how can I level up my viking??

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pls tell me





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The best way that I have

The best way that I have found is do a lot of flight club and thunder run racing after you finish all of the availiable quests.


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*facepalm*No, thats not how


No, thats not how you do it :/

Its a way of earning of experience, which helps though! XD


Complete as many quests as possible:


Level 5 = Grow your dragon, still can't fly though, but you can ride on it.

Level 10 = Be able to fly your dragon.


Every time you reach the level, go to Hiccup, he'll tell you to go to the hatchery and level your dragon up :)


Hope it helped :)


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By any means! Race, farm, fishing, flying and a whole bunch more! Choose what you like! ;)