How to Report a Bug

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Hi, Vikings! I wanted to quickly share some tips on how you should go about reporting any game issues that you might be facing or bugs that you find and want to let our team know more about. As a member of the forum we hope you follow the notes below to help us help YOU!


How to Report a Bug

  1. Search the Forum for answers…
    Someone else might have already reported the issue that you are facing, so BEFORE creating a new post look to see if there’s already any info on the issue with which you need help. This eliminates repeat posts, helping keep the forum organized and also consolidates the communication channels between the SoD Team, Forum Admins and players like YOU! Try NOT to create a new thread on a topic that might already exist or multiple threads about a single issue (See FORUM RULES on spamming).
  2. Figure out where to post…
    There is a tremendous amount of content on the forum, so we want to keep it as organized as possible! And as part of this growing community, you need to do the same. After all, does it make any sense to post a bug or support issues in “General Announcements” or “Fan Art?" These types of issues should ONLY be posted to the “Support” marked boards, here: Customer Support, Technical Support, and Bug Report.
  3. Create a thread…
    Start by creating a subject line that relates to the issue you are reporting that way Forum Admins are able to figure out what you need help with. General subjects titles like “OMG my dragon” or “heeelp!” do not help the Admins identify the problem that you are facing nor does this help players in similar situations identify your post as one to turn to for help or more information. And MOST importantly, providing the following details right off the bat will cut down on the time it takes for us to reply to request details and ultimately hear back from you, so we can begin working toward a resolution. Often times we will need this type of info before anything else can be done to address the problem, so keep this in mind when coming to post about any support issues that might need to be addressed. Sound good? Then, let’s get started with what we need to know to help…



What part of the game is being affected – Login, avatar creation, farming, your hideout, racing,
a specific quest, art, load times, account billing, missing items, in-store purchases, etc.


What problem are you facing? When did this happen? AND what were you doing leading up to the error.
To test and see if this a widespread issue our team will want to know the steps you

followed leading up to the issues, so the more details you provide, the better!
Also, if you are experiencing a quest error – what was the name of the quest?


How are you accessing the game? PC / Mac downloadable, mobile (iOS, Android, Windows), Steam, Facebook,
or in browser via our website? What operating system are


What is the username that you use to login AND the name of the affected in-game Viking on the account?


Please provide any visual assets, if possible to help explain or support your report.



Please remember that by following these guidelines, you will ultimately be helping us address bugs more efficiently and quickly, so thank you!