Is how to train your dragon worth seeing?

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Ok so I've never watched How to train your dragon 1 & 2 or anyone of the episodes. I was wondering if I should see it. I never had before because I like horror and think How To Train Your Dragon is to kid like. Any reasons I should see it?








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A wild post appeared!!!

I know a lot of people who can construct a much better argument to why or why not you should see it than I. All I have to offer is because the movies are simply amazing, the animations are simply stunning and for the most part (at least in the movies) the storyline is beautiful. It is a story of friendship between a boy and his dragon and how he managed to get everyone else to accept that sometimes, there are differences and most of the times, those differences can change everything.



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Depend on if you like

Depend on if you like animated movie in general or not, if you never watch any or them, disney, dreamwork then animation is probably not your thing.

If you do however then How to train your dragon is actually quite mature compare to others. Dean Deblois the director intend for this to be something that adult can watch just like they watch lord of the ring or star wars, in fact the second movie got a lot of inspiration from empire strike back. Not only that they're genrally consider to be the top movie of Dreamwork, something with lot of fanbase and people anticipating for the sequal. It's entertaining, it got heart and good message(at least for the first one). The animation(especially in the second movie) is breath taking. If you like animation like myself, then it's highly recommended :)


the show can be quite kiddish though and isn't estential to the over all plot in the movie.


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Lazer. . . watch it. You won't regret it.

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Okay, I'm going start by saying that horror is pretty much the only movie genre I actively avoid (not because I find it horrifying or scary but because I find it's a long story), so I'm not sure how applicable my opinion would be since we probably have very different movie tastes and are probably seeking very different movie watching experiences. So maybe take my opinion with a grain of salt. With that said, I'm 23 years old, I do watch a wide array of genres in many different mediums for many different audiences, including my share of R-rated films, and How to Train Your Dragon is still my favorite movie of all time so far.


First movie: How to Train Your Dragon has a strong story, which is its main strength. The main character is funny and relatable, the issues he’s dealing with are universal, the messages in this film are deep and thoughtful, and pretty much every major character gets a character arch. It's a story of being open to new ideas and those who are different then you, and a story of love and kindness and how it can change you, heal you, and make you stronger in the face of adversity. It's a story where mercy can be your greatest strength while still admitting that sometimes fighting is necessary, and such battles come with consequences. I won't say it's not a story we haven't seen before, because it basically is, but it's done very well here and in a fashion that feels fresh and new. Also, it's just a stunning piece of artwork! The music and visuals are amazing! Best flying scenes of its time!


But I predict someone who likes horror probably likes thrills and spectacle and darkness, and How to Train Your Dragon likes to take its time developing characters and relationships and really only gets dark in the last third. So if you watch How to Train Your Dragon and thought it was at least okay but you wanted more stuff going on, you'll probably like the sequel a lot more.


Second Movie: How to Train Your Dragon 2 is definitely a darker movie and much more about spectacle and having an "epic" feel to it. It doesn't really focus on character arches, which to me personally is it's greatest weakness, but the reason for it is because it's very much about showcasing the world and the dragons, and its main themes are about conflicting ideologies clashing rather than changing the status quo. The story is not predictable at all because, rather than following a character's journey, it's all about the dragons and the action and shocking emotional moments. I personally don't think it's as strong, but a lot of people like it better because it's darker and has more action going on. Regardless, it's a pretty darn good film, and if you liked the first one or even just think it's okay, you may like the second one even more.


TV Series: Now the series begins with Dragons: Riders of Berk and Dragons: Defenders of Berk, the series and its follow-up series that premiered on Cartoon Network, and...they're definitely more kid-geared. Probably not your thing. And definitely not necessary to understanding the movies.


With that said, there are things in those series that are also seen in Dragons: Race to the Edge on Netflix, since that series is a follow-up, so you might be a little lost at first if you go into Race to the Edge without the older episodes. However, Race to the Edge catches you up well enough, I suppose, and if you like How to Train Your Dragon 2, I think you'll really like Race to the Edge. It's, again, more about spectacle and darkness than any actual depth or character growth, and personally, that's one of the reason I don't think of myself as a fan of it. The story-writing is nonsensical and illogical, and character growth and arch is rarely consistent or even explained. But the characters are fun, the action is great, the animation is awesome, and they make suspense with some real darkness and surprise Shyamalan-type twists. A lot of things they do is really surprising for a kid's show, especially in terms of how dark it can be, and overall, it feels mostly teen-oriented. And the humor is great! There's jokes for anyone of all ages! There's stuff children will think is funny, most jokes are intelligent for all ages, and there's also jokes in there you really don't get until you're an adult...not because they're raunchy but because they're jokes about things like hospitals and taxes and stuff that come with adulting, and they come out of nowhere and absolutely made me bust a gut. XD If you enjoy any sort of action movie or comedy and have a high suspension of disbelief, I think you'll really like the Netflix series.


And if I'm wrong and you don't like the series, it's not essential to knowing what's going on in the movies, including the upcoming third movie, so you can just skip it.


So yeah, I highly recommend most of it. Watch the first movie, and if it's at least okay, watch the second movie, and if you enjoyed that, watch Race to the Edge...but maybe skip the earlier TV series. But if you watch the first movie and find it's not your cup of tea, probably best not to bother with the others.


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*spits out drink*

Everything Chameishida and Whisper said. Besides, it's only an hour and forty minutes, go ahead and find out for yourself! :) I have met people who were unenthusiastic about How To Train Your Dragon, but never anyone who didn't like it. Watch it for the amazing animation, heartfelt story, and... well, watch it for the dragons. You can't say no to dragons! XD And the soundtrack is a treat all its own.


The movies I would recommend to most people, the shows, on the other hand, I would only recommend to fans of the movie who don't mind goofiness, worse-but-decent animation, and the occasional divergence from canon. Which I don't. XD


And you didn't mention this but I want to talk about it anyway. The books. I don't know if you're even a reader or not, but they're definitely not everyone's cup of tea. I myself was only casually interested until the eighth book, when Stuff Started Going Down and from that point it was impossible to put down and now it's one of my all-time favorite series. XD But I ABSOLUTELY recommend the books as well.


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Yes, it's a good movie, and pretty relatable. 

But, in my opinion, it's pretty cliché. Like, you kinda know what's going to happen? That's just my opinion though. 

It's still a good movie, though. It started my love for dragons. (That, and Game of Thrones. But that's unrelated.)



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I hope you don't take this the wrong way, I'm just genuinely confused by this. How did you get into SoD if you've never seen HTTYD 1 or 2 and none of the Tv show? Personally, I avoid games based off of movies or Tv shows that I've never watched because I don't know anything about it. I'd just really like to hear the story of how you started playing this game since you've never seen anything HTTYD related.


About watching the movies: Yes watch them. They're definitely not too childish. They're really good. I also liked Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk so I recommend watching them. Can't say anything about Race to the Edge because I don't have Netflix. If you're all right playing SoD then you shouldn't have a problem with the movies. In my opinoin, SoD is more geared toward kids with all the scientific quests than the movies. Don't get me wrong, the movies are considered kids' movies but I think SoD is a bit more kid-like.


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But the treasure of true friendship

Will never lose its glow.

(Poem from the Disney movie Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure)

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The first and most important thing you should know about me is that I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I enjoy studying the Bible and learning from it. I live by Bible standards and strive to apply Bible principles in my life everyday. Of course, I'm not perfect and would never claim to be. However, when I make a mistake I learn from it and try not to repeat it. I apologize when neccessary and accept correction where it's needed. I happily talk about my religion and beliefs with others but I don't force it on them. If they aren't interested or tell me they don't want to talk about it, I respect that.

For more information on Jehovah's Witnesses, for answers to your Bible-based questions, or for information on a varity of topics, some of which  include: animals, countries, how to deal with bullies, how to have a happy family life, how to make real friends, and depression,  please visit



Favorite Colors: Purple and Pink


Favorite Food: Pizza, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches and almost anything Chocolate (I say almost anything because there are some things chocolate I don't like. For example chocolate covered cherries)


Favorite Music: Country, Pop, and Disney Songs


Favorite Seasons: Spring and Summer


Favorite HTTYD Characters: Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid, and Tuffnut


Favorite Things To Do: read, sing, listen to music, play computer games, video games, board games, card games, watch tv/movies, and spend time with my mom and sister


Things I Collect:  Books, Dvds, Cds, stickers, stuffed animals, Star Wars stuff, and dolls (dolls I collect include Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High, Bratz, Moxie girls, Disney Princess and others)


Favorite Dragon Species: Night Fury


Favorite In-Game Dragons: Woolly Howl, Windwalker,  Sand Wraith, and Deadly Nadder


Favorite Vegetables: Corn and Potatoes


Favorite Fruits: Grapes and Bananas






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I was wondering the same thing. XD

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Glad I wasn't the only one. XD

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Beep beep lettuce

You.... play a HttyD game and yet you've never actually seen HttyD.....

Is my brain having a stroke or is there an explanation I should hear first????


Buuuuut I mean yes the movies are good check them out


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This forum is a huge dumpster fire tbh Idk why I'm here aside from wanting to test my patience

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For all the people who Are

For all the people who Are asking how I know about SoD. Long story short. My friend suggested it so I got on it then laugh at the intro to it (no offense). But then I have a half brother in Russia who didn't have a phone but played SoD and that was the only way I got to talk to him. Since then I made awesome friends and like SoD just to talk to people. I no long play SoD. Thanks for all the reasons I should watch it! I probably will some day.

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Oh, that makes sense. I wondered if the explanation might have something to do with staying in touch with friends or family. Thanks for the explanation.

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"Geek mode turned on!"

     How To Train Your Dragon is by far my favorite movie of all time. I can't say it's scary in any way, but it rocks. Here are my reasons for watching it.


  1.       Action: The movie opens on fire, destruction, and battles. It's about teens getting ready to go into war with the dragons, who they've been fighting for hundereds of years. And, though it is not shown on screen( except once or twice), you know that some random vikings and dragons didn't make it.  
  2.      Different people's stories: H.T.T.Y.D. is a movie where every main charecter has a dramatic storyline and awesome growth. Astrid, for example, is a warrior and fighter who grows, in my opinion, the most in the movie. And, if you watch the TV show, you see a part of her past where her uncle was killed by a dragon, so you know where she's come from, yet it still makes sence on how she became a dragon rider. And even less important characters have just as much growth.
  3.      You want it, it's there: This movie has heart, drama, action, romance, mystery (in a small way), and basicly everything else (except horror).
  4.      Problems: Hiccup is a character that has real problems that you can identify and feel in yourself. He has parent issues, no close friends, a tough boss, responsibilities, and tons of other stuff. None of it is overwhelming to us viewers, and all of it is needed. He feels like a real person; all of them do.
  5.      Morals: We've all seen those movies that have the morals that jump out of the screen, slap you across the face, and scream "I'M A MORAL!" This movie is different. It doesn't force a moral on you, yet it does carry a moral, a few to be correct.
  6.      Age limit: There is no age limit. The youngest kid could watch it and enjoy it, and the oldest person could also watch it and enjoy it. To be true, when I started season 3 of Race To The Edge, I thought "Aren't I getting too old for this?" Three minutes into the episode, I had forgotten that and my love for this saga was restored.

          To finish, this is a great movie. I am 99% sure I will never, ever stop enjoying this movie. It is better than pretty much every adult movie I have seen. It is a perfect mix of everything that a story should have. Go watch it.


This is Lack Lunason's signature

(I figure you've probably already figured that out, but I thought I'd play it safe.)


     Hi, I'm Lack Lunason. I'm called that because I lack many things, and I'm a lunatic. I just put son on the end to make it sound more like a viking name. I'm also a Christ follower.


      Here are just a few things that I am:

  1. A procrastinator.
  2. Nice (mostly).
  3. Kind (don't listen to those that say otherwise).
  4. Adventurous.
  5. Lazy.
  6. A dreamer.
  7. And I'm slightly crazy.

     I've been around SoD for a long time. I think I was one of the first thousand to leave Berk and sail to the school. I'm happily part of the bold can known as POTATO BROTHERS. I have over four-thousand trouphies, although, I don't like racing much. On the other hand, I'm a master farmer.


     I will spare you the details of how much I like HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and just skip to my favorite things  about HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON. My favorite dragon would probably be the Terrible Terror. My favorite viking is Tuffnut. My favorite villain is actually not a villain any longer. It's Dagur.


  On the ranking on the forum, I've completed/on the following: Jarl, Forager, Wilderness Explore, Viking Warrior, Dragon Trainer, Drott, Dragon Master,Chief.


Now onto some random stuff. This part will grow over time.


"Once I set the sea alight with a single fiery breath....

Once I was so mighty that I thought my name was death....

Sing out loud until you're eaten, song of melancholy bliss....

For the mighty and the middling all shall come to THIS...."

The Green Death, How To Train Your Dragon: book 1. Cressida Cowell.



Stoick The Vast. How To Train Your Dragon: Book 5. Creessida Cowell.


"I sailed so far to be a King but the time was never right.....

I lost my way on a stormy past, got wrecked in starless night....

But let my heart be wrecked by hurricanes and my ship by stormy weather,

I know I am a Hero...and a Hero is....FOREVER!

In another time, another place, I could have been a King....

But in my castle's ruined towers the lonely seabirds sing.....

I burned up my Tomorrows, I cannot go back ever....

But I am still a Hero....and a Hero is.......FOREVER!"

Grimbeard the Ghastly's Last Song. How To Train Your Dragon: Book 11. Cressida Cowell.


"That's how we're going to win. Not by fighting what we hate, but by saving what we love."

Rose. Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


      That's about it. I give full credit for.....well, everything, to GOD. Have a good day. And, in the words of a Vulcan, "Live long and prosper."

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Yes. The films are worth a watch! 

It depends on your tastes, though. I was already an adult when the first film came out and I loved it. Surely it's for kids, but the creators made sure that adults can enjoy it, too. (especially if you're into cgi/animaton/etc) The second film is definitely enjoyable for adults I'd say. Mostly because a lot of teens loved HTTYD1, and most of them aged to adulthood by the time the 2nd film came out. Dreamworks paid attention to that.


The TV show however, not really my thing. I'm very sure it's really truly aimed at kids.



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Deathsong ate the subject. Run!!

A lot of people have good reasons to watch it. But here is mine. If you look at Toothless and Hiccup in every scene it is SO well detailed. You see the reflections of them looking at each other and the scenery. The hair moves so perfectly in the wind including Toothless tail (the one Hiccup made)
The water looks so real.
In the second movie it is a bit darker. The pupils (eyes) on the humans how it changes in a second is incredible. I watched a lot of animations and HTTYD is by far the best movie series of details imo. It is worth seeing.