How to change the game window size?

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Windows 7 : For the last two weeks the window has opened per the attachment. No config change had been attempted during/following the last good session. Please can someone advise how to change it back to a practical size.

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I assume you want the full

I assume you want the full screen back right ? Well in order to do so log into the game and go into your Viking and all then on the very right side there is something looking like "gears" that's the settings of the game. There is a button that has arrows that look like zoom click that and it will return the full screen mode again. Hope that helped ~




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This keeps happening to me as well. The window size just changes to tiny sizes if I change something about my displays (like un-and replug one of my monitors) and there's no shortcut to the config.

Reinstalling worked for me.



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to change the window size of the windows standalone version of SoD the screen selector can still be used. To open it start the game from command line with "DOMain.exe -show-screen-selector".

If you dont want to use the command line it is also possible to create a shortcut for it:

1) locate a shortcut to the game (the icon you click to start the game) and copy it.

* if its on your desktop: right click on the icon > copy

* if its in your start menu (win10) : right click on the icon > more > open file location> right click on the game  icon in explorer > copy

2) paste it on your desktop (right click  on your desktop > paste)

3) right click on the new icon > properties

4) in the field "target" the value should be something like

            "C:\Program Files (x86)\School of Dragons\DOMain.exe"

add -show-screen-selector at the end, now it should look like

            "C:\Program Files (x86)\School of Dragons\DOMain.exe" -show-screen-selector

(Notice the blank -show-screen-selector)

5) click the OK-botton

6) double-click on your new icon, the screen selector should show up:

7) select your screen resolution and click "play!"

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You are an absolute star. Thank you!