How I Trained My Dragon

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This is my main OC's back story. Please be kind with your comments. I posted this on another site and people weren't nice about bad formatting and such. I don't actually know what formatting is so I don't plan to try to do better. If you don't like that, deal with it. Sorry to be so blunt but I am fed up with rude comments. Thank you. Author's Note: this is a HTTYD fanfic that I wrote. I wrote quite a bit down and highlighted it to send it to you guys BUT, instead of hitting copy I accidently hit the back button. I lost it all. I'm re-writing this now as a replacement. This is entirely based on a dream that I had. I had to add two crucial parts because they were not in my dream at all. The parts I added are: how I ended up with the dragon riders and why we were on Melody Island (the place where the deathsong lives) the rest is completely my dream. No editing. What so ever. Which I'm probably going to regret sooner than later;-) so without further ado, I present to you... How I Trained My Dragon Chapter 1 My name is Shamara. Growing up I was told that I lived true to my name, which means ready for battle. I was always waiting for some kind of excitement. I suppose I got it. When I was six my parents died leaving me to the streets of a small village called Port¹ Little did I know that when I turned seventeen my life would change forever. You see, Port wasn't exactly on the best terms with dragons. I mean we didn't exactly like dragons but as long as they didn't attack neither did we. It's not that we liked the beasts, we just had better things to do. Like go down to one of the towns many many taverns. Or pickpocket someone. Yeah, let's just say that Port isn't the best of towns Anyway, so no one was surprised when a red and blue Nadder² flew into the town square. However, I was very surprised when grabbed me in it's big bird-like talons and flew away. I screamed for help as we went higher and higher but no one seemed to notice, or they just didn't care. At first I was kicking and screaming for the dragon to let go, I made the mistake of looking down. Now I was holding on to the dragon and praying to God³ that it wouldn't drop me. As we headed out towards open ocean I began to relax a little, satisfied that it wouldn't drop me. I looked down to the water and I saw a boat on the horizon. I began yelling hoping that they would help me but I did not get the response I was expecting. Instead of trying to get the dragon to let go they shot a single arrow. The arrow hit home and firmly planted itself into the Nadder's leg. The dragon squaked in pain as it lost control. We began plummeting towards the ocean. What was in that arrow? I gasped at the ice cold water. That is where I made my mistake, when I gasped I also let out any air left in my lungs. As soon as we hit I began clawing my way to the surface. But my efforts were fruitless. I had never been that good at swimming and to make matters worse a giant net was thrown over me and the Nadder. My lungs screamed for air as the net wrapped itself around my neck. I attempted to get it off but before I could my vision blurred and I blacked out. Chapter 2 I groaned. I felt the slight rocking one would feel of they were on a ship thus I assumed that's where I was. My eyes crept open, all I saw was a blur so I shook my head free of all the fogginess caused by my almost drowning. When I could see again I saw that I was, as I thought, below deck on a large boat. Along both walls there were cages full of dragons. I saw zipplebacks, gronkles, and even a changewing. But one in particular caught my attention: a red and blue Nadder. The same one that carried me away from Port. I noticed two Guards standing next to the exit. On their armor was something that made my blood run cold: the dragon hunter insignia. I was on a dragon hunter ship and; I was their prisoner. I was in one of the many cages. One of the guards noticed I was awake and whispered way to loudly to the other guard "I think she's awake, I'll go tell Ryker" "You know I can hear you right?" I said sarcastically. I earned myself a glare from the guard and then he left to tell "Ryker.'' While he was gone I crossed my arms, determined not to let them know I was scared. "I'll give you guys whispering lessons if you let me go." I said continued. The guard just rolled his eyes, I'm very sarcastic when I'm scared. A man walked in who I assumed was Ryker and began to talk (⁴) "I'm assuming you would like to know why your here. Or where here is." "We're on a dragon hunter ship in the open ocean because you captured the dragon that carried me away from my home." I stated matter of factly. He seemed , minorly shocked but quickly recovered. "I'm not stupid. I noticed the insignia on your men's armor and I can feel the almost constant movement of the boat." "What you don't know is why we kept you here too. Well it's simple, we..." “if your thinking ransom than forget it, you won't be getting any money." I said sadly. He ignored me and continued "We are planning on selling you off at the next island." I was stunned. He couldn't do that, could he? ........................................... It was two days since I got here, well since I woke up. Who knows how long I had been out for. Nothing has happened since I talked to Ryker . I was hardly awake when I heard a piercing whistle-like sound, I paid it no mind, but I shot upright at the sound of an explosion a couple seconds later. The boat rocked slightly from the shock of it. There was a commotion on deck and the guards left to see what was going on. I heard more shots ring out and shouting. Then I heard footsteps drawing near. Someone was running. They emerged from the doorway and I saw a auburn haired boy and the head of a jet black dragon. ( moved to get a closer look at them as they stopped at every dragon cage and let the dragons out. The dragons emerged cautiously, I couldn't blame them. Who knows how long they had been here. The young man and the dragon hadn't seen me yet. He had a prosthetic leg which didn't surprise me to much. Many Vikings had prosthetic limbs, but his was not just a peg like most I'd seen, his was metal. Most others were wood. His was not a peg like most either. When he came close he seemed surprised to see a human prisoner. I eyed the dragon cautiously. What is that on its back? Is that a... saddle? The dragon growled quietly and I moved further away. Seeing this the dragon's... rider, I guess, put a hand on the dragon's head. "It's okay bud" he said. He opened the cage and beckoned for me to come out. "What's your name?" he asked. "I could ask you the same question." I shot back. "My name is Hiccup." he said. "This is is Toothless." He said gesturing to the dragon. "My name's Shamara" I said full of uncertainty. He hopped on the dragon and gave me an expectant look, I had confusion written ask over my face. "Hop on" he said gesturing behind him in the saddle. I shook my head. I can't ride a dragon! My mind filled with panic, knowing there was no other option. "It's okay, we won't drop you." He said, reaching out his hand. I reluctantly took it and climbed on the dragon. We shot forward and soon the bright sunlight blinded me. I held on tighter as we shot in to the air. As soon as I could open my eyes I looked down to see a blue nadder, a brownish gronkle, a green zippleback, and a red monstrous nightmare destroying the remains of the ships below me. Soon they all flew up to join me and Hiccup. "Who's she?" Asked the boy on the monstrous nightmare rudely. "The name's Shamara, thank you for asking me so politely." I called. He lowered his head in embarrassment when I heard a feminine laugh that I soon figured out the source was the girl on the nadder. "I'm Fishlegs." said a overweight Viking on the gronkle.( “This is my sweet little girl Meatlug.” He said patting his gronkle's neck. Clearly having recovered from my earlier jab the boy on the monstrous nightmare said flirtatiously "I'm Snotlout by the way."( I simply rolled my eyes. "And those are the twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut." ( Hiccup said, pointing to the zippleback whose riders were to busy bickering about something to introduce themselves. We all looked at the girl on the nadder, waiting for her to introduce herself. When no reply came Hiccup introduced her as Astrid. ( "Let's head back to the Edge." Hiccup said. "What's the Edge?" I asked. "You'll see." Hiccup said with a smile. I glanced back at Astrid, she just glared at me distrustingly and turned the other way. ................................. Soon we came up on a island and landed on a wooden platform. Hiccup hopped off Toothless and helped me climb off. I looked around. ( "How long have you guys been out here?" I said under my breath. “This is the Edge!" Fishlegs said proudly. "If you want I can give you a tour." He said with a smile. "I was a guide back on Berk." "Where's Berk?" I asked. "Eh, never mind." "How about you tell us more about yourself at dinner." Astrid said, clearly wanting to know more about me before she even began to trust me. "Sure." I said. At dinner I told them my story. "I lived in a small town called Port until a nadder carried me away. It flew to sea and was captured by the dragon hunters. They captured me and then you showed up." I told them gesturing to Hiccup as I finished. I had purposefully left out the part about my parents. That was something I mostly kept to myself. I only told that to my closest friends, though I had never really had any kind of friends. There was a silence that was soon broken by Tuffnut. "Cool." Tuffnut said from his chair. We all glared at him, except for his sister. After some late night chatter Snotlout left saying something about needing his "Beauty sleep." He may need to hibernate to resemble anything close to beautiful. Shortly after the twins left talking about blowing something up which concerned us all. Astrid watched as Hiccup helped me get settled for the night. When we were done Astrid walked over and told Hiccup she needed to talk to him. Hiccup nodded "So, goodnight." He said rubbing his hand together. He started walking away when I said "Uh, and Hiccup?" "Yeah?" He answered. "Thanks." I replied with a smile. He smiled back and left. .................................. I couldn't sleep. Maybe it was the new place or maybe it was from having not slept on a pile of furs since I was six. I decided to go for a walk. I heard talking. It was Astrid and Hiccup. Are they still having that little "talk"? I pressed my ear against the wall to hear what they were saying. "I just don't think we can trust her! Not yet at least" I heard Astrid say. I immediately knew who they were talking about: me. "Do you remember what happened last time? And she's hiding something. I don't know what but I can see it in her eyes. And you found her on a dragon hunter ship! What if she's a dragon hunter spy?!" Astrid said. “When I found her she was locked up." Hiccup replied. "What if they put her there knowing you would rescue her?" "I don't think so." Hiccup said in response. I was touched that he was standing up for me. No one had ever done that before. But this was not his battle to fight. I took a deep breath and walked into the open. "Actually she's right. I am hiding something." I resisted laughing at their shocked faces but amusement soon turned to fear as Astrid lifted her axe and charged me. I quickly moved out of the way as she yelled "See! Now she's spying on us!" She swung her axe into the air and swiftly brought it down but I was to quick. Let's just say that growing in Port I had learned a few things. "Astrid, stop!" Hiccup said firmly holding out his hands. She stopped and I moved further away from her as she gave me a death glare that sent chills up my spine. "Let's just hear her out. Okay?" He said. "Now, what do you mean?" "She was right I am hiding something. What I didn't tell you at dinner is that when I was six my parents died." I said looking at my feet. "I was living on the streets when that dragon took me. It's not that I'm ashamed of it or didn't want anyone to know, I just never really told anybody about it. I didn't tell you out of instinct. But anyway, I'm sorry." I said. I looked up at their soffened faces. "I'm sorry." Hiccup said. "It's okay, I just never had anyone to talk to before. Friends?" I asked Astrid putting out my hand. After a few moments she took it in her own and said with a smile "Friends." I smiled back. "Well I think we should get some rest now." We exchanged good nights and went off to bed. As I settled into the soft pile of furs. I smiled as sleep claimed me. It felt good to have a friend. Chapter 3 A week later I woke up early. I walked around the edge exploring, using one of the furs to block out the biting cold. I found Astrid in the dragon stable getting on her sky blue nadder. "I like your dragon. "I said, gaining her attention. "Her name is Stormfly." She said. "Do you wanna go for a early morning flight with me?" She asked. I was slightly shocked when the word "Sure" came out on it's own accord. "Here" She said. and pulled something out of her saddle bag. it was a short fur cape made out of bear fur. "It can get pretty cold up there." "Thank you" I replied as I put it on. It fit perfectly. I climbed onto Stormfly and we shot off the platform at amazing speeds. We flew around and she showed me around. She showed me some of her favorite tricks. I wished it never had to end, but soon it did. “We should probably head back to the Edge now." She said voicing my thoughts. I nodded. Soon we were back on the wooden platform and we climbed off. I was getting used to riding a dragon. I began to take off the cape when Astrid said "You can keep it." My jaw dropped in shock but soon turned to a ear to ear smile. "Where have you guys been?" Snotlout asked annoyed. “We went for a flight. Why?" Astrid asked. "Hiccup wants to have a meeting, right away." He answered. "Come on!" she beckoned. We jogged to the clubhouse and found Fishlegs, Ruff, Tuff, and Hiccup. "There you are!" Hiccup said. "Where have you been?" “We went for a ride. What's going on? Snotlout told us you wanted to have a meeting." “Woah, what happened to you two?" Tuff said. “Yeah yesterday you were giving her your signature death glare." Ruff said pointing to Astrid then me. Astrid shot me a glance saying "Do you want to tell them?" But before I could say anything Hiccup said "We got a letter from Johann saying that he heard that the dragon hunters are going after the deathsong." "So what do we do?" Astrid said. "Well we have to go relocate it." Hiccup replied. "Wait, didn't that thing try to kill us?" Tuff said momentarily pausing trying to balance a knife on his nose as his sister nodded in agreement. "Yes Tuff, it did." Hiccup said slightly annoyed. I was utterly confused. “What's the deathsong?" I asked. "It's a dragon that sings to lure other dragons in and traps them in amber then eats them." Fishlegs answered. I nodded numbly as Hiccup said "Let's saddle up." "What should I do?" I asked. “You're coming too." He smiled. We all raced the stables and they quickly put saddles on their dragons. I helped any way I could but clearly they had done this a time or two. "Climb on." Hiccup said. I quickly obeyed. We flew off and soon we came up on an island when Hiccup said "We're here. ( Make sure you put your dragon’s ear plugs in. To block out the deathsong's call." He explained when he saw my confused look. We landed and Hiccup said "Okay, here's the plan. We have to relocate it. Me and Toothless will lure it away..." "Why do you get to lure it away?!" Snotlout interrupted him with his "not fair" tone of voice. “Because Toothless is the fastest so he can get away if need be. Also there's a chance that it won't follow you but it hates me." Hiccup responded irritatedly. "Okay, makes sense." Snotlout said, satisfied. "As I was saying, the rest of you can herd it along. Shamara," He said, looking at me. My ears perked up at the mention of my name. "You stay here. No matter what happens don't leave." This was fine with me. I didn't have any plans to be eaten by a cannibalistic dragon any time soon. I hid myself in the trees and bushes as the team saddled up. Toothless flew out into the open and roared to get the deathsong's attention. It worked. A orange dragon with blue and yellow with hints of red patterned wings. It has a long horn on its nose making its face resemble a razorwhip. It's blue ear flaps fanned out as it flew. It's blue tail fin was reminiscent of a monstrous nightmare.( It was the most beautiful dragon I had ever seen. My jaw dropped at its brightly colored wings. It roared in anger and shot a well aimed ball of amber at them but they were to quick. They shot up to a higher rock urging the larger dragon into the air. Toothless flapped his wings and flew away. Or started to. That was when things went wrong. The deathsong shot another ball of amber and this time they weren't fast enough. It incased them in a cocoon of sorts. My eyes grew wide. This wasn't part of the plan! Before the dragon could deliver the final blow a bola shot out of nowhere and clamped itself on its jaw. I looked over at the rest of the dragon riders only to find a horrifying sight. They were tied up?! I was to busy watching the fight notice. Then I saw a face I never wanted to see again: Ryker. My brain quickly pieced together what happened. This was all a trap to get them to come here. So the deathsong could trap Hiccup while they took care of the rest of them. But what could I do? Hiccup told me to stay there no matter what. But they needed help. But I didn't have any weapons as of I could fight an entire fleet of dragon hunter ships by myself. I would just get myself captured. Again. No. I would stay put. I wouldn't be any help to them if I was captured. Just as I finished making that decision the deathsong freed its jaw from the bola and roared in anger but instead of attacking like I thought it would it flew to the other end of the the island. I heard a voice saying “Ryker, sir should we follow after it?" After a moment Ryker responded “No. We got what we came for." Once they had finished getting the riders secured on the ship they sailed away. .......................... "Great. Just great." I muttered to myself. I had been thinking that there would be something on this island that would be helpful for escaping but I found nothing. "Isn't this great. The only friends I've ever had just got captured. So now I'm stuck on a island with a angry deathsong that wants to kill me!" I continued in my little rant for probably longer than I should have until, I heard a roar that stopped me dead in my tracks. I froze in fear. My feet felt as though they were glued the ground. I commanded my feet to move but they didn't listen. Before I could run a enormous orange dragon landed about ten steps in front of me. It raised it's head about to shoot but before it did it let out a roar. A musical roar at that. My mouth opened on its own accord and repeated the tune. It clamped is jaw shut and looked at me, eyes full of curiosity. I sang it again. The dragon calmed down more. Then it sang the tune again. I repeated it. Little did I know that as this was happening my feet slowly moved forward. I didn't notice this until it growled at me. I moved back slightly. I sang the tune again as I reached out my palm. It growled quietly again. I took a deep breath and turned my head away. If it kills me, fine. I've got nothing to lose. If it doesn't then, well, I would still be alive. I held that breath in for a long time. Then she closed her eyes and closed the gap between my hand and her snout. I felt my tense body relaxe. As soon as her warm scales touched my hand it was like something had awoken in my soul. There was a fire that could not be named. I felt; complete. Her eyes grew narrow and she flew away from me. But a connection has formed between us. She would be back. I could feel it. Chapter 4 I walked back into the woods after I had recovered from the shock. I was getting some firewood when I heard something big land. Feeling sure it was not a bird I peeked behind me. Sure enough it was the deathsong. I took a deep breath and continued to gather firewood. Whenever I moved to a new area she would follow me. When I finished I went back to the small cove where I started. I had found a stick that would make a perfect walking stick for me so I set that one aside. She was still following me. I made a small hole in the ground and lined it with stone. Then I placed the wood in it and was about to start a campfire but the deathsong beat me to it. She shot a ball of flame at it and soon a fire was blazing. I sat on a rock nearby and did one of my favorite things. I took the stick and drew a picture in the dirt. The deathsong walked over in her hind legs and made a few curious clicking sounds. I shifted uncomfortably. I was not used to a dragon being this close. Suddenly she growled. I tensed. Did I do something wrong? I slowly turned around and saw that she wasn't growling at me after all. She was growling at a nearby bush. I turned my head towards the bush. It's leaves rustled. Something was hiding in it. What was it? What if it was another dragon hunter? Or a wolf or a bear? How could I fight it without startling the deathsong? Could I even fight it? There was to many questions and not enough time seeing as a wolf leaped through the bush. I yelped and scrambled out of the way of the furry mass of claws and teeth. I was about to grab the stick to defend myself when I felt the deathsong land right next to me and roared at the wolf. The wolf abruptly stopped and ran away whimpering. I looked at the deathsong in shock. Why had she protected me? We made eye contact and I said "Thanks." She warbled softly as if to say "Your welcome." I was beginning to feel more and more comfortable with the deathsong nearby so I gathered a pile of leafs and laid down on it. I used my cape from Astrid as a blanket and looked up at the night sky. Just thinking about them made me sad. "I will find you." I said, as if they could hear me. I looked at the deathsong who had settled down nearby and said "Goodnight; Carmen." The name fell of my lips before I thought twice. Had I just named a dragon? I guess I had since the deathsong... uh Carmen seemed to smile. I closed my eyes and smiled. "Carmen." ....................... It had been a couple days since the wolf and I was completely comfortable with Carmen around. She had even let me ride her a couple times! My eyes cracked open. It was morning. And a cold one at that. I couldn't feel my toes. I shivered and my teeth chattered loudly. Carmen having noticed this walked over and grabbed my in her talons and wrapped her giant colorful wings around me. It felt weird at first but goodness! It was so warm in here! I soon found myself slipping back into sleep. ............................. Later when it was much warmer I awoke. Carmen was gone so I went back to my picture I was drawing the day before. I had just finished when I heard Carmen land. "Hey Carmen!" I called. " Look what I drew." She walked over and looked. It was a picture of her. She warbled in approval and nodded her head to where she had landed. There was a terrible terror trapped in her amber stuff. "Uh, we can't eat that. Can you free it?" She frowned but did as she was told. "Let's get some fish instead. I took a stick and some ivy vines I had stripped of their leaves and made a fishing pole. I went to a nearby lake and cast. Now all I could do is wait. And wait. And wait. But nothing ever bit. That's when it came to me. There weren't many fish here so Carmen had been eating other dragons to stay alive! That's why! Finally something took my bait. It took a while but we had enough fish. "Would you start a fire?" I asked. She complied and I grabbed one of the fish and put it on a stick to roast. "There." She went to town on the rest of the fish and I even saw her eat a eel! "Hmm... that's odd. Could have sworn that dragons were afraid of eels." I shrugged it off and went back to tending to the fish. Soon it was done and after a short breakfast I said "So, what do you want to do today?" She chirped happily and flapped her wings softly. "You want to fly? Well I don't have any wings so I couldn't go with you, but if you want to," I stopped when she rolled her eyes and nodded towards her back. "You want me to ride you?" She nodded. "Okay." I said hesitantly as I climbed on her bare back. It was a lot slipperier than the other dragons but they all had saddles on. She beat her wings once and we were off. I held on to her horns as tight as I could. Once we were high enough she leveled out her body and glided. I relaxed slightly, but her scales were still slippery! She chirped happily as we flew. Apparently she liked flying. As did I. I suddenly came up with an idea. Maybe Carmen could help me save my friends! "Carmen?" She looked up at me. "Could you help me with something? Those people who came? Hiccup and Toothless?" She growled in memory. "Well they're my friends and they were captured by the dragon hunters." She growled louder at the mention of that name. Good. Maybe her hatred for the hunters can outnumber her hatred for Hiccup. "Maybe you could help me get them back so they can stop the dragon hunters so they can't hurt another dragon.” She seemed to be weighing the pros and cons. "You in?" I asked. After a moment she nodded. "Alright then. Let's get to work." "Now, were going to have to fight so we know the basics so now we need to know a few battle maneuvers. Like the barrel roll. The barrel roll is when you... WOOOAH!" I screamed as she did a perfect barrel roll. We landed as I recovered from the shock. "Smart dragon.” I said, completely bewildered. She smirked. I glared at her playfully and she slapped me with her wing. "Ow! What was that for?!" I said holding my stinging arm. She laughed as well as a dragon could laugh. "We also need to know how to maneuver through tight spaces. See those sea stacks?" I said pointing. She looked. " I think those will do." We shot up in the air and she flew towards the sea stacks. "Okay, you ready?" I asked patting her neck. She bobbed her head. "Okay, let's go!" I gave her the signal to go, fast. We shot forward and within seconds we were in the maze of sea stacks. "Left. Right. Up!" I called as we raced through at new top speeds. "Up! Now steady, right! Barrel roll!" I called as we came up on a sea stack that had a hole straight through it many it look like a needle. She barrel rolled through it because her wing span was too wide. With the last turn completed without problems I yelled "Yes!" She shook her ear flaps as of to say "It was nothing." I rolled my eyes and said "Do you think we're ready?" She nodded. "Okay, let's get the rest of our stuff." It was time. Chapter 5 We flew for a long time trying to find the hunter's ships until finally, we found them, under attack. Apparently the riders had escaped and we're trying to successfully get away. "Okay, let's help 'em out." I signalled for her to dive and soon we were within range. No one had noticed us yet, but they would soon! "Fire!" In yelled and she shot a carefully aimed fire blast at the ship. It hit it in the side and the boat rocked as it's side lot up in flames. I heard shouts of "Another dragon rider!" Alerting the rest of our presence. A certain night fury hovered up next to us. "Welcome aboard, dragon rider." Hiccup said. I smiled. I was a dragon rider. I gasped as a net came flying towards us. "Look out!" I yelled. Hiccup shot out of the way but Carmen wasn't fast enough. A net wrapped around us and we plummeted towards the water. Again. This time I made sure to not gasp when I hit the water. I pulled out my stick as the net was pulled onboard. I was about to stand up when none other than Ryker walked in front of me. I looked up and glared. He recognized me. "Oh, it's you. You shouldn't be a problem then." He said in a clear attempt to shrink my confidence. I ignored him. I had grown a lot since then. I charged using my stick as a weapon. We engaged in combat. Luckily I had picked up a few things in Port. Despite the fact that he was stronger I was smaller and more agile so I could dodge easily. But it didn't last long as his sword sliced through my staff, scratching across my left eye, but before I could call Carmen who had escaped during our fight he had a knife to my throat. He was just about to finish me when a ball of amber incased his sword. He let go in shock, giving me a chance to escape and I used it. I ducked under his sword and ran to the edge of the boat and on the way I opened a small cage containing a black and gray terrible terror. I jumped over the edge in hopes that Carmen would catch me, which she did. The last of the boats were sinking and Hiccup signalled something. I soon learned what it meant as the rest of the dragon riders flew up above the cloudline. I followed suit and hovered with the rest. I noticed the terrible terror follow and land behind me. "Thank God you're alright!" I exclaimed. "You trained a deathsong!" Fishlegs exclaimed. "Yep! Dragon riders, meet Carmen." I said patting her neck. Fishlegs bombarded me with questions that I couldn't understand in his excitement so I just said "I don't know." He quieted down, which I later learned was because he was estimating her wing span when he suddenly exclaimed “Eighty-five!” Hiccup flew next to me but when he got close Carmen growled. "It's okay girl, they're friends." I said. She calmed down. Slightly. “You okay?" He said. "I saw you with Ryker." “Yeah I'm fine. However, I was wondering if you could help me with some things." I said. "What kind of things?" He asked. "A saddle. I did not count a dragon's scales being so slippery!" He laughed. “Yeah, me neither. What else?" “Well Ryker destroyed a staff that I've been using. I was thinking maybe we could make that out of metal instead. And I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool if the ends could light on fire?" "That would be cool! We have a kind of metal that is extremely strong and extremely light. It's called gronkle iron." he said. "That sounds awesome!" I exclaimed. I was getting excited. "Out of curiosity, why did you name her Carmen?" Hiccup asked, breaking me from my thoughts. I shook my head to bring myself back to reality. "It means song." I said. “Well we'll get to work on the staff and saddle. But first we need to get measurements from Carmen. Then you can start training with your dragon. We'll make a dragon rider of you yet!" .................... I was exhausted. We were back at the Edge. Me and Hiccup had talked about the saddle and mostly how the staff would work half of the way home. The rest I spent talking to Astrid. We landed on the platform and they started putting their dragons in their stables. I was unsure what to do. Seeing this Astrid walked over and said "Why don't you put your dragon in one of the other stalls?" She gestured to a spare stall. "Wait didn't that thing try to eat our dragons?!" Snotlout said. I was about to tell them about my fish discovery but Hiccup said "He's right." "Wait," I intervened. "I figured out why she eats other dragons." They all gave me expectant looks. "There are hardly any fish left on Melody island. She eats dragons to stay alive." I said "I'm sure we can get her used to fish instead!" I said pleadingly. After a long silence Hiccup said "Okay. We can help." “Thank you so much!" Just then the black and gray terror I had rescued landed on my shoulder. "Looks like you made a friend." Hiccup laughed. Soon we were all laughing. "Coal” I said out of the blue "That's what I'll call you." I said scratching Cole's chin. "Wait, why were we laughing again?" Tuff said in use confusion. We all started laughing again. Nothing was that funny, it just felt good to laugh. Together. As a team. Chapter 6 It's been one week since the whole dragon hunter episode and I'm feeling more and more like I'm part if the team. Hiccup and I finished the saddle and staff successfully and gotten Carmen used to fish again. I learned a lot from watching him so I think I'm ready. It was early morning and I tiptoed out of the clubhouse. I crept down to the mini forge that they had and lit a fire in it. I took some metal and heated it up till it was nice and soft. Then I took a piece and formed it into the shape I wanted it and did the same with the other piece except it was much larger. When I was satisfied I made a hole in each if them and cooled it. Then I took some leather straps and made medallions with them. They were done. I crept down to the stable and tiptoed to Carmen's stall. I opened it and the door creaked, waking her. "Hey, girl." I whispered. "I got something for ya." She lifted her head in interest. I showed her the medallions, they were music notes. I put the smaller one on to show her they weren't dangerous. "There." I said as I put the other one on her. It fit perfectly. "You wanna go for a early morning ride?" She bobbed her head excitedly. "Okay, let's get your saddle on." I said as I took it from the hook on the wall. Luckily I had brought my staff, which strapped to my back. Otherwise I would have to go back and get it. I finished fastening the saddle and climbed on. We shot into open sky. After we had flown for a few minutes I began to sing. It was the exact same song that I had sang to Carmen that first day. It was perfect up here. Just me and Carmen doing tricks and diving through the air. I wish it never had to stop. But for now, it didn't. When I was up here I could forget my past and live for now. The end. I got you enjoyed this story and don't forget to come back for the short sequel: Why I Didn't Stay With The Dragon Riders. This is Shamara signing out. Once you have tasted flight, You will forever walk the earth looking skyward, for there to have been, and there you will always long to return. ~ Leonardo da Vinci




Dear Everyone who won't trust Rebell,



    You need to stop. So maybe Rebell has a similar art style. So maybe they claim that they are not Archer but is a friend of hers. So what?

But maybe Rebell is telling the truth. Maybe, somewhere, there's a budding artist, who just wants to draw things for others, but people won't stop harrasing them, saying they are a liar, saying they are a cheater, saying they are an untrustworthy and slimey eel.

Maybe you have plenty reason to think what you do, but I have one thing to say. Why not give them the benefit of the doubt? Why not trust them? Why not believe them? Why not support them, even if they are Archer? Why not be kind?

Because they don't deserve it? Well, if we got what we deserved, we would all be long since dead. Why not treat others how you would want to be treated?


Why not choose to belive?




                                            One tear in the dropping rain

                                             One voice in a sea of pain

                                             Could the Maker of the stars

                                             Hear the sound of my breaking heart? :,-(



                                            For RheiTheBrave^^ You will always be missed.


Signature under construction! 


I am on the Snow Wraith, Rheithebrave is on the Deathsong, on the Stormcutter is Kasanelover and the Woolly Howl (actually a Svalbard Howl) is Shirokagefox!

this photo was taken by the fabulous Titan Sandwraith rider, Saigner!

this was really fun guys. Thank you so much!





Signature banners made by Vexy




My hands have touched the highest clouds. My feet have touched the depths of the ocean. Soaring through the sky, swimming through the sea, dancing through life. But what is it for? 

People wander this earth wanting to be like other people. They sing the same song. 

But my soul sings a song. A different song. I dance to the beat of this song, for this song is what he has given me. This song is a part of me. It follows me as I dance, through rain, through snow, through the hilltop. It cradles me in its warm embrace. This song is my life. And I will sing with, even when the song turns sad... For this song, is who I am. 

By Arrowalker^^

No. I don't belong here. But the only place you'll belong is the place where you make yourself belong. 



Star and all her dragons by FireNightStar^^
Name: Star The Navigator
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Star has incredibly long Chestnut brown hair that when in a braid reaches down to her waist. Her skin is a light Carmel color and sure has a few freckles on the bridge if her nose. She has a slight scar across her left eye, but thankfully it does not affect her vision. She has amethyst purple eyes. 
By BrynneBjorrnson^^
By Fireflash^^
By BoomBox74^^
By FireNightStar^^
By Boombox74^^
Designed by Arrowalker, Vanilia Viking and I. Drawn by Arrow
Her shirt is a long sleeve olive green shirt with gold borders. She wears a brown leather chest piece and coyote fur wrapping around her waist. Her boots, wristbands and cape are lined with coyote fur also. Her pants are brown with deep brown buckles and she keeps her messenger style bag with her at all times. 
When summer comes she changes to a green three quarter length sleeve shirt with gold borders. Her wristbands are no longer lined with fur, and so are her boots. She removes the fur from her waist and only wears her cloak on the colder days or when flying. 
Background: Star was 9 years old when she joined the school of dragons. 
Upon joining she made many friends. She Trained many dragons and because of her, Snow Wraiths were welcomed​into the school. But still, something was calling her. 
She went on many journeys​ to find what was calling her, but she never found it. She did find, however​, many different islands. Including, an island with a mountain in the middle. The mountain is hollow and covered in ice. Star decided it was the perfect place for all of her dragon companions.
 During the summer months Star stays on the islands to keep her ice dragons healthy. 
Personality: Star believes in following her heart more than anything. She sees the world at a different angle and because of that has traveled FAR beyond where any Viking has gone before. 
Star has not limited herself to Dragons. She is the proud trainer of a pack of wolves, a bear, a pod of Orcas, several birds and even a family of rabbits​!
As you might have guessed, star does things very differently.
Drawn by Mechfighter^^
Other: Star has a necklace with the chiefs symbol ingraved on it. 
Name: Skyfire
Species: Deadly Nadderhead
Gender: Female
By MajoraTheHyilan^^
By FireNightStar^^
There was some confusion. She's red and not pink. Still an amazing edit!
By Rrpetti^^
My good friend and Packmate, Shirokagefox, edited the edit! (Didn't know that was possible:/) thanks to Rrpetti for the edit and Fox for editing it!
By FloofQueen^^
Beautiful edit of Star (When she was younger) and Skyfire by Zitka!^^
I found something Piggyxl is bad at! Doing bad art! Can you believe I got this lil' gem from a thread called "Draw A Dragon Above You Poorly"!?!?!
By Piggyxl^^
Personalize: Skyfire does not tolerate sarcasm in the wrong moment. Nor does she allow games when they are on a mission. Wish she is given a task she will get it done THEN play. Unless of course someone throws something. Yay if her only weakness: Fetch. She cannot resist retrieving things. Which she gets made fun of by Star's other dragons for.
Favorite activity: Fetch
Biggest fear: Eels
Origin: Star received Skyfire as an egg when she first joined the school of dragons. 
Name: Polaris
Species: Snow Wraith
Gender: Male
By BoomBox74^^
Base by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by Zitka^^
By WraithSkrill^^
Polaris was enjoying a fun game of fetch in the snow!
A scene from the story of how Star and Polaris met by Aelyras^^
Personality: Polaris is playful as can be. Once you get to know him or he sees that Star trusts you, he is caring as can be. But before you​ gain his trust, he might come off as cold (Pun Intended) He is playfully competitive and will not refuse a competition. 
Favorite activity: Snowball Fight
Biggest fear: Cabbage
Origin: During one of Berk's coldest Winters​ travel to the wilderness was banned due to a report of seeing Snow Wraiths. Star followed her heart and trained one anyway and aided Hiccup in defending the School from dragon hunters. Since then Snow Wraiths have been welcomed into the school. 
Name: Wolf
Species: Woolly Howl
Gender: Male
By AlexaDragonOnFire^^
By Okamsisui^^
By ScarfyWings^^
I think Wolf has been dreaming about Dragon Hunters again...
Doodle by Scarfywings animated by Mrizky2121^^
By FireNightStar^^
 By Arrowalker^^
By Laykary^^
Base by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by Zitka^^
Star and Wolf flying high above Berk!
By Arrowalker(Top) and By WraithSkrillBottom)
Baby Wolf by Dragonist Hellen^^
Apparently baby Woolly Howls are in!
By WraithSkrill^^
Seriously in :/ whatever! I'm not going to complain! These are adorable!
By Okamisusi^^
By Raxforax^^ 
Personality: Wolf is very protective of Star and the rest of her dragons. He is undyingly loyal to Star and overly protective. 
Favorite activity: Flying
Biggest fear: Dragon Hunters
Origin: Star found Wolf when she was in captivity in the dragon hunter's base. Wolf was trapped as well and had received a scar across his snout
Name: Journey
Species: Night Fury
Gender: Female
By BoomBox74^^
By EmeraldDragon03^^
Bases by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by Zitka^^
Journey by Violetta Rosemary^^
By NeverendingSilverstorm^^
Personality: Journey loves to annoy people more than anything. She will play jokes (that aren't​ really funny) as is sarcastic. 
She is incredibly competitive and (just because is bugs Skyfire) will challenge Polaris to races all the time. However, she will do most anything to save Star.
Favorite activity: Racing 
Biggest fear: Losing everyone she cares about​.
Origin: Star found Journey on one of her trips. This time she flew farther than ever before. After weeks of travel she found a large section of land. It was too big to be a island. Upon exploration she made a surprising discovery, and met Journey. 
                          The Leaders Of Vivvore...
By Boombox74^^
Name: Sonda
Species: Titan Sand Wraith
Gender: Male
Base by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by BrynneBjorrnson^^
Personality: Sonda is short tempered and hot headed. He is stubborn and has a wry sense of humor. 
His firmness is good for some aspects of leading, but he can be to harsh, so he needs some others to help balance his personality.
Favorite activity: Sleeping
Biggest fear: Hurting Star and letting her down. 
Origin: Star met Sonda when he stole Moana the Tide Glider's eggs. Star recused the eggs and in the process befriended the Tide Glider. 
After a long adventure trying to find the answer to why Sonda was stealing her eggs, Star found out that his family died when he was young, and so he was lonely and jealous of Moana. Star invited him to Vivvore, where he grew to in unofficial leadership position. Star saw this and officially​ made him the leader.
Name: Moana 
Species: Tide Glider
Gender: Female
Base by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by BrynneBjorrnson^^
Personality: Moana is compassionate and forgiving. Perfect to contrast Sonda's harshness, although occasionally they will clash. 
Favorite activity: Searching the depths of the ocean for treasures. 
Biggest fear: The dark
Origin: Star met Moana when Sonda stole her eggs. Star rescued the eggs and in the process earned her trust. 
Name: Pompeii
Species: Eruptadon
Gender: Female
Base by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by BrynneBjorrnson^^
Personality: Pompeii is a gentle giant but can also be firm. She does not find Sonda's sense of humor funny and will call him out on it. 
Favorite activity: Watching the hatchlings play
Biggest fear: Swimming
Origin: Star found Pompeii when she needed to fly into the depths of a volcano. None of her dragons could take that kind of heat, so Pompeii helped out.
Home Island
Name: Sivard 
Size: Small 3/10
Inhabitants: Omar, Carlil, Afnan, Lex, Star, Foxtrot, Azariah
Location: Not to far East of Berk
Name: Berk/The School
Size: Medium 7/10
Inhabitants: Too many to list
The School^^
Location: Um, Berk. 
Name: Dragons Edge
Size: Small 5/10
Inhabitants: The Dragon Riders, Star and any other students who have moved in
Location: Outside the Archipelago
Name: Vivvore
Size: Large 9/10
Inhabitants: Star, Skyfire, Wolf, Polaris, Journey, and the rest of Star's dragons
Location: Far South of Berk
Random Images That Have No Place In My Signature Right Now!!!!
Looks like Cardinal is trying to steal Onyx fish again...
By ShiroKageFox^^
All my friend's Terrible Terrors! 
Sparrow is mine, Bluejay belongs to Jedi, Falcon is Shey's, Ace's is Cardinal, Strix has Whitney and Raven belongs to Kyra. 
By VoSpader^^
By (Yep you guessed it) Keu Ray^^
Shey and Madeline by Violetta Rosemary^^
Boo by ShiroKageFox^^
Ace and Onyx by xXSilver.Night Xx^^
And while we're on the subject... here's how they met!

One blue and gold wyvern, a young girl with blazing red hair, and another older girl with a mess of black on her head. Nearby some sheep watched in half-hearted interest and in the distant background several tall wooden buildings were swarmed with a rainbow of different dragons of all ages and breeds. The School of Dragons.

“Now remember, let the dragon fly herself”

“Got it”

“And don’t yank back on the horns too hard”

“Knew that”

“And don’t put your foot there”


Aunrey looked at where Jurada, her instructor, was pointing. Her heel was wedged in the Monstrous Nightmares armpit, which wouldn’t have been a problem except for the fact that she would be trying to get airborne in the next minute. “Oh, right” Aunrey apologized.

Jurada smiled confidently at her. The girl looked about 19, maybe 20, and had a maniacs’ glint behind her joyful eyes. Her thick black hair enhanced that look, and it didn’t help that her outfit was a weird combination of red-stained leather and fabrics matched with light armouring made from a very, very dark metal of some sort. “Alright, then- Ace, you said your name was?”


“Let’s see if you can get along with Nyemeri. Onwards!”

Nyemeri, the dragon, launched into the sky with a jolt. Aunrey was almost thrown off (again) but managed to grasp her lower horns.

This turned out to be a terrible idea because instead of throwing the dragons whole head back, it just pulled her jaws open to make a gout of sticky flames shoot out in surprise. Nyemeri tucked in her wings, rolled to one side, and made a nose dive for the ocean. Neither Aunrey or Jurada had time to protest to those manoeuvres and all three were now floating in the waves.

“Nyemeri, what in the name of Odin’s eyepatch was that!” Jurada cursed loudly.

The dragon started paddling back to shore, clearly done with todays lessons. Muttering a few more severe informalities under her breath, Jurada grabbed a shell-shocked Aunrey and followed Nyemeri.

“I think we’re done with flying practice for today” Jurada puffed. “You should get up to the Hatchery before the rare ones go” she suggested.

Aunrey clutched her arm. It stung badly, as did a lot of the rest of her body, but there were no marks or burns. “I guess” she agreed.


No more than an hour later, she had managed to reach the magmatic hearth of the Hatchery(and the heat dried her off, which was a plus). Left and right, other students made b-lines for different nests and others made round trips a few times before settling on their first dragon.

Not Aunrey, though. She just stood there.

“Just give it a moment” a boy said to her at some point. “You’ll feel what’s right for you”

And she gave it plenty of moments. Enough moments for even the Whispering Death’s nest to clear out. The mother happily lay curled around the empty ditch, just like the rest of them.

Maybe come back tomorrow?’ Aunrey thought to herself, but even she was having a hard time keeping her spirits up. For now, she would just have to find something else to do. Exploring the islands would have to do for a distraction for now.

It was a weird sensation. Aunrey normally was in a constant state of optimism, but the type of sadness or disappointment in her right now was almost nothingness. A sort of emptiness in her chest, as if the ‘happy-go-lucky’ carelessness was now just ‘go’. Go somewhere and do nothing.

The Lookout was pretty boring. A plot of land was for sale but she had no coin. Groups of students took turns gazing through a telescope fixed to an outcropping but there wasn’t much on the horizon to get a better look at.

The Training Grounds had some more promise- the racing tower stood proudly on its own rocky cape, its height outmatched only by the Flight Club platform. Arena’s built into caves either side of the entrance added another layer to the cove but Fireball was strictly experienced trainers only and ‘Bullseye Lagoon’ had a faded ‘Closed’ sign nailed to its door. Aunrey couldn’t wait until she could explore the place properly with her own dragon- something that she was slowly fearing would never happen.

This only left the Wilderness to wander through, the only forested part of the island. It was where most of the Hatcheries eggs came from, according to Jurada, so it wasn’t unheard of for a student to go in there with just the one scaled companion and leave with two.

It was reassuringly quiet here. No other students. Any dragons that saw her turned tail and left silently. It was a good place to reset, and by now the sun was touching the horizon, adding to the serene environment.

In the distant forest, a pillar of black smoke billowed from the trees. Some boars burst out of the undergrowth, squealing and paying no mind to her in their blind fear. These were sure sounds of an injured or angry dragon- just the kind of thing she was looking for.

Racing towards the smoke, she grinned to herself as she pondered what could be the owner of the smoke. Smokebreath? Stormcutter? Hotburple? At this point any kind of dragon would be fine for her. She reached the place that the smoke was coming from, and found a patch of forest stripped bare by flames and gales. The ground was still warm- coals embedded in the tree trunks still glowed rather brightly. The tops of the trees melted into the dusk sky.

Then a beam of sunlight pulled itself from the rest.

She watched in awe as a dragon with fiery wings materialize out of the dusk sky, landing heavily on the other side of the field to her. They locked eyes, and Aunrey felt the connection. A Typhoomerang with eyes of light bronze, a face like white ash and a body made of fire, stood regal and proud. He was a powerful beast, but not without intelligence or kindness. Pale striping in his scarlet belly reminded her of the onyx geodes brought back from trading vessels, smoothed and buffed into shining stones as bright as his scales.

The dragon took a step towards her, growling. She wasn’t scared, however. And he didn’t seem defensive, either, growling more out of a test than to frighten her. He stopped rumbling and his pupils widened, taking another step forward. Their noses were almost touching. “Hi there” Aunrey whispered.

He sniffed her head, and made a strange gurgling noise. “Would you want to come with me?” she asked, hopeful.

It was a long shot, but there was no way she would leave this majestic dragon behind without even trying.

He slow-blinked, considering the offer. After a moment, he nuzzled her forehead, gurgling again. “You want a name?” she asked her new dragon, who was very quickly warming up to her. “What about Onyx?” she suggested, remembering the small stones again.

Onyx didn’t exactly object to his name, if anything humming even louder. She laughed, stroking his nose and horns, finally with her dragon.

Written by the AMAZING Wutend Bonfire^^ TYSM! 

Meet Snowbelle! She's Wolf's crush! 
By Fen Brekkie^^
More Snowbelle art! 
                                     By WraithSkrill^^
Wolf and Snowbelle by Snowflake12298^^
My sister, Lex and her Dragon Camaczi by Boombox74^^
Lex Lenox by Starke Raving Madmen^^
And Camacazi, also by Starke Raving Madmen^^
My Razorwhips, Blitz (Male, copper) and Iceshard(Female, silver) by Snowflake12298^^
And a WIP OC's Dragon!
By Teekay^^ (duh)
Tempest by RedEmber^^
Species: Skyworm
Species first discovered by: Chameisida
Gender: Male
  I met Sniper on an island far south of Berk.

My dragon, Polaris, spotted him first, he was high above the island, as if scouting out his next move.

As we   approached the dragon he attacked. He hit Polaris, barely, but it was still clear that Polaris was in excruciating pain.

We crashed into the island below, Sniper was quick to follow.

I tried to tend to my dragon, but Sniper came bursting through the trees, wanting to finish what he'd started.
I dodged a few attacks but he had me cornered.
"Stop!" I yelled as he readied the final blow.
This interested him. A human, who can speak with dragons?
"How can you do that?" He asked in a gruff voice.
"I learned your language, I live alone in an island will with dragons for half of the year." I answered.
"Show me the island." He demanded.

"I can't, my dragon is injured."

"Then care for him, then you will show me the island."
I tended to Polaris most of the night, amidst talking to Sniper.
The next morning woke up to see Sniper guarding us. He hadn't killed us!
Polaris was well enough to fly now and we began the flight back to Vivvore.
Once there Sniper was welcomed with open wings. It was there he realized that I had befriended all these dragons and I keep them safe.
I named him Sniper and offered him a place at Vivvore. He agreed.

He remains aggressive, but a bit less. Now he happily lives as the head of defense at Vivvore.

Yay! You made it to the end! Now you get the rest of the quote!
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