How can I uninstall SoD from my computer???

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I I tried to download school of dragons on my old touch screen Dell computer but the computer is too slow to run the program.

unfortunately when I went to go uninstall the program the option that's underneath the game it will not let me saying that it does not have enough information.I have also tried to uninstall it through changes / uninstall programs in the settings option and it says the same thing. How do I uninstall the program from my computer? The computer is already slow and the game in the computer is making it even slower. I don't want to factory restart my whole computer. Please help




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Did You....

Have you tried dragging it to the trash bin? If that works you will have to go through your computer to find all the extensions the game gave, but it should get out most of it, then you could go to settings and uninstall the program.


At least I hope.... I never used that computer, but it worked for my Mac, and my Toshiba, soo... hope that works for you.


If not... Youtube. Google... XD


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Do not just drag the executable to the bin-- this will not remove the game.


If your 'apps and features' window refuses to remove the game because it 'can't find it', you're safe to remove the data from the installation directory (program files x86\School of Dragons) and the data from %userprofile%\appdata\locallow\Jumpstart and lastly %userprofile%\appdata\locallow\Unity.


Then just run a reg cleaner like Ccleaner and all the files should be deleted properly.


Or if you're not very savvy: Try Revo Uninstaller.


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