How fast would the dragons be in real life?

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The dragons of Httyd all have different speeds. These speeds, according to, are measured in */20. For instance the Gronkle has a speed of 4/20, while the Night Fury has a 20/20 speed. What I'm wondering is how fast those speeds are to the speeds in real life. Chris Sanders stated that the Night Fury is like a Ferrari.


"He's the Ferrari of dragons. Very, very fast ..."


So if the Night Fury is compared to the Ferrari, it is said that a Ferrari can go to a top speed of 211 mph, or around 339 km/h (please excuse me if I got those numbers wrong). That would be quite fast - then there are others like the Nadder, who seem to have a speed of 8 but who seem to be able to keep up with the Night Fury and faster dragons just fine. This is just all so curious to me, and I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter!


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A wild post appeared!!!

The ferrari of dragons! Good going Chris....


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Cool subject!

This person did a really awesome sciency explaination of Toothless' speed:


"The likelihood is that Toothless does not fly this fast when he is going straight horizontally. I imagine that the 120 mph (160 km/hr) speeds are only when Toothless is diving, and that his top horizontal speed is much slower. I tried to do some quick bird research and found that birds which can dive at speeds higher than 100 mph typically fly about half that rate horizontally for their top speed. This means that Toothless’ maximum horizontal speed is probably about 50-60 miles per hour (80-95 km/hr). His average horizontal speed I imagine is around 40 mph given what I have seen from birds somewhat of his wing shape and speeds."


I used that webpage when I was coming up with a Skrill's speed for my fanfic. I decided that since Skrills are almost as fast as Night Furies that they probably go around 45 mph horizontally MAX, but probably dive around 100 mph. Techinically if a Skrill is 'traveling' by lightning bolts they have to be going upwards of 220,000 miles per hour O.O!


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.......... whaa?

I wonder how Hiccup can maintain the oxygen if Toothless flies that fast when he dives when it slams into his face.


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Actually Skrills do have a

Actually Skrills do have a "burst" mode. Or as I like to call it an electrohydrodynamic (EHD) flight mode.


When a skrill gets hit by a bolt of lightning it's capable of storing that energy. The now fully (negatively) charged skrill induces a positive charge in the ground. Then by spreading it's wings, it charges the air around it with electrons. Now the electrons ionize the air and the flow toward the positivley charged ground. This generates lift on the skrill's wings causing it too look like it's "riding lightning"


This works wherever there is a charge differential. so thunderclouds are a prime spot for this to happen. 



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Wow :O

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The Holy Phoenix was summoned

Well it shown in Riders-Defenders of Berk Intro that Toothless can bypass the sound barrier, all of us can't be sure how fast a Night Fury true speeds are but yet Toothless was 15 in 1st movie and the first two seasons, 18 in RTTE, 20 in the 2nd movie, Adult Night Furies possibly are faster than Tootless but we can't be sure of that do we ? But I'm assuming we'll find out in the 3rd movie


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I thought it was a simple plasma blast that makes it look like a sonic boom. In Fishleg's dragon guide in the 2nd movie's extras menu said he can fly faster then the speed of sound, but I think that is far from true. Sound travels at 760mph, actually depending on the air pressure, elasticity, and temprature. No organism can go at that speed is real life if Night Furies exist, and no human can survive such a speed. We are talking 700mph of wind, in other words, Oxygen hitting your face faster then an EF 5 tornado and only half as strong as Neptune. If humans cannot breath in a 100mph wind speed how does Hiccup survive 700mph.

Dispiting how this is a cartoon and anything is possible in a cartoon, if this would be real then facts will change, definately.

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Heavy Analysis - Wow, I Got Into This

According to Dragons: Rise of Berk opening, Toothless can fly at 448 m/s. That's 1002.15 mph. Analysis seen here


And yes, that is faster than the speed of sound. We know for a fact that Toothless flies faster than the speed of sound from Fishlegs dragon stats and the fact that, in the very opening being analyzed here, Toothless is flying so fast that he makes a vapor cone, which only happens when an object is traveling so fast that it is pushing sound waves into each other (or going over the speed of sound). Sound is 750 mph, so we know for a fact Toothless can go at least that fast.


(And for those saying that's impossible because Hiccup would die...guys, according to the real-world physics of living vertebrates, none of these dragons would even be flying. So I don't think a human's real-world ability to withstand the speed of sound is being taken into account here. Just let DreamWorks go with it.) ;)


For the Skrill, canon sources conflict. (Canon =/= consistency, after all.) Dragons: Race to the Edge shows the Skrill's speed being about the speed of lightning, which would be about 220,000,000 mph. However, stats from the original movie makers released in the Book of Dragons short stated the Skrill was slower than the Night Fury. (Personally I say movie canon trumps TV canon, so I go with the Skrill being slower, but neither one is wrong because DreamWorks has not learned consistency and claimed all is canon.)


I have a few more confirmed speeds as well. How to Train Your Dragon 2: Dragon Race! by Cordelia Evans reveals these dragons average (not top) racing speeds:


Toothless: 80 mph

Stormfly: 75 mph

Meatlug: 55 mph

Hookfang: 60 mph

Barf & Belch: 65 mph


These averages are inconsistent with the stats released from various works connected to the first movie, but since it's for these specific dragons, training and endurance may have an influence here. This brings up a good point about dragon speeds. Despite a dragon having a better top speed, an average speed can be very different based on endurance and circumstances.


Think of a cheetah. A cheetah's top speed can be 75 mph, but they can only have that speed for short bursts. Most of the time, your cheetah is walking around at probably closer to 2.5 mph. It doesn't have a lot of endurance and would be quickly out-raced by most other large cats in a mile-long run.


And sometimes circumstances also influence speed. This time, take the peregrine falcon. It can reach speeds of 242 mph but only when diving. Usually it flies at about 25-34 mph...still very fast for a bird but not even a fourth of its top speed while diving.


Toothless can clearly fly horizontally faster than the speed of sound, but he's known for dive-bombing, and he dives right before we see this horizontal show of speed. So we can assume Night Furies can only reach those extreme sound barrier-breaking speeds during or after a dive, like a peregrine falcon. For most of the time, Toothless is stuck at a much slower speed by comparison. It may be that dragons that can sometimes "keep up" with the Fury, like the Deadly Nadder, have great endurance and can travel at near-top speed for a much longer period and under normal circumstances (with a diet of chicken in the Nadder's case, apparently). That could explain the discrepancies.


As to why Stormfly flies faster than Hookfang on average, despite the Monstrous Nightmare having a faster top speed than the Deadly Nadder and being known for its strength and endurance, that may be because you can increase your endurance with training. And I'd bet anything that Astrid has trained Stormfly to perform at optimum Nadder level, whereas Snotlout probably hasn't done as good a job at that with Hookfang. So the speed of your individual dragon, both top speed and average speed, will still vary despite species stats. The stats are more like...average top speeds across the whole species.


And yes, based on the fact that the stats mention the Skrill's speed on lightning, we're given to believe that the stats measure top speed, not average speed. So we're looking at a speed stat of about 1000 mph at statistic 20 (or at least 750 mph). Divide that by 20, and we assume 50 mph for each point in the Speed stat. However, I have a headcanon that Gronckles fly at pretty much a single speed, and they are known for endurance,'s not unreasonable to assume that the speed statistic 4 is about 55 mph, Meatlug's average racing speed. (Meatlug may be a bit faster due to endurance training, but Fishlegs doesn't seem like an intense trainer and would work more on strategy, so I'm assuming it's a negligible difference.) That kind of breaks the scale, for according to our scale, a speed of 4 would be 200 mph. It seems they are not exact scale measures, making, difficult to calculate. (Like, pretty much impossible.)


But based on this, I assume that any speed less than 4 is less than 55 mph, and any speed over 4 is more than 55 mph. At the very least, we know for a fact that 20 represents a dragon that can travel faster than the speed of sound...and 19 might possibly do that, too. (Regardless of the conflicting canon, I think the Skrill should at least be faster than sound at top speed.)


And I just realized that means that the Triple Stryke's top speed must be faster than the speed of sound. ...Well, that's pretty cool.


As to how fast they would be in real life according to real-world limitations...well, they...wouldn't be able to fly at all, got nothin'.


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A wild post appeared!!!

I try to avoid imagining these dragons in a scientific approach, mainly because, as you stated, none of them could actually fly. But indeed, Sluether can travel as fast as a Nightfury which means he too can break the sound barrier. However, a while back, I posted a topic gathering scientific information a s real facts about animals that live on our planet today to explain that IF dragons existed, how they would work. It was quite a fun project with lots of research. I might have to try and find it again.

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Why must I not understand this >~<

Y'all are using so many numbers and scientific information that I just can wrap my head around it xD how r y'all so smart 0.o




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Okay aren't night furys

Okay aren't night furys supposed to be as fast as the speed of sound?

Hiccup can't safely go at the speed of sound without protection. It's obvious that hiccup and toothless have not gone at the speed of sound together. And that is 761.2 mph.


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 kaytla, my female albarator. By megaboltphoinix.


 zeke, my male albaraptor

 my female indominus rex, streak.


My old dog Marshall, whom lived to be thirteen in human years before he d.ied.

 thank you so much scalefeatherz!



Homeschoolers are not like this:

Well there might be a few of those out there.


Some are like this:

Not me.





 so don't ask schoolers that question.







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Indeed, Night Furies are faster than the speed of sound.

Third paragraph of my first response, my friend. Hiccup and Toothless have indeed gone the speed of sound together...because in fiction, physics is what you make it. ;)