How about update old dragons instead of making new ones?

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I enjoy all the new dragons and hybrid dragons, really I do.  However, I wish you would now turn your attention to our original dragons who are in desperate need of an animation update!  As I do not own every type of dragon, I can only give you a list of the ones that I believe are horribly outdated. 


List of dragons that should get an animation update (and those that share that model as well):


Deadly Nadders

Monstrous Nightmares


Hideous Zipplebacks



Whispering Deaths 


Sadly, these particular animation models were some of the first to be made on this game, and have since not received any updates besides textures and colors.  The difference in animation quality is painfully obvious, as these models have sharp two-dimensional edges (note Toothless' ears. Horrible!) and jerky unatural motions as compared to the newer models (note the Light Fury's chubby three-dimensional ears and smooth motions as she is a new model).  


I feel like updating this models will greatly improve the enjoyment of the game, as these dragons are still much beloved by fans and would bring the whole game together into its more modern and complex game play from where it started 7 years ago.  


Thank you! :)



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Good idea, but here are some dragons don't need their animations updated, because I think their perfect that way.

  • Sand Wraith
  • Woolly Howl
  • Screaming Death
  • Scuttleclaw
  • Mudraker
  • Groncicle
  • Tide Glider
  • Changewing
  • Fireworm Queen

Here are some dragons definitely needed to have their animations updated.

  • Grapple Grounder
  • Typhoomerang 
  • Smothering Smokebreath

That just in my opinion, I think it would be a good idea to continue to give dragons their new animations. Don't you think?



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I don't think Skrill needs a new animation, as his is by far one of the best in the game! I even think that some dragons like Flightmare should have the same animation as Skrill ...
The Dragons that need new animation in my opinion are:
- Typhoomerang;
- Flightmare (his new animation doesn't match what it should be);
- Grapple Grounder;
- Death Song;
- The Initial Dragons (Nadder, Hideous Zippleback, Monstrous Nightmare, Gronkle);
- Fireworm Queen;
And there are those who need a review of the model as well, such as:
- Grapple Grounder;
- Catastrophic Quaken;
- Hobblegrunt <---> Threadtail;
And finally, some that need remastering in color distribution, such as:
- Flightmare;
- Titan Stormcutter;
- Death Song;
- Snafflefang;
- Tide Glider;
- Shrivertooth;
- Crimson Goregutter;
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VERY much agreed!! I was just thinking about this the other day. Especially when looking at the Light Fury's run animation, they could really update Toothless's own and even some of his flying. Including the ones with similar models like the Sand Wraith and Woolly Howl. I hope they do some of that stuff soon!!





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Typhommrang for sure needs an update. Bad. The scaudron neck looks like it is broken. Toothless needs a new animation for sure, new look, and a black tail.
Flightmare colors MUST be fixed. I do miss seeing differnet colors of Flightmare. I remember one almost looked like it had flames!
Monstrous Nightmare must be fixed, new animation, new look.
Gronkles animation I think is perfect because it eats rocks xD however the model should be updated just a little.
Deadly Nadder animation should have new animation while you're sitting on the dragon. Its the SAME boring animation!
Zippleback model and animation should have an update. Its boring. At least the neck doesn't look broken but when they stare at each other...not a big fan.
Deathsong really needs to have its own animation its a perfect copy of the Skrill (I'm ok with the animation for the Skrill) the Deathsong animation should have its mouth open like its singing (it kinda does now) and have it pounce or something like that. When you're on it I think it should still be the same. Just turning his head always alert.
Every dragon should have its own animation and SOD should focus on the old dragons first, update the model and animations (I am getting sick with all these bouncing dragons lol) second and focus on titan dragons (to fix them) and NEW titans! Such as the Groncicle! I would LOVE to titan Storm! First expansion dragon COME ON SOD! Titan Groncicle!!! PLEASE!
They need some love too!



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We've been asking for it for

We've been asking for it for years, honestly I wouldn't expect any changes anytime soon. The game is losing money fast, they don't have the budget anymore.


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*pops into thread*

I pesonally don't think the Deadly Nadders animations need updating. I reall like them the way the are *pops out of thread*



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