How do you change user title for forum?

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How do you change your user title in the forum? Mine just came up as jarl I didnt even type it in and I cant change or get rid of it please help me thanks.












All above art by me :)

Lovely drawing by ScarfyWings! Thank you!


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Hi, try this go to the top of

Hi, try this go to the top of the screen where it says: log in or create an account

once logged in

next to LOG OUT you will see Account, click it then click on Manage account

you will need to type your password again

You should see Player Details, scroll down the page to Account Details click "edit Name" then "update"


Hope that works!






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could you tell me how to change my name i tried doing as it said next to log in click on my acount but there was no manage acount please help




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You meant the "Jarl" title right? It is a forum ranking system. When you join the forums for the first time, you will start as a Jarl. You can't get of rid it, but you can improve your rank by being active in the forums, like commenting on posts, or posting new threads. :3

I think the rank goes like this, correct me if I got em' wrong:
-Wilderness Explorer
-Dragon Trainer
-Dragon Master
-Berk's Power Player
-Supreme Viking Champion

Hope I helped. :3


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yeah 'jarl' is what I meant

yeah 'jarl' is what I meant thanks for your help:)

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So Yeah :D

You forgot on Viking Warrior :3

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Razorwish The Razorwhip Ate My Subject

Thanks! I was wondering about that too. This really helped!





Viking Name: Eydis


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Class: Sharp

Species: Deadly Nadder

Shot Limit: 6

Gender: Female

Personality: Fun, loving, care-free, adventurous.


Amazing Bouncies by Defy

I found Tridixx when she was very young. I was wandering about on Scuttleclaw island when I found an abandoned Deadly Nadder. I pressumed it had gotten lost and someone had mistaken it for a Scuttleclaw and took her to Scuttleclaw island, but the Scuttleclaws knew she wasn't one of their own and so she was left unprotected and unloved. So I took her back to my stables and helped her grow up to be a strong, confident, Deadly Nadder. Now we ride together all the time. We espically like competing for best tricks, and fastest dragon, she is rather competitive. We almost never stay still for a moment. We love to fly together and every single afternoon at sundown we fly out to the highest point at the Lookout and watch the sun shimmer its goodbye's.




Class: Tidal

Species: Scauldron

Shot Limit: 14

Gender: Female

Personality: Shy, loving, gentle, fun.



I hatched Scauldra from her egg. I was flying with Tridixx when I was a Scauldron circling in a frenzy. I went over to see what was the matter, only to find its wing had been hurt. I knew that a Scauldron, even in these confined waters wouldn't be able to survive, she had to go to shallower waters. So Tridixx and I searched and searched for hours, until finally we found a safe spot, only just on the horizon of Berk. We went back to the Scauldron to help it to the safety of those waters. We finally arrived and said goodbye to Scauldron, but just as I was about to fly off with Tridixx, the Scauldron pushed something towards me with her head, it was an egg, and it was nearly ready to hatch, and if I didn't get it help soon, it wouln't hatch. Of course I got the egg to the hatchery, and the egg became a beatiful blue and pink Scauldron that I named Scauldra. Now Scauldra and I like to fly alone, (she's rather timid), but she loves doing battle events, and often gets us near the top on the leaderboard. At first, Tridixx wasn't very pleased that there was another dargon in the stable, and often I would spend a lot of time with Scauldra to help her grow, but now Tridixx and Scauldra are best friends and love playing with each other, and they both have their equal share in time with me.



Song Wing:

Class: Mystery

Species: Death Song

Shot Limit: 8

Gender: Male

Personality: Fun, hot-headed, competitive but not very brave



Amazing Bouncies By Defy

I found Song Wing as an egg; abandoned in his parents' former nest. I took the egg to Melody Island where I found Song Wings' parents. I gave them the egg but they rolled it away and attacked. I grabbed the egg, got on Scauldra and flew away as fast as possible. Song Wing became a strong Death Song. He's very fast and loves racing, he's also good at battling vikings and their dragons, although he is rather hot-headed, I assumed it was just because of his breed, although it also might be from his parents, or maybe it's because his parents didn't want him =(  But he does pretty well about that these days.




Class: Sharp

Species: Razorwhip

Shot Limit: 10

Gender: Female

Personality: Smart, kind, loving and friendly.



Amazing Bouncies By Defy

I found Razorwish as a young dragon. She was on a ship that was being attacked by giant eels, she was still young and couldn't swim properly, and the ship was gaining water swiftly. I was with Heather investigating the ship graveyard when our dragons became uneasy, then we saw the ship the giant eels were attacking. We were about to turn around and search in the opposite direction when we heard a dragon call and it was a distress call, so we urged our dragons towards the ship and landed on the mast. Heather fought off the eels while I went in, only to find a baby Razorwhip (we pressumed it had been captured by the dragon hunters). After the rescue I said goodbye to Heather and went back to my stables so that I could take care of the baby Razorwhip. The Razorwhip was a beautiful aqua and silver dragon, so I gave her the name of Razorwish. Razorwish grew up to be an intelligent and kind dragon. She's always making friends and never gets into fights. She's very fast and loves doing Thunder Run Racing. Razorwish is also incredibly good at Battle Events because of her powerful blast, although she's actually not very competitive.




Class: Tidal

Species: Raincutter

Shot Limit: 10

Gender: Male

Personality: Agressive, hot-headed, shy and funny.



When I found Bubble, he was already and adult. I was flying over Dragon Island with Razorwish, when we saw a dragon fight. It was between a Raincutter and a Speed Stinger. The Raincutter had almost won (for they're rather tough) but from behind, another Speed Stinger aproached and stung him twice in the neck, then the first Stinger bit his leg sharply three times. They would've kept going until Razorwish sent a warning shot and they ran away. We went down to look at the damage, I pulled out my satchel and bandaged his leg. We had to get the Raincutter to safety while he was so vulnerable. I called my other dragons and they helped carry him to the stables. I raised him up by the name of Bubble. Bubble is rather hot-headed and gets pretty agressive when he's annoyed. Bubble doesn't have a ton of friends, mainly because he doesn't really try to make any friends (he's shy), but those who he is friends with, he is extremely loyal to, and he's great company. Bubble never fully recovered from that Stinger attack T-T So now he has a limp on his right leg and isn't great at walking, he also can't fly very easily from those harsh points of the sting on the Speed Stinger. But he powers on, he's tough and incredible. And he loves to play in the water with me.




Class: Stoker

Species: Hobblegrunt

Shot Limit: 13

Gender: Male

Personality: Fun, adventurous, friendly and a bit crazy! XD



I found Pascal as an egg on Hobblegrunt Island, that had most likely rolled away from its nest, I picked it up and walked around, but he island seemed isolated. The egg was nearly ready to hatch, so I decided that I would keep the egg safe and make sure it hatched, then take it back to the island and try again. So I hatched the egg and it became greeny-aqua dragon, so I named him Pascal. I then took him backed to the island. The Hobblegrunts were back at the island. I must have gone to every nest before seeing a distressed looking mother Hobblegrunt. I took Pascal to her and she nuzzled me thankfully. She must have be very grateful because she noddded Pascal towards to me and gave him to me to raise him up. Of course I brought him back to Hobblegrunt Island every once and a while, so he could visit his mother. Pascal is care-free and wild. He loves to fly around for no apparent reason and loves to explore. He's also a bit crazy and does the most random things from time to time, (Once he tried to eat a rock, and then spit out lava because he thought he was a Gronckle!)




Class: Sharp

Species: Stormcutter

Shot Limit: 8

Gender: Female

Personality: Fun, curious, friendly and very lovable



When I met Windwalker, she was a little dragonling. I was at a dragon nest , patrolling the area to check for injured dragons or dragons in distress, when i felt something brush against my leg. At first I thought it was Pascal who was with me, but then I felt it again, I looked down and saw an adorable black and blue baby Stormcutter bounding along next to me. I searched around and couldn't find her parents anywhere. After a while, the Stormcutter was still following me. I needed to leave, but it wasn't going to leave my side. I knew it wouldn't be able to fly, it was only a hatchling, so I sat it on my lap and we headed of for Berk. As you may guess, that Stormcutter ended up becoming a beautiful dragon that has kept me company many days. Windwalker is an adorable and curious dragon, who still has her young dragonling soul. Windwalker has many, many friends and she's extremely friendly and loyal. She always keeps me company and active. We always explore new places and always discover new places together. We love just gliding into space without a care in the world. We spend many happy afternoons flying through the clouds.




Class: Boulder

Species: Groncicle

Shot Limit: 10

Gender: Male

Personality: Honestly, a bit self-centered!, fun, competitive and adventurous



I found Popsicle as an egg. He was in a boat, mixed up with the rocks, when his egg hatched. The boat exploded and what was left was a little icy gronckle. It was an unusal species, nothing like I'd ever seen. It wanted to go somewhere, so I followed it, and it led me to an icy island where it wandered around, and when he couldn't find his family he came over to me and I raised him up. Popsicle is a little hot-tempered and very competitive, although he is rather fun and adventurous, and always goes exploring. We always have fun together and he loves doing Battle Events. And while he is so loveable and adorable, let's just say he is a bit in love with himself!





I HATE hacking!!! For all the 


hackers out there, think about


how YOU are effecting


everyone else. 















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Actually after Wilderness

Actually after Wilderness Explorer it goes to Viking Warrior. That's what I am now.



Art of Phoebe done by xXSadieKaneXx


Name: Ogmundr (Icelandic name meaning awe-inspiring, brave, strong)

Gender: male

Backstory/Description: Ogmundr is brave, fierce, and clever, but also just a big lovable dragon who enjoys cuddling up with friends, both human and dragon. I met him when I was out for a flight with Phoebe, my Sand Wraith. We'd landed in a forest because Phoebe's wings were tired, but she began acting strange not too long after landing. She was hopping around and sniffing the ground, seeking out some sort of trail. She took off into the woods without me, and there didn't seem to be anything to do but follow her. She led me to a very small baby Thornridge on the forest floor. It looked like he had broken a leg, and I approached cautiously so as not to scare him. I talked softly to him, and soon he allowed me to pet him. I looked around for any sign of a nest or a mother Thornridge, but he appeared to be alone.


After some deliberation on my part and urging on Pheobe's we took him with us and nursed him back to health. His leg healed really well and he was running around and playing like any normal dragon his age. While taking care of him, I'd often return to the forest where I found him and search for any signs of a family, but never found any. He'd probably been abandoned because of his size. I decided that I was going to keep and train him, and I decided to name him Ogmundr because he lived and grew despite the odds working against him.


Ogmundr has become really good friends with Phoebe and I often find them curled up with each other after a long day. I've even woken up to find him trying to sleep on top of me! He has a tendency to steal my things to use as toys, but he makes sure to return them after, though it doesn't make much difference because they've been destroyed by his rough playing. I've faced Dragon Hunters a few times with Ogmundr, and he's one of the fiercest fighters I know. We've become really great friends, and I'm glad I was able to save him.

(adopted from ladybrasa)



❦Screaming Death Lover❦

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Thanks that really helped

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Oh, thanx :D now I know why

Oh, thanx :D now I know why the jarl


​This is my death scream : ) (photoshop)



​I still love them! The WOOLLY HOWL! (also made in ZBrush)^


This is my clan ^. Currently the name is: GreatDragonTamers

​We have seven members.

​ 1. greatriderofdragons:   above 4000 trophies,  elder

​ 2. Greattamerofdragons: above 1000 trophies, leader

​ 3. Silent stormdragon: 7 trophies, member

​ 4. SeriyuMei: 5 trophies, member

 5. yellowwildflower : 0 trophies, member

​​ 6. mariechiern: 0 trophies, member

​ 7. Doctorcarterthaskilled: 0 trophies, member

​total trophies: 2875

​clan place (last seen): 444


​My name in the game is:  greatriderofdragons

​also: greattamerofdragons, OoStormtameroO, torakdezielzwerver, torakzielzwerver, mirashedevil and Silent stormdragon.

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No subject, sorry xD

I know this is older thread but this is pretty useful xD

                                                                                                                              It is under construction!!!
 Something about me:
Well, in the real life I have lots of friends and I talk (like a LOT) but when it comes to sites or forums I am usually very quiet (maybe because my English is not that good ... not yet).
As you may realised now my native language is not english actually it is slovak (takže áno môžete so mnou rozprávať aj po slovensky ^-^).So I am sorry if there are too many mystakes in here or in any of my posts. :d
My favourite colours are blue,red and black.
I love dragons (its the main reason why I started playing SoD).
And I like drawing thought I am not skilled anought to do art requests.
This is my dragon list:             
Bolder class: 
Lava Rock - The Eruptodon
Shadow Burst - My fearsome Titan Screaming Death   
Solar Flare - My beloved Shovelhelm
Shadow Seeker - My Titan Whispering Death
Star light - The Grapple Grounder
Boulder - The Titan gronckle
Typhon - The Snafflefang
Damys - The Quaken
IceBreaker - The Groncicle
Emperor - My newest dragon Elder Sentinel
Stoker class:
Viserion - The Singetail
Silver Storm - The Silver Phantom
Reignstorm - The Titan Terrible Terror
Flashfright - The Fireworm Queen
Wildfire - The Typhoomerang
Nightmare - The NightTerror
Fire Flare - The Titan Monstrous Nightmare
Shadow - The Flame Whipper
Echo - The Moldruffle
Tidal class:
Moonlightblizzard - The amazing Windwalker
Dark Bolt - The Shockjaw
Theseus - The Titan Thunderdrum
Stardacer - My battle dragon Scauldron
Leviathan - The Tide Glider
ShadowGold - One of my favourite dragons The Titan Sand Wraith
Mystery class:
Focus Armor - The Armorwing 
Armor - Another Armorwing (idk how I just got two of them from expansion)
ShadowStrike - Another favourite dragon of mine The Titan Death Song
Para - And ofcourse I got two of them from expansion...oh well
Mystic Frost - Another of my fav. dragons The Titan Flightmare
Reaper - The Titan Boneknapper
Cliffhanger - The Changewing
Spark and Gas - The Titan Hideous Zippleback
Big Buff (I coudnt help myself xD) - The Buffalord
Myst - The Smothering Smokebreath
Merciless - The Snaptrapper
Treat - The Sweet Death
Strike class:
Thunder Storm - And again this is my favourite dragon The Titan Skrill
Snow Storm - This is my racing dragon The Titan Snow Wraith 
TinyBlizzard - This is my main dragon The Titan Woolly Howl
Windstrike - My favourite dragon (I swear it is the last one xD) The Tripple Stryke
Tracker class:
ShadowDust - The Rumblehorn
Focus - another Rumblehorn (glitch I guess)
Gold - ANOTHER Rumblehorn (you dont know how shocked I was when I realised I have three Rumblehorns) its not like I dont like them ... but having THREE of them is ...well...weard
ShadowLight (please dont ask) - The Titan Deadly Nadder
Sonic Wave - The Mudraker
Sharp class:
Armor Star - The Titan Razorwhip
Amethyst - The Titan Scuttleclaw
Paralysis - The Speed Stinger
Healer - The Pickleboggle
Cloudbreaker - The Titan Stormcutter
Silver Moon - The Shivertooth
Balerion - The Timberjack
Wow that was longer than I thought it will be O.O
Also this is another cool online roleplay game I play :p so if you are interested in wolves you should definitely try it :p
My favourite quotes:
Good, better, best. Never let it rest. 
Til your good is better and your better
is best. 
I do it because I can. I can because
I want to. I want to because you said I coudnt.
I survived because the fire inside me
burned brighter than the fire around me.
Well those are my favourite ones I can now think of. If I will find another ones I will definitely post them here ^.^
Thunder Storm 
Another pisture drawn by me xD