How to record videos ?

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Could someone tell me an easy way to record videos of school of dragons ?


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Download Bandicam for free here:

(Copy and paste link)


To edit videos you could start with another free program, for example windows movie maker ;)


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You will need a screen recorder.



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There was a sale for Snow Wraith eggs and I had enough gems for one. Once the egg hatched, a mischievous little baby dragon peaked out of his egg and experienced the love and warmth of a lifelong bond with his trainer. He is 4 days older than Sandstorm and he loves racing. 

*I have more racing dragons but I will probably update later

I do have strange racing philosophies. One might call me a hypocrite since I hate traps and boosting but I still use them... Continuing on, I love racing but certain people ruin my day. I don't normally trap only unless I race with someone who does. Sometimes I wonder why I hesitate to boost ? Maybe it is because I prefer fair racing but sometimes people take advantage of this and use last minute speed boosts. Traps and boosts are a part of the game but people who frequently use them seem rude. I don't judge people on whether they trap, maybe they are nice people, however I am reluctant to befriend them. All of these factors are worsened by the fact that I race on a Woolly Howl. I could just use my Sand Wraith but there are just so many of them, they're supposed to be rare. 

Concerning Friends

If you want my friend code, please PM me. If you greet me in the game but I don't respond, that usually means that I have the chat ban. Feel free to say hello later, it gets quite lonely since most of my friends in the game have left or are inactive.