How about certain dragons come Into play?

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Like Snaptrappers, Timberjacks (not just as taxies,) Terrible Terrors.... Ect? Just wondering because why not? Terrible Terrors might be small, but we could still possibly ride them?

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The new dragons

The new dragons that should be added is the Scauldron (mostly because it was seen in one of the trailers), the Timberjacks should stay as Taxies because they are too large, the changewings should be added as well, the snaptrapper would be awesome to have.

The Terrible Terrors and Smothering Smokebreaths could be added and they could sit on your shoulder and help out in quests and stuff. 

Maybe HTTYD 2 could be added as well like the Rumblehorn, hotburple, raincutter etc.


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