How to give YOUR OC a GREaT and ORigINal NAME

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Number ONE

Use as many vowels as humanly possible, in strange nonsensical organisations, like aie and uei and uaer



  • number 2

Alliteration looks GREAT such as gigi and henhr and jarjei


NUMber thREE


don't ever go above 10 LETTERS- or it's too hard to read and NO one wants 2 spend 8 Years trying to figure out how the digedydarn heck that name is pronounced


nyaMBer 4

Put it in 2 or MOre parts- get em dashes and apostrophes in there like THIS: Grei-dorue, Verey'zue, or Quen-dey'aer


THANKS for reading this GREAT guide by me, for all of you OC naMING NEEDS


now GET OUT THERE and name those DRAGONS some Weird S**t


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Different from art requests in that you give me an image to alter. For dragons, I'm good with colour changes, markings additions, and de-saddles. I haven't tried any human edits, though, so requesting any of those will be a bit of a gamble.




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Alternate Universe where everything is the same except...

How to give YOUR OC a GREaT and ORigINal NAME

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The great dragons of these lands are kin to the true phoenix, and act as a herald to our cause. Although none sport feathers of fire, many dance with it on their scales. The immortal bird of the inferno is gone, but its brothers and sisters are not. This reptilian echo, these reflections of the phoenix are fading to, but not if we have something to say about it first.



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  • All-bark-no-bite type attitude
  • Acts like he’s ready and able to fight anyone at any moment but will fall over if you look at him angrily
  • Makes up a lot of stories that make him look tough
  • Kind of emotionally unstable
  • Older brother to Beetroot- sometimes is mean, but will go through h.ell and back for him
  • Easily distracted and will forget what he was doing 10 seconds ago
  • Loves copper and anything copper coloured
  • High-class taste in music and fashion


  • Looks and acts super cute and innocent
  • Is actually prepared to kill a man/dragon if given a reason to
  • Thankfully does not have the physical capacity to do so
  • Holds a grudge until death itself dies
  • Optimistic and playful
  • Makes many different kinds of noises, few of them explainable by science
  • Will eat anything, even if it is not meant to be eaten
  • Dislikes numbers- has been known to attempt to destroy anything with maths on it




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Each one has the first part of their story, and the links go to their adoption comment(so you don't have to scroll)


Raider the pygmy Night Fury from Ecliptic

After all these years, all of his labour, and for what!? Some dirt-faced, two-clawed Triple Stryke hatchling to have a censored at his hoard when his back was turned. Scorpio had been a thorn in Raider’s side for weeks now, but this had gone too far- his vibrant blue and gold carapace would be a fine addition to his collection. Well, maybe he didn’t need to go that far for a youngster.



Emperor the baby Skyworm from Chameishida

The tiny splitjawed dragon rolled down the small incline. Behind him was a smoking wreck of an ancient building now truely destroyed beyond recognition, stone bricks still glowly slightly from an intense heat. He gave a gummed smile to the scene of destruction, clearly oblivious to the meaning of it. His home had been wiped off the island and he couldn't be more content with things.

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Lol pretty much this. (From wikihow)



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This is pretty cool!


^Gif captured by LordSuragaha^




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I have but one thing to say

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way



Because of lack of motivation and the fact that I am busy with coursework, I am not currently taking requests for viking licenses! If you have PM'd me before 4/10/17 and I have not replied to you and/or done yours, please PM me again soon and I'll make sure to get yours done. Otherwise, they are on hold indefinitely. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

 Thank you for understanding! 


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