayed in the cinema to watch ALL the credits and only left when the screen was just black and the entire thing was finished. That's how much I wanted to stay... :'D
A 'few' things I liked:
~ Hiccstrid!!!! Yay!!! I don't even have words for how happy I am they are finally married and have children!!! That was definitely one of my favourite parts of the movie!!! I also love their clothing for the wedding!
~ Astrid's hairstyle! This is mostly unrelated to the actual movie content but I LOVE her hairstyle! It's out and flowing which is beautiful, yet it still has a braid in it which is continuous with all of her other hairstyles! I LOVE it!! I actually love it so much I've already tried it on myself quite a few times... XD And her hair was even more beautiful for her wedding! :D
~ The music/soundtracks! I love them and I especially love how in many of the really significant moments of the movie (such as when Hiccstrid's children meet Toothless) the music from the previous songs plays! It ties the movies together so incredibly well! I have a lot more to say on the music, so I'll post it in a comment to prevent this post from being too long (even though it already is... XD).
~ The scene when they are trapped in Grimmels well, trap, with the Deathgrippers! That was so suspenceful and I absolutely loved it! (Also go Cloudjumper for rescuing them by lifting the cage up! :D)
~ The raid/battle scenes! I loved the suspence and the music and how it all happened. I quite liked the chaos of it, it made me feel as though I was in the movie with them. 
~ Ruff and Tuff!!! Tuffnut's 'marriage/relationship' advice to Hiccup, that was too funny!! XD And Ruffnut's continuous talking when Grimmel had her hostage! That was better than any stand-up comedy I had ever seen! They are both so so so funny and I am so happy they both had their own special part in the movie.
~ The Crimson Goregutter and the Hobgobblers! Both are now in my list of favourite dragons, the Hobgobblers because their personalities are just so funny how they just suddenly show up, and there are constantly more of them, and the Goregutter because who doesn't love a Moose dragon?! Also the way it played with Fishmeat, (Meatlug's baby Gronckle) was so adorable and how it came to save it when it was in danger in the battle scene was so sweet! :D
~ Of course I hated the fact that Toothless and Hiccup had to part and that all dragons and vikings had to part! I was so sad and I was crying... but in a way that's good because now the dragons will be safe! And when Hiccup and Astrid discovered Toothless and the Light Fury when they were older again, I was so happy!!! I cried (again) but this time out of happiness! It was so sweet!!
~ Hiccstrid's parenting!! I loved the way Hiccup and Astrid passed each other their children through the air as though it was completely normal and they weren't thousands of metres in the air. XD That's good parenting right there. XD
~ Sheep wearing dragon costumes! That was so funny! 
~ Toothless's 'mating' dance!! Need I say more? XD XD XD
Thing I didn't like:
~ The movie was a bit chaotic in comparison to the other movies, because the start especially was very confusing. One minute (literally) they are still at Berk, the next they're on an island somewhere else? What?? That was a bit confusing but the rest of the movie was good and I understood the length in between events much better.
~ The plot wasn't as strong in this movie as it was in the others. In the first movie, it was based around Hiccup and Toothless's growing friendship but also about how Hiccup was looked down upon by the other vikings and how he had to face it. The second movie was about Hiccup 'growing up' and how he had to learn that the world isn't full of only good people. And of course, he also finds his mother, but loses his father which were really big plot points in the movie as well. However, in HTTYD 3, the main plot is focused around Toothless and the Light Fury, which is good, and it's also about how it's all ending in a way. So now that I re-think it, I guess the movie did have a good plot, but in my opinion it wasn't as good as the other two.
~ Valka and Snotlout. I think that is by far my least favourite thing about the ENTIRE movie. I just find it weird because Snotlout is Hiccup's age (I think he's even a year younger) and Valka is Hiccup's mother, which is just a huge age difference. It was just quite weird and completely ruined Valka for me. It didn't ruin Snotlout because that's just part of his personality (shown multiple times throughout the franchise) but now Valka is just completely different (in a bad way)... It didn't even have a purpose in the movie, they could have just not even included it, or had Snotlout with someone else... I just.. yeah. I didn't like it.
~ The Light Furies growl/noise. I don't know why, I just don't think it suited her. It sounded too rough and like something that I wouldn't expect from her. And as to the actual Light Fury, I don't really have an opinion, she wasn't too bad but also wasn't particularly amazing either. Although I have to admit that her and Toothless are really cute together! And dare I even mention the Night Lights? Real cute! :D
Anyway, I have SOOOOOOOOO many more thoughts on the movie, but I'll stop with this or add on to it if I have some other thoughts! And I'd love to know whether anyone agrees, or disagrees with my thoughts! 
~ Stormy!! :D


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Soundtrack time!!!

And now onto the soundtracks! I plan to listen to them all and thoroughly discuss them, but I'll do that later, since it'll require me listening through the entire soundtrack and I currently don't have over 1 and 1/2 hours! XD But here's what I've currently got:


1. Dinner Talk (not so much this part)/Grimmel's Introduction! I loved the suspense in the Grimmel's introduction! And the music makes me shiver everytime from how hauntingly amazing it is! :D Definitely one of my favourite music pieces in the entire soundtrack!
2. Raiders Return to Busy, Busy Berk! I LOVE this piece! It is definitely an amazing piece! Although I was quite dissapointed they didn't use the classic "This is Berk" to start the movie, since they did that with the two previous ones. Other than that, a really great piece! Also at 4:01 onwards, the music is particularly good because I think that's the part when they return to Berk and this time they used a bit of the "This is Berk" soundtrack and I'm so happy they did! It gives a nice link to the other movies!
3. Exodus! Only the beginning of it, not so much the rest. I'm not entirely sure but isn't this the music that is playing when they are sailing to the New Berk? Or is that earlier? I'm not entirely sure but either way I really like one part of it, near the start/middle. Also anyone else remember the sheep with the dragon wings on the boat when they were sailing to New Berk? That made me laugh so much! XD
4. Armada Battle! Who doesn't love themselves some good battle music! And 1:20 or so is particularly good because that's when the real suspenseful music starts! And 2:10 a nice flashback to HTTYD 2! And at 3:00 another nice flashback to HTTYD 1&2! 3:44 another awesome flashback to HTTYD 2! 4:15-4:50 has got to be one of my favourite parts of it though! You can almost sense the urgency in what's happening. 5:05-5:20 another nice flashback! 5:37-5:55 an amazing flashback (my favourite probably)! 6:30 another nice flashback! 8:20 is another amazing piece, and a nice finish to the battle!
5. As Long As He's Safe! The beginning is really suspenseful and awesome because it is still carrying on from the Armada Battle, so it's still face-paced and energetic! Although near the end it's sad because Toothless and Hiccup (and all the other riders and dragons) part, the music is still amazing. It shows the emotion and does the scene justice. It's a really amazing piece.
6. Once There Were Dragons! It is so great and I love the parts when Hiccstrid get married and then the suspense when they find Toothless and the entire flight on the dragons at the end! Amazing soundtrack and a great finish to the movie!
Overall, I absolutely LOVE the music, and have listened to the entire soundtrack at least 5 times already and plan to keep listening to them over and over! :D Although I like all the music, the ones above are my favourite, but in no particular order. :D I'd love to know what others think! :D
~ Stormy!!!!!!!! :D


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I really hope that "How To

I really hope that "How To Train your Dragon" will continue at least the new series or continue the "Race To The Edge" series about the children of dragon riders (Hiccup, snotlout, fishleg, ruffnut and tuffnut). I hope the series is about Hiccup and his friends wanting to bring the dragon back to the ground. So they set sail and their child sneaks onto their parent's ship. Then when Hiccup and his friends arrived they just realized that their kids had sneaked into their ship and then Hiccup and his friends begged toothless the alpha of dragon to bring the dragon back to the ground and Toothless agreed. and Hiccup and his friends trained their kids to be the successor of The Dragon Riders. Then a few years later when the zyper was patrolling around the edge he met the son of viggo grimborn who brought some Night Fury and Light Fury and zyper took him to Berk to meet Hiccup. Then after being asked again and again it turns out that he is the only child of Viggo Grimborn who is assigned to bring Night Fury and Light Fury which Viggo stole from Grimmel to Hiccup for safekeeping. then the new dragon riders brought Night Fury and Light Fury to The Hidden World. And they are safe there and continue to breed.

Note: Snotlout is married to Minden and lives in new Berk
another note: this is just my personal opinion
another note: zyper fell in love with the son of Viggo Grimborn but Hiccup held him back for several months because it was still unreliable.