how to upload the video pictures in forum????

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        I really dont know how you guys do that.. Can you please tell me????





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breathe fire but fails.                                                           nightmare's mouth shut so it can't breathe fire                                                                                            but fails.


The twins tried to make noise to confuse the hideous     Gobber while explaining about terrible terrors

zippleback but ends up fighting.                                     gets attacked.



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Hi I had trouble at uploading

Hi I had trouble at uploading them aswell. Moving pictures re actually called gifs.

1. You look up on google images or any website that has them

2. Right click and press copy

3. Go to edit in your account and go to your signature

4. Right click again and press paste

5. After that it should come up with a box, right click again and paste then press ok


Ta~dah it should appear. Hope thats helpful any other info or davice with anthing your stuck on just ask!  :)


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busted animated GIF





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It is easily! ;)

Send pictures and animation on the forums very easily. That documentation to help you:                                    1) The desired image uploaded to the site imgur, before that, you create an account there.                               2) Load your image to this site and  copy its  URL code.                                                                                3)In the message box you have icon IMAGE. Hold it.


4) In the desired line to insert the code, choose the width and height, and press OK! That's it. Hope,I helped! XD

Ah, yes! Completely forgotten. If the image window freezes, try with another browser. GOOD LUCK! XD














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i use to upload photo's/gif's :) then just do what Defy said hehe






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