How to Find Stable Quests (Runes) for Titan Dragons

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So, you finally got your dragon up to Level 20, and you want to proceed with the process of taking him/her to Titan stage; well, you've come to the right place for such activity. First and foremost, you will have to complete a quest that basically introduces the Titan stage, of which I personally like to call the quest -- Titan Island

This link here will take you to the video tutorial of that quest:

After completion of the quest, you'll notice that Fishlegs have given you only ONE rune as a starting advance

(seen here in this screenshot);

thus far, this is where the stable quests come in. 


Now, in order to tell which quest is the Runes quest, you'll notice in the stables menu a list of various quests to choose from; 

naturally, the main objective is to collect runes -- here is an example of what a "Titan" quest looks like, you'll notice the tiny rune pictured in the quest box seen here: 

Depending on the difficuty of the quest, limited amount of runes that are collected from these quests may vary.

Now if you want to look for more quests like this, instead of going through all the others by sending your dragons day after day after day after day, and so forth, simply reject all non-titan quests (as pictured such in the above ^) until you find the Titan quest WITH the listed runes as the quest rewards! Time takes up to 10:00 minutes to load new quests, but it is optional to speed up the process with gems, depending on how much time is left for quests to load.

The downside of these Titan quests is that they are actually RARE to find, but rememer, many of the stable quests (both Titan and non-Titan) will repeat themselves, so just repeatedly reject all non-Titan quests until you've come up with the Titan quests so that you can continue collecting those runes in order to age-up your dragon; and once you do find a Titan quest, remember that these are only available for your Level 20+ Dragons to participate -- pictured here: 


This is all I have for you to show for now, but I will check in on this topic later, and edit any changes on what I could find. 

Thank you for your time in reading this, I sincerely hope this helps on your individual quest for Titan-ing up your dragon.

Good luck, and good hunting!


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My dragon ate my subject....

I've done a Stable Quest that gives five runes for the reward. It takes like 84 hours to do it. I did only have a 20% chance to win. So I tested my luck, aaannnddd failed epicly. (that's the last time I trust my gut. lol XD) But there is a quest that gives out more than one rune.... so you don't have to wait THAT long.




Just a little warning, but










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VIKING NAME: Erika Daughter of Eret

 Gender: Female

​Age: 18 1/2

​Appearance: (Picture coming soon)

 ​Personality: Erika is pretty much the opposite of her brother, Eret.

She's the kinda girl who always tries to find the good in others even

​when it probably isn't there. Erika is fun, brave, adventurous,

​bold, caring, and likes a little challenge every now and then.

 She loves the outdoors, her friends, and family. But, even before

she became a dragon trainer, she was always fasinated by dragons.



Name: Dexter

​Speicies: Night Fury


(Pic made by me ^^)


(Awsome Pic by MajoraTheHylian Thanks again!)


Personality: Dexter is Erika's best friend. He is adventurous, brave,

​bold, silly, and when he's mad he can act like a baby. His crazy side is, well

​crazy. He can be wild, cute, funny. But if someone picks with him or his

​rider he'll get very upset, and protective. Especially of Erika.



Nadder: Kitara

Nadder: Stormflare 

Whispering Death: Korra

Screaming Death: Soft Scream

​Screaming Death: Fluffy Scream

Speed Stinger: Quick Silver

Speed Stinger: Soakka

Changewing: Camo

​Changewing: Iggy

​Devilish Dervish: Unicorn

​Devilish Dervish: Violet 

​Hideous Zippleback: Asteroid n Planet

​Hideous Zippleback: Gas n Spark

Monsterous Nightmare: Fire Ball

​Monsterous Nightmare: Flame Ball

Boneknapper: Storm Trooper

​Armor Wing: Claw Sheild

Night Terror Chrisanthimum

​Smothering Smokebreath: Smog

Shockjaw: Shocker

​Quaken: Bucky Barns

Gronckle: Steve Rogers

Groncicle: Iceberg

Razor Whip: Stormy

Death Song: Echo

Stormcutter: NickFury

Scuttle Claw: Loki

​Snow Wraith: Jack Frost

​Thunderdrum: LemonLime

​Snafflefang: Chubby

​Snafflefang: Sniffle

​Mudraker: Coca Cola

​Skrill: Hawkeye

Skrill: Mjolnir Jr

Sweet Death: Slug from Epic

​Shivertooth: Frozone

 Typhoomerang: Wild Fire



IN GAME NAME: No Other Names

Stars: 3 Gold Stars​

 ​Clan: Elite Force

​Position in clan: Elder 

 ​Friend Code: PM me


Night Fury: Toothless

Nadder: Kitara

​Nadder: Stormflare 

Whispering Death: Korra

Screaming Death: Soft Scream

​Screaming Death: Fluffy Scream

Speed Stinger: Quick Silver

Speed Stinger: Soakka

Changewing: Camo

​Changewing: Iggy

​Devilish Dervish: Unicorn

​Devilish Dervish: Violet 

​Hideous Zippleback: Asteroid n Planet

​Hideous Zippleback: Gas n Spark

Monsterous Nightmare: Fire Ball

​Monsterous Nightmare: Flame Ball

Boneknapper: Storm Trooper

​Armor Wing: Claw Sheild

Night Terror Chrisanthimum

​(Named after a good Friend of mine in game)

​Smothering Smokebreath: Smog

Shockjaw: Shocker

​Quaken: Bucky Barns

Gronckle: Steve Rogers

Groncicle: Iceberg

Razor Whip: Stormy

Death Song: Echo

Stormcutter: NickFury

Scuttle Claw: Loki

​Snow Wraith: Jack Frost

​Thunderdrum: LemonLime

​Snafflefang: Chubby

​Snafflefang: Sniffle

​Mudraker: Coca Cola

​Skrill: Hawkeye

​Skrill: Mjolnir Jr

Sweet Death: Slug from Epic

​Shivertooth: Frozone

​Typhoomerang: Wild Fire




VIKING NAME: Dawn Smartskins

Gender: Female

​Age: 16

​Appearance: (Picture coming soon)

​Personality: Dawn is a shy girl when you first meet her, she sorta keeps to

herself, ​and is sometimes awkwardly quiet. Honestly she feels more comfortable around dragons than around people. But when she finally starts to open up she is a fun, kind, caring, geek-y, and nerd-y kinda girl when it comes to dragons. She

perfers not to use a weapon, she's not a violent type of girl.



​Name: Electric Storm

Speicies: Skrill

​Gender: Male

Appearance: Electirc Storm is a Titan Wing, so he's pretty

big. He has dark blue scales with a hint of a dark purple.

(Pic coming soon)

 ​Personality: Electric Storm tries to act very independent, but he's really just a

big baby. When a viking or a dragon picks on him or his rider, he'll get very upset and attack. That's another reason why Dawn loves him, he always has her back.  


​Groncicle: Frozen Armor 

​Monsterous Nightmare: Blue Flame

​Razor Whip: Hurricane

​Death Song: Mint

Armor Wing: Scarlet Spider

​Typhoomerang: Finn


​IN GAME NAME: Dragon Rider Geek

​Stars: 3 Bronze stars

​Clan: The phantom lords and shadows

​Position in clan: Member

​Friend Code: PM me


Night Fury: Toothless

​Skrill: Electric ​Storm

​Groncicle: Frozen Armor

Razor Whip: Hurricane

​Death Song: Mint

​Monsterous Nightmare: Blue Flame

​Armor Wing: Scarlet Spider

​Typoomerang: Finn



VIKING NAME: Hannah Havoc

Gender: Female

Age: 16-ish

Appearance: (Pic coming soon)

Personality: Hannah looks like a sweet and loveable girl, but she's just a little trouble maker. (Not like a bad one, more

like the twins XD) She's a nice and smart girl, when she wants to be. She always hangs out with Ruff and Tuff. She feels

normal around them. She loves her Nadder, Destroyer, very much. And both love to see stuff burn. "It's just so,

breath taking." (The last part was a quote Hannah said btw)


INGAME NAME: Hannah Havoc

​Stars: 1 Bronze Stars

​Clan No Current Clan

​Friend Code PM me


​Nadder: Destroyer





(My Soul Wraith Adoptable named Midnight made by Naderly



~MY OC's~

(Awsome Pic by MajoraTheHylian Thanks again!)

Species: Night Fury

​Name: Dexter

​Gender: Male

Appearance: -picture above-

Personality: Dexter is adventurous, brave,

​bold, silly, and when he's mad he can act like a baby. His crazy side is, well

​crazy. He can be wild, cute, funny. But if someone picks with him or his

​rider he'll get very upset, and protective. Especially of his rider.


​Species: Night Fury

​Name: Divine

​Gender: Female

​Appearance: -pic coming soon-

​(Looks exactly like Dexter, bc they're twins)

 ​Personality: Divine is a kind hearted dragon. Most would say she's to kind. She can be a little shy sometimes tho, but is super friendly. She loves flying, exploring,

and just being curious.




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 I had 75% chance of success on the same quest and failed too xD

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Rocks and gronkles

HOLY COW!!! Your gronkles name is Rocky too? 

Thanks for the advise I could totally use it ;)




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and MysteryStrike my Armorwing that i saved from DRagon Hunters

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And Frighty me lovely flight mare

this is my female whispering death named Drilly. and my shadow ( im keeping her a baby)


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I'm sure that I was able to send my level 18-19 dragons on a rune quest. The quest in question is named Hunk of Burning Runes. I'll double check it whenever I get it again, though!







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Found None

Most of my dragons are above level 20, and I have been recycling the middle top practically every few hours since the update, but I have never come across a rune quest. What am I doing wrong? I honestly don't mind collecting runes over a long time, but I would like to actually find them. Are they so rare that you can't get them even after you've recycled your quests about 50 times?


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[She] liked winter best of all, for when the world grew cold, the ice dragon came.

~George R.R. Martin, The Ice Dragon

The ice dragon was a creature of legend and fear…


Ice dragons were rare...

Giant Prickleboggle: Cool like its icy blast

[W]henever it was seen the children would all point and wonder...

Tiny Prickleboggle: Cool under pressure

The ice dragon was a crystalline white, that shade of white that is so hard and cold that it is almost blue.…Its teeth were icicles…jagged spears of unequal length, white against its deep blue maw.

Groncicle: Ice in its veins

It was covered with hoarfrost, so when it moved its skin broke and crackled as the crust on the snow crackles beneath a man’s boots, and flakes of rime fell off.

Frozen Groncicle: Carved out of the coldest, oldest glaciers

Its eyes were clear and deep and icy.

Shivertooth: Sharper than the cold of winter

Its wings were vast and bat-like…

Woolly Howl: Creates its own horrible weather

...[T]he beast wheeled in frozen circles through the skies.

Windgnasher: Picks up scents on the wind

When the ice dragon beat its wings, the cold winds blew and the snow swirled and scurried and the world seemed to shrink and shiver.

Snow Wraith: The roar of the chilly winds

Sometimes when a door flew open in the cold of winter, driven by a sudden gust of wind, the householder would run to bolt it and say, “An ice dragon flies nearby.”

Snoggletog Wraith: Guarantees a snowy festive day

And when the ice dragon opened its great mouth and exhaled, it was not fire that came streaming out, the burning sulfurous stink of lesser dragons.


The ice dragon breathed cold.

Bewilderbeast: The king of all dragons

Ice formed when it breathed. Warmth fled. Fires guttered and went out, shriven by the chill. Trees froze through to their slow secret souls, and their limbs turned brittle and cracked from their own weight. Animals turned blue and whimpered and died, their eyes bulging and their skin covered over with frost.


The ice dragon breathed death into the world; death and quiet and cold.

~George R. R. Martin, The Ice Dragon


Ice Dragon from the How to Train Your Dragon Book Series: The Doomfang

Doomfang by Moonlight Phantom


She was never quite sure whether it was the cold that brought the ice dragon or the ice dragon that brought the cold.

~George R.R. Martin, The Ice Dragon


Wingdnasher Fan


Prickleboggle Fan


And only a winter child—and the ice dragon who loved her—could save her world from utter destruction.

~George R. R. Martin, The Ice Dragon


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honestly guys. in the time it

honestly guys. in the time it takes to collect 1-5 runes, i can earn 500 gems through stable quests and just pay for a Titan. the runes are a waste of time. i have only run across 1 rune quest so far.... but enough gem quests to titanize 4 dragons. runes are a joke.


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FIREWORM QUEENS: Glowstick Of Destiny, Radioactive

GRAPPLE GROUNDERSBootleg, Without Fathom

GRONCICLES: Woe Woe, Salt Rounds

GRONKLESMjolnir, Mugshot


HOTBURPLESDope Fiend, Idjit

MONSTROUS NIGHTMARESNecromancer, Hallowicked

PRICKLEBOGGLESGuilty As Charged, Horrorcore

RAINCUTTERSToothache, Bizzar Bizaar

RAZORWHIPSCrossroads Demon, Steel Reserve

RUMBLEHORNSVibranium, Nigh Unstoppable


SCAULDRONSGiant Tea Kettle, Jacuzzi

SCREAMING DEATHSJokers Card, Why So Serious

SCUTTLECLAWSLokis Scepter, Oz Hole

SHIVERTOOTHSThe Asset, Flabbergast

SKRILLSynapse, Sensory Overload 

SLIQUIFIERSTipsy, Lowrider


SNAFFLEFANGSMr Rotten Treats, Badonkadonk



SWEET DEATHSJefferson Starships, Mossberg

THUNDERDRUMSSubwoofer, Boom Box, Moist





ZIPPLEBACKSBass & Drop, Read Em & Weep, Lock & Load, Sick & Tired


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It's true. The rune quests are just not practical. I paid for my two oldest dragons to go titan, and made the gems back in about a week. But FIFTY runes, which only come one at a time?

And I've only come across one quest with runes, and there was no way to get 100% success rate on it, even with a variety of level 20 dragons (2 Gronckles, 1 Nadder, Toothless, Deathsong, Razorwhip,

Groncicle, Zippleback). 


So, yeah, much easier to earn the gems than the runes.



eqKay, 400,000 UDT, member since January.


Usually to be found in Battle events, on my farm, racing, swimming in Wilderness, or flying through seastacks.


Strawberry-blonde hair, blue eyes.

Usually wearing hair in a bun, blue striped face paint, & blue shield.


Member of Clockwork Crow clan


I accept all friend requests.


My (adult) dragons:

Gemwing, the level 30 titan Deadly NadderSlither & Swift, the level 30 titan Hideous Zippleback, 

Granite, the level 30 titan Gronckle, Monarch the level 30 Deathsong, Nightsword the level 30 titan Razorwhip, 

Toothless the level 30 Night Fury, Groundshock the level 30 titan Whispering Death, 

Gretchen the level 30 titan Gronckle, Olav the level 30 Groncicle, Forest the level 30 Snafflefang, 

Ripstone the titan level 30 Whispering Death, Sweetsmoke the level 30 titan Monstrous Nightmare, 

Jetwing the titan level 30 Deadly Nadder, Tsunami the level 30 titan Thunderdrum, 

Almond the level 30 Moldruffle, Lilac & Lavendar the titan Hideous Zippleback, 

Grenade the titan Gronckle, Ginger the Devilish Dervish, Tiger the titan Monstrous Nightmare, 

Poppy the titan Deadly Nadder, Argon & Xenon the titan Hideous Zippleback, 

Beryll the Snafflefang, Spout the Scauldron, Galaxy the titan Stormcutter, Dozer the Rumblehorn

Pluto the titan Monstrous Nightmare, Olive the titan Gronckle, Bluespur the titan Whispering Death, 

Montana the Snow Wraith, Escape the Armorwing, Smog the Smothering Smokebreath, 

Fuschia the titan Nightmare, Domino the titan Nadder, Dapple the titan Nadder, Current the Skrill, 

Verity the Typhoomerang, Jasper the Nadder, Inkspot the Gronckle, Cetus the Thunderdrum, 

Jackson the Boneknapper, Apple & Plum the Zippleback, Glinda the Groncicle, Shootless the Speed Stinger, 

Adobe the Hotburple, Willow & Violet the Zippleback, Blue Tide the Flightmare, 

Sprite the Fireworm Queen, Slipstream the Shockjaw, Morph the Changewing, Bello the Hobblegrunt, 

Siren the Screaming Death, Bay the Woolly Howl, Thar the Sand Wraith, Catodon the Thunderdrum, 

Smoky the Gronckle, Marsha the Snafflefang, Cyclo the Typhoomerang, Speartail the Shivertooth, 

Fright the Whispering Death, Bruiser the Snafflefang, Sparrow the Nadder, Chalcos the Typhoomerang, 

Gleam the Flightmare, Glow the Flightmare, Mason the Gronckle, Abyss the Whispering Death, 

Paisley the Grapple Grounder, Raptor the Scuttleclaw, Loki the Shivertooth, 

Omura the Scauldron, Veles the Eruptodon, Pax the Hobblegrunt, Starshot the Singetail, 

Sparkflash the Skrill, Chaser the Nadder, Sprout the Gronckle, Brennan the Boneknapper, 

Elytra the Rumblehorn, Army & Navy the Zippleback, Charger the Nadder, 

Sunspot the Nightmare, Pirate the Dev. Dervish, Rowan the Tide Glider, Chex the Sweet Death, 

Trapper John the Boneknapper, Sapphire the Razorwhip, Sykora the Boneknapper, 

Quicksand the Nadder, Arbor the Hobblegrunt, Balilan the Thunderdrum, 

Aten the Fireworm... er, king, Tailor the Changewing, Tang the Thunderdrum, Neptune the Scauldron, 

Sanna the Scauldron, Lambert the Nightmare, Cedar the Timberjack, Perun the Fireworm [king], 

Merope the Scauldron, Freefall the Nadder, Splashdart the Sliquifier, Skyler the Shockjaw, 

Secret, Myth, Trick, & Snare the Snaptrapper, Jayhawk the Gronckle, Pixel the Night Terror, 

Darksound the Thunderdrum, Seism the Quaken, Luna the Scuttleclaw, Chip the Snafflefang, 

Guesswork the Snafflefang, Silvervane the Raincutter, Tyr the Nightmare, Quinn the Boneknapper



Second Viking:

Ms Scavi, who mostly exists to collect gems; but if you see her around, now you know it's me!



If you've just read (or even scanned) this entire thing, thank you for your time, & sorry about the eye damage. As a reward, here's a (blurry) potato dragon.


(Thanks go to the dragon city wikia for image)

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This is true. It's much more efficient to cycle Construction Zone quests than to receive a rune once in a blue moon.  It'd take 50 quests with a reward of 10 gems to gain 500 gems, and the gem quest is much more common. Then there's a chance you'll get more gems out of a quest, and sometimes a chance at a big sack from another quest as well.

It takes 20 of them quests to get 500 gems if your average reward is 25 gems, so that ain't a long time.

I started with 368 gems, after opening 8 helmets and 1 sack I now have 868. I got lucky and won 50 gems a few times.


By the way, anyone's noticed that they fixed the payout thing where the gems were added before you'deven select a reward? The element of surprise is working again.

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My Dragons


Sjach (Shadow) - Female Night Wraith



Eluitholel (Faithful) - Female Timberjack



Thurkiitu (Twilight) - Female Stormcutter



Edar (Earth) - Male Grapple Grounder



Vaess (Arrow) - Male Speed Stinger



Thrae (Wind) - Female Deadly Nadder



Svant (Sky) Female Deadly Nadder



Stormfly - Female Deadly Nadder



Wurunwa (Dream) Female Deadly Nadder Titan



Korinth (Rage) - Male Typhoomerang



Rasvim (Treasure) - Female Fireworm Princess



Ibafarshan (Flame) - Female Monstrous Nightmare Titan



Hookfang - Male Monstrous Nightmare



Marfedelom (Death) - Male Whispering Death Titan



Rimem (Chief) - Male Rumblehorn



Ner (Spear) - Male Armorwing



Vriwhulth (Reaper) - Male Boneknapper



Vornsby (Tornado) - Male Thunderdrum



Shochraos (Lightning) - Male Skrill



Tiichir (Blessing) - Female Tide Glider



Kluurok (Thunderclap) - Female Skrill Titan



Ternesj (Stone) - Female Gronckle (to be titan)



Meatlug - Female Gronckle



Lirkim (Golem) - Male Snafflefang



Ordah (Ground) - Male Hotburple



Vyth (Steel) - Female Razorwhip



Kovgam (Metal) - Male Razorwhip Titan



Disise (Scourge) - Male Death Song



Miirik (Song) - Female Death Song



Veditoa (Frigid) - Male Snow Wraith



Vilzriquathtor (Frozen) - Male Groncicle



Drasonameko (Abyss) - Female Smothering Smokebreath



Aurix & Orn (Gold & Silver) - Male Hideous Zippleback Titan



Charir & Achuak (Red & Green) - Male Hideous Zippleback



Hatob (Dart) - Male Hobblegrunt



Diwhafup (Funny) - Female Devilish Dervish



Malrunwa (Nightmare) - Female Flightmare



Irisvar (Healer) - Female Prickleboggle



Vrevel (Talon) - Male Shivertooth



Anon (Flower) - Female Scauldron



Reelojawar (Dominator) - Male Shock Jaw





Congrats on reaching then End of my Siggy! :D


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The names of my dragons are in Draconic and can be found on this website:


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No Rune Quests

No matter how many quests I discard, I've only gotten one that gives runes, and I couldn't even do that one. I did the Titan introductory quest and I have multiple dragons past level 20. Has anyone else run into this problem?



Finn - male Deadly Nadder

Cinder - female Skrill

Fluffy - male Whispering Death

Resonance - male Deathsong

Bladewing - female Razorwhip

Andra - female Armorwing

Skallagrim - male Groncicle

Lincoln - male Skrill

Luna - female Flightmare

Jessica - female Hotburple

Phoebe - female Sand Wraith

Nightshade - male Snaptrapper

Wavedasher - male Tide Glider

Hessonite - female Grapple Grounder

Flurry - male Shivertooth

Hooktooth - male Snafflefang

Esja - female Mudraker

Blue - female Scauldron

Loki - male Devilish Dervish

Inferno - male Monstrous Nightmare

Zip and Zoom - female Hideous Zippleback

Igneous - female Gronckle

Misty - female Hobblegrunt

Maelstrom - male Sliquifier

Holler - male Screaming Death

Eyfura - female Changewing

Echo - female Thunderdrum 

Orrik - male Thunderdrum

Katla - female Rumblehorn

Sineya - female Singetail

Eruptia - female Eruptodon

Hikski - male Wooly Howl

Fari - male Moldruffle

Iris - female Wooly Howl

Magni - male Shockjaw

Aine - female Fireworm Queen

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Cyclone - female Speed Stinger

Garth - male Sweet Death

Cirrus - male Windwalker

Saehilder - female Deadly Nadder

Swift - female Speed Stinger

Doppler - male Speed Stinger

Maeva - female Flamewhipper

Pryo - female Typhoomerang

Steam - male Scauldron

Rokk - male Hotburple

Fira - female Monstrous Nightmare

Brynhildr - female Buffalord




Name: Ogmundr (Icelandic name meaning awe-inspiring, brave, strong)

Gender: male

Backstory/Description: Ogmundr is brave, fierce, and clever, but also just a big lovable dragon who enjoys cuddling up with friends, both human and dragon. I met him when I was out for a flight with Phoebe, my Sand Wraith. We'd landed in a forest because Phoebe's wings were tired, but she began acting strange not too long after landing. She was hopping around and sniffing the ground, seeking out some sort of trail. She took off into the woods without me, and there didn't seem to be anything to do but follow her. She led me to a very small baby Thornridge on the forest floor. It looked like he had broken a leg, and I approached cautiously so as not to scare him. I talked softly to him, and soon he allowed me to pet him. I looked around for any sign of a nest or a mother Thornridge, but he appeared to be alone.



After some deliberation on my part and urging on Pheobe's we took him with us and nursed him back to health. His leg healed really well and he was running around and playing like any normal dragon his age. While taking care of him, I'd often return to the forest where I found him and search for any signs of a family, but never found any. He'd probably been abandoned because of his size. I decided that I was going to keep and train him, and I decided to name him Ogmundr because he lived and grew despite the odds working against him.


Ogmundr has become really good friends with Phoebe and I often find them curled up with each other after a long day. I've even woken up to find him trying to sleep on top of me! He has a tendency to steal my things to use as toys, but he makes sure to return them after, though it doesn't make much difference because they've been destroyed by his rough playing. I've faced Dragon Hunters a few times with Ogmundr, and he's one of the fiercest fighters I know. We've become really great friends, and I'm glad I was able to save him.

(adopted from ladybrasa)



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Really stupid system

Frankly,the whole system for getting Titan Runes seems like a cash grab. "Don't wanna collect 50 of these really annoying/hard to get items? Throw money at us and you can skip all that!" 


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Like any other F2P game with paid shortcuts. It's nothing new; if you don't want to be patient you can skip the ordeal by paying.

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Really stupid system

Frankly,the whole system for getting Titan Runes seems like a cash grab. "Don't wanna collect 50 of these really annoying/hard to get items? Throw money at us and you can skip all that!" 

Joined: 05/23/2015
Really stupid system

Frankly,the whole system for getting Titan Runes seems like a cash grab. "Don't wanna collect 50 of these really annoying/hard to get items? Throw money at us and you can skip all that!" 

Joined: 05/23/2015
Really stupid system

Frankly,the whole system for getting Titan Runes seems like a cash grab. "Don't wanna collect 50 of these really annoying/hard to get items? Throw money at us and you can skip all that!" 

Joined: 05/23/2015
Really stupid system

Frankly,the whole system for getting Titan Runes seems like a cash grab. "Don't wanna collect 50 of these really annoying/hard to get items? Throw money at us and you can skip all that!" 

Joined: 05/23/2015
Really stupid system

Frankly,the whole system for getting Titan Runes seems like a cash grab. "Don't wanna collect 50 of these really annoying/hard to get items? Throw money at us and you can skip all that!" 

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It kept telling me that there was an error,sorry for the multiple posts...

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I can't see any of the pictures you included in your post? could you repost them or pm them to me please and thanks?