How we became Dragon Trainers - Chapter 2

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                                                     Chapter 2 - Working Together


Lilly Turned to me with a surprised Expresion, But I completely Ignored Her, I looked towards Hiccup Who was trying to move me forward. I walked Past Multipal People before reaching Him. "Thank You. What is your name?" He asked. Again, I felt everyones Eyes turn to me. I could hear my Heart Beat in my chest, who felt like it was going to rip open my Gut and make a Blood Bath very soon. But, Magicly, i pushed myself to speak. "My Name is Rani Jade Wolf" I replied. "And i promise to make sure that not only Berk, But the Edge is safe from Harms Way!" I stode Proudly in front of everyone as they all Clap in Harmony.


After the Clapping Had Ended, Lilly stepped towards us. She stopped in front of us, before turning to face the huge gather of Townsfolk. "My dear friend Rani Is right! Berk is our Home and so is this Edge, And i can't allow her to do this alone!" Lilly turned to me to give me a quick little smile before turning back towards everyone. I felt myself Smiling too. I'm so lucky to have a friend like her. Everyone Clapped again. Lilly bowed before turning around and walking over to us. She stopped to the left of me, for Hiccup was on my right. 


"Thank you, Girls. Anyone Else?" The Group Went Silent for a few moments before Someone who i knew all too well spoke up. "I'll Help" A Guy with Blueish Hair and a goth look to him walked out of the crowd. Jason Sapphire Nyx, The Towns Resident Trouble Maker. Honestly, I have never gotten along with him for very Long. Lilly Says He has a crush, But cant tell me who. She cant figure it out herself! Then it hit me. If Jason Volntured, That means i would be working WITH him! I cringed at this thought, I can't even think of what he could do. But, then again. Hiccup deals with the Twins all day, so i may be able to deal with him.


Hiccup Nodded but said nothing. Jason Walked out the to the front and stood next to Lilly, I saw out the Corner of my eye that he smirked. I sighed. Looks like i will be dealing with "The Trouble Maker" From here on out. Soon Enough Multipal Other Girls and Boys started to speak up, soon enough we had 8 other kids around their Early 20s Hiccup Smiles. "Thamk You so much, Now, pack up your things and met me in the old Killing Arena in 5 minutes" He started to Walk off. This was the start to a whole new adventure. I could feel it!


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(Art Done by the ~AMAZING~ AstridTheRougeRider)


Melodie|Female|Adult Death Song

Evermist|Female|Adult Deadly Nadder

Windwhip|Female|Adult Razorwhip

Rubydust|Female|Adult Singetail

Metalwing|Male|Adult Armorwing

Firefang|Male|Adult Monstrous Nightmare

Winter|Male|Adult Groncicle

Emerald|Female|Adult Gronckle

Digger|Male|Adult Whispering Death

Titlewave|Female|Adult Tide Glider

Senpai|Female|Adult Sand Wraith

Guardian|Male|Adult Triple Stryke

Wombat|Male|Adult Moldruffle

Shadow|Male|Adult Razorwhip

Senshi|Male|Adult Elder Sentinel

Icarus|Female|Adult Silver Phantom

Spirit and Soul|Female|Teen Hideous Zippleback

Sonic|Male|Teen Thunderdrum

Kirito|Male|Teen Raincutter

Sapphire|Female|Teen Changeling

Sunrise|Female|Teen Raincutter

Thunder|Male|Adult Skrill

Isobu|Female|Teen Triple Stryke

Jinx|Female|Teen Scauldron

Vinewipper|Male|Adult Deathgripper

Lua|Female|Teen Stormcutter

Fubuki|Male|Adult Hobgobbler




Q - Where can I Normally Find you if you're online?


A- You can either find me in these places - Melody Island, The school, Titan Island, The Lookout(Farm) or my stables <3 If you still have trouble message me


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A - My Fav has GOT to be The Secret of the Leviathan! <3


Q - When did you start playing SOD? 


A - My Main Account (Ranikittie) Was created on 24/04/2016(Aussie date) But i had been playing a few months in advance.


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Rani Jade Riviera is the Younger sister of both Dager and Heather. However, not many people know she exists. For you see, her entire life, she has been kept in secret. After word of her fathers passing reached Dager, as he was the eldest it was his duty to look over the island. Dager didn't want anything bad happening to his younger sister, so he kept her in secret still. He however shipped Heather off. Rani does not understand why he decided to keep her but she did. When she turned 11 she wanted to see the island she had only heard stories about from her parents and older sibling. She snuck out from the home while Dager was busy and was able to see the world around her. However, that same day Hiccup and the dragon riders came to attack. The world she was still trying to understand disappeared into a cloud of dust and ash right before her eyes. She tried making a run for her own home, however just as she was about to reach the door her home went up in a cloud of smoke from Toothless. Fearing for her life, she ran ino the forest close by, but was soon captured by the twins. Hiccup took one look at her, and decided it would be best to bring her back with them. With the only items on her were her double axe and her diary, she was forced into a new world. To stop Hiccup and the others finding out who she was, she took the name Rani Jade Riviera. For a while Hiccup didn't know what to do with her, however one afternoon while Rani was training Hiccup caught her. Hiccup then requested that Rani help the dragon riders rescue a few death songs from Melody Island. After their adventure was over, with the Dragon Hunters escaping with both deathsongs; Rani Discovered a Death song egg. Hiccup requested that Rani take care of the soon to be born Dragon, in which she did. When Rani was 16, Hiccup asked her to become a School of Dragons student and learn side by side with her Dragon, Melodie. Rani has gone on many adventures with both Hiccup and other members of the school, has grown closer to Melo hideand made lots of other connections with other dragons. She has reunited with Heather and Dagar, however still takes the name Rani Riviera.