How to level up dragons

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I'm not certain, but I'm assuming that since the play feature was removed you can no longer shoot eels which was how I previously levelled up, so what other options are there now?

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Yeah it does suck that they removed it.
So you can level up your dragon by playing TRR (I play in single player), DT (this is by FAR my favorite way to level up my dragons, I might get 6 gems!), flight club, stable quests, quests, battle, fireball frenzy, feeding your dragon chicken eggs from your farm. I believe that is all you can do. I think that is all you can do right now sadly.



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You can also chop wood and feed the dragon chicken eggs. I use this on level 9 babys to get them that last little way to level ten but if you really need just levels quick it might be worth trying.

Anything that uses energy can be useful if you stick with chicken eggs for feeding so you can also use fireball frienzy or flight club.



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