How can I make text bigger when posting on the forum?

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So I'm almost ready to post a fanfic on the forum, but when I started to set it up I found I couldn't get a size any larger than 14 from the font. Now I know it's possible to make it bigger because I've seen others' posts, so if anyone has suggestions I'd be greatful!  

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I'm using Firefox and it shows font sizes up to 72 which is very large. When you're on the font size selection, make sure to hover your mouse cursor on the list and scroll down, there should be a lot more sizes.

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Ok, what you do is highlight your text you want to make bigger and click on the size tab.

If you're browser does not highlight then I recommend changing the size before typing that message you want to make bigger. By default the size is 12. (You can also change you're font and style of text by the Font and Style tab)


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  IT WORKED! XD       Thanks,






Thanks, guys! I feel like a goof for not noticing the scroll bar!