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A lot of newer people don't know how to post pictures on the forum so I decided to post this guide. I'm going to post my guide in a Do Not Reply post in case I ever need to edit it. Please let me get the DNR post up before replying. Thanks. :)


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Maya the Sand Wraith, assigned to me as the perfect dragon for me by Wolf and Star, on her "Answer these questions and get a dragon" thread. The amazing art of Maya was done by DyliehIdol1214.


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Looking for a clan? Check out the Isle of Gazoo Clan Recruitment thread to see if Isle of Gazoo is right for you. If you're interested in joining, let me know even if all the spots in the clan are full. I might be able to find a spot for you. If you put in a join request in game and you don't reply on the Recruitment thread, if you could please put a brief message stating you've seen the Recruitment thread on the forum instead of the standard "Hi. Please let me join your clan." that would be greatly appreciated. :) 

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But the treasure of true friendship

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Please Do Not Reply Directly


Follow these steps to post pictures in your forum posts and in your signatures.

- Make sure you're using Google Chrome or Firefox. You can't post pictures on the forum or in your signature using Internet Explorer.

- Upload the picture to a photo hosting site

- Click on it to make it bigger(if you use postimage, don't know if you have to do this on other photo uploading sites)

- Right click on it

- Click open image in new tab

- Go to the new tab and copy the url address

- Then on your forum post, click the button that has a house on it. It's a little hard to see in the picture but if you look left to right, it's the one by the first A

- When you click that button, right click the URL space and click paste. You can then change the size of your picture but make sure the lock is always locked, otherwise when you resize your picture it will start looking distorted. After you resize your picture click the ok button. Once you click ok, if you're not satisifed with the size you can click on the picture and resize it.


You may reply/track now if you'd like.

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   Are there any photo hosting site that don't require you to have an account?


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You don't have to have an account with Postimage but I don't know if you can access your pictures again without one.  If you're wanting a photo hosting site that doesn't require you to pay to make an account, I recommend Postimage. It's free to use and free to make an account with.

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Thank You

I found one thank you very much.

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You're welcome :)

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A wild outcast has appeared!

For Mobile users:

The bar won't be there but there is a way to add images on mobile to: You need to use raw coding and the coding to upload a picture is "<img src="url of the image" width="to change the width if needed" height="to change the height if needed" align="left/center/right">" and if you want to add a link to said image, do "<a href="the link you want to apply to the picture"><img src="" and the rest of the properties you wish to add here as well></a>".



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I'm LPS100, Genderfluid (any pronouns) and I'm a SoD veteran playing since August 15th, 2014. Still playing because "why not?". I consider myself the "Grinch of School of Dragons" due to SoD being the game that received the most negativity out of me (for multiple reasons).


In-Game Info and SoD Wiki:

I'm only in the game mainly for Wikia purposes. I only turn MMO on during battles but don't bother talk with me as I never use the chat as a form of communication. I have trained all the Dragons Species but the Thunderpede and the Scuttleclaw are my biggest favorite - my Dragon List is currently a WIP.

I'm one of the four major admins from the Dreamworks School of Dragons Wikia so, if you need help, I'm Wiki-LPS100. If you want to join us editing and contributing to the wiki:

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Thanks for telling how to post pictures on mobile. :) I don't have a mobile device to use so I had no idea how to do it on mobile.

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Tracking! :)




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Huh You read through all that? Wow Im impressed...
I gotta say we were pretty lucky not to run into-
 annnd I spoke too soon....

*runs away screaming*

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Tracking! :)



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Tracking as well.

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Story time!

Hey guys I'm Sloane aka unbeatable ninja and I make stories. You see my story cerer started about the same time that I got into drawing Dragons I was inspired by rubi illousion and ever since made really good drawings, and I wants to share some stories with you guys! here are some stories that i made so far! Im not dont with some of them but I have a good start! enjoy!!!!.





 Who are you?” said a little voice in front of you. “Oh it's you! I've been waiting forever!” hey, Dash There here!” . Cried out that little voice. Deep between the trees, in the forest so deep you almost never can find your way out, There was a dragon name Ash waiting to meet you. “Hey!, whats up? Let me tell you my backstory.” “A few years ago in a far away land called the sacred land which was filled with peace and harmony lied a dragon, that dragon she was my mom yeah we didn’t have the friendliest family, my mom never really paid attention to me, she was always playing with my brother I would always nag at him, I knew I shouldn’t have but I did anyways. I always grew up not knowing my dad as well, he left us when I was young I barely even remember what he looked like we never saw him again but I didn’t think much of it we lived life just fine without him. My brother used to annoy me until I showed him who was boss that got in trouble a lot but I didn’t care that much because I liked my life but I didn’t like staying in the sacred land all day and night, I never even saw the outside world I never saw the sky the clouds the night or even a real tree. There was this one day, it was weird not like the usually everyday weird it was really weird. I woke up that day and everyone was already awake, I'm usually the first one to wake up every day! Did I sleep in? I thought no I didn't. It was still the same time I usually woke up as I stepped outside that morning. I looked around at the glowing walls and there were a lot of dragons getting ready for something MOM?!?! I shouted as she came running towards me in fear she told me to get inside and don't come out as she ran me to the door I knew what was happening he was here, who you might ask, Shade, Shade was coming, here let me tell you who shade is, so for generations Shade’s family was always trying to get to be alpha we never let them and now shade has been the closest to getting to kill the alpha, Bill was our alpha right now and he was strong I knew he could take him that is that I thought. As my mom was rushing me inside I saw my brother inside crying with fear as my mom ran back and closed the door right before my eyes MOM NO! I screamed as I ran outside and a death gripper had leaped onto my mom and had stung her, as I started to run towards her my brother grabbed me and pulled me inside. He said she was dead when I heard him say that I pushed him back and denied it. As I ran for the door I grabbed my brother and we left the sacred land as soon as we got to the portal it was already unstable. My brother didn’t make it, and I was the only one who made it out alive, that is I thought. Hey watch it!” said ash “Hey I'm not dead Im right here” said Aaron Ash’s brother. “Yeah I know that but I was just telling them what I thought!” said Ash with awkwardness. “Now, back to the story. After that I was on my own, lost, in the middle of nowhere a few hours passed and I had found a small cave looked small but it could work it almost looked abandoned I found some fish and rabbits freshly killed I was confused when I saw this and then I turned around realizing that this wasn’t abandoned it was still in use, at that moment I knew I was a goner a large dragon stepped up being hard to see since he was standing in the the shadows he leaped down in front of me and I saw his drak glowing blue eyes staring at mine and I was just as confused as he was. H hello? I said with fear. WHO ARE YOU!! Said that large dragon. I’m Ash and you? He said his name was Dash. I told him that I meant no harm and that I was lost and in seeking shelter he told me that I could stick around and hang out for a bit. I thanked him and that same night I laid down in that nice cool cave with that friendly dragon I liked it, the having company part someone that was around my age finally, a few years passed and it got awkward between us and I wantred to do something about it. One morning I woke up I heard Dash call me so I ran towards him excitedly he took a nice morning flight, I liked it I told him thank you and that it was beautiful he nodded and looked at me I looked back I knew what I needed to say but I didn’t say it  Hey ah Ash I need to um. Oh hey tell me later I told him as I tried to get away from him he shouted to me and he told me that it was important maybe I should tell him I though but I didn’t, an hour later he found me in the forest alone he told me that he needed to tell me something he told me that he liked me I smiled and hugged him. Things were happier ever since!” That's my back story, maybe next time Dash will tell his next time!”





Hey Im Dash and I’m going to tell ya about my backstory real quick.     So when I was a boy I was left by my parents and abandoned, then one day I went to the lake to grab some lunch and when I was about to catch a fish I fell into the water at the sight of another dragons I thought I saw a night fury and a light fury, nah that was just a myth seeing a night fury and a light fury together. Then I popped my head out of the water and saw the impossible A NIGHT FURY AND A LIGHT FURY ALIVE!? I couldn't believe my eyes I walked over since I was just a kid I didn't know any better I introduced myself and said I was lost and in need of shelter so they took me home they fed me played with me and put me to bed the first night sleeping there was scary seeing as I was just a kid and I didn’t know if I could trust them but I did and the next few days were the best days of my life I had a home a place to sleep and everything that I needed. One day toothless and Luna brought me to the hidden world they took me to play with other dragons They knew it was what I needed. Later that day I met up with these cool guys Meatloaf and camo they were chill so we had a sleepover then a few years passed and then one more and then 2 more and I was starting to get tired of sitting at home all day, So I decided to head off, and find dragons like me. So I did and one day when I came back to my new cave I heard some rustling in the background so I decided to check it out. When I was stepping up to my cave I heard someone talking or something? I stood tall in the shadow part of my cave and leaped down it was… no it couldn't be!! Another tryon! WHO ARE YOU!!! I screamed so loudly that the trees raddled.  I sat down and looked at the dragon and I noticed it was a GIRL?! Not only that, but I JUST ATTACKED A GIRL! That was not a good first impression so I told her that I was Dash and she introduced herself also. Hey I’m Ash  she said I asked her why she called herself Ash. She said because when she turns invisible it leaves a trail of Ashes. I was like what can you turn invisible?!??! I was impressed so I said I too could. We hung out and I let her stay for a while.
     After a few years had passed it started to get awkward. I was in love with her and I knew that and I think she knew that so one morning I woke up, I got fish and flew around a bit. After that I took some fish and I set it down next to our cave. I used to call it my cave but I think that our cave is a more appropriate name. So That morning camo and meat loaf came by. I said hey and they asked me what I was doing I knew I could trust them I so I told them that I was in love and they understood and asked them if I needed help with anything and I nodded they helped me set up a nice spot of land it was a little bumpy but it was right by the beach I started to call Ash after my friends left and I got ready for this amazing day I had planned. Hey ash I said as I greeted her to asked me what this was I said that doesn't matter and we went on an amazing flight up above the sky’s where there was no one to bother us and no one to tell us what to do we played hide-and-seek in the clouds and it was wonderful I loved everything about it, we talked and talked and then when we were up in the skies I said that I wanted to tell her something! She said tell me later and she flew off. After an hour of searching I finally found her alone in the forest and I told her I liked her. She hugged me and things were better ever since! That's my story and I hope you enjoyed listening!
The Amazing Adventures with Ninja Frog  
Your time has come little one “said ninja Toad”. You must now go along with your gurney that awaits you from your future. But what if I’m not ready? “I said in a shy and confused voice”.
Ninja toad said that no matter what you need to always follow your heart. And he disappeared into the strange fog…
The next morning I went off to school. I stopped because I heard some kids in the alleyway behind the old school building that had been wrecked down a few years ago. I heard someone call for help. I dropped my bag and jumped off to try to see what had happened. Standing in front of the dark deep alleyway I stood in front of two teenagers and my friend on the ground. I said Hey get away from her! “I said with a deep, brave voice”. One of the teenagers said hey! Who are you? I said that all you need to know is that you're messing with the wrong kid... 
One of the teenagers bolted up to me and pushed me back and said you think you are some hero? Both of the teenagers laughed. I said yeah Yes I do I pushed one of the teenagers back against the walk the other one Jumped on me but I already saw coming and I leaped back as he fell to the ground as I grabbed my friend and took her to my house to rest.
I fell to the ground to take a break from jumping, when I did I realized that if anything like this ever happened again we could be in trouble so I went to my room to check on my friend she was asleep. I went to get a glass of water and when I finished I tried to set it down but couldn't. I tried to jump to my mom when I crashed into the ceiling because of how high I could jump. My Mom came in and asked what had happened before I could answer. I was gone. I jumped back out and went to the same spot that last saw Ninja toad I went back there and when I did I sat down on a mossy log and said” how? Why me? I don’t think that I can ever controle these powers. Why do you trust me with this”  I screamed in fear and confusion. I hear a voice down by the little stream near the area that I was in before IT WAS NINJA TOAD! I froze because I thought he had died I went closer to the voice I looked into the water and saw his face I looked into his eyes and said 
   “ Why do you trust me with this?”. I don’t understand why you trust me? I repeated it until I got a response. Ninja Toad said with a deep and understanding voice he said” Ninja Frog you have been chosen by the Gods to become the next Ninja Frog.”Why?” I said in a confused and worried voice. He said that I will learn on the way. As I walked back to my house I Heard A sword being swung and I went towards the noise .
I ran towards the sound and in the middle of the dark street I saw a human but it was my size???
I am Unbeatable Ninja of Souls I and A worrier sent down by the gods to teach you the meaning of what It means to be a god. Follow me! Quick! I would jump into a portal thing.
   “Aggg what happened? Where am I? I feel like I got hit by a bus. I don’t feel so good” I would fall to the ground again. I would get up and look around my eyes would be seeing things I never thought was possible to see “I WAS BIG!!!!” I shouted in amazement. Unbeatable Ninja said “ shhh keep it down man no one is supposed to know you are here…” Unbeatable Ninja?” I saId in a questioning voice. “Yesh” Unbeatable Ninja said. “Is this the real world?” I said with a cushion. I said to my fellow friends in battle with a ninja fox at my side we went down into the river bottoms as the enemy overhead closed in. We could tell it was a good day on the battlefield. “Unbeatable get Down!!!!!” I would leap overhead as I jumped and kicked a spear out of the air and as I fell to the ground feeling the wind. “OMG thanks ninja Frog”  I would hear something on the ground “wait stop” ninja frog put my hand out as a signal for stop. “Hi there” said ninja raccoon
“AHH omg who are you? You scared me!” “I am ninja raccoon and I got hit by a poison dart and woke up unconscious and ended up like this”. “Ok so are you like us?” “yeah I guess so” I shrugged. “Ok so we like a team ay? “ The ninja raccoon said with a sus. “Yeah I guess so man” said ninja Frog. as they set off on an amazing gurney back to their realm of which they came from. They then thought none of themselves but of the others for a very long time. They did think of if there was a reason that they were brought together for a purpose  like they needed to save someone or something we just don't know yet. “Now listen team we gotta” “ wait wait wait” said the ninja raccoon “who made you in charge?” “ Well I just thought that maybe since I felt like, I should be leader” I said with no confidence whats so ever “well, well” the ninja raccoon said with no words to speak “ whatever I give up” “ha yes I’m leader” “hey man get your head in the game you are leader but you gatta lead us into victory” said unbeatable “we gotta go now come on guys”. After all that talking they decided to go back to the realm of the toads, here toads and frogs have been in war for so long that now ninja frog and his team are going to stop them “ come on guys” said ninja Frog “we gotta get back” he said. “But how?...” said unbeatable “we have to get back come on guys just use your head we have to get back now or else that realm might be history” 
Part 2
     “WE HAVE TO GO NOW LET'S GO!” said ninja Frog in a worried voice. “Finally we are back “ said ninja Frog “what do we do now” said ninja Fox “no…” ninja Frog said as he dropped his mase. They all asked ninja Frog if it was to late, “yes” he said with a side “it’s to late” they all looked sad as they lowered there weapons as there was ash and flame rising us from what was left to burn “PUT OUT THE FIRES NOW QUICK WE CAN STILL SAVE SOME FROGS COME ON” said ninja Frog with a scream “it’s to late man we can try to save who we can but I think it’s to late “ok fine save who you can but plz try to help this realm”said ninja Frog in a dark and annoyed way “hey man who knows maybe under all this ash and ruble could be a rise of a new realm “yeah I guess so oh no NINJA TOAD” “come on guys we have to go faster” said ninja Frog “hey man I’m sorry but all this ash hurts my feet “ said ninja Fox “WELL WEAR SOCKS” he said “man chill you still have something to live for'' ninja fox said “NO DON’T YOU SEE MY FRIENDS AND wait shh “ he said “no I wanna talk now” said ninja fox “No seriously shh listen”he said “hello?” said a silent whisper  “yeah who’s there” he said in a confused voice. “Are you a frog or a toad?” said the silent whisper “I’m a frog” he said in a calm and relieved way “do you want to come with me?” said the silent whisper in a relieved way. “No, I'd rather travel alone,” he said as he ran off. He said in a brave and confident way “let's go gang”. They went off to find ninja Toad if he was still alive as they were sure he wasn’t but they had a great chance “guys stay here” say ninja frog “why?” said ninja raccoon “because I don’t Know what could be there and I need you guys to back me up just in case” he said “ok they said as they agreed as he snuck his way through the bushes he heard some footsteps along wit some talking behind the bushes he stepped forwards to see what it was and there he was Ninja Toad still alive! As he stepped forwards he saw two guards pasting back and forth watching his every move.” Ninja Toad” he whispered  “I’m here to rescue you” he said in a soft whisper. “No no you shouldn’t be here you are gonna get caught” he said a bit too loudly. “Hey who said that?” the guard said with no fear “I did“ said ninja Frog. as he came out from the shadowy side of the bush he said “hey do you keep your master locked up?” the two guards became confused “what?” they said in confusion “what do you mean King Toad is our leader”said ninja frog one of the guards said. “No” said ninja frog “ninja Toad is” he said “ninja toad?” they said “who’s that?”they said as they laughed. “He is ninja Toad,” he pointed to ninja toad. “He captured me,” sad Ninja Frog “Wait, he did what?” the guards said in shock ninja fox, unbeatable, and ninja raccoon came in as they walked up and played along they started to plead for them to let their master out “plz” they said. “Fine “ said the guard as he took out the key but dropped it and ninja frog jumped to grab it as he was about to grab it . “YES!” he said with joy and jumped off “let's go gang” said ninja Frog “get them!” yelled the guards “stop plz” yelled one guards as the other jumped after him. as he got tired he said “wait stop I need to tell you something” he paused for a second “what?” said ninja frog as he stopped to turn around as the others did also “ why should I stop?”he said “because I have the realm crystal” said the guard “my name is steven and I went undercover as a spy to get it I know you think I am lying but I’m not trust me plz”... “Then show us…” said ninja frog. “I would but I lost it…” said steve.”Lyar!” shouted ninja raccoon. “But I know where it is if that helps to trust me”said steve. “Then show us,” said ninja frog as they took out the last of the guards. Later that day they went off onto a small narrow path. Some of the gang were not happy about it and thought it was gonna be an ambush… “are we there yet” said ninja fox as they came up to a large muddy opening in the narrow pathway.``this is the mud pond we need to work together if we want to stay alive, now, do as I say and it will all be ok” said steve. ‘I knew it was dead, it's a trap, ' said the ninja raccoon. “Just do as he says ok” said ninja frog. Ninja fox turned around to look and see if it was a trap and then realized…”OH NO! Where's Ninja Toad???” shouted ninja fox. “He must have stayed behind. I'll go find him,” said the ninja frog. Ninja fox mumbles to himself that he thought it was a trap and steve led them right into it….After a while they made it past the mud ninja frog came back with news that ninja toad were not going to come and feared it might be a trap. “I knew we shouldn’t have trusted you steve!” said ninja fox. “Plz plz just let me explain… When I was little my parents used to work for the ninja toads but then I believed that fighting wasn’t the answer and for all my life I believed that there could be a way that toads and frogs could live in peace and now I will stand for what I think is right!... That's why I want to help you guys…” said Steve in a scared and happy voice.``Well I think we should trust him,” said ninja Frog. “But ninja Toad’s never wrong” Shouted ninja fox and ninja raccoon.”agreed but I think we should trust him” said ninja frog.``well if ninja frog trusts him then I think we should too” said unbeatable ninja. “Hey there he is, '' said steve. “Here is who???” said ninja frog. “Omg is that Dude Toxic” said Unbeatable ninja “thats my friend!” Unbeatable ninja shouted with joy as she greeted him. “You know this guy?” said steve. “Yeah we used to be warriors serving the frogs” said unbeatable ninja.”well if you know this guy and he trusts me then you should probably trust me too” said steve.”ok fine I’ll trust you” said ninja fox.
“Me too, me three” said ninja raccoon and ninja frog. “Well you said Dude toxic can help us to find one of the three realm crystals” said ninja frog. “Yes I did Dude Toxic show them the way” said steve. “W-wait aren't you coming?” said ninja fox with a werry questioning tone.”no I’m afraid not for this is the land of the toads if a weary traveler sees my face I am sure to be remembered ,as my frightened soal will not go near this place” said steve as he said goodbye and jumped off.”well safe travels my dear friends” said steve. “You too” said ninja frog as he smiled and ran off to find the first realm crystal…
Part 3
“I think we should set up camp here for the night,” said unbeatable ninja. “Good idea” they said as they all agreed. As they set out their tents and blankets and pillows they remembered it would be a long cold night.”I’m gonna go get the fire wood” said ninja fox.As ninja fox came back he ran as fast as he could through the woods… “THERE'S SOMETHING HERE” he shouted as everyone got up and was ready for a fight. “Where r-ready? Where is it, why were you screaming?” said ninja raccoon. “It's right there, don't you see it?” said ninja fox panting in fear. “Ninja fox there's nothing there it's going to be… What's that sound?” said ninja frog as he got cut off at the end by some nearby growling, then they all became fearful. “Night hunters” said ninja fox”night hunters”....
“Everyone be quiet,Ninja fox do you see them?” said ninja frog.” no I don't but I hear their footsteps”. Everyone stood still for a few seconds and then the bushes and the ground beneath them started to rumble; they heard a loud sounding roar in the distance. “ROAR”. A large dragon came down from the sky. The dragon looks familiar to all of them. “NYRON!” screamed unbeatable ninja. You’ve come back after all these years I knew you were going to come back.” said unbeatable ninja.”Roar” said nyron. “Hope on everyone” said the unbeatable ninja as she stepped up onto the back of the gigantic beast called nyron. The rest stepped up on ninja fox needed a little help getting on since he’s a fox in all. After a few minutes they came up apon a large castle with MeatLoaf Dragons as guards. “Those are meat loaf dragons very power full strike class a descendants of nyron and that armor is built into their skin since they have very weak scales” said unbeatable ninja taking a breath after telling them about the dragon.”WHAT HE NEVER SAID THERE WERE DRAGONS INVOLVED!!!” screamed Ninja raccoon. They all held on as nyron gilded to the left taking a break from flying in the closed damp area.”you ok bud”said unbeatable ninja with fear he was hurt. “Roar”said Nyron with a fear that it was a trap but no one noticed anything different. Nyron started to jump around and leaped in front of everyone in panic and made a roar that was not unheard but not heard easily.”what's wrong Bud?” said unbeatable ninja worried. “He made a growling sound and pointed to the trees. “Everyone stay back” said unbeatable ninja with confidence. As she pulled out a sword they all knew something was up and they were ready for anything at this point. Then down from the tree tops came a fierce meatloaf dragon it started growling and roaring then another came then three more soon they became surrounded by them. “Nyron Roared with fear and started to growl at then he pounced over at one a took it to the ground another one jumped on Nyron and then he was in the middle of it pinned to the ground with nothing he could do would help his case Unbeatable ninja struck a meat loaf dragon in the eye it screamed with fear as it jumped off of nyron and they all ran off to seek shelter. “Come on there will be more” said unbeatable ninja as she ran off with nyron. Nyron started to burn a small patch of grass for him to lay on. “Good night everyone,” said ninja raccoon with a yawn. The next morning all of them beged Unbeatable ninja for a dragon“Ok, then let's get started!” said an unbeatable ninja with excitement in her voice. A few hours later they started to train the dragons that they found . Ninja frog got a gronkle, Ninja raccoon got a deadly nadder, And ninja fox got a monstrous nightmare. “Now let's start with a basic bond, first you are going to need to feed your dragon” she said as she handed everyone a fish. “Now that you have fed your dragon you need to give it a name.” she said. “How about…” Ninja raccoon started to think deeply for a perfect name for his dragon. “I got it! Your name is sharp shot”. Sharp shot immediately noticed that was his knew name.A few minutes later everyone got there dragons names, now they need to get through to the castle a few seconds later they ended up at the entrance of the castle and they mounted onto there dragon and a few seconds later they were up in the air most of them got the hang of flying immediately but for some of they not so much and when I say some I mean ninja raccoon isn’t the best flyer but he isn’t the worst. After they took out the first of the guards more came and soon they were surrounded, again. After a while they took a long second to think about what their next move should be. “Ok Ninja frog you swoop down and go to take them out one by one, Ninja raccoon you go help him, and Ninja fox come help me on the inside start to fly around in circles.” she said. After a while they took out the second set of guards. “Everyone ok?” said unbeatable ninja.”yeah I’m good, I am too” said ninja fox and ninja raccoon. As they flew down to rest ,Nyron heard a small flying sound almost like a dragon.. He didn’t think much of it and just flew down to rest. He was tired anyways.
“Well gang I’d say that was a successful trip!” said ninja frog. No one even bothered to respond even though they were all happy right now they still felt like something was around watching them but nor did they even think much of it. Later that day they set out their blankets and made some dragon stables and a little hut for each of them to keep shelter from the rain. After a few minutes they had fallen asleep but unbeatable ninja stayed up to find out how to get the first realm crystal. “Woh, and what were you doing in th-” she said as she got cut off by what she saw… “it can’t be… THE REALM CRYSTAL EVERYONE GET UP I HAVE A REALM CRYSTAL!!” Unbeatable ninja shouted with joy!”oh my I can’t believe it, it really is the realm crystal!” said ninja frog. “But wait! There's a note!” said ninja fox. Note:my name is steve this is day 555 my last day in this realm of toads and frogs if you are reading this then you know what to do with the realm crystal good luck signed steve. “Omg now that we have the 1st realm crystal we only need 2 more!!!” said ninja fox. “But we don't know where the next one is,” said ninja frog. “That is true but-” said unbeatable ninja when she got cut off. The crystal started to shake around and they all thought it was weird. “What the?” said the ninja raccoon.The realm crystal started to shake violently soon it started to travel over to the door then up the door!
“GET IT!!!” shouted ninja fox as they all jumped up to grab it then pulled it to the ground. “I’ve got it” one of them shouted. A few minutes later they finally got it under control. “I think it wants us to go somewhere,” said ninja frog. “Ok then let's see where it takes us” said unbeatable ninja. A few hours later they came up apon a small patch of open land. “Woh bud we can’t land down there it's too small of an opening”. “Hey wait” shouted ninja frog. “There's an opening over there but the rest of the way we will have to make it on foot” said ninja frog. After landing they started to walk towards the opening the crystal was shaking and pulling then harder more than ever. “This has gotta be the place I mean look at the crystal.” shouted unbeatable ninja. After getting through the dense dark forest they finally made it to the small opening in the deep forest> “well this is it.” said ninja fox with confidence. They dropped the crystal and it started to press against the ground. “I think we need to dig down”. “Yah,think, ” said ninja fox with annoyance.  Well I’m excited.” said ninja frog. “Let's dig!
“Where almost there,” said unbeatable ninja. “You said that 5 hours ago” mumbled ``ninja fox.'' Well that’s because I thought we were there. It's not my fault this crystal is broken” she said as she stared at ninja fox. “Maybe you're broken” screamed Ninja fox as he started back at unbeatable ninja. “Woh woh woh guys chill out just keep workin we’re almost there!” said ninja frog as he tried to clear things up between them.After a little while they hit something. BANG!”Woh, I think my shovel hit something. Keep digging!” screamed unbeatable ninja. Soon they had uncovered a large hatch made from metal but the metal was getting rusty so there was a slim chance of it opening. As soon as they were about to give up on opening it they got it opened! “Wait what how!?!?!” they all said to ninja frog. “It's called using your hands,” said ninja frog. “Well let's not stand here, let's get down there!” said unbeatable ninja.
As they opened the door they heard a loud crecking sound that most of them thought was very unpleasant. Once they got down into the tunnels it wasn’t a box type bunker it was a large set of tunnels leading to various places. The soon after all of them got down The hatch closed behind them. “Hey bud can yah give us some ligh-, oh yeah we left our dragons, forgot” said unbeatable ninja. “Umm guys what's happening?’ said ninja raccoon. “It sounds like a dragon landing,”. “But we left all of our dragons,” said ninja raccoon. Then the sound of large footsteps became louder and louder and then suddenly the hatch opened and Nyron jumped in. “nyron! You came! Now we can have light and if something goes wrong then we can just fly out” said unbeatable ninja. “Hey bud give us a slow flame”she said as nyron opened his mouth and made a small enough flame for them to see where there going.As the crystal started to pull them harder they heard the silent and disturbing sound of water dripping from the ceiling witch they didn’t like because for them it sounded like footsteps coming closer one step at a time. For them it was very slippery and they couldn’t see that well knowing that nyron was their only source of light. “Ow I just tripped over something!” said ninja raccoon. “It's a lantern??? Nyron light it up!” said unbeatable ninja. “Well this will make it a lot easier” said ninja fox. “Agreed but how do we get back?” siad ninja frog.``That's a good question” said ninja fox. As they stared into the deep dark tunnel They had a feeling that they were getting closer to what the crystal was pulling them towards. Bang! “Woh what's that sounds like a  door closing?”  said unbeatable ninja. “Wait what?” said ninja fox as he turned around to see that there was a thick wall behind them. “That wall wasn’t there before right?” mumbled ninja raccoon. “What was that?” said unbeatable ninja. “Oh nothing just talking to myself as usual.” After a little while they started to see light then the light became bigger and bigger soon it looked like they were heading towards the sun. The crystal now was pulling harder than ever. “Woh guys I think we're almost there just hang on a little longer plz” said unbeatable ninja. “I can't. It's cold and I’m very hungry and tired.” “I am too, same here, also same here.” said everyone. “Well guys I'm perfectly fine and I’m a human'' said unbeatable ninja. AFter a long day of walking they came to an open room that looked to be a lab where they used to do experiments on animals and… humans. As soon as they got there there was everything they needed. They had water, food,beds, and lights! “Yay our new base!” said everyone. “No no no not a base just a temporary base, and that is just for now until we find the other realm crystals' '. “Aw man you always have to ruin our fun!” screamed ninja frog. “Woh guys look at that there’s something glowing I’ll go check it out” said unbeatable ninja. After tip toeing around over to the glowing look she peaked around the corner there it was THE NEXT REALM CRYSTAL! “Yes another one!” mumbled unbeatable ninja. “What is it?” said ninja fox “oh nothing, just a broken light , but I fixed it!”. “Ok whatever”. As they felt night begin to fall they all jumped into bed and got comfortable. It wasn’t the best thing to sleep on but it would do. After a little bit ninja fox woke up to a curious noise creeping up and over him. He turned around as fast as he could to see what it was ,but wait!, it was gone, just like that. “Hm must have been a dream” thought ninja fox. Bang! “Ok that wasn;t a dream GUYS SOME THINGS HERE!” screamed ninja fox but no one responded. “Ok this is it I’m dead again!” said ninja fox with a worry. As he sat in his bed looking all around he didn’t see anything but he heard everything. After a little while the sound had gone away and 
As he stepped up he heard the sound of Unbeatable ninja. “Hey, Unbeatable ninja you there?!” said ninja fox with a fright. As soon as unbeatable ninja heard his voice she stopped for a second… As soon as ninja fox came around the corner not knowing what to do when he saw… Unbeatable ninja with the second realm crystal! As soon as she saw ninja fox she quickly grabbed a bat and knocked him out. Later that day in the morning ninja fox woke up in his bed. “A dream?” he said in his mind. He shrugged and went to go get some water, as he turned the corner he saw everyone talking about what a weird night they had. Most of them were talking about the weird sound that ninja fox heard then he realised “it must not have been a dream” he said as the thought runed throughout his mind. “Hey I had that same dream I heard a sound too” he said as he spoke up. Everyone thought it was weird that he was awake at this time, they all thought he was used to sleeping in. “what did it sound like?” said one of them. “It was like a soft whisper along with loud footsteps” he said. As he said that Unbeatable ninja looked at Nyron with an unpleasant look. Unbeatable ninja said that he heard nothing and that they should have breakfast. That same morning Ninja fox went to check unbeatable ninja saddle bag which he had sworn he saw the realm crystals in there.
     “I know they are in there, they have to be” he thought in his mind. As soon as he was about to reach into it Unbeatable ninja came out of nowhere!! “Oh hey um hi what are you up to?” said ninja fox quickly trying to act unusual. “ I think the real question is, what are you doing in here?”. “I just thought I should take a stroll around” he said with a fright. “Ok” said unbeatable ninja as she shrugged and walked away. As soon as ninja fox couldn’t see him anymore he ran for the saddle bag and opened it. “I knew it the realm crystals both of them.” he said as he set the bag down and ran to the room which everyone was in.As he rushed to tell them unbeatable ninja was in the room he asked about how his walk was but unbeatable ninja knew something was up. “What were you doing in there?” he asked in a not so polite way.” I told you already I was taking a stroll around the base. Do you have a problem with that?!?!” he said. 
     “Hey guys'' said ninja fox. “Hey what's up Fox'' they said. “I have something to tell you,” he said. “what do you mean what is it?”. “Unbeatable ninja has the 2nd realm crystal” he said with confidence. “Yeah right, you’ve always hated Unbeatable ninja how do we know this isn’t a trick we’ve already found the location of the second one” they said. “Ok then follow me!” he said a s he lead them into the room witch unbeatable ninja’s saddle bag is in, but as soon as he got there he saw unbeatable ninja run away with the saddle bag. “SEE HE HAS THE 2ND REALM CRYSTAL!” said ninja fox with a gut to scream it
Thank you for reading my stories! is you have any suggestions on Dash's story or Ash's story on what should happen next just let me know by gmailing me at Sloanesb21@gmail.com


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