How to teach an old dragon new tricks: some suggestions for filling out HTTYD 2s roster

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This is essentially a list of ideas I had regarding each of the HTTYD 2 dragons that haven't shown up in SoD yet. Each idea will be explained/outlined, with the goal being to make these dragons at least somewhat more noticable than they were in the Movies and in RoB.


Snifflehunch: Like the Rumblehorn, but better

The point here is that the Rumblehorn is good at stable quests, but otherwise average to poorly suited for other minigames. The Snifflehunch could be a more fairly distibuted dragon with better in game stats. To further distinguish it from the Rumblehorn, the Snifflehunch could have above average stats and a unique moveset in Dragon Tactics, but fall flat on its face in Stable Quests. The moveset could include a decently strong Close to Mid Range attack, an ability which reduces the opponents chance of dodging an attack, the Recover ability, and Defend. As for the stable quests... it's chance of victory would be dramatically lowered for most (if not all) Volatile(Tidal class?), Gas(Mystery class?), Focus(Stoker class), and Rock(Boulder class) stable quests that it can take part in. The only quests it would excell at would be quests that require Tracker Class dragons.


Threadtail: A brick joke dragon

Approximately 8 years ago, the Hobblegrunt first flew into SoD... with the Threadtails model. In this case, the Threadtail could be introduced as the punchline to that hilarious mistake, using the Hobblegrunts accurate model instead of its own accurate model. This punchline to the (still ongoing) brick joke that arose from this model error could give players a much needed laugh during these trying times.


Thornridge: The top-tier noodleneck

Yes, "Noodleneck" is just a joking nickname for long necked dragons. Most of these dragons are presented as being... average dragons. Why not give them some surprisingly good statististics? In this case, they could have the following: Top speed 9/18, Pitch 7.5/15, and Turn rate 7.5/15, which would give them an edge in Thunder Run Racing. Alternatively, they could have a shot limit of 14 or 15, and deal 25 damage per shot, putting them on roughly equal footing with the Dramillion in terms of Scout Battles.


Thunderclaw: Expansion Dragon? or Starter?

The Thunderclaw is implied to be pretty common in the second movie, and prety easy to train. They were also potentailly used in large numbers in various dragon armies, as pointed out by WhisperTheWolf. This could be implicated to great effect in a future update and/or in a future expansion. There are two ways that this dragons introduction could go: It could be introduced as a starter dragon, or as an expansion dragon. As a starter, you'd have a chance of freeing one from a Dragon Proof cage. To do this, the chance of reciving a given secondary starter would decrease to 20% for each species, or the Shockjaw would be swapped out for this dragon. As an expansion dragon, the player could recieve an egg, a shortwing Thunderclaw, or a Broadwing Thunderclaw as a reward during or at the end of the expansion. Alternatively, a Thunderclaw variant wearing armor or the individual Thunderclaw Bonesnarl could be released as the event dragon, with regular Thunderclaw eggs being released seperately.


Unknown Dragons 1 to 4: Anything Goes

Yes, you're reading this correctly: we know litterally nothing about these dragons, aside from what they look like. They don't even have names! We only know what these dragons look like, which pretty much leaves them as blank canvasses for the Developers to experiment with.


Windstriker: Hot Air Ballooning

What I'm getting at here is an idea for an exclusive Stable Quest to go with the dragon (and possibly with the Windgnasher as well.) In this stable quest, Hiccup is asking to borrow your Windstriker so he could experiment with lighter than air aircraft(Hot Air Balloons, Hydrogen Balloons, and Zeppelins/Airships.) It would be a good way to show off more of Hiccups creative side in game and throw in a fun thought experiment as well as introducing a new dragon.


Windgnasher: A camping dragon

Some people like to "camp" at the charging stations/reloading platforms and fire almost continuously at the Scouts with dragons that have average shot limits, deal average damage, have long range aims, and have better aims than normal. To my knowledge, there are few Non-Hybrid dragons that are good at this (so far.) The Windgnasher could help fill in that gap and dish out some hard hits while they're at it. They could essentially snipe the scouts with their Blizzard Breath, much like a Wooly Howl, but deal more damage per shot, say taking 26 points off the Scouts health bar with each shot. They'd also have a higher than average shot limit: 8 to 10 in SoD.


A Nightfury-Boneknapper Hybrid by Just_Visiting



Funtime Springtrap- as made by ZestyDragonWing

Champion Frostshard- a Laxing Blizzardon by Chameishilda

Pixel Dragon collection by Chameishilda (The second Stormcutter may be a duplicate...)


Fnaf AR profile: HowlSpringtrap (as in Wooly Howl Springtrap)

Fnaf AR friend code: 0FKOS5UB44


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Part 2: RoB Dragons

This time it'll (hopefully) be a bit shorter. Just the name of the dragon and a quick summary of the concept. It'll also include a couple of dragons that aren't in RoB or SoD... due to not being seen outside their medium of origin.


Egg Biter: A uniquely aggressive dragon

In summary, the Egg Biter could have two Dragon Tactics moves based on biting, with the more powerful of the two seeing the Egg Biter aggresively shake/throw the opponent after biting them, stunning them for a few turns. They could also be made into a top tier Scout Battle dragon, boasting a high shot limit and dealing say 25 to 30 damage per shot (and that's not counting critical hits.) This aggression could even be reflected in a unique hatching animation: the Egg Biter snaps at the hand of its trainer, making them at least flinch partway through the bonding process.


Foreverwing: mistaken for a mountainside

This is more about the untrainable NPC Foreverwing than the trainable hybrid/chimeragon presumably coming in the future. The Foreverwing could be made into a minor NPC character in a future event/expansion, with at least one quest featuring the mistaken assumption that the NPC Foreverwing is actually part of the island that it's resting on... as for the Hybrid/Chimeragon, that could possibly be Nikora Stormheart's doing... say after the Tempest explodes in the Age of the Nightlights expansion?


Gobsucker: Another joke dragon

In this case, its whole gimic is... passing flammable gas from its rear end. This could be used to make hilarious flight/hovering animations that make it seem like the viking isn't in full control of the dragon (gameplaywise it should be just like any other dragon.)


Green/Crimson/Red Death: another hybrid/chimeragon

Running with the theme of Nikora Stormheart possibly being behind the Hybrid/Chimeragon versions of various "Alpha Species", this species too could be a second/third/fourth attempt to "enhance" an Alpha dragon... perhaps simultaniously a method that Stormheart uses to rebuild her reputation as the formidable ruler of Auction Island. Perhaps they begin to escape/fall into Hairy Hooligan hands during a future event/expansion...


Hackatoo: A reverse Devilish Dhervish

This dragon could prove really valuable for quests that require sharp class dragons: specifically, its nose could be used similarly to the spines on the end of a Devilish Dhervish'es tail, or like a hatchets bill. They'd have a pretty similar personality to boot, so... another dragon for those people that like cool dragons with daring personalities? They also have a Kentrosaurus-esque tail, so... unique DT moveset, anyone?


Purple Death: more Hybrids and Chimeragons

In the Purple Death's case, this might possibly be the only way the species "survives"... as well as an attempt to make a more easilly controlled version of the dragon by Nikora Stormheart. Perhaps the Purple Death Hybrids/Chimeragons could act as secondary antagonists in their debut event/expansion and/or appear to be semi-feral, escaping (along with other dragons), terrorising other dragons and/or refusing to listen or be trtained by the Berkians until Stormheart shows up to try and get them back.


Ripwrecker: Submaripper variant?

This is/was a confusing dragon as far as names go. The Ripwrecker was origionally introduced as the Submaripper in a comic, then appeared in Rise of Berk. Then, Race to the Edge introduced another dragon with the same name, and Rise of Berk changed the name of this dragon to "Ripwrecker." So, to clear up the confusion surrounding this dragon and the RTTE Submaripper, why not make the Ripwrecker a variant? This could be used to great effect in an expansion pack, with the player training a Ripwrecker and/or the Ripwreckers eggs being released into the store. Alternatively (although I'm not quite sure how this would work out), the player could train a Submaripper and/or Ripwrecker hybrid if a regular member of the species turns out to be too big to realistically train.


Stinger: pretty much anything goes

The Stinger isn't an unknown dragon per say, but there is little information about it. It is known what it looks like, and what it's class is, but aside from those factoids, only its name is known. SoD could have another "blank canvass" oppertunity with this dragon.


Sword Stealer: metal thief extrordinaire

The Sword Stealer, like the Armorwing, likely has a magnetic hide. Also like the Armorwing, and like the Smothering Smokebreath, it's attracted to metal! This could be used to great effect in some brand new (and some existing) stable quests. These quests could feature or even require Sword Stealers, Armorwings, and/or Smokebreaths... stealing metal from right under the noses of the Dragon Hunters/Warlord Goons. They could also be used to great effect in quests that require dragons with good armor or dragons that can take a few hits.

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The remaining RTTE Dragons

Admittedly, we're the most likely to see these dragons being released before any other "old dragons." That doesn't stop me from coming up with ideas about how to release them onto campus in some cool/interesting ways...


Shadow wing (Alt: Large Shadow): "Buy one, get a dozen Small Shadows for free!"

In both RTTE and RoB, this dragon is implied to be in a symbiotic relationship with a pack of Small Shadows. This could make for some interesting modeling/mechanical changes for this species. The Shadow Wing could naturally come with a pack of small shadows, parhaps coming as part of a group of eggs and/or calling a group of Small Shadow hatchlings to it as soon as it hatches. These Small shadows would then spend much of their time clinging to the Shadow Wings wings, functionally acting as smaller parts of the Shadow Wings model in terms of gameplay. This is where the changed gameplay mechanics could come in: like the Night Lights, the Shadow Wing could fly as a Shortwing, supporting the weight of the Small Shadows clinging to its wings as well as its own weight (and that of its rider.) It could also have a unique firing animation, where the Small Shadows along its wings spit fireballs while the Shadow Wing itself looses a Thunderdrum-esque sonic roar. This might even work for a dragon tactics moveset: The attacks could use either of the dragons firepower or both at the same time.


Small Shadow: Fiercely Independent Shadows?

If the Shadow Wing is introduced into SoD as having a pack of Small Shadows practically from the nest, than individual Small Shadows could be introduced as being those Small Shadows that chose not to listen to their larger cousin's call. These individual dragons could be made larger than the Small Shadows that associate with Shadow Wings, sharing the same game mechanics as other dragon species. They could have a semi-similar DT moveset to the Wooly Howl, but with the ice balls being replaced by explosive lava balls.


Lycanwing: expansion subject

This is yet another dragon that we know so little about. As a prominent part of myths and legends, the Lycanwing is a ripe oppertunity for a new expansion and/or a future event. The new expansion/event could focus on its role in myths and legends, with the fate of the Lycanwing (if its a real species) being revealed at some point in the plot. Alternatively, it could play out in a sort of similar manner to Hiccups and Toothlesses search for other Furies in the TV series and the Movies, with the objective being to find out more about Lycanwings and wether they even exist/are still alive at all. The latter idea could act as a sort of race against time, say trying to find the Lycanwings before the Dragon Hunters, who in this context are also searching for the Lycanwings, but with the intent to capture and e.n.s.l.a.v.e. or k.i.l.l. them.


Sandbuster: A more troublesome Sand Wraith

The Sandbuster could be the subject of a unique questline, which sees it take up residence on the now vacated berk and start fighting with the resident dragons. The objective of this questline would be to relocate the Sandbuster and/or train it to prevent further mayhem. In addition/to tie in some science, the player could learn a bit more about rocks and minerals, more specifically how they form, and/or how crystals form. As other people have suggested, there could also be a quest that sees the player attempt to make sunscreen for the Sandbuster, thus explaining how they're flying around in broad daylight.


Submaripper: Mayhem and Whirlpools

The Submaripper could be the subject of an expansion/event where it causes serious mayhem, disrupting trade around the archipeligo. The objective of this expansion/event would be to free the Submaripper from the Dragon Hunters/Warlords/Mongrel Tribes control and prevent any more damage/destruction from occuring due to the dragon. Alternatively, the aim might be similar to the Sandbusters questline: relocate the dragon and/or resolve the situation with as little harm to anyone involved as possible. If the dragon proves too big to train, then a Hybrid/Chimeragon of the dragon would be a good idea.


Shellfire: A durable titan

Since the species is implied to be slow, largely aquatic, and flightless, not to mention big enough to strap a ship to its back, a Hybrid or Chimeragon of this dragon is also worth consideration. That being said, an NPC Shellfire would also be worth putting in an event/expansion. In this one, Nikora Stormheart could capture ane exploit a Shellfire after losing the Tempest to Dragon Riders. It would effectively work like Viggo Grimborns project Shellfire: Stormheart has a massive metal ship constructed, and with the help of those Hybrids/Chimeragons she has under her control, captures an elusive Titanwing Shellfire, strapping said metal ship to the armored back of the dragon. She then uses it as her replacement Tempest, traveling around the Archipeligo at high speeds and launching assaults on multiple islands. This could cause panic among the Dragon Riders and/or renew the confrontation that played out in Rise of Stormheart, Wrath of Stormheart, and Age of the Nightlights.

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Part 4: Titans Uprising

This part covers the remaining Titans Uprising Hybrids. This part is the most likely to be updated as Titans Uprising will likely release new hybrids and/or Chimeragons in the future.


Brooding Boltstamper: A flying tank

In Titans Uprising, the Brooding Boltstamper is stated to be a hybrid of the Rumblehorn and the Skrill. This particular hybrid notably inherited the thick, armored skin of its Rumblehorn parent (among other traits.) This could make it a good non-boulder class candidate for the "Flying Tank" stable quest. In addition, other stable quests that require armored/thick skinned dragons could be created for the Boltstamper (among other dragons.)


Zipplewraith: A cold-resistant firebreather

This dragon is a hybrid between the Hideous Zippleback and the Snow Wraith. The... unique combination of cold-resistance and fire breathing could make for an overall interesting dragon, especially given that it would be pretty much the first of its kind. To make this hybrid more unique, one head could spit fire, while the other could spit ice.


Slumberjack: Razor-sharp wings and Firebreaks

The Slumberjack is a hybrid between the Monstrous Nightmare and the Timberjack... which is said to act as more of a forest gaurdian than a pyromaniac (looking at the Monstrous Nightmare's side of the family.) The Slumberjacks wings could lend themselves to a "Wing Slice" Dragon Tactics move similar to that of a regular Timberjack's, while their firepower could be utilised for more powerful attacks within Dragon Tactics. Alternatively, the Slumberjacks moveset could be the reverse of the regular Timberjacks.


Hoarsebrumble: Shouting the hideout down

The Hoarsebrumble is a hybrid between the Thunderdrum and the Typhoomerang. Interestingly, it inherited the powerful roar of its Thunderdrum parent... and can combine that with intense heat. Sort of like the Zipplewraith, the Hoarsebrumble could present some interesting ideas, especially when it comes to minigames such as Dragon Tactics. The heated howl could in this context serve as a more powerful version of the regular roar.


Thunderbottom: More Gronckle Iron coming

The Thunderbottom is a hybrid of the Gronckle and the Thunderdrum. In the Thunderbottoms case, they could be made more interesting by adding them to the very small pool of dragons that can make Gronckle Iron (literally only the Gronckle can do this at the moment.) This could come in handy for certain stable quests ( particularly More Gronckle Iron Needed), specially for those vikings who don't have more than one Gronckle to send on this stable quest.


Deathburple: Incoming wild card

This hybrid is part Deadly Nadder and part Hotburple. As such, its personality is unpredictable. This could, along with the personalities of the Hideous Zippleback, the Snaptrapper, and other dramatically unpredictable dragons could be the basis of a new event quest, and/or some new Stable Quests. The event quest idea would have some similatiries to 2019s Snoggletog mayhem, excepting that this time it would be Deathburples that are causing it... and Ruffnut and Tuffnut possibly capitalising on the situation to pull some lokis of their own. The stable quest idea would see Ruffnut and Tuffnut asking to borrow Deathburples (among other dragons) to help them cause chaos and loki people.


Cyclarion: An awkward (possibly adorable?) large dragon

The Cyclarion is a hybrid of the Rumblehorn and the Typhoomerang. This hybrid is rather interesting... for its known behavior. The Cyclarion is implied to be a socially awkward dragon, which heads to a number of different responses, ranging from avoiding other dragons to decorating themselves with mud and plants. This wide range of reactions could make the Cyclarion a potential Thawfest dragon... or a potential Dreadfall dragon depending on what reaction is adapted into SoD. The introduction of the Cyclarion as a Dreadfall dragon in particular could be an oppertunity to also introduce hilarious poorly made viking costumes for the dragons.

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Part 5: Unnamed Hybrid/Chimeragon Concepts

This part exists because I noticed that some dragons have one known hybrid and most have no known hybrids. I've also realised that there's a lot of untapped potential for Chimeragons beyond Patch (Dawn of the New Riders), and in addition to the Bewilderbeast-Sentinel-Possibly Night Fury Chimeragon. There won't be much elaboration on them if any- they're just concepts at the moment. This part will be updated as I come up with new ideas or as new developments happen. Without further adue, here they are!

1. A second Razorwhip Hybrid

2. A second Flightmare Hybrid (Dreadfall 2022?)

3. A second Speed Stinger Hybrid

4. A Shellfire Hybrid

5. A second Seashocker Hybrid

6. A second Shockjaw Hybrid

7. A second Hotburple Hybrid

8. A Sentinel hybrid

9. A new Chimeragon permutation- one made up of dragons that don't spit fire, ice, or lightning?

10. A Night Fury hybrid?

11. A Light Fury hybrid?

12. A Night Light hybrid/chimeragon?

13. A Red/Green Death Hybrid

14. A Purple Death Hybrid

15. A Foreverwing Hybrid

16. A Ripwrecker Hybrid (if Snods leaked Submaripper Hybrid turns out not to be part Ripwrecker!)

17. A Wooly Howl Hybrid

18. A Sand Wraith Hybrid

19. A Third Boneknapper Hybrid?

20. A Third Whispering Death Hybrid?