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Nightsky is gone...where are you?? I swear he was here a sec ago

6. I've seen you around a few times. :3 I love navy blue!! My absolute favourite colour. :P

My birthday is today.^^


Welcome to my signature! :)


We''ll meet soon.^^ Made by the talented MericcupNightFury :)

((This is Kinght. He protects my signature, and everything in it. DO NOT PET!! He's very dangerous!! You can definitely not buy him with fish!! Made by the amazing Werewolfgirl1253!! TYSM!!^_^))


((made by the amazing awesome talented Geo!! Arts by TosiLohi (x2), Fireflash, Azura, 1flower and Alicornbrodie. TYSM!! :3))


Rhaeyne's Courage

((A story written by the super talented writer, IrishMexicanViking))

Vanilia, Rhaeyne and Nanuru by the famous TosiLohi. :3 TYSM!!!! :D


Vanilia, Rhaeyne and Nanuru by the awesome The Ecliptic Eight n_n







Proud member of The Resistance hacker-hunting forum clan. And this is my cyberdragon, Rune the cyber Armorwing. (made by the awesome Megaboltphoenix.)


A BIG thank you to all the artists.^_^

I had to delete the artworks from my siggy, because it caused lagging for every thread I was attending. I still love all of them and I'll keep each and one of them forever. :)


Nightsky soaring (not too high) in the sky.^^ Drawn by the super talented grumpyforlife2 :3

Rhaeyne and Nightsky by the one and only Arrowalker *Ü*


Amazing edit of my first 36 dragon by the even more amazing Stiger23. :3 Thanks!!!


Thank you for everyone for the artworks!!


Rhaeyne (2016–) /The middle child. Shy, clever, loves inventing stuff. Doesn't like being around other people, but loves her friends very much. Both her and her dragon (Nightsky) are afraid of heights, but they keep pushing their limits. (19)/


  Proud elder of The Dragon Racers  



1., Summer (Monsterous Nightmare)

2., Snowflake (Groncicle)                                        Nightsky:

3., Nightsky/Sky/ (Sand Wraith) <--main,TRR 

4., Nanthea (Wishpering Death)

5., Waffle (Thunderdrum)

6., Leaninsidhe (Raincutter)

7., Draecena/Racey/ (Scuttleclaw)

8., Starlight (Flightmare)

9., Thunderstorm (Hideous Zippleback)

10., Winter (Snaptrapper)

11., Cloud (Deadly Nadder)

12., Naerys (Armorwing)

13., Needle (Razorwhip)

14., Freya (Death Song)

15., Strawberry (Gronckle)

16., Icicle (Groncicle)

17., Siracusa/Siri/ (Snafflefang)

18., Maecy (Grapple Grounder)

19., Silver (Singetail)

20., Lava (Eruptodon)

21., Lani (Hotburple)

22., Northstar/Naru/ (Wolly Howl)

23., Rylarth/Ryla/ (Hobblegrunt) 

24., Periwinkle/Vini/ (Snow Wraith)

25., Honey (Sweet Death)

26., Windraiser/Winds/ (Windwalker)

27., Rime (Stromcutter)

28., Firefly (Typhoomerang)

29., Compass (Mudraker)

30., Vanilla (Rumblehorn)

31., Rune (Armorwing)

32., Nayvie (Shockjaw)

33., Stufflebean/Binnie/ (Boneknapper)

34., Sapphire (Sliquifier)

35., Ash (Smothering Smokebreath)

36., Mistletoe (Snoggletog Nadder)

37., Xenon (Fireworm Queen)

38., Candycane (Christmas Razorwhip)

39., Myopie (Flame Whipper)

40., Neptune (Skrill)

41., Bluestreak/Blue/ (Speed Stinger)

42., Comet (Moldruffle)

43., Scauldy (Scauldron) <--battle

44., Loki (Thunderpede)

45., Thallula/Thalu/ (Changewing)

46., Knightwing (Night Terror)

47., Adara (Silver Phantom)

48., Bloom (Slithersong)

49., Plue (Terrible Terror)

50., Snugglehelm/Snuggle/ (Shovelhelm)

+1., Lyra (Night Fury)

+2., Nawfar (Night Fury)


Rhaeyne's signature, by the wicked creativ ScaleFeatherz:


Vanilia (2013–) /Oldest sister of Rhaeyne and Nanuru. Warrior Princess. She has two weapons: her favourite axe and her beauty. Wakes up early, to train with Sunshine every day. Loves to be in the middle of the attention. (21)/


  Leader of the Nightfall Warriors  


1., Sunshine (Monsterous Nightmare) <--main

2., Peach (Gronckle)                                               Sunshine:

3., Midnight (Gronckle)

4., Cloud (Deadly Nadder) 

5., Grass and Leaves (Hideous Zippleback)

6., Scauldy (Scauldron) <--battle

7., Stone (Wishpering Death)

8., Sky (Thunderdrum)

9., Snowflake (Rumblehorn)

10., Skullcrusher (Rumblehorn)

11., Iris (Shockjaw)

12., Cherry (Gronckle)

13., Verity (Grapple Grounder)

14., Zarina (Tide Glider)

15., Maura (Pricklebogger)

16., Sheirwood (Stormcutter)

17., Mars (Skrill) <--TRR

18., Gaia (Gronckle)

19., Phoenix (son of Sunshine)

20., Ignis (daughter of Sunshine)

21., Glacier (Groncicle)

22., Icecube (Groncicle)

23., Longstorm (Skrill)

24., Eligius (Hotburple)


Nanuru (2016- ) /Youngest sister. She is a lot like Vanilia. The difference is that, she'd never dirt her hands. (14)/


1., Prince (Rumblehorn) <-- main

2., Stardust (Deadly Nadder) <-- TRR                         Prince:

3., Noblewisp/Wisp/ (Whispering Death)    

4., Snowball (Groncicle)

5., Glimmer (Gronckle)

6., Moon and Stars (Hideous Zippleback)

7., Diamond (Screaming Death) <-- battle

8., Sparkle and shine (Hideous Zippleback)

9., Velvet (Monsterous Nightmare)

10., Grey (Deadly Nadder)

11., Linnea (Gronckle)

12., Tidelord (Thunderdrum)

+1., Luna (Night Fury)




((All 3 drawing made by the one and only ScarfyWings. TYSM!!!!^^))

Female | 19 | Europe | books | Game of Thrones/ASOIAF | Fairy Tail | piano


Nessie's Forum Pins:



Thanks for reading!! :P Bye^^

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First off, Happy

First off, Happy birthday!


And probably a 5 or 6. I have been in a few rps with you and you're on a lot of art threads.


I'm in marching band.

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7 Happy Birthday! :D My


Happy Birthday! :D

My favourite colour is purple 


~Work In Progress~


"Just play with sincerity, give the performance of your life with everything you've got." ~ Kaori (Your Lie in April)


Hello, my in-game name is Shadowfire16 

PM me if you want to talk or want to know my friend code :)

I play War Dragons! PM me if you want my in-game name!


About me:

Clan: Unique Legacies

Rank: Elder

Viking level: 35

Dragon count: 47

Trophy count: 3800+

UDT points: 400000

Favourite dragon species: Razorwhip, Sandwraith, Timberjack

Favourite racing dragon: Night terror

Fvourite battle dragon(s): Hobblegrunt


Favourite book: any of the Harry Potter books :)

Hogwarts house: GRYFFINDOR!




Other stuff:

Edit of my Night Terror, Shadownight! By me


Me and my titan Skrill, Sparky! 


And it's a long way forward, so trust in me
I'll give them shelter, like you've done for me
And I know, I'm not alone, you'll be watching over us
Until you're gone

- Shelter 

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Uh, I think 4?

I love the picture at the top of your signature with the piano in it.
My favorite color is red.


Siggy under perpetual construction...


​Normal active hours for this user:

Mon- Sat: 4:00- 6:30 PM (CT)

​Sun: 12:30- 5:30 PM (CT)


​I am a proud member of the SoDPD!

Table of Contents:


OC Human Bios

​OC Dragon Bios

​RPs I've been in

​List of Fandoms

Not so random facts about me

Fantasy Idea Corner

Random quotes



Viking ID created by Navlyn Fury the Talented!



​Human OC's:



Topaz Gypsy


  Digital art of Paz by Arrowalker the Amazing!           Drawing of Topaz Gypsy by Ally Kay the Skilled!



          When Paz was 3, she and her parents were sailing along with the rest of their tribe to find a new island. When a huge storm capsized the boat in the middle of the night, it killed the majority of the tribe, including her father. The remaining few washed up on the shores of Berk. When they realized they had been blown drastically off course, Stoic offered to let them stay, under the condition that they became members of the tribe of Berk. Shortly afterwards, however, Paz's mother had contracted an unknown illness (pneumonia) and died. Gothi, who had grown fond of the child in that short time, decieded to raise her as an apprentice.


Due to her postion with Gothi, she does have an aqquaintence with Hiccup and the other dragon riders, but that's about it. When she's not studying at the School of Dragons during the school year, she's assisting Gothi at her house. She recieved a deep scar across her right eye when training her first dragon Minty. Fortunetly it doesn't affect her vision. It does, however, tend to flare up on occasions, which makes it burn and turn an irritated red.


​If you want to learn more about Paz, then click the title below for backstory fanfiction about her done by IrishMexicanViking the Stellar!


​The Topaz Chronicles


(Thank you so, so much for this, IMV, it means a lot!)


Likes: Animals, music, stargazing, watching the sunrise/ sunset, being helpful or witty (which doesn't happen often), practicing with her ax, hanging out with friends (also doesn't happen often)

Dislikes: Being belittled because of her occasional naiveness and/ or appearance (She looks 1-2 years younger than she actually is), the dark/ unknown, romance, pink, girly things in general, the taste of mint (suprisingly enough, she likes the smell though)


((Note: Besides her axe, Paz also carries a leather satchel, which has a small first aid kit, compass, a whittleing knife that she uses to carve patterns on her ax handle, a small spyglass and various other items))


((Funfact: Paz means peace in Spanish, which I did not know when first creating the character. Ironically enough, being peacefull is not one of her strongsuits))




Arion Strider


Age: 25

Gender: Male

Occupation: Fisherman






Dragon OC's


Paz's Dragons




                                                                   Pencil sketch by Lulu6161 the Awesome!

Dragon's name: mint chip

Nickname: Minty

Gender: Female

Species: Deadly Nadder

Class: Tracker (Still don't get why they were moved out of the Sharp class)

Color: Mint Green (Hence the name) with beige details.

Personality: A loyal dragon with a generous helping of wit and sass. She doesn't really see anyone as in charge, so she can be somewhat unpredictable, doing what she wants or thinks is better. She will stick one of her spines in you if annoyed, which Paz figured out quickly. Despite her flaws, she will do anything to protect those who gain her trust. While not the most powerful Nadder due to her size, she is one of the fastest. Racing is one of her favorite hobbies.


Likes: Racing, dragon nip, mint, salmon, hunting.

Dislikes: Being cooped up, people who annoy her, being told what to do, swimming.



"Foster" Dragons:

((She promised Gothi she would rehome these ones. So far that has not happened))



Dragon's name: shadowofdeath

Nickname: Shadow

Gender: Male

Species: Whispering Death

Class: Boulder

Color: Pitch Black with a white underbelly.

Personality: Unlike the majority of his species, Shadow is very laid back and extremely lazy. One of the Death twins, he and his sister were rejected by their owner when they didn't live up to expectations. Paz is hoping to work on his work ethic before rehoming him.



Dragon's name: Milky Way

Nickname: Wé

Gender: Female

Species: Whispering Death

Class: Boulder

Color: Blue with a galaxy-like pattern on her underbelly that consists of pinks and purples.

Personality: The second of the Death twins, Wé is actually a bit hyperactive, making her have difficulty focusing on the task at hand. Takes interest in the most random things, like the rain, or a bug crawling up a tree, or the sunrise. Paz is hoping to get that under control before rehoming her, but she might not get the chance before her perfect rider comes along (winky wink).



Dragon's name: Starred and Spangled

Nickname: Spangled

Gender: Male

Species: Gronckle

Class: Boulder

Color: Blue with a red underbelly and white spots.

Personality: Stubborn, independant, gruff, toughy on the outside... in a word, PATRIOTIC!!! Wasn't as great of a beginner's dragon as the previous owners thought...



Annie made by ScarfyWings the Gifted!

Dragon's name: Oceanna

Nickname: Annie

Gender: Female

Species: Gronckle

Class: Boulder

Color: Deep blue with a ocean-like green underbelly.

Personality: Paz's "cuddle buddy", Annie is the most out going and enthusiastic of the bunch. Her love of water and attention has made her Paz's second favorite dragon (after Minty, of course). Unlike the other boulder class dragons on Paz's side of the stable, However, Annie's owner's parents just somewhere for her to stay until thier kid was ready for the responsiblilty of owning a dragon. There will come a day when her "cuddle buddy" will not be around all the time, and Paz is not looking forward to it.




Arion's Dragon


Name: Scarab

Age: 17

Personality: WIP



RP's that I've taken part in (not all of them were finished)


Let's go train a dragon and save the day! (HTTYD RP):


Power Play (Superhero RP)


The Rogues (Criminal HTTYD RP)

​(Psst this one's been my favorite so far so check it out!)


The Trial of Riders (HTTYD/Hunger Games type RP)


One HECK of a CROSSOVER! (Crossover RP)


Painting a Storm (Warrior Cat style RP (But with wolves!))

... Yeah, that one was a bit of a wild card for me. I've never even read the Warrior Cats series.


​The Escapees (Kind of a sequel to The Rouges)



(By the way, if you know of an rp that you think I'd be interested in based on the ones listed above, let me know)

I also have an MCU RP in the making (Planning is on hiatus until whenever I get the motivation to do something with it)




​And now the fun part...







Y'all get to learn



about me!!!!




(a little bit. Probably wouldn't be wise to give away my secret identity)

​(Not that I'm a celebrity or anything... Or am I?)




​(No... thankfully not... moving on)



​I'm probably not in any fandoms, per se, but I feel like I have a borderline unhealthy obbsesion for some of the subjects listed below:


​(P. S. These are not in any particuar order)


HTTYD (why else would I be on here?)

​Big Hero 6

​The Avengers (Actually, just the MCU in general)

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Chronicles of Narnia (sorta, haven't hung out in that fantasy in a while)

​The Fellowship of the Ring

TMNT (The 2012 reincarnation)

​Phineas and Ferb


​Star Wars

​Back to the Future


Milo Murphey's Law (again, sorta. It only just came out)

(There are probably more. I'll update as I think of them)



​A couple of not-so-random facts about me


1. I'm a Christian.

​2. I'm a pianist.

3. I'm 100% American (Not that it technically means anything as far as ethnic heritage since the US is the mixing pot of cultures and whatnot. I think my great great grandparents were Polish, but besides that I have no idea what my ancestry looks like) Specifically, I'm from the southeastern portion.

4. I've traveled to 18 out of the 50 US states. Outside of my country, I have been to Italy, England, and Germany.

​5. I'm an equestrian.

6. I named my OC after two of my pets.

​7. I sing in the alto section of my choir (which means yes, I'm a girl. Is it just me, or are the majority of the people on this forum also girls?)

​8. I'm working on learning Spanish, so don't be suprised if I pop a couple of spanish words while talking on here. (I probably won't, but if I do, now you know why)

​9. I'm not an artist, but I do draw when I'm bored. If you care to see any examples, you can go to my Art Dump.


​I also now have an FAQ if you have additional questions!


Favorite Music Artists

NF (Which stands for Nate Feuerstein, not Night Fury), Toby Mac, Ryan Stevenson, Mattew Parker, Jaymie Grace, Tori Kelly, Unspoken, Lecrae... (I could go on for a while, so I'm just gonna stop there)






Fantasy Idea Corner:


(This is likely to be updated every time a new idea pops into my head)


(largely, if not entirely based on stuff I've read from other people, so not exactly original)

​Here's an idea for a fanfiction that I'll probably never write

​...As in, 86% certainty that I won't



Tony Stark A. K. A. "Iron Man" = Hiro Hamada A. K. A.... "?" (Not sure he has a superhero name)

Steve Rogers A. K. A. "Captain America" = Jack Overland Frost A. K. A. "Winter Soldier" (I know, name's taken, not caring over here)

Bruce Banner A. K. A. "The Hulk" = Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III A. K. A. "The Night Fury"

Thor= Merida (They're so cool they don't need an alter ego)

Natasha Romanoff A. K. A. "Black Widow"= Elsa A. K. A. "Frost Bite"

Clint Barton A. K. A. "Hawkeye"= Eugene Fitzherbert A. K. A. "Flynn Rider" ('Cause I don't see how Rapunzel would get caught up in this in the first place)

Nick Fury = Nick Fury ('Cause he's awesome. I'd put Frozone, but that's a little too much ice for my liking)

​Maria Hill = Heather the Unhinged

​Agent Coulsen = Agent Coulsen ('Cause who else is gonna do his job?)


​Loki= Merida's brothers (Because I'm evil)


​(If you've had any experience with marvel in general, you probably get the idea)



​This one I'm actually more likely to do at some point... After the HTTYD trilogy is over... So it's gonna be a while before it comes out.


The short summary is that when my OC, Paz, is grown up, she'll become an immortal glob trotter.

...I know, that's kinda lame...





​*(Actually if you'd just go about your life and forget this was here that'd be great)


​And now for random quotes!


​"Why are we stopped?​"

​"The light's red.​"


Gogo and Wasabi in Big Hero 6




"Ooohhh yes."

"You, sir are playing a dangerous game. Keeping this much raw... vikingness contained. THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES!​"

"I'll take my chances. Sword. Sharpen. Now."

Hiccup and Gobber in How to Train Your Dragon.



*Cap's shield flies though the air doing awesomeness.*

"That thing doesn't obey the laws of phisics at all!"

Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War


​​"Loki is beyond reason, but he is of Asgard, and he is my brother.​"

"He killed eighty people in two days."

"... He's adopted?​"

Thor and Black Widow in Avengers.


"Sometimes the only payoff for having any faith is when it's tested again and again everyday."

Immortals by Fall Out Boy.


"Great Scott!"

"Yeah, I know, it's heavy."

Marty McFly and Doc Brown ​in Back to the Future III

(When they switched catchphrases for a scene)


"You dare challenge Megamind?"

"This town isn't big enough for two super-villains!"

"Oh, you're a villain all right. Just not a super one."

"Yeah? What's the difference?"


Megamind and Titan in Megamind (the movie)





​(More pictures/stuff coming soon A.K.A. at some point in the unforseeable future)

  Thanks for reading my sigg​y!


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3. I've seen you a few times,

3. I've seen you a few times, but not much.


I have an I.Q. of 160

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7. I've seen you lots. 

I have a Venus Fly Trap and a hanging Pitcher Plant (both carnivorous plants). 

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3. Ive seen some of you

3. Ive seen some of you before. Some idiot is spamming the forum in german as we speak -.-

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2; I don't recognize you that well, but I have seen you pop up in some forum topics.


I really don't like the Triple Stryke. Its design is horrendous, in my opinion.


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3. I see you around some   I

3. I see you around some


I like watermelon

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I don't think I've seen you

I don't think I've seen you around before O.o' sorreh


I like to say the word banana

  "Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok, then it's not the end."
 -John Lennon         


  My Threads/Links:  

     (Rashel Bouncie by NovaNat) (Violet Bouncie by Scoubidous)

Art Streaming - Stream Status

Nessie's NEW art thread  Nessie's Tutorials   Nessie's old Art  Nessie's Adoptables  Nessie's Gifs  Nessie's SoD Map   Nessie's Glitch Cave Guide   Nessie's Vikings Templates    Nessie's Comics  Nessie's Sketchbook   Nessie's Fanfiction: "The Dark Secret"  Nessie's Blog  DeviantArt  Soundcloud  Facebook  Steam  The Life of Ashley Sorethon(Tumblr)  Nessie's Art (Tumblr)  Kik  Squiby 




Night Fury - Nadder - Woolly Howl - Changewing - Skrill 

Terrible Terror - Speed Stinger - Sand Wraith  



      (Drawings of Ashley and Rashel By Pixel )                                                                                                                                                                     


( By Hattori )                                               My Main characters                                             

                                     Megan, Ashley, and Neoma                                      Ashley   ----  Rashel                                Ultra Violet                                                        


                      (By Nightmarerebuff)                        (Yes, I got the idea from other people, it is not my own idea.)                                      (by me)                                                                                            


                                                                                                                                                                    (By Defy)                                                 (By Defy)                                                                         


(Ashley Chibi by hattori )

 (Below by Frytha)

Alice Sorethon  Ashley Sorethon  Ethera Sorethon  Kent Sorethon  Maggie Sorethon 

Maybel Sorethon  Rashel Sorethon  Sage Sorethon  Samuel Sorethon  Iris (Kayline) Sorethon

(Above by Hattori )



  Age: 52

  Relationship Status: Married to Sarah

  Personality: Strong, Brave, caring, wants what’s best for his family, also a hard worker.

  Other: Chief of the Sorethon clan. 

Main Dragon: Gale

   Species: Skrill

   Personality: The chief of the Sorethon dragons, so strict, but caring



  Age: 50

  Relationship Status: Married to Cedrick

  Personality: Also known as “Mother Sorethon” Has all the best characteristics of a Mother. The Sorethon clan is very important to her.

Main Dragon: Venus

   Species: Gronckle

   Personality: Loving and caring



Age: 23

  Relationship Status: Married to Shadow

  Personality: Very competitive, a great warrior, uses brawn before brain in battle, but uses great battle tactics.

  Other: Spends most of the time in the training arena. Got expelled from school for murder.

Main Dragon: Comet

   Species: Monstrous Nightmare

   Personality: Stubborn, loves training.




Age: 19

  Relationship Status: Widow - Tragically lost her love

  Personality: Athletic, loving, caring, stands up for her friends always. Takes the lead, but is polite and respectful to others

  Other: Adopted by the Sorethon’s after her parents died. At that time Ashley was best friends with Rashel, and thought of the Sorethon’s of her “second family"

Main Dragon: Megan

   Species: Deadly Nadder

   Personality: Loves speed flying and chicken eggs. Leader of Ashley’s dragons. Married to Sharpflame with 3 kids



Rashel (My Main Viking)

Age: 19

  Personality:  Loves and cares for everyone, very cheerful, loves art, a bit cautious, but loves exploring,

  Other: Job:  Crafts/Invents furniture and other housefly items

Main Dragon: Ultra Violet

   Species: Night Fury

   Personality: Loves to help, always at Rashel’s side. Not picky or stubborn, and has a great sense of humor and love



  Age: 12

  Personality: Loves to explore, draw, and hang out with friends.

Main Dragon: Mya

   Species: Deadly Nadder

   Personality: Loves to have fun, and pretty protective of anyone that encounters Viky. Of coarse, with the exception of her friends.



  Age: 9

  Personality: Loves to map and create charts of the ocean. Can be a troublemaker at times.

  Other: Her parent’s were killed in a Dagur ambush, and was adopted by the Sorethons

Main Dragon: Anna

   Species: Thunderdrum

   Personality: Loves flying, never wants to touch the ground.



Age: 36

  Relationship Status:  Married - Married to Kate

  Personality: Very stubborn and strict, expects everyone to put forth their best

  Other: Is next in line to rule over the Sorethon Clan

Main Dragon: Der & Rick 

   Species: Zippleback

   Personality: Stubborn but a hard worker if they put their minds together




  Age: 34

  Relationship Status: Married -  Married to Samuel

  Personality: After she lost one of her twins daughters, she dedicated her life to the practice of healing

  Other: Head Healer of Sorethon dragons and vikings 

Main Dragon: Ericka

   Species: Hobblegrunt

   Personality: Helps everyone and loves everyone




  Age: 14

  Relationship Status:  Currently dating a recently found, long lost best friend, Iris Kayline

  Personality: Sensitive, loves to sketch and spend time outside in the woods, doesn’t try in school, and is a bit lazy

  Other: Spends a lot of time with Iris at the Isle of Night

Main Dragon: Dalin

   Species: Deadly Nadder

   Personality: Lazy, but very alert and protective when it comes to caring for Kent



  Age: 12

  Personality: Born for pranking. Takes part in the Trouble Makers Clan, makes a great team with her twin sister.

  Other: Found her thought to be dead, twin sister and her chagewing, they got together and saw how great of a team they are. But Maybelle wanted to stay away from Berk, and stay back with her Changewing pack. 

Main Dragon: Kora

   Species: Thunderdrum 

   Personality: Really quiet and agile for a thunderdrum. Really good at pulling away Maybel from the scene of action.



  Age: 12

  Personality: Was very sick at birth, and was stolen by a Changewing, leaving everyone to think she died at birth. She was found by her twin Maybel and together makes great pranks. Only a few people know she’s alive. 

  Other: Lives on a classified island with the Changewings that raised her, stays invisible in Berk, never being seen, but in the few cases she has, she looks just like her twin.

Main Dragon: Marissa

   Species: Changewing

   Personality: Very caring, knew what was wrong with baby Maybelle and took her and raised her as her own.




  Age: 8

  Personality: Wants to be a grown up, tries her best to prove herself.

Main Dragon: Zac

   Species: Gronckle

   Personality: loves to play and explore with Maggie



  Age: 15

  Personality: Happy and outgoing, spends all her time exploring with her one and only adorable Nadder.

Main Dragon: Wyler

   Species: Deadly Nadder

   Personality: Extremely adorable behavior, loves and obsesses over shiny things, the only way to draw him away is with brown trout. 


  Age: 13

  Personality: Dark and violent. Loves spending time in Whispering Death Tunnels. Prefers to be alone.

  Other: Very good at training Whispering Deaths

Main Dragon: Viper

   Species: Whispering Death   Personality: Stays and protects Sage


(Click dragon to view more about them)

Lillian Sorethon - Worgen Feral Druid - 110 -  Emerald Dream - <Emerald Dragon Riders>

 Helix - Heart of the Aspects --- Skyler - Twilight Drake --- Rusty - Bronze Drake --- Charcoal - Blake Drake

Jorus - Cobalt Netherwing Drake --- Malfas - Purple Netherwing Drake --- Onyxien - Onyx Netherwing Drake

Sauraku - Azure Netherwing Drake --- Voranaku -  Violet Netherwing Drake --- Zoya - Veridian Netherwing Drake 

Frostbite - Nexus Whelpling --- Ember - Crimson Whelpling --- DeathSpark - Infinite Whelpling --- Draco - Celestial Dragon

Blizzard - Albino Chimaeraling

Dragonqueens-Dragon Queen Sorethon







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Marg The Loony
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May the source be with you!

5. I've seen you before, but never really had a large conversation! ^..^



My biggest goal in life is to make my friends happier than they've ever been before!

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3. I saw you one time, some

3. I saw you one time, some where. Wow I should really interact with ppl on here more often.

I have 7 siblings and one on the way +two dogs.

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4. Your in the same clan as I am : D

I've been in the hospital 5 times.

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I don't know you either D:

I don't know you either D: wow that's a lot of siblings!!!


hmmm....... I love pasta


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4 I see you around

4 I see you around sometimes...... 


My favorite type of animal is a either a dog, eagle, or falcon

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Kyew Kyew...?

2. I see your name floating around. Sometimes


I have a rubber bracelet I never take off. :P


/BoomBox74/37 Dragons/Member for 4 years/Reformed Baptist Christian

Image result for karkat gif

~BoomBox's Drawing Requests~



(My OTP, Karezi, drawn by my closest friend, Rose of Misery. YOU'RE THE BEST)

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1. Never seen you in my life. Nice to meet you!

I lived in mexico half of my life

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Marg The Loony
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~Princess Gwen Forever~

3. I've seen you post on a bunch of things, but I've never gotten to know you.


Livers, green beans and biscuits is one of my favorite meals

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A 3 or 4. I've seen you around the forums, but we've never interacted.


I wear glasses :P



Because of lack of motivation, I am not currently taking requests for viking licenses! If you have PM'd me before 4/10/17 and I have not replied to you and/or done yours, please PM me again soon and I'll make sure to get yours done. Otherwise, they are on hold indefinitely. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

 Thank you for understanding! 


♥ Catie ~ She/Her ~ 18 y/o ♥

♥ Joined SoD June 1, 2014 ♥



(Warning: swearing and sensitive topics; not for kids!)

Deviant Art

(Warning: Occasional swearing!)

Flight Rising

Dragon Cave


(all links should open in new tab)


Various artists credited in image. Pictures not credited and/or with no artist signature belong to me. The portraits in the viking licenses were done by Pixel.

My icon was made by me.

Please do not copy, trace, or otherwise use my art without my permission!

Thank you to all who have contributed to my signature!


"I don't really care, you can keep the things we used to share. But what did you do with my heart?” 

~Thomas Sanders~

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1or 2. I might have seen you

1or 2. I might have seen you some place. Nice to meet you!


I have 90 cousins including distant ones (that I've met any ways)

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2 rarely see you but still

2 rarely see you but still do......


I just got braces about a week ago

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1.3 I think ive seen you

1.3 I think ive seen you before  :/

Insomia sucks xD

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Kyew Kyew...?

2.  I feel like I've seen you before...


I sometimes collect seaglass. :P

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Marg The Loony
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0. I don't think I've ever

0. I don't think I've ever seen you before. Hi!


The Monkees are my favorite band!

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9. Lol! Marg, you can't do 0.

9. Lol! Marg, you can't do 0. I've never heard of The Monkees before I'll have to look them up! XD

I live in the hilliest part of Nebraska.

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Wolf and Star
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A wild post appeared!!!

1. Sorry, I've only seen you today. I've read all three books of the Kane series. :D


((Woah this thing blew up))



I went scubba diving for the first time when I was 10.

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4. I see you on forums a ton...

I drive without a learners permit (but it's not my fault)

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2; I've seen you around (mostly this thread).


I'm able to hold my breath underwater for 2 minutes and 5 seconds (current record). I plan on beating it this summer.

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Ive seen you.

I get low blood sugar real easily

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Wolf and Star
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A wild post appeared!!!

5. I see you around occasionally.



I own a Woodbaby

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4, I see you around here and

4, I see you around here and there


I can speak several languages: English (fluently) Russian (fluently) a little Spanish, I understand some languages like Serbian and Ukrainian, I also speak sarcasm, gibberish, dog, and British English 

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4, I've seen you about a few times. It's really cool that you're bilingual, I'm still learning to speak another language.


I have read all of the Inheritance series books. (Eragon). I think they're the fattest books I've ever read. That or Lord of the Rings...


My Siggy!

Made by the amazing Fairy Godmother.

Drawn by me :)


Made by the talented NarixuZen.

Made by the talented NarixuZen

My dragons: (all drawn by me)

Misty - my main dragon.
















To be continued......(I have a LOT more dragons! XD)

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3. I see you occasionally-oml

3. I see you occasionally-oml i love the Inheritance Cycle book series!!!

I am a shell-hunter when i go to the ocean.

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I see you all the time sis

I can ski backwards at high speeds

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~Princess Gwen Forever~

3. I've seen you before, but I hardly know you. :3


I turn an embarrassingly dark pink when I laugh.

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3. I've seen you once or twice, but never really spoke with you. :3

((I can relate to the blushing >.<))


When I was young(er) I could draw animals 10X better than humans (and I hated drawing humans, now I love it), what happened? XD




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10. Never seen you in my life ((how yu been arrow!? XD))

I'm left handed

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1; I don't recognize you.


I'm also left-handed.

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i know you pretty well   im

i know you pretty well


im right handed


i love a good tv show on hallmark...

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10. Hi Cristal!


I'm a right handed archer.

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For xXSadieKaneXx

Hmm, I don't believe we've met. Hello! I am Brynhildd! Pleasant to meet you!

Rating: 5, from your statement before, you seem very nice,, but since I don't know you well, I haven't got much to base off of, so I give you a 5. I'm sure that the rating will change when we get to know each other :)


Fact: I've got over 2K followers on my Google+ Tyla Stark (Ones that are inactive most of the time though)


(Picture up to date as of 6/11/17)



Hi! I'm Brynhildd! So, how in the world did I get here, on Berk? Well, let me tell you.

I lived on an island far west of Berk. We didn't have a viking status of dragon trainers, nor beserkers. We were just a village who was out to survive. Although, the occassional killing of a dragon happened, it was never something the tribe focused on, since most attacks from them were aimed at Berk. We were more into the trading business; finiding treasures and all of that. It was one of my favorite things to do, at least. I'd always go out on my little canoe to a smaller, uninhabited island to search for rocks, gems, anything that looked cool that I could pick up. On those deserted islands, I'd find the occassional smaller dragon, like Terrible Terrors and even Smothering Smokesbreaths. Even though they'd steal my stuff sometimes, and even make me feel like I want to kill them, I don't. That's because I understood that they were just animals trying to live. I don't think my tribe really understood that.

I was a teenager now, and I was able to go farther places now. But, that led to recklessness and stupidity. It wasn't my fault that it's an occupational hazard to seek danger. I went out during a storm trying to find somewhere to go. But once I got out there, the fog thickened and a storm brewed. I was stuck, lost with no sense of direction. Luckily Toothless and Hiccup were there to save the day. They led me back to Berk for some food and water, and it was there that I met a whole lot more dragons than I've ever seen! They were working with the vikings, and it clicked into my head. I wanted to be like them. I wanted to be a dragon trainer. So, I enrolled in the School of Dragons, where I got and raised my very own dragon.






Dragon Name: Evergreen


Species: Monstrous Nightmare


Level: 22


I enrolled in the School of Dragons, so I was going to need a dragon to begin my training. Like all of the other new students, I went to The Hatchery to recieve a dragon egg to hatch. Gobber had given me a personality test to determine what dragon would be best for me. I had gotten Monstrous Nightmare. At first, I was doubtful of that choice, thinking that didn't fit me at all. But, Gobber insisted that that was the one who fit me. He said I could chose another, but I didn't want to make the wrong decision. So, I got Evergreen. I went on the school missions offered for Evergreen and I while also learning to raise my dragon. I was still doubtful of Evergreen though. He was different though, very calm, not the firey personality like usual.


I raised Evergreen until he was an adult. With that, I learned the value of him and how he actually was one of my best friends. We raced, explored and even more and now we're to the point of becoming a Titan Wing. We're working hard now and learning even more. One big thing I learned though, it doesn't matter the dragon you get, anyone can be like you and your friend.


Other Photos of Evergreen






















By Browyn Edwards on Google+!                                        Evergreen The Monstrous Nightmare






Dragon Name: Turtle


Species: Sand Wraith


Level: 22

Wow! How long had it been by now... let's see... probably 2-3 years I'd been at The School of Dragons by now? Evergreen was such a big dragon now and I gained friendships with some other dragons by now. Adventures galore still awaited though amongst all of the many, many others that had happened.
Tons of dragon species are being discovered, and the discovery of the Sand Wraith came! It was all the rage when eggs were being shipped to the school by Trader Johan. It seemed as though everyone wanted their hands on one, and so did I. I thought it would be cool. So, I got my lovely little guy and called him Turtle for the way his green spots could ressemble a turtle shell. Raising him went by pretty fast; faster than most of my other dragons.
Time went on but I noticed something throughout the school. Blotches of black paint surrounded the island and I saw Sand Wraiths all painted up in black. "Hey, look at my Night Fury!" they all seemed to chant. I looked at Turtle. I didn't paint him at all, yet I still felt compelled to call him a Night Fury. Oh that wretched Bandwagon I hopped on. For awhile I called him that until I started seeing the light and error; he's a Sand Wraith and proud! 
Other Photos of Turtle




Turtle the Sand Wraith


   Amazing Spore creation by BeaReptileLover!                                                       Amazing Art by mesaprncss!

 Amazing Art by The Ecliptic Eight!



Other Dragons
                                 Frostbite                                             Flare












                                                                                    Iron Man                                                 Torbette




Dragons From Loki's Maze


                                Torben                                               Night Shadow



















                               Sparky                                                  Lavender























These are edits of my viking made by your truly!







This Pixel GIF was made by yours truly!



Dragon Racers,  
 Dragon Racers,  
 Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!



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7. Nice too meet you to! I see you around sometimes but as you probably already know

 I've never actually gotten to know you. Wow! That's a lot!


I love parkour!

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Oops! Double post!.

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Im in a role-play with you. Does that count?

I almost got arrested once XD

xXSadieKaneXx's picture
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9. Hey lily. I see you often but never really got to know you (it totally counts)


I have an amethyst ring that I never take of. My mom gave it to me when I was little.

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Vanilia Viking
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Yeppie ^_^

7. I know you in-game and see you more and more often on the forum as well. :3

That's so cool! :) But doesn't it bothers you sometimes? XD

I'm neither left nor right handed.^^ ((For 10 years I totally tought handedness is just a big prank my family and friends pulls on me. >_<))

xXSadieKaneXx's picture
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7. I see on the forums, but I don't recall seeing you in game. :/

nope never bothers me. Although, i acctually do have to take it of for softball. it does bother me when I have to take it off.

my hair is three feet long.

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Ok now I actually admit I've never seen you in game.

I've never been to school before!

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yo soy señor p-o-t-a-t-o

Was this taken from Eclipse's post wondering how famous she was?


Not like it matters, right *nervous laugh and runs*




How famous am I?

I'm thinking like a five. A handful of people know me if you know my previous account, and a few if I'm new to you. I mostly just roleplay and stuff 


I have very dark blonde hair and grey eyes.

I have many accounts on other social media and stuff like Quotev which I DON'T really want to share so don't ask.


Table of Contents:

Random banners and posters/infographics

My dragons and OC


About me

Something Secret .... ;3


Professional screamer. Queen of the squirrels.

(Made by me ;))

(shout out if you're a bro, markiplite, or... septicfan I guess?)

(good luck surviving it lol)


My main dragon & viking OCs











Usually full black, if not, she has cream wraps (the stuff for boxing you know?) around her chest, feet, and one shoulder. She has many tattoos on her left arm and on her right is a piece of blue cloth wrapped tightly by a lighter blue scarf. She has dark brown hair which she proceeds to cut to a punk-shaved haircut, short. Rai is average height, a little muscular, and has light bronze skin.


Gentle, a little headstrong, quiet, social (just cause you're quiet doesn't mean you're shy), somewhat quirky.


Cooking, running, hunting, listening to tiny sounds and knows a small set of survival rules.


 Rai runs regularily, builds, and is the Blacksmith's neice. Her uncle acts as her father-figure, as she lives with him and her aunt, Matilda. Everyone simply calls her uncle "Blacksmith." Rai means lightning in Japanese. She has a small dragon named Hazard who is a Toxic Nightshade and has a disabled leg. Rai has some scars. She lifts many rocks and boulders for Blacksmith and helps cook, hunt, fish, and gather with her aunt. Rai doesn't plan on leaving home anytime soon. Her hands and feet are hardened from years of the same trail up the mountain and helping Blacksmith forge weapons.













Silver scales, aqua underbelly, pink ridges and under wings.


Basically the opposite of Rai.


Best friend is Hazard. :3









Toxic Nightshade


Fully black, some purple spots on wings, spine fins purple and spikes along tail as well.


Outgoing, friendly, chirpy, doesn't like to follow orders, loves to eat papyrus.


Best friend is Flapjack. :3




"Rai! Wake up! Your uncle needs you!" A female voice croaked, pulling the covers off of me. 

"Ma, please, just a few more minutes...." I drifted off, watching as my aunt, Matilda, rolled her eyes. Matilda put her hands on her hips and loomed down on me.

"He needs help carrying the boulders. They're at the top of the hill. Run, now! Swiftly." Matilda wrapped my feet in cloth and held it together with a pin. I stood up. Quietly I jumped from my window, landing about 6 feet down. I made a quick forward-roll to break my fall and stood up. Quickly, my head darted to a sound. 

"That's weird..." I said aloud, searching for the source of the noise. It almost sounded Dragon-Like. My village was a little ways away from Berk, who owned dragons. We did too, but not all of us like them. I squinted my eyes, and jumped as I felt a drop on my shoulder. Grey clouds rolled over the hills.

I took out my binoculars from my bag and glanced around. The rain started with a patter, and grew more and more until it was at the point of thundering and booming. My house was only a few blocks away. I could take cover. But I knew traveling in conditions like this would just make me stronger. I put my binoculars back, tensing up.

I started at a fast walk, which progressed to a jog.

Evenutally I was sprinting up the padded down trail up the mountain. The wet mud sloshed between my toes, gripping at the soles of my feet but I continued on. Small drops fell down my shoulders, and I reached for the last ledge that was un-walkable. I put my foot in a worn-down, moss covered foothole.

Immediately it slipped. I yelled out, holding on the the ledge now with one hand. Carefully I tried to put my foot back in, but it was no use. I swung my other arm up, feeling the first arm get sore and loose hold a little. I had some rope attached to my belt. I reached an arm down to get it, and swung it over my shoulder in hopes of grabbing something.

My feets scrambled against the wet rock. The rope snatched onto something.

I slowly made my way up, taking the rope back when I realized what pulled me up.

It was a silver and coral dragon, which I recognized as a Shockjaw. 

"Woah..." I breathed out in wonder. It tilted it's head at me, suddenly letting out the same call as before. I saw a part of its wing was damaged. "Oh, Thor..." I gasped when I saw it. Some blood dripped onto the grass. I grabbed the blue cloth from my arm and wrapped it around the muscle. It let out a small sound that echoed across the water.

The rain poured down harder, threatening me to get home.

I didn't.

My messanger dragon, Hazard, landed on my shoulder. He pecked my cheek sharply.

"Ay! Don't do that!" I scolded him. Hazard gave me a cheeky smile, jumping down from me and landing next to the Shockjaw. Carefully, he sniffed at the new bandage.

Then Hazard looked back to me. Hazard climbed onto the Shockjaw's back and closed his eyes. 

"Hazard! Don't do that! He could be hurt!" I exclaimed. The Shockjaw gave me a look saying,

It's okay.

I relaxed, pulling my hood over my head and stepped into the cave the Shockjaw sat in. 

"I really wish I had some flapjack pancakes." I thought aloud. I shook my head, leaning against the cave and closed my eyes. I hoped the dragon would trust me, or I was in big trouble.


(All made by me)

i am at loss for words













































































D̷͎̝̠̩̤͆̈́̈́̎̽ị̵͠ḑ̴̡̟̖̱͚̙̲̻̘̗̥̊̇͂͝ ̷̹̱̉̒͋̚͝ͅy̸̨͙̦̳̺̒̎̈́̍̒͝͝o̸̧̯͂̏̎͑̆́͂̈̚͝u̵̹̽̑̏̈́́̿̿̃̕̚͝ ̴͍͓̗̲͍̣̣̌̎̊̃̿̈́͗͆̈́̊͋̄͆̐ͅṁ̵̛̻̼̰͉͍͚̇̏̍̊̒͑̌̄̓͋͝͝i̷̡̛̠̠̗̭̇̉̄̈̂̊̅̀̈́̃̈́s̴̺̞̝̮͖̟̪̀̆̿̒̀̇̍̏́̓͘̕͠s̴̛̥̋͊̽͌̽͗͂̕͠͝ ̷̧̥̹͈̭͚̺͔̙̦̂̋̇̆͂m̶͓̳̲̬̘̥̠̖͎͍̼̺͚̣͋̅͋̿̊̐́̇̚̚e̴̛̳͇̿̔̅̒͊̿̈́͘̚͝?̵̢̛̻̮̺̭̮̲̦͙̣̱̗̆̉͑̀̈͑͘





























































































C̴̡̉a̷̻̪̺̓̾̄̕ų̴͙̮̣̈̓͜ŝ̵͖̥̮͔̻̘̄̍̿͆̇e̶̡͚͉͒̃̕ ̸̯̠̯̖͎̐̎̈Í̷̽̐͘ͅ ̶͓̱̌̌͝m̸̢̹̲̙͠i̸̲̟̍͊̆̎̃̏s̶͔̔̎̂ṣ̵͗e̴̖͈͕͖͒d̶̠̤̺̬̹̃̆̿͛̊ ̵͈̿̋y̴̹̪̮̏͂̉͂ờ̸͍̮̘̮͓͜ṳ̸̡̠̠̺̾̄́̄̔.̵̧̄̓͆̂͗.̵̛̝̏̀̈́͠.̵̙̱̓͗̀̂̓̐























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3. I see you around sometimes :)


I watch RTTE EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.. I know it that well that any episode I watch, I can say the whole script. :P